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There I was again, in my silly-assed Elf costume. Yes, I was trying to make some extra money. No, it wasn't for presents. It was because my heater was on the fritz again, and it gets cold this time...

The Christmas Elf by Myhands316

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Author's Note: Many thanks to carolin_ for volunteering to edit, for the quick feedback, and also for the encouragement. Should anyone get to the end and contemplate commenting, you should know...

Diamonds and Girls by GobletHolly182

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Author's Note: So, this is my story for the Winter Holidays 2014 Contest - better late than never! I'm still relatively new at posting on Lit and I just want to say I appreciate all of the feedback....

Best Christmas Gift Ever by loverofFUN

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Lesbian Sex

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101.The Christmas Elf
Homeless woman gets helped by a Christmas Elf. by Myhands316 (12/07/10)
4.80 (939)
102.Diamonds and Girls
My best enemy wins. by GobletHolly182 (08/23/12)
4.80 (726)
103.Best Christmas Gift Ever
Amy's best friend Laurel gives her a very special gift. by loverofFUN (12/08/14)
4.80 (661)
She finds the love of her life. by smj54ap (01/15/07)
4.80 (654)
105.Love: At What Cost
Two women fall in love on a cruse, but at what cost? by Myhands316 (09/27/10)
4.80 (579)
106.Jordan's Metamorphosis Continues
A young woman's sexual awakening continues. by babylez (05/31/05)
4.80 (577)
107.Football Widow Ch. 05
Sue makes her choice. by Colleen Thomas (07/02/04)
4.80 (573)
108.Psych Ch. 02
Therapist and her patient lose sight of the line completely. by Tall_poppy (12/23/10)
4.80 (518)
109.Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 03
Alex and Kate face a huge challenge. by ColdCat (04/07/10)
4.80 (514)
110.Mountain Magic Revisted
Jesse and Cat begin their life together. by virginiaraine (04/06/11)
4.80 (513)
111.Jordan Spins Out of Control
Jordan gets perilously close to losing it all. by babylez (06/28/05)
4.80 (381)
112.Kim and Eva Ch. 01
Two unhappy women find comfort in each other. by daprich49 (03/16/12)
4.80 (367)
113.Lost and Found Ch. 01
A chance meeting reunites old lovers by Pen_dar (03/15/12)
4.80 (320)
114.A Kitty for Santa Ch. 02
Kitty gets her Milk, but Santa isn't so Nice. by monamante (11/29/12)
4.80 (273)
115.My Very Personal Maid Ch. 3
She & Betsy go to London. by Tawny T (07/17/00)
4.80 (271)
116.Ringside Seats Ch. 02
Female professional wrestler gets blindsided. by Evil Alpaca (01/28/05)
4.80 (258)
117.Junky Chronicles
Natalie loses everything, is there hope? by SAbitch (10/17/12)
4.80 (247)
118.How To Catch A Falling Star
... and never let it go. by LaRascasse (07/02/13)
4.80 (231)
119.Afterglow Pt. 04
Elizabeth's life will never be the same. by GirlintheMoon (06/17/14)
4.80 (230)
120.Pleasure in Control Ch. 10
Julia and Kirsten get together at last. by julie_julia (10/13/05)
4.80 (224)
121.Ch. 06 I Kissed a Girl
I kissed a Christmas by secretsxywriter (01/02/13)
4.80 (220)
Be carefull what you wish for, it may be more than you think. by KAnneMeinel (10/14/11)
4.80 (193)
123.Darla's Games Day 11
An evening with Courtney. by Panthergirl (08/24/12)
4.80 (193)
124.Thanks to Shelley Ch. 02
A misunderstanding leads to heartache. by geekylezuk (08/01/12)
4.80 (191)
125.Pleasure in Control Ch. 14
Julia's initiation and Rachel's test. by julie_julia (12/23/05)
4.80 (187)
126.My Lana
My long time email contact suddenly shows up. by Tantala (09/21/11)
4.80 (142)
127.Shade's Destiny Ch. 04
A shocking confrontation, The 'L' word, A Halloween Costume. by AVixenLiterally (11/24/12)
4.80 (128)
128.A Benign Something
Straight and Lesbian come together. by jtmalone70 (10/23/05)
4.79 (3431)
129.Hearts on Fire
College professor finds love & lust with a woman. by rgjohn (03/15/03)
4.79 (2150)
130.Captive Hearts
Lady Abigail meets infamous Pirate Queen. by Colleen Thomas (06/11/02)
4.79 (1369)
131.Annie's First Love
Annie shares her toys. by AnalAnnie19 (06/12/07)
4.79 (1216)
132.Her Best Friend's Daughter
Karen helps her friend's daughter explore the softer sex. by lovecraft68 (02/28/14)
4.79 (1146)
133.Riding for the Brand
Maria falls for state's only female bull rider. by Colleen Thomas (07/25/03)
4.79 (1135)
134.Strawberries & Bubblegum
Sweet teen girl-girl romance on the hockey field, by PacoFear (02/13/09)
4.79 (1118)
Simple outing leads to a fierce race. by lucky-E-leven (01/23/04)
4.79 (1005)
136.Valkyries & Vixens
A geeky love story. by SweetestThing (11/27/10)
4.79 (797)
137.Caitlin and Sara Ch. 05
Caitlin gives her mom everything she asks for. by babylez (02/04/07)
4.79 (747)
Brianna finds love where she least expected it. by Alex the Cat (01/08/05)
4.79 (703)
139.Mountain Magic
Jesse and Cat find themselves stranded and Cat's curious. by virginiaraine (03/30/11)
4.79 (679)
140.Cowboy Girls
The convent couldn't tame her passion. by Alex the Cat (01/12/05)
4.79 (662)
141.Saving You Saving Me
Two woman look for the courage and love to save each other. by Myhands316 (01/09/10)
4.79 (661)
She pursues straight girl and falls in love. by smj54ap (04/13/07)
4.79 (651)
143.Danni & Kenzie's Story
Two friends are reunited in the face of danger. by jsragmanus (04/16/12)
4.79 (614)
144.An Empath's Detective
Kerry falls in love after rescue from bank robbery. by Alex the Cat (12/10/04)
4.79 (597)
145.Angela Ch. 02
The relationship develops. by destinie21 (12/22/04)
4.79 (591)
146.Shelter in the Storm
Andy finds shelter for her broken heart. by Alex the Cat (07/07/03)
4.79 (590)
147.Desert Hearts
Spoiled teen learns life lesson & falls for sexy cowgirl. by smj54ap (11/25/08)
4.79 (500)
148.MidLife in Crisis: Joyce's Awakening
Elspeth's mother finds a truth that she never expected. by Myhands316 (07/29/11)
4.79 (499)
149.Lost in Texas Ch. 01
Three girls lose their way and then find it in Texas. by Evil Alpaca (12/05/04)
4.79 (497)
150.Bed of Rose's Ch. 03
A ghost from Rose's past throws a wrench in the works. by Evil Alpaca (12/01/04)
4.79 (467)
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