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It's another day here at the school. I continue my journey of finding another senior girl to freeze in time and play with. Right now, I'm in my P.E. class. Today, we're outside on the track, either...

MCSA Ch. 03 by Azylium

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The next time, it turned out, was soon. I was at home, in my office, just having gotten out of my work dress and put on more convenient clothes. While I dressed, I started to wonder about her...

The Caller Ch. 02 by MissysPet

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AUTHOR'S NOTES The protagonist of the below story is a man gifted with the ability to control the minds and bodies of others. If you are the sort of person that likes to know the features and...

A Man of Singular Talent Ch. 03: Kerith by Mephisto_Pegari

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Mind Control

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151.MCSA Ch. 03
Chanelle wants more as I go for queen Daphne. by Azylium (10/16/14)
4.29 (58)
152.The Caller Ch. 02
I give myself to my anonymous mistress. by MissysPet (02/04/15)
4.29 (63)
153.A Man of Singular Talent Ch. 03: Kerith
A trip down memory lane for the mind controlling protagonist by Mephisto_Pegari (09/03/14)
4.29 (42)
A boy, becoming a man. by spiralsplash (09/19/14)
4.28 (429)
155.Caitlyn's Treatment Ch. 09
Caitlyn goes on the block at BTS - and before by chloejacobs83 (05/05/14)
4.28 (50)
156.Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03
Seduction of sister-in-Law... and more. by Leg_Lover2014 (07/23/14)
4.28 (212)
157.An Orgy of Grapes
Mysterious bottle of wine sends partygoers into a frenzy. by Steppa (05/01/14)
4.27 (139)
158.Pixie Trixxx: Moon Dancer
Harold finds out that Moon Dancer can grant wishes. by Sean Renaud (06/09/14)
4.27 (66)
159.Wild Night For Innocent Girl
This is a story of my first real sexual miss-adventure. by lovetoreadXXX16 (12/25/14)
4.27 (111)
160.The Truth Ch. 06
A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King (09/24/14)
4.27 (135)
161.Dangerous Heels Pt. 01
Psychology experiment with sex, hypnosis, & a twist. by captainhappy (08/19/14)
4.26 (190)
162.Pixie Trixxx: Fairy in a Bottle
Trixie and Firefly decide to play a prank on some humans. by Sean Renaud (06/21/14)
4.26 (81)
163.Power of Persuasion Ch. 01
I discover I have the power to persuade... by dreadpiratenobeard (04/11/14)
4.26 (449)
164.The Police Woman
A strange man stirs up a police station with bimbos. by lustache69 (02/02/15)
4.25 (75)
165.The Surprise
A girl uses her boyfriend's device to bring home a surprise. by angelandaddict (04/01/14)
4.25 (147)
166.The Process Pt. 04
Anna is willingly enslaved. by annadixon (11/04/14)
4.25 (105)
167.The Truth Ch. 01
A nosy reporter investigates a seductive cult. by The_Fractal_King (08/20/14)
4.24 (246)
168.Controlling Bobbi - AR Ch. 03
Fun with hypnotised Steph. by Cletis (06/23/14)
4.23 (77)
169.The Process
Anna is willingly enslaved. by annadixon (10/04/14)
4.23 (299)
170.Emma Ch. 01
Emma is converted. by Sexual_pleasure_for_fun (04/02/14)
4.22 (174)
171.Exposing Rose
Husband and friend exhibit wife through hypnosis. by ArtyGee (09/01/14)
4.22 (183)
172.Halloween Masquerade:Taken
Fantasy and mind control on Halloween night. by eroticvoyeur (10/13/14)
4.22 (45)
173.Dangerous Heels Pt. 04
Bad traffic leads to a group encounter for both researchers! by captainhappy (08/22/14)
4.22 (59)
174.Heart of the Forest
When three fugitives flee into an ancient, mysterious forest. by ImperatorMentus (11/05/14)
4.22 (59)
175.Slow and Steady Ch. 04
Lesbian Demon Seduction of Two Church Girls by wyo66 (06/06/14)
4.22 (128)
176.MCSA Ch. 05
Tasting my own medicine, with two familiar faces. by Azylium (11/02/14)
4.22 (23)
177.Sex Gods of Suburbia
Late at night things get weird between friends. by Oxen (04/09/14)
4.22 (88)
178.The Great Zoltan and Red Bert
Mark, Stella, and Ashley, in the basement, with the sex toys by Frightening (07/31/14)
4.21 (70)
179.A Submissive Wife
A young wife becoming totally submissive to her neighbor. by tirreno12 (01/27/15)
4.21 (316)
180.All's Fair When You're In Love
Secretary in love with her boss. The problem: He's married. by fgmntfmgnshn (04/08/14)
4.21 (123)
181.Rise of Seductra
Part 5 of the Justice Seven saga. by obedienceispleasure (04/29/14)
4.21 (34)
182.Reprogramming Rob
He is seduced and enthralled by a hypnodomme. by HarryHollander (02/10/15)
4.20 (59)
183.I Enjoy Her Body Ch. 02
Using her hot body to get out of traffic violations. by kazfow (08/19/14)
4.20 (74)
184.Neighborly Seduction Ch. 03
Tyler comes home and finds Kathy. by JerseyGirlBcom (11/30/14)
4.19 (124)
185.Super College Ch. 05
Really for real this time. by Falcinator (12/02/14)
4.19 (26)
186.Slow and Steady Ch. 02
Lesbian Demon Mind Control of Teen Girl! by wyo66 (06/04/14)
4.19 (153)
187.My Boss, My Slave
I hypnotize my girlfriend's boss for some revenge fucking. by jackvick (03/18/14)
4.18 (390)
188.Whoa! It's Still Happening
Jason returns to university a freshman falls to his powers. by Lucky Mann (10/11/14)
4.18 (174)
189.My Pet Amazon
Wonder Woman is enslaved by a canny professor. by Wifetheif (10/14/14)
4.18 (117)
190.Becoming Owned
Rebecca thought it was a job interview, now shes enslaved. by JerseyGirlBcom (11/26/14)
4.18 (337)
191.Leo's Device
Leo's device. by mariahslittlelamb (11/28/14)
4.18 (244)
192.The Drusilian Mandala
A nerd discovers an ancient mind control method. by Lion24655 (08/27/14)
4.17 (383)
193.Dinner for Two
Husband discovers how wife's hypnotherapist used her. by NikkiSwank (06/06/14)
4.17 (216)
194.Tickled Pink
If you had control, what would you do? by HardSalami (07/08/14)
4.17 (165)
195.Mind Over Management Ch. 06
A lesbian wedding and a gang-bang. by SEVERUSMAX (10/14/14)
4.17 (18)
196.Stephen Lyons MD Ch. 01
After an accident Stephen acquires strange powers. by AStropirate (09/14/14)
4.16 (382)
197.Don Juan of Hypnotic Suggestion Ch. 02
Look in my eyes. You are sleepy. Close your eyes and sleep. by SusanJillParker (04/26/14)
4.16 (99)
198.The Tamest
A man bets that he can make his wife the most obedient. by PS_Alexandria (01/28/15)
4.16 (94)
199.Royalty Brought Low Pt. 05
The Prince's training intensifies. by succubi33 (01/25/15)
4.15 (20)
200.The Process Pt. 08
Anna is willingly enslaved. by annadixon (12/11/14)
4.14 (43)
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