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My wife has a scar under her chin. It has been there since childhood, and is not the result of a single incident, but rather of multiple encounters with the driveway, the tree limb, the hockey stick,...

A Field Guide to Scars by tennmac

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By Woodmanone copyright May/2012 Another story of the old West that takes place in the turbulent, exciting, and sometimes bloody time just after the Civil War. I've taken some literary license...

Pipe Springs by woodmanone

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There is no sex in this story. It's just a sweet love story told in a narrative style. A high school classmate of mine recently returned from our fortieth high school reunion. She had not attended...

Maryanne's First Kiss by Dinsmore

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.A Man Among Women
Could a man succeed in company dominated by women? by Dinsmore (01/20/06)
4.87 (1415)
2.A Field Guide to Scars
On the importance of scars. by tennmac (09/16/08)
4.87 (774)
3.Pipe Springs
A story of the west. by woodmanone (05/28/12)
4.87 (470)
4.Maryanne's First Kiss
A magical evening and a first kiss from a special boy. by Dinsmore (01/30/06)
4.87 (341)
5.Love, True Love
Bedridden old woman tries to teach a young couple. by Joesephus (01/31/06)
4.87 (248)
6.Taking Command
This wasn’t suppose to be his war. by Dinsmore (03/16/07)
4.86 (868)
7.Uncertain Justice
He didn't do the crime; you can't fight City Hall. Now What? by Longhorn__07 (12/24/12)
4.86 (720)
8.Down on the Farm Ch. 07
Conclusion for a Miracle. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/01/05)
4.86 (376)
9.The Mist of Time Ch. 22-Epilogue
A purchase of Land spurs Daniel to investigate his family. by Kezza67 (02/01/14)
4.86 (340)
10.I Love You Because
A brighter future because someone believed in him. by _Lynn_ (07/09/09)
4.86 (294)
11.Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 03
He hadn't joined the Navy for a good reason. by Dinsmore (03/24/07)
4.86 (160)
12.Daddy's Day
The little girl came rushing in the house after school. by MendonFishers (01/09/13)
4.85 (748)
13.Thank You for the Days
She had everything but time. by davidwatts (01/30/05)
4.85 (392)
14.Dombo and Angel
Wife prepares to accept his posthumus award. by Jeff_Thomas (08/26/13)
4.85 (201)
15.The Meaning of Christmas
Gloria finally finds her meaning of Christmas. by ravenmx (12/04/10)
4.85 (114)
16.Silver Angels
A Christmas story. by qhml1 (12/01/12)
4.84 (589)
The life and time of a unlikely hero. by woodmanone (05/07/11)
4.84 (418)
18.The Mist of Time Ch. 17
A purchase of land spurs Daniel to investigate his family by Kezza67 (01/29/14)
4.84 (285)
19.The Mist of Time Ch. 15-16
A purchase of land spurs Daniel to investigate his family by Kezza67 (01/28/14)
4.84 (285)
20.Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 01
Just another day in the RVN. by Dinsmore (03/07/07)
4.84 (268)
21.Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 05
The Conclusion and Miracle. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/23/05)
4.84 (261)
22.More Than Words Ch. 02
An Unbreakable Vow. by fgmntfmgnshn (09/20/12)
4.84 (105)
23.A Proper Goodbye
Gebriele's grief and heartache are finally put to rest. by writingdragon (10/28/03)
4.83 (358)
Remembering a Friend. by Tony155 (07/21/09)
4.83 (201)
25.Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 04
The doctor is home. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/17/05)
4.83 (190)
26.Do Miracles Happen? Ch. 03
Strange Twist. by Rabbitrunner91 (03/16/05)
4.83 (181)
27.Tomorrow is Another Day Ch. 02
Not enough fuel to get to Danang. by Dinsmore (03/19/07)
4.83 (163)
28.The Mist of Time Ch. 11-12
Daniel investigates his family. by Kezza67 (01/25/14)
4.82 (279)
29.The Mist of Time Ch. 09-10
Daniel investigates his family. by Kezza67 (01/24/14)
4.82 (270)
30.I Love You Ch. 10
All good things to those who wait. by redwitch (08/17/09)
4.82 (153)
31.To Serve & Protect: Concrete Angel
Some cases can push even the toughest cop. by patricia51 (06/07/04)
4.82 (126)
32.Is The Third Time a Charm?
After two failed marriages, should he try again? by DG Hear (01/25/06)
4.81 (595)
33.The Self Sufficient Hermit
A single man discovers love the hard way. by curious2c (04/14/11)
4.81 (585)
34.Though The Years
A strange and wonderous adventure for a young man. by woodmanone (10/25/11)
4.81 (442)
35.Aspen Grove
Perhaps they found the key to satisfaction. by Scorpio44 (04/03/08)
4.81 (431)
36.The Mist of Time Ch. 14
A purchase of land spurs Daniel to investigate his family. by Kezza67 (01/27/14)
4.81 (275)
37.Sweet Justice
Had Special Agent Jenkins misjudged the three older men? by Dinsmore (06/09/06)
4.81 (257)
38.Play Ball
A baseball memory. by HLD (08/16/05)
4.81 (243)
39.The Hunter
A dark tale of murder and salvation. by CAP811 (05/09/08)
4.81 (170)
40.On Death
Some thoughts about our loved ones. by HLD (08/09/05)
4.81 (113)
41.Black Friday
The queen of my doublewide. by qhml1 (12/16/13)
4.80 (745)
42.Continuing On with My Life
Kids worry about dad after their mom's death. by DG Hear (05/18/06)
4.80 (725)
43.Finding Your Way Back
She'd given him a gift…he needed to repay her. by Dinsmore (03/01/07)
4.80 (530)
44.Starting Over: A Love Story
Double standards and a childhood sweetheart. by DG Hear (11/16/05)
4.80 (515)
45.The Senior Center
I like my new job and the nice people I meet. by DG Hear (02/05/13)
4.80 (440)
46.Cold Steele---and Ice
Matt Steele is on another case. by woodmanone (05/19/12)
4.80 (355)
47.The Mist of Time Ch. 13
Daniel investigates his family. by Kezza67 (01/26/14)
4.80 (283)
48.The Mist of Time Ch. 18-19
A purchase of land spurs Daniel to investigate his family. by Kezza67 (01/30/14)
4.80 (269)
49.The Hawkins Place
Dilapidated house, sexy realtor and treasures in the attic. by thornapple (02/03/11)
4.80 (228)
50.Big Brother
How he began to heal after a tragic loss. by AngeloMichael (06/18/06)
4.80 (224)
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