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Author's Note: So, this is my story for the Winter Holidays 2014 Contest - better late than never! I'm still relatively new at posting on Lit and I just want to say I appreciate all of the feedback....

Best Christmas Gift Ever by loverofFUN

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Sitting back in my swivel chair, I looked around the room. I worked for one of the top most successful law firms the city, Mallard and Mallard. It was my father and his brother, Robert Mallard and...

Brenda's Journey Ch. 01 by Sexy_Lisa

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Continuation of "My GF; Fucking & How We Met" and not recommended as a standalone work. The sex-to-story ratio is more heavily weighted to story in this chapter, but feel free to skip ahead to the...

My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 06 by LesbianChickLit

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1.Best Christmas Gift Ever
Amy's best friend Laurel gives her a very special gift. by loverofFUN (12/08/14)
4.84 (458)
2.Elves' Tale: A Christmas Romance
Two of Santa’s elves find romance and magic together. by jsragmanus (12/01/14)
4.82 (282)
3.Brenda's Journey Ch. 01
Middle aged woman never knew her inner desires. by Sexy_Lisa (11/22/14)
4.82 (292)
4.Her Best Friend For Christmas
Heather receives a special gift from her best friend Holly. by lovecraft68 (11/28/14)
4.78 (824)
5.My GF; Fucking & How We Met Ch. 06
Sex in a Tub, RodeoHs, Tribbing, & Jenny the Confused Voyeur by LesbianChickLit (11/26/14)
4.74 (74)
6.Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 03
Daisy enjoys a one night stand with a sexy blonde. by Degausser (11/27/14)
4.67 (64)
7.Where Do We Go From Here? Ch. 02
Sherry, Megan and Sara become even friendlier. by RonCabo (12/08/14)
4.65 (170)
8.Sex with a Stranger... Or Is It? Ch. 03
Two women decide they won't have casual sex anymore. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/25/14)
4.60 (73)
9.Our Sleepovers
First-time lesbian experience. by MsKari (11/27/14)
4.60 (269)
10.Amanda and I
First lesbian experience before going off to college. by Writer01x (12/14/14)
4.57 (435)
11.Lesbian MILF Seductress: Secret Santa
Bree is Secret Santa to her favourite professor. by silkstockingslover (12/03/14)
4.52 (341)
12.Guest of Honor
One woman is shown exactly how much she is wanted. by LeaHarvey1821 (12/06/14)
4.51 (75)
13.It's a Colorful World Ch. 02
Leigh stays late to be with Margaret. by Silver Sea (12/10/14)
4.50 (24)
14.Silent Love Ch. 02
Diane and Emma continue to find ways to please each other. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/27/14)
4.49 (37)
15.Oh Sherri Pt. 03
My first time with a woman, was also Sherri's. by VanessaNelson (12/01/14)
4.46 (67)
16.Becky's Lips
Professor grows intimate with an irresistible student. by HeyAll (11/28/14)
4.46 (405)
17.A Discovery Ch. 13
The girls start on their travels - and a whole new life. by GeorgieH (12/10/14)
4.45 (22)
18.Femme Fatale Dominante
Lesbian induction and domination of a bitch. by Aimie2469 (12/10/14)
4.45 (75)
19.Note to Self
An intimate encounter causes Anna to reexamine her sexuality. by blin18 (11/29/14)
4.43 (138)
20.What You Cost Me
A slave is rescued...for the moment. by slixter_01 (12/15/14)
4.43 (74)
21.Extreme Measures
Two women who should be enemies are linked by much more. by LeaHarvey1821 (12/06/14)
4.41 (99)
22.Mrs. Dubois & The Babysitter
The morning after the Christmas party. by Ignoble (12/05/14)
4.41 (340)
23.Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 02
All she wants is to see you come one more time. by Degausser (11/23/14)
4.41 (85)
24.Carol's Christmas
Carol and Dorothy's deliciously erotic Christmas. by TE999 (11/25/14)
4.41 (133)
25.Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 03
A thirty year old woman denies she's a lesbian. by Erbanluv (11/27/14)
4.41 (79)
26.Bath Night Revisited Ch. 02
More fun with dominant Donna and pretty, submissive Brooke! by Dumpington (12/09/14)
4.39 (71)
27.The Devil Next Door Pt. 02
Katie gets close with the neighbor's fiancée. by HisDirtyLittleSlut (12/07/14)
4.38 (145)
28.All about the Girls Ch. 01
Follow the lives and relationships of seven lesbians. by BlasterGirl (12/17/14)
4.35 (52)
29.A Bird's Eye View
Voyeur is entranced by surprise lesbian lovers. by Lia Monde (12/03/14)
4.34 (61)
30.The Rescuer
A breakdown in the snow changes Molly's Christmas plans. by MELD9003 (12/05/14)
4.34 (162)
31.Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 01
A confirmed lesbian meets a lesbian in denial. by Erbanluv (11/25/14)
4.33 (117)
32.The Neighbor's Surprise
A married woman finds out that her neighbor thinks she's hot. by Writer01x (12/17/14)
4.32 (438)
33.Kitten Ch. 01
Cathy's nickname, pars pro toto. by leBonhomme (12/09/14)
4.32 (41)
34.Oh Sherri Pt. 04
In this power struggle, they both win. by VanessaNelson (12/13/14)
4.31 (29)
35.The Lesbian Boss
A boss reveals she has feelings for her employee. by Cherie_love (12/11/14)
4.31 (349)
36.Daughter's Visit Ch. 03
Cassandra and Alexis go shopping and have fun with the owner. by f1racer22 (12/18/14)
4.30 (44)
37.The Lesbian Boss Pt. 02
The Boss who became my girlfriend. by Cherie_love (12/13/14)
4.29 (239)
38.A Discovery Ch. 14
They start to enjoy France - until Dallas is caught alone. by GeorgieH (12/18/14)
4.24 (17)
39.Bath Night Revisited
Beautiful blonde reminisces with former female babysitter! by Dumpington (12/06/14)
4.23 (167)
40.Succumbing To A Stranger's Kiss
How to tell if a girl likes girls? Only one way to find out. by RDeLajour (12/15/14)
4.22 (149)
41.Touch Me Ch. 01
A young woman copes with her girlfriend's major life decision. by 12shadesofred (11/20/14)
4.21 (77)
42.Daughter's Visit Ch. 02
Cassandra’s daughter arrives at her mother’s house. by f1racer22 (11/30/14)
4.19 (112)
43.October 1994: Paula vs. Saskia
A prequel to the Sarah/Wendy series. by MELD9003 (11/29/14)
4.19 (16)
44.The Visitor
She wanted a new experience, and she got one. by Katrina_Loves (12/04/14)
4.18 (108)
45.Lesbian or Just Curious? Ch. 02
A thirty year old Lesbian lives in denial. by Erbanluv (11/26/14)
4.17 (78)
46.Lori's Submission
A young soldier surrenders to her captor. by J_Bonham (12/09/14)
4.13 (129)
47.Parking Lot Lust
Two students find passion and lust in a parking lot. by Eroticmind4u (12/12/14)
4.12 (106)
48.The Queen and Her Pet
The queen's night with her pet. by schreckdog (12/07/14)
4.10 (40)
49.Iris Ch. 01
Ivy has had enough and can't stay away from Iris. by rainydaydance (12/03/14)
4.08 (52)
50.A Kiss That Kills
Succubus short story. by submissivekitten25 (12/15/14)
4.07 (69)
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