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1.Vampire Audio Blog 02
She craves her human but dare she try & have sex with him? by Corijezmi (01/28/14)
4.82 (144)
A woman succumbs to Loki and her weapon, Mind Killer. by theravenfox (08/12/14)
4.80 (104)
3.Vampire Audio Blog 01
vamp desires a human lover but fears she'll hurt or kill him. by Corijezmi (12/30/13)
4.74 (163)
4.All I Want For Christmas
Her long distance love shows up to give her a special gift. by just_another_voice (12/17/13)
4.74 (193)
5.I Love Halloween
Halloween costumes lead to fun. by just_another_voice (10/10/13)
4.71 (257)
6.Fires of Beltane Audio
16th century tales of seduction lead to seduction. by golden smog (08/12/14)
4.70 (20)
A relaxing way to fall asleep. by Mirage (06/24/14)
4.70 (89)
8.How To Comfort a Crying Woman
How to- a guide for comforting with a sense of humor. by just_another_voice (11/05/13)
4.68 (167)
9.It All Makes Sense
An epiphany leads to thoughts of us together at last. by just_another_voice (06/12/14)
4.66 (100)
10.Cum for Irina
Irina has sex with her lover. by Corijezmi (10/10/13)
4.62 (180)
11.I Am Your Toy
You make your toy tell you her fantasy... by juicy_peach (09/17/14)
4.62 (60)
12.Perfect Strangers
Finally meeting for the first time. by Surfer_Rod (04/08/14)
4.60 (84)
13.Meet Sexy Irina
Irina talks about her fun with her friend with benefits. by Corijezmi (10/10/13)
4.59 (159)
14.A Starry Night
Getting primal under the night sky. by Gaelforce (01/28/14)
4.59 (29)
15.Ain't Misbehaving
Naughty girl steps out of line and gets what she deserves. by Louboutins (04/23/14)
4.58 (126)
16.A Walk in the Park
Jenny meets a dirty old man, a flasher and ... Karen. by KingsWoman (08/20/14)
4.56 (39)
17.SuperPussy - Episode #02
Eliza and AJ talk best experiences and... by ElizaRichards (05/07/14)
4.56 (73)
18.Ravaging Peach
You come home from work to find I've started without you... by juicy_peach (07/30/14)
4.56 (73)
19.The Black Cat
Beware to the black cat who crosses her path... by PlayfulLittle1 (10/10/13)
4.56 (95)
20.A Hot Summer Night
A hot night and a cooling fan make things even hotter. by TxRad (08/21/14)
4.56 (52)
21.Visiting at Christmas
Teasing me across a crowded room, I reach breaking point... by spurious (01/09/14)
4.55 (141)
22.Fleshlight Fantasies
Edging while watching my favorite kind of porn. by hotlittlefucktoy (05/07/14)
4.55 (145)
23.A Long Time Coming
Been a while... by wettmuse (02/14/14)
4.55 (116)
24.Our Little Secret
She loves being your naughty little secret. by SweetSam42 (08/06/14)
4.55 (91)
25.Cunning Linguist
An in-depth description of one Lit member's oral technique. by Anonymous_stranger (08/06/14)
4.55 (42)
26.Erotic Adventure Pt. 01 Option B
You've gone with the 2nd choice. Let's see what happens next. by redhotbothered (12/03/13)
4.53 (51)
27.My Muse
I speak to the only muse I have. by Gaelforce (12/17/13)
4.53 (51)
28.Coin Toss No. 14
Rebekka tosses the coin and her Master participates. by RebekkaBrown (12/17/13)
4.53 (17)
29.I Need You
Something to pick you up if you feel down... by spurious (05/07/14)
4.52 (115)
30.Daddy's Little Slut
A dominant audio for all my submissives out there! by Surfer_Rod (01/28/14)
4.51 (257)
31.A Nocturnal Affair
It's 3am. Will you leave his bed and knock on my door? by spurious (04/23/14)
4.51 (138)
32.AJ Crosses a Boundary
AJ discovers her nephew isn't away at school as planned. by funluvinaj (10/10/13)
4.50 (188)
33.Playtime in the Park
Just us together in the park at night. by Babydoll655321 (08/12/14)
4.50 (86)
34.Guess What I'm Doing
A dirty guessing game for Nude Day. by patientlee (07/11/14)
4.50 (82)
Fucking under a waterfall. by Mirage (08/06/14)
4.50 (36)
I can't get enough of you in my mouth. by juicy_peach (10/03/13)
4.50 (185)
37.Hungry For You
I'm alone in my hotel missing you. by juicy_peach (10/03/13)
4.49 (142)
38.AJ on the Edge
I go over the edge... eventually. by funluvinaj (11/05/13)
4.49 (110)
39.Can't Resist You
A clandestine conversation unleashes lust. by Blueyz82 (08/12/14)
4.49 (106)
40.He Says Thank You in a Shocking Way
I didn't hit him with my car but he needs first aid. Then... by NylaTalks (06/06/14)
4.48 (90)
41.One Hour
I edge myself for an entire hour. by angeloftemptation (07/02/14)
4.47 (160)
She explores her exhibitionist side on a lovely spring day. by WarmMilk (05/28/14)
4.47 (106)
43.Your Rough Day
Following a terrible day at work I aim to help you relax. by DarkHungers (06/06/14)
4.47 (92)
44.After Midnight: Cock and Balls
Thinking about you from my cock and balls' perspective. by BoyfromEngland (08/06/14)
4.47 (15)
45.Sleepy Slutty AJ
I wake up horny and needing... and take care of things. by funluvinaj (01/15/14)
4.46 (104)
46.Friendship & Lady Fingers
You come to me after a bad date and I make you cum. by Blueyz82 (08/20/14)
4.45 (110)
47.She Records Her Morning Climax
Learning you've heard my erotic audio, I make you another. by NylaTalks (05/20/14)
4.44 (79)
You inspire me with your feedback... by spurious (11/05/13)
4.44 (118)
49.Good Girl
Well behaved girls get treats... by spurious (06/06/14)
4.44 (91)
Rebekka's Master takes another woman. by RebekkaBrown (08/06/14)
4.44 (41)
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