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She wakes up and he is already gone so she slips out of bed and she can smell coffee and bacon. She jumps in the shower, puts on a little make up and then slips into a teddy. Her timing is perfect,...

Bigdaddy's Long Weekend Ch. 03 by Sexy_bitch84

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I appreciate all your feedback and have tried to slow it down a little since that seems to be what a lot of people think. Let me know your ideas and thanks Sorry for the delay. Chapter 3: Practice...

Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 03 by weswayland

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Angela Starr was a miraculously skilled therapist. She ran a clinic for folks (normally gentlemen) who dealt with debilitating behavioral and other mental issues. She saw a dozen or two each week,...

Hypnothe-Rapist by Smokey125

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Mind Control

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151.Bigdaddy's Long Weekend Ch. 03
Big Daddy has Mama play, but Sexy Bitch has to be persuaded. by Sexy_bitch84 (04/29/14)
4.37 (41)
152.Archaeology Research Yields Ch. 03
Katie learns more. by weswayland (09/18/13)
4.36 (203)
153.Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 02
Chapter 2 - Briana Reveals a Naughty Secret. by StarrKist (11/06/13)
4.36 (107)
A female doctor hypnotizes a patient and orally seduces him. by Smokey125 (11/28/13)
4.36 (132)
155.The Body Scanner Ch. 02
Scanning Jennifer. by wouldnitbnice (02/17/14)
4.36 (210)
156.Caitlyn's Treatment Ch.16
A show and a wine tasting. by chloejacobs83 (05/27/14)
4.36 (14)
157.In Your Dreams
Ken can't get enough of the girl invading his dreams. by atenai (08/26/13)
4.35 (88)
158.Okay... Ch. 02
Mike doesn't look for a job, but instead brutalizes a bimbo. by rifkinraf (08/08/13)
4.35 (229)
Katie has a hypnotic meeting with her thesis advisor. by gwendolinetownsend (02/21/14)
4.35 (237)
160.Tallness of Simmone Ch. 07
The impregnation of Simmone by Drmaxc (04/16/14)
4.34 (67)
161.Parfum Ch. 01
The Adventures of James Calvin Harrison III. by Phon (08/07/13)
4.34 (347)
162.A Mentalist Sexual Conquest
Beautiful Lena walks into my coffee shop. by StarrKist (03/25/14)
4.34 (116)
163.Controlling Sara
He uses mind control to live out wife watching fantasy by fannyrat (03/04/14)
4.34 (119)
164.A Battle of Minds Ch. 02
The Teacher's Slave - Laura's life gets a lot worse by Munachi (11/10/13)
4.33 (27)
165.Hypnothe-Rapist: Starr Scores Ch. 04
Uh-oh—has Angie gotten in a bit over her head this session?? by Smokey125 (04/09/14)
4.33 (27)
166.Hypnothe-Rapist: Starr Scores Ch. 02
Angie brings a man's libido and impotent penis back to life. by Smokey125 (12/20/13)
4.33 (55)
167.Results Not Typical Ch. 01
Phase One of testing begins. by rathma12 (05/19/14)
4.33 (209)
168.Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 06
The sexy power meeting. by StarrKist (01/31/14)
4.33 (40)
169.Climate Control Ch. 02
Brother controls his sister-in-law. by raginrhinotoons (01/09/14)
4.32 (242)
170.Settling In Ch. 01
Settling in to a new job and town brings some surprises. by mad_jack (11/07/13)
4.32 (244)
171.Power of Persuasion Ch. 02
The new normal. by dreadpiratenobeard (04/16/14)
4.32 (244)
172.Anna Bella's Education Ch. 02
Anna and her father visit Anna's mother by anna_larange (01/23/14)
4.32 (132)
173.AngelWatch Ch. 06
Peter. by HandsInTheDark (08/09/13)
4.31 (35)
174.Dr. Joseph's Office Ch. 03
Trophy wife Danielle turns into a lactating bimbo. by lustache69 (06/02/14)
4.31 (118)
175.Hypnothe-Rapist: Starr Scores Ch. 03
Angie fixes the hurt heart of a returning emotional patient. by Smokey125 (12/21/13)
4.31 (32)
176.A Battle of Minds Ch. 05
The Queen of Leskow - Now, Laura has the power. by Munachi (12/05/13)
4.31 (16)
177.A 101 - Field Test
Julia's first assignment for the Sharpton Institute. by fiat_knox (09/01/13)
4.31 (45)
178.A 101 - Forced Perspective
What happens to Julia after her visit to Room A 101. by fiat_knox (09/01/13)
4.31 (55)
179.Lift Compulsion: Amelia's 1st Ride
A young woman makes a surprising discovery. In a lift. by Storm62 (02/27/14)
4.31 (75)
180.The Master Program Ch. 09
Stephen makes his final choice. by Varun1987 (08/06/13)
4.30 (56)
181.Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 09
A Special Connection with the Masseuse by StarrKist (03/18/14)
4.30 (40)
182.Evergreen Forest Ch. 01
A thief on the run from the law runs into sinister nymphs. by GigglingGoblin (12/06/13)
4.30 (128)
183.Still Figuring It Out Ch. 04
Meeting a new friend and making memento. by IWantToKnow (11/27/13)
4.30 (81)
184.How I Landed My Girlfriend
College nerd gets the beauty as a girlfriend. by fgmntfmgnshn (10/29/13)
4.30 (450)
185.The Valentine's Day Mesmerizing
Beautiful girlfriend being stolen by boss. Will love triumph. by wouldnitbnice (02/06/14)
4.30 (44)
186.The Power of Suggestion
Greg finds prudish Linda is suggestible when sleeping. by SexZee (11/16/13)
4.29 (257)
187.Wasp Sting Ch. 03
High School disciplinarian compromised. by starova (09/23/13)
4.29 (72)
188.An Orgy of Grapes
Mysterious bottle of wine sends partygoers into a frenzy. by Steppa (05/01/14)
4.29 (139)
189.A Gift From The Stars Ch. 02
An 18-year-old loner discovers powers from beyond this world. by JohnAphros (07/27/13)
4.28 (673)
190.Slow and Steady Ch. 04
Lesbian Demon Seduction of Two Church Girls by wyo66 (06/06/14)
4.27 (113)
191.Margaret's Resignation Ch. 01
Margaret is tired of the sexual harassment. Isn't she? by Queensknight (12/01/13)
4.27 (162)
192.Matszuka's Special Massage Ch. 05
Ch. 05 - Dressing for Suc-Sex. by StarrKist (01/18/14)
4.27 (56)
193.Maggie Discovers
Margaret became Maggie. Now she is becoming something else.. by Queensknight (12/06/13)
4.27 (101)
194.Pixie Trixxx: Fairy in a Bottle
Trixie and Firefly decide to play a prank on some humans. by Sean Renaud (06/21/14)
4.26 (72)
195.SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion
Government project ends but Edward continues the experiment. by KissedMany (11/01/13)
4.26 (516)
196.Pixie Trixxx: Moon Dancer
Harold finds out that Moon Dancer can grant wishes. by Sean Renaud (06/09/14)
4.26 (58)
197.In the Name of the Father... Ch. 07
Priest hypnotizes Mom & Sister for sex with son & brother. by SusanJillParker (07/25/13)
4.26 (145)
198.All's Fair When You're In Love
Secretary in love with her boss. The problem: He's married. by fgmntfmgnshn (04/08/14)
4.25 (102)
199.The Surprise
A girl uses her boyfriend's device to bring home a surprise. by angelandaddict (04/01/14)
4.25 (142)
200.Anna Bella's Education
A daughter is hypnotized and used by her father. by anna_larange (12/29/13)
4.25 (318)
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