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Sitting back in my swivel chair, I looked around the room. I worked for one of the top most successful law firms the city, Mallard and Mallard. It was my father and his brother, Robert Mallard and...

Brenda's Journey Ch. 01 by Sexy_Lisa

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Family "Good morning, Daddy." Spencer said as she entered the brightly lit kitchen. The small card table was set with glassware and silverware from the local superstore and the smell of scrambled...

Falling for a Girl Ch. 11 by BenevolentDCC

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Edited by Guinahart Lacey was staring down into her amber liquid as it twirled in her glass. There was no reason for her to be nervous, but she was. The longer she stood at the bar the worse...

A Week To Remember by LeaHarvey1821

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1.Brenda's Journey Ch. 01
Middle aged woman never knew her inner desires. by Sexy_Lisa (11/22/14)
4.79 (115)
2.Falling for a Girl Ch. 11
The sorority girls on break. by BenevolentDCC (10/24/14)
4.78 (116)
3.A Week To Remember
After ten years, they relive their favorite week ever. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/06/14)
4.74 (128)
4.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 05
Sam & Meg attend Erica's gathering and Sam visits her past. by ScattySue (11/14/14)
4.71 (45)
5.Life Worth Living
Two strangers, attempt suicide meet, and find love instead. by Sexy_Lisa (10/26/14)
4.71 (335)
6.Sarah's Education
A young woman's admission leads to a new experience. by PinkIris (10/29/14)
4.68 (452)
7.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 02
Sam & Meg continue their relationship and sexual adventures. by ScattySue (11/05/14)
4.65 (83)
8.Creatures of the Night
Instead of a movie date a couple try a Halloween maze. by 12shadesofred (10/23/14)
4.65 (85)
9.Sex with a Stranger... Or Is It? Ch. 02
AJ pays Olivia back for their night of passion. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/04/14)
4.64 (88)
10.Aruna and Rebecca Pt. 04
Going after her. by LenaLena (11/12/14)
4.62 (89)
11.The Perfect Massage
First-time lesbian experience. by MsKari (10/25/14)
4.60 (387)
12.Lesbian MILF Seductress: Pre-MILF
18-year-old Bree tells the story of her first 8 submissives. by silkstockingslover (11/08/14)
4.59 (181)
13.Convincing Me Pt. 10
A birthday to remember. by bicuriwhat (11/06/14)
4.54 (82)
14.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 06
Sam & Meg join the Women of Friga and look to the future. by ScattySue (11/17/14)
4.53 (43)
15.Straight White Girls: A Pet Teacher
White teacher submissive is seduced by black dominant parent by silkstockingslover (11/19/14)
4.50 (364)
16.Love and Lust in the Welsh Valleys
A beautiful, young Welsh nurse succumbs to temptation. by Sultry_welsh_girl (10/30/14)
4.47 (224)
17.Business and Pleasure
A young business owner learns why her partner sleeps around. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/09/14)
4.47 (206)
18.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 04
Sam & Meg discover more and try to identify the tattoos. by ScattySue (11/11/14)
4.46 (52)
19.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 03
Sam & Meg get kinky and discover more about the naked women. by ScattySue (11/08/14)
4.46 (57)
20.Falling For A Girl, Too Pt. 01
Spencer and Callie after 10 years... by BenevolentDCC (11/11/14)
4.45 (139)
21.Proving Her Point
A young wife gets an unexpected ending to a double date. by BuckRivers (11/14/14)
4.45 (296)
22.A New Adventure Every Day Pt. 01
Starting a new life, Sam finds unexpected sexual attraction. by ScattySue (11/03/14)
4.42 (123)
23.Sex with a Stranger... Or Is It?
A message, a keycard and a night in a stranger's hotel room. by LeaHarvey1821 (10/28/14)
4.42 (151)
24.Curtain Twitcher Ch. 03
Kirsty can't keep away from Lara... by sauceofallevil (11/11/14)
4.42 (72)
25.Seven Sins Ch. 02: Envy
A young woman slowly comes to terms with her sexuality. by RhoEpsilonDelta (10/31/14)
4.41 (75)
26.A Lustful Night In
Kayla is caught masturbating, but things don't end there. by harveybirdman (11/10/14)
4.41 (174)
27.Watching You Now
She watches her shower and remembers... by between_love_and_lust (11/05/14)
4.40 (57)
28.Just Wanna Be the Girl You Like Pt. 01
Running into your ex is hard when you know the sex was great. by Degausser (11/19/14)
4.40 (106)
29.A Gift from Mother Christmas
Suzie meets a mysterious, magical woman who changes her life. by ScattySue (11/13/14)
4.38 (169)
30.More Than Expected
A physical therapist helps with more than walking. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/08/14)
4.37 (147)
31.Discovering a New Reality
Young woman volunteers for a demo at a science conference. by BuckRivers (11/11/14)
4.32 (100)
32.A Discovery Ch. 10
The girls have a 'deal day' and get seen again outside. by GeorgieH (11/08/14)
4.32 (22)
33.Loving Amanda Ch. 03
A former lover gets what she wants. by ChazThain (11/06/14)
4.32 (19)
Lesbian sex. by pinknpowerful (10/25/14)
4.29 (96)
35.Basement Parties Ch. 03
This MILF moves on to tasty young women. by LorenzoAbajos (10/26/14)
4.29 (164)
36.The Princess
Her first experience with a woman. by ViciousTease (11/01/14)
4.28 (234)
37.Old Friends
Old friends catch up at lunch. by elizabell357 (10/26/14)
4.28 (118)
38.The Princess Ch. 04
Things get heated. by ViciousTease (11/05/14)
4.28 (58)
39.Adult Education: Lay Me Raw
Leigh experiences her first lesbian sexual encounter. by AnnieJMarshall (11/18/14)
4.27 (135)
40.Welcome to America
The universal language speaks when language in incompatible. by storytyme (11/08/14)
4.27 (105)
41.Coming Of Age
Ashely finds herself seduced by her older neighbor Laura. by Eroticmind4u (11/17/14)
4.26 (209)
42.But She Is Straight?
Annie was sure Jayne was straight! by lesbian96 (10/25/14)
4.24 (205)
43.Seven Sins Ch. 03: Lust
A young woman slowly comes to terms with her sexuality. by RhoEpsilonDelta (11/06/14)
4.24 (42)
44.Her Hand Is So Strong an Insistent
Female gets a hand job from her lesbian lover. by AnnieJMarshall (11/04/14)
4.22 (85)
45.Sensuality, Sexuality and the Modern Woman
A seminar, an old acquaintance and something more. by 62_goo (11/15/14)
4.19 (90)
46.The Princess Ch. 02
Her turn to touch. by ViciousTease (11/03/14)
4.18 (87)
47.Silent Love
At a meditation retreat, two women learn to speak silently. by LeaHarvey1821 (11/15/14)
4.17 (78)
48.Weekend at the LGBT Spa
Lesbian Massage and Mystery. by Aimie2469 (11/03/14)
4.14 (50)
49.Touch Me Ch. 01
A young woman copes with her girlfriend's major life decision. by 12shadesofred (11/20/14)
4.12 (65)
50.A Discovery Ch. 11
Debbie gets Dallas to be daring and she discovers a new self. by GeorgieH (11/11/14)
4.12 (17)
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