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The Seduction of Louise The Story of a Big, Beautiful Woman Chapter Twelve - Of Fantasy and Fetishes That evening, I helped Louise prepare dinner and the four of us sat down to a wonderful meal...

The Seduction of Louise Ch. 12 by Jaymie_dee

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Note from Slickman: I received a bunch of requests to keep this storyline going. Everyone in the story is at least 18 years old who are sexually involved. Make sure you are at least 18 as well and...

Girls Tennis Coach Ch. 02 by Slickman

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"Hey, Cory, you almost done?" Mom yelled from down the hall. "Yeah!" I called out, "I just have to get my lap top together!" "Okay, but try to hurry, Savannah will be here soon and she's had a...

Milf Tails: Back in the Saddle by lovecraft68

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
201.The Seduction of Louise Ch. 12
Of fantasy and fetishes. by Jaymie_dee (07/06/04)
4.76 (112)
202.May to December Ch. 03
Younger man, older woman, lust, and love. by DawnJ (01/14/13)
4.76 (106)
203.Cumming of Age Ch. 6
Finally, Bobby & his mom put the move on Mrs. Johnson. by Bobby T (07/07/01)
4.75 (2448)
204.Girls Tennis Coach Ch. 02
Man & his wife find happiness coaching girls. by Slickman (05/15/04)
4.75 (1802)
205.Milf Tails: Back in the Saddle
Divorced cougar takes her best friend's son for a ride. by lovecraft68 (12/23/14)
4.75 (1329)
206.Love Me... Love My Dogs
Young neighbour walks dogs, heals heart, and opens legs. by ilikeithot6308 (02/17/15)
4.75 (1198)
207.Summer Lovers
Young man fulfills friend's mom's desires. by Alan Rich (09/25/01)
4.75 (1134)
208.Milf Tails: Clean Dirty Fun
Mark has fun in the tub with his best friend's mom! by lovecraft68 (12/31/14)
4.75 (905)
209.Goodness Gracious Pt. 01
Busty nurse gives incapacitated patient the best of care. by ilikeithot6308 (11/26/14)
4.75 (841)
210.French Exchange
Teacher and student find each other on field trip by ilikeithot6308 (04/21/14)
4.75 (629)
211.The Widow Parsons
Betty reconnects with the boy next door. by Charles Petersunn (07/08/11)
4.75 (617)
212.Tommy's Neighbourhood Ch. 06
Tommy gets inside the heavy hootered valley girl. by TheTitLover (12/26/12)
4.75 (575)
213.44 Anonymous Valentines
After all those years, she had to know who... and why! by PostScriptor (02/01/11)
4.75 (544)
214.Betty Gets Her Big Mac
Night of several firsts with seductive older woman. by MacDuke (12/30/06)
4.75 (483)
215.One Week with Mr. Hansen Ch. 04
Mr. Hansen deals with Claire's naughty behaviour. by lily_ann (10/03/08)
4.75 (483)
216.The Reclusive Beauty
Mature woman has refined more than her taste. by RegularGuyinOly (12/25/13)
4.75 (480)
217.Mrs. Reid Ch. 5
Mr. & Mrs. Reid give Andy a going-away present. by christo (10/03/01)
4.75 (458)
218.One Old Man and a Barmaid Ch. 03
Every single day is a gift/Kathy's story. by magmaman (12/22/08)
4.75 (426)
219.Ashley's Revenge Ch. 10
Evidence against his wife grows & Ashley has a fun surprise. by TallMarriedMan (04/10/14)
4.75 (395)
220.MILF and Did! Ch. 03
Monica has a visit from her college roomie. by walterio (12/28/06)
4.75 (310)
May-December romance blooms in the Cape Cod June. by LilyTigress (08/23/05)
4.75 (308)
222.Gift of the Graduates Ch. 03
Hump day. by someoneyouknow (02/22/13)
4.75 (300)
223.Those Autofellatio Blues Ch. 07
He thanks sexy Elaine & meets with lusty Bridget. by christo (07/17/02)
4.75 (299)
224.The Women in My Life Ch. 01
Mike tells of his seduction by Mum's pal. by Vitorio (06/24/05)
4.75 (298)
225.Carol's Vacation Ch. 02
"Carol I mean did you get laid?" she asked with a laugh. by GloriaWill (01/13/12)
4.75 (276)
226.Devon Horse Show
A coming-out party on Philly's elite Main Line. by johnnieblue44 (08/09/11)
4.75 (261)
227.Ms. Walker's Class Ch. 04
Michael gets his fill, and comes to a decision. by ilikeithot6308 (01/07/15)
4.75 (256)
228.My Last Summer Romance Pt. 01
The love of a life was there the whole time. by OlderButtWiser (09/01/11)
4.75 (189)
229.Getting Back in the Game Ch. 05
A new relationship, and a startling revelation contained. by silverisgold (08/20/14)
4.75 (149)
230.Fire in the Night Ch. 08
Caitlin tries to understand Jack's feelings for her. by sunnylynn (01/26/07)
4.75 (122)
231.Cumming of Age Ch. 9
Bobby has sweet dreams. by Bobby T (01/08/02)
4.74 (1164)
232.Frankie & Mrs. Young
She gives him a summer he won't soon forget. by NymphWriter (07/22/12)
4.74 (1083)
My ex sends me her virgin daughter. by SlamDuncan (08/14/13)
4.74 (1000)
234.No Regrets
College freshman beds best friend's mom. by blueplains (10/17/09)
4.74 (945)
235.Aaron's Lolita
His best friend's daughter is his fantasy come true. by ladyphoenix (05/17/02)
4.74 (921)
236.Rosalita Ch. 01
18-year-old guy is reunited with older Latina. by Ahabscribe (09/26/08)
4.74 (711)
237.Mrs. Hardison Ch. 03
Not everything in the past stays buried. by FinalStand (08/19/12)
4.74 (690)
238.Unwrapping Presents is Fun!
Crashed motorist is rescued on Christmas Eve. by Alex De Kok (12/02/05)
4.74 (677)
239.Surrogate Husband Ch. 04
Making Friends Out of Enemies. by pennylesspauper (01/26/12)
4.74 (655)
240.Teaching Her to Open Up
The making of a high society slut. by cuninglinguist61 (12/09/06)
4.74 (586)
241.Fellow Traveler
A young lifeguard obsesses over a middle-aged sunbather. by DesmondAndromeda (04/24/12)
4.74 (571)
242.Mrs. Fletcher & Me Ch. 2
Ellen tutors younger man in oral love. by pullmepushyou (07/05/01)
4.74 (544)
243.Milf Tails: Star of the Show!
Hot Milf Molly helps Greg break in his new camera. by lovecraft68 (01/30/15)
4.74 (510)
244.Counting Freckles
Lifelong obsession with his teacher is fulfilled. by adamaxilla (10/23/05)
4.74 (489)
245.Helena's Hero Ch. 04
The weekend ends with a special surprise from Helena. by Eosphorus (04/16/13)
4.74 (478)
246.Menopause, a Chronicle
A love story in later life. by Scorpio44a (10/22/10)
4.74 (459)
247.A Week in Europe
Thomas and Niki meet again, and decisions are made. by harding (06/12/10)
4.74 (446)
248.Private Lessons
Mysterious woman helps a young man come of age. by AutumnWriter (04/07/06)
4.74 (435)
249.Miss Boman Ch. 01
A great, eventful day on the island. by Libertine (01/29/06)
4.74 (407)
250.The Flight of the Old Grouch
Old guy meets lovely fishing guide, he is hooked. by Grey Eagle 286 (11/19/05)
4.74 (399)
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