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I used the next couple of days completing my seduction of Karen. Carmen had given me her blessings, so I could concentrate on Karen. Carmen was into getting her old girlfriend under my spell, so she...

Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 05 by hetup

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Deep in a sound sleep, Brad dreamed of floating in a warm ocean, his body relaxed as he was taken to destinations unknown. His eyes barely opened, the warmth of his body fighting his attempt to wake...

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 05 by someoneyouknow

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Couple of earlier comments requested multiple pages -- here you go... * Thursday. This was the Starbucks day. Now nobody told me whether or not they would be doing their regular coffee meet in...

Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 07 by TysonsHome

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151.Bad Teacher: Living Together Ch. 05
Two mature women at your beck and call. by hetup (04/30/14)
4.77 (190)
152.Gift of the Graduates Ch. 05
Letting it all hang out. by someoneyouknow (05/04/13)
4.77 (177)
153.Plumber's Perks Ch. 10
Blue collar men get perks, too. by PlumberNickNZ (02/20/06)
4.77 (136)
154.Stephanie and Her Friends Ch. 07
The Long Weekend. by TysonsHome (09/29/12)
4.77 (136)
155.Tuition Time Ch. 04
Ms. Mathews and young David awake to a new beginning. by Stephen7Redo (07/28/07)
4.77 (115)
156.Iron Heart Ch. 04
Ben and Leta come together closer than before by creepyrj (02/24/14)
4.77 (115)
157.Cumming of Age Ch. 6
Finally, Bobby & his mom put the move on Mrs. Johnson. by Bobby T (07/07/01)
4.76 (2365)
158.Practice Date
Shy college boy is invited for dinner and more. by Chicago Bob (08/10/02)
4.76 (2023)
159.The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 01
Terry's "accidental" conquest of his mother's friends. by MarshAlien (02/27/07)
4.76 (1784)
160.Girls Tennis Coach Ch. 02
Man & his wife find happiness coaching girls. by Slickman (05/15/04)
4.76 (1758)
161.My Best Friend's Mom Ch. 01
What happens when your best friends mom sees you naked. by m_storyman_x (09/30/13)
4.76 (1495)
162.Summer Lovers
Young man fulfills friend's mom's desires. by Alan Rich (09/25/01)
4.76 (1088)
163.The Best Summer Job Ever Ch. 02
The return of Ellen's daughter changes things. by MasterBates13 (03/29/06)
4.76 (980)
164.I Thought I Hated Him Ch. 05
Things don't go smoothly at the office. by firstkiss (05/24/07)
4.76 (762)
165.N is for Nude
Camping at a clothing optional resort changed things. by Scorpio44 (07/14/07)
4.76 (728)
166.That Special Summer
Shy teen comes of age with lonely widow. by jack_straw (10/15/04)
4.76 (691)
167.My English Teacher
She teaches him about life. by pegasusiltf (12/13/07)
4.76 (577)
168.The High School Reunion
Love found, forty years later. by TxRad (07/20/05)
4.76 (561)
169.44 Anonymous Valentines
After all those years, she had to know who... and why! by PostScriptor (02/01/11)
4.76 (513)
170.For the Love of Clarissa
An older man meets a girl on a bus ride home. by julie_hypnotic (06/06/03)
4.76 (491)
171.Betty Gets Her Big Mac
Night of several firsts with seductive older woman. by MacDuke (12/30/06)
4.76 (478)
172.French Exchange
Teacher and student find each other on field trip by ilikeithot6308 (04/21/14)
4.76 (454)
173.Flesh and Spirit
Greg finds more than a job at The Hill. by Moondrift (11/20/05)
4.76 (433)
174.In Step Ch. 08
Donna and Mark have an "exchange." by RonCabo (03/14/10)
4.76 (414)
175.The Flight of the Old Grouch
Old guy meets lovely fishing guide, he is hooked. by Grey Eagle 286 (11/19/05)
4.76 (374)
Renewal of wedding vows brings generations together. by Kathi (12/24/05)
4.76 (370)
177.Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 6
Ellen performs for David on their last day together. by pullmepushyou (08/05/01)
4.76 (348)
178.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 14
Sometimes life gets in the way. by LittleHenry (07/18/14)
4.76 (334)
179.Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 7
David thanks Lilly with the help of her toy. by pullmepushyou (10/13/01)
4.76 (317)
180.Lessons Ch. 04
In praise of older women. by jjcole (12/13/05)
4.76 (313)
181.Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 15
When Mr. Landau can't perform, Danny comes to rescue. by christo (02/12/04)
4.76 (290)
182.You Are Mine
Auditioned by enticing Hollywood siren of his dreams. by holden_2005 (07/03/05)
4.76 (289)
183."Uncle" Bill The Mentor Ch. 02
Uncle Bill is falling for Kate. Part 2. by Swilly (01/27/14)
4.76 (287)
184.Down by the Lake Ch. 11
Halloween comes but once a year. by BogartsBoss (05/16/12)
4.76 (211)
185.Kit's Stories - Sofia Pt. 01
Golf trip to Galveston with a sexy Latina. by RioRedKing (07/19/14)
4.76 (154)
186.Getting Back in the Game Ch. 03
The game gets more intense for Martin. by silverisgold (06/26/14)
4.76 (127)
187.Fire in the Night Ch. 08
Caitlin tries to understand Jack's feelings for her. by sunnylynn (01/26/07)
4.76 (119)
188.The Seduction of Louise Ch. 12
Of fantasy and fetishes. by Jaymie_dee (07/06/04)
4.76 (106)
189.The Accidental Gigolo Pt. 03
Terry's mom - just dessert or just deserts? by MarshAlien (05/22/07)
4.75 (1192)
190.Mr. Rob and the Witches
A teacher deals with three young witches. by Ahabscribe (05/17/07)
4.75 (784)
191.The Scoutmaster's Wife Ch. 02
Young man fulfills fantasy with scoutmaster's wife. by iowascout90 (10/18/03)
4.75 (783)
192.Neighborhood Dad Ch. 06
Daughter's 18th birthday brings new developments. by LittleHenry (02/03/14)
4.75 (772)
193.Unwrapping Presents is Fun!
Crashed motorist is rescued on Christmas Eve. by Alex De Kok (12/02/05)
4.75 (632)
194.The Widow Parsons
Betty reconnects with the boy next door. by Charles Petersunn (07/08/11)
4.75 (571)
195.Fellow Traveler
A young lifeguard obsesses over a middle-aged sunbather. by DesmondAndromeda (04/24/12)
4.75 (563)
196.Teaching Her to Open Up
The making of a high society slut. by cuninglinguist61 (12/09/06)
4.75 (547)
197.A Soldier's Solace
Lonely young soldier comforted by beautiful mature lady. by Eosphorus (11/10/12)
4.75 (507)
198.Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 06
Tommy gets inside the heavy hootered valley girl. by TheTitLover (12/26/12)
4.75 (488)
199.One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 04
Mr. Hansen deals with Claire's naughty behaviour. by lily_ann (10/03/08)
4.75 (432)
200.Private Lessons
Mysterious woman helps a young man come of age. by AutumnWriter (04/07/06)
4.75 (422)
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