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51.The Menu (Interactive)
You choose how you'd like to get off today. by spurious (06/11/13)
4.55 (290)
52.Camping Fantasy
Australian man's idea of a great camping trip. by SomeAussieGuy (04/14/09)
4.55 (257)
53.My Minotaur
Lady Ailara buys her last slave. (with audio) by SizeQueenSupreme (02/01/11)
4.55 (193)
54.AJ Crosses a Boundary
AJ discovers her nephew isn't away at school as planned. by funluvinaj (10/10/13)
4.55 (192)
55.Lazy Sunday
Spending the morning in bed. by Surfer_Rod (10/27/11)
4.55 (186)
56.You are Entranced
He just wants you to relax - and come too. by anenglishmanabroad (12/05/12)
4.55 (158)
57.Visiting at Christmas
Teasing me across a crowded room, I reach breaking point... by spurious (01/09/14)
4.55 (153)
58.A Tale of the Late-Shift Librarian
Things get hot after hours at the local library. by GingerStClair (05/11/10)
4.55 (146)
59.Just For You
A secret letter from her to you. by asian_princess (10/23/05)
4.55 (144)
60.Red Gloves
Hot little whore gets shared with the Room Service Attendant. by Louboutins (04/25/13)
4.55 (143)
61.Escape (Taken)
A journey of romantic relaxation... by spurious (07/02/13)
4.55 (141)
62.Extra Credit
A little something to help you rise to the top of the class. by yourcockismine (06/04/13)
4.55 (127)
63.Our Night In
A rainy night means we stay in... by Surfer_Rod (10/23/12)
4.55 (119)
64.The Assignment
The giving up of one's self to her Master. by RedHairedandFriendly (02/26/06)
4.55 (116)
65.All Five Coins
Five coins catalyze a hot evening of dominance & submission. by KR (12/27/06)
4.55 (113)
66.Claire is Red Riding Hood for Daddy
Coed Claire tells her daddy about her dream. by claire2010 (01/05/10)
4.54 (309)
67.I Want You
Forget everything. Everyone. She wants you. Now. by asian_princess (05/30/05)
4.54 (285)
Often, she thinks about having you. by WarmMilk (10/12/10)
4.54 (259)
69.Midnight Play
Hot nights make her hot for you. by asian_princess (12/13/04)
4.54 (254)
70.Ethan's Reluctant Journey
Ethan discovers Marcus' cock with the help of Sara and Mina by Mina24 (02/01/12)
4.54 (211)
71.Used Before Breakfast
I wake before you and make good on your fantasy... by spurious (05/15/13)
4.54 (175)
72.A Nocturnal Affair
It's 3am. Will you leave his bed and knock on my door? by spurious (04/23/14)
4.54 (149)
73.The Library Crawl
Patti follows her Master's orders in the Public Library by zenmackie (07/31/07)
4.54 (138)
74.Missing You
Listen as she tells you just how much she misses you. by mollyisme2 (05/21/08)
4.54 (134)
75.Letting Go of Inhibitions
You are self-conscious, so she sheds your inhibitions. by victoriawhita (05/21/08)
4.54 (125)
76.A Long Time Coming
Been a while... by wettmuse (02/14/14)
4.54 (122)
77.AJ's Adventure
AJ explores a new fantasy out at a club. by funluvinaj (08/07/13)
4.54 (109)
78.A Quick Fuck
He pleads for a quick fuck in Stereo! by Dr_Impervious (01/23/09)
4.53 (801)
She gets a special proposition from a husband and wife. by Clohi (10/04/04)
4.53 (779)
80.New Awakenings Ch. 01
Nancy & Chele discover the joys of female love. by SexyChele (02/03/03)
4.53 (472)
81.Virgin - Rough
You have been a little cocktease... by Mirage (08/23/12)
4.53 (377)
82.Don't Touch
She tries out her dominant side. by mollyisme2 (05/30/05)
4.53 (358)
83.So Much Fun Being Dirty
Angel getting off...wanna listen? by angeloftemptation (06/13/12)
4.53 (325)
84.Claire's Pussy
She shows her appreciation by showing her pussy. by claire2010 (01/26/10)
4.53 (305)
85.Just a Fantasy
A sexy co-ed gets off while sharing a very naughty fantasy. by angeloftemptation (07/19/11)
4.53 (270)
86.A Dangerous Environment (NonConsent)
I wanted to save the forest. Now who will save me? by theravenfox (04/02/13)
4.53 (270)
87.All That Jazz - First Time
She came to her for lessons in music and learned how to love by theravenfox (07/10/13)
4.53 (243)
88.Devil Made Me Do It
A supernaturally orgasmic fantasy. by mollyisme2 (06/13/05)
4.53 (180)
89.Dancing with You
This dance is ladies only. by theravenfox (06/09/09)
4.53 (175)
90.Head For You
He gives you oral while fantasizing. by Dr_Impervious (12/03/07)
4.53 (160)
91.Fleshlight Fantasies
Edging while watching my favorite kind of porn. by hotlittlefucktoy (05/07/14)
4.53 (149)
92.Before the Fireworks
I will make you explode. by GingerStClair (06/29/10)
4.53 (137)
93.A Surprise For You
Come home soon.... by Surfer_Rod (05/24/12)
4.53 (133)
94.Cumuppance for Catherine by Laph
Younger male babysitter takes advantage of MILF teasing him. by audiodiva (02/01/12)
4.53 (117)
95.Bedroom Play
Big bed, locked door, what shall we do? by angeloftemptation (06/20/12)
4.53 (116)
96.Bonding at the Beach
Kay and her lover play with another couple. by KR (01/09/06)
4.52 (329)
97.No Strings Attached
All she wants is a chance at ecstasy. by WarmMilk (11/30/10)
4.52 (298)
98.Unscripted Masturbation
Who needs a script? by bisexplicit (06/13/05)
4.52 (293)
99.Wife's Birthday Gift by Texasace
Wife has a three-some with her husband and his friend by audiodiva (06/28/11)
4.52 (206)
100.Dreaming About Daddy Ch. 02
She dreams about being disciplined by Daddy. by justalittlegirl (11/16/11)
4.52 (199)
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