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Synopsis: After Ashley Moore and Jessie Stone meet while listening to a beautiful and captivating love song, they embark on a platonic friendship, but the magnetic pull of love cannot be denied....

When You're Near Me by StormyNite

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[Authors Note: The term cunny is prevalent in the anonymous erotic fiction of Edwardian England. It is roughly analogous to the word pussy and is used in this manner. None of my research revealed a...

Captive Hearts by Colleen Thomas

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This story follows on from "Anal Discovery" (in toys and masturbation) which I wrote about my early sexual awakenings and masturbation. Hopefully this one stands in its' own right but you may wish to...

Annie's First Love by AnalAnnie19

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Lesbian Sex

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101.Sex Ed Ch. 04
Kenzie plays a dangerous game, Dr. Lockhart is the target. by heatherrrrr (01/03/11)
4.80 (111)
102.A Benign Something
Straight and Lesbian come together. by jtmalone70 (10/23/05)
4.79 (3331)
103.When You're Near Me
Will Jessie and Ashley listen to their hearts? by StormyNite (08/09/06)
4.79 (1665)
104.Captive Hearts
Lady Abigail meets infamous Pirate Queen. by Colleen Thomas (06/11/02)
4.79 (1339)
105.Annie's First Love
Annie shares her toys. by AnalAnnie19 (06/12/07)
4.79 (1194)
Simple outing leads to a fierce race. by lucky-E-leven (01/23/04)
4.79 (971)
107.Her Best Friend's Daughter
Karen helps her friend's daughter explore the softer sex. by lovecraft68 (02/28/14)
4.79 (900)
108.The Christmas Elf
Homeless woman gets helped by a Christmas Elf. by Myhands316 (12/07/10)
4.79 (893)
109.Valkyries & Vixens
A geeky love story. by SweetestThing (11/27/10)
4.79 (756)
110.Diamonds and Girls
My best enemy wins. by GobletHolly182 (08/23/12)
4.79 (691)
She finds the love of her life. by smj54ap (01/15/07)
4.79 (630)
112.A Night at Debbie's House
Jordan, Erika & Lisa rock Debbie's world. by babylez (07/18/05)
4.79 (629)
113.Two Halves, One Soul
A first time love. by Alex the Cat (04/16/03)
4.79 (590)
114.Danni & Kenzie's Story
Two friends are reunited in the face of danger. by jsragmanus (04/16/12)
4.79 (573)
115.Jordan's Metamorphosis Continues
A young woman's sexual awakening continues. by babylez (05/31/05)
4.79 (564)
116.Shelter in the Storm
Andy finds shelter for her broken heart. by Alex the Cat (07/07/03)
4.79 (559)
117.Football Widow Ch. 05
Sue makes her choice. by Colleen Thomas (07/02/04)
4.79 (548)
118.Lost in Texas Ch. 01
Three girls lose their way and then find it in Texas. by Evil Alpaca (12/05/04)
4.79 (493)
119.Accidents Can Happen for a Reason Ch. 03
Alex and Kate face a huge challenge. by ColdCat (04/07/10)
4.79 (486)
120.Psych Ch. 02
Therapist and her patient lose sight of the line completely. by Tall_poppy (12/23/10)
4.79 (484)
121.MidLife in Crisis: Joyce's Awakening
Elspeth's mother finds a truth that she never expected. by Myhands316 (07/29/11)
4.79 (477)
122.Desert Hearts
Spoiled teen learns life lesson & falls for sexy cowgirl. by smj54ap (11/25/08)
4.79 (472)
123.Schrödinger's Mittens
Quantum theory as applied to exhibitionism. And butt stuff! by FeatherWatt (01/16/14)
4.79 (438)
124.Surfer Girls
Paula learns a lot more than how to surf. by Tall_poppy (01/14/11)
4.79 (434)
125.Journey Towards Love Ch. 02
She continues her discovery. by Rose Faulkland (08/14/02)
4.79 (390)
126.Twenty Minutes Ch. 02
Nurse's nightmares end when she finds love again. by MercuryLove31 (06/29/08)
4.79 (377)
127.Obsession Ch. 03
Try as she might, Claire just can't resist her Italian muse by deliciousthoughts (02/06/12)
4.79 (367)
128.After The Party
Cupid's arrow strikes! by Rogue Writer (12/10/03)
4.79 (284)
129.Ringside Seats Ch. 02
Female professional wrestler gets blindsided. by Evil Alpaca (01/28/05)
4.79 (248)
130.A Stringed Instrument Ch. 04
Yvonne visits Phoebe, and they do a lot of talking. by Bramblethorn (06/01/12)
4.79 (247)
131.Out of Bounds
Will Rachel's ski trip romance with an older woman last? by -Ripley- (06/12/14)
4.79 (247)
132.Pleasure in Control Ch. 10
Julia and Kirsten get together at last. by julie_julia (10/13/05)
4.79 (219)
133.Darla's Games Day 04
The bulk of this story is a first lesbian experience. by Panthergirl (12/28/07)
4.79 (219)
134.A Stringed Instrument Ch. 08
A computer problem derails Phoebe and Yvonne's date. by Bramblethorn (11/08/12)
4.79 (218)
135.A Cougar Totally Turned Ch. 05
Buzzz, A Holiday Weekend, an adventure and Nikki!! by AVixenLiterally (07/22/12)
4.79 (195)
136.Thanks to Shelley Ch. 02
A misunderstanding leads to heartache. by geekylezuk (08/01/12)
4.79 (183)
137.Darla's Games Day 11
An evening with Courtney. by Panthergirl (08/24/12)
4.79 (182)
138.My Very Personal Maid Ch. 4
She takes the girls to Paris. by Tawny T (07/17/00)
4.79 (180)
139.Edge of Reason Ch. 01
Humanity on trial. by LaRascasse (02/25/14)
4.79 (171)
140.Felon Failing Fallen
Whoever said Hell stays intact during the holidays? by TMAJO (11/25/05)
4.79 (140)
Is that trouble in the air? by TMAJO (01/08/06)
4.79 (136)
142.Blind Borne
A whiff of the future. by TMAJO (08/25/05)
4.79 (135)
143.Sandra's Fantasy Ch. 08
Another Friday night... another kinky hotel adventure. by Tappy_McWidestance (05/06/11)
4.79 (128)
144.Ashley's Secret Ch. 02
Ashley continues pampering Auntie Pam by pusylvr69 (05/15/09)
4.79 (125)
145.My Lana
My long time email contact suddenly shows up. by Tantala (09/21/11)
4.79 (123)
146.My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 05
BD Sex, Pro Sex, Gym Sex, Trip Sex, and Bath Sex & plot. by LesbianChickLit (03/07/14)
4.79 (123)
147.Falling for Jessica Ch. 04
Surprise! by confused_girl (09/01/14)
4.79 (117)
148.Finally Meeting Morgan Ch. 03
Sunday - The clock ticks, plans are made, an unexpected gift. by AVixenLiterally (05/03/12)
4.79 (109)
149.Some Tourist... Conclusion
Audrey's adventure with Linda concludes, wildly. by puppetgirl (07/25/02)
4.79 (106)
150.Queen's Questions
Enter a new twist & a reunion. But is it really over? by TMAJO (04/27/08)
4.79 (104)
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