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1.Cocoa Flavored Kisses
A loving pep talk and hug you so richly deserve. by BoyfromEngland (12/03/14)
4.79 (19)
2.Slow Tease
To warm you up...more to come...would love feedback... by sloeburn (12/11/14)
4.72 (46)
3.Are You OK?
A tea drinking chat with you... my special friend by BoyfromEngland (12/03/14)
4.67 (18)
4.AJ's a Dirty Little Phone Slut
Being a naughty girl. by funluvinaj (12/02/14)
4.56 (73)
After a long day of work... by Mirage (12/03/14)
4.56 (41)
6.Merry Christmas, Baby!
A Christmas audio. by Gaelforce (12/03/14)
4.53 (32)
7.AJ's Desires & Needs Pt. 01
A rambling account of my sexual experiences and fantasies... by funluvinaj (12/03/14)
4.52 (46)
8.A Day at the Expo
Corporate events can be challenging in more ways than one. by BoyfromEngland (12/03/14)
4.50 (8)
9.Quick & Dirty Pt. 03
For those times you just want to get to it. by Mirage (11/20/14)
4.38 (58)
10.Those Three Favorite Words of Mine
Please let me hear them from you. by tarkustrooper (11/20/14)
4.37 (19)
11.Submissive Postures Ch. 03
A brand new set of commands for you to obey. by Anonymous_stranger (12/03/14)
4.31 (16)
12.Play For Me 02
Play for me 2. by Gaelforce (12/03/14)
4.28 (32)
13.Moaning and Cumming Inside
Moaning and cumming in your pussy. by Gaelforce (11/20/14)
4.26 (74)
14.Coffee Girl
We meet every day at the same cafe... Only I want more. by Blueyz82 (12/11/14)
4.20 (55)
15.Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 02
She gets her off again and again with her new favorite thing. by tarkustrooper (12/11/14)
4.17 (18)
16.Making You Mine (Primal)
Making you mine. by Gaelforce (12/03/14)
4.13 (39)
17.I Don't Take Teasing Lightly, Girl
I will look for you...I will find you...and I will fuck you. by tarkustrooper (12/03/14)
4.10 (41)
18.The Reluctant Pair
Conflicted lovers steal an afternoon alone. by AlwaysHungry4u (12/11/14)
4.09 (11)
19.I Want to be Someone's Anal Princess
I'd like to be yours. by angeloftemptation (12/03/14)
4.08 (79)
20.Thinking of Rimming and Riding You
Tark wants to fuck you with her tongue and her pussy. by tarkustrooper (11/20/14)
4.05 (42)
21.Three's Company
You and he enjoy a threesome. by Gaelforce (11/20/14)
4.03 (29)
22.Long Night with My Pet 10: In
Part 10 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin (11/20/14)
4.00 (7)
23.I Want More
I want you to be a little more... rough with me... please? by MissKittenSK (11/20/14)
3.97 (67)
24.Edge Me, Spank Me, Make Me SCREAM!
Listen as she teases, spanks, and gets herself off. by tarkustrooper (11/20/14)
3.96 (45)
25.Seduced by Kitten
Assertive woman comes to your office... by MissKittenSK (12/03/14)
3.95 (63)
26.You're Mine
I own you. You're my plaything. by Anonymous_stranger (11/20/14)
3.94 (34)
27.Please, Please, PLEASE Fuck Me!
Waiting 10 days to cum has brought out the slut in me. by tarkustrooper (12/11/14)
3.87 (39)
28.I Wanna Fuck You Like an Animal
Just touching myself, thinking of ravaging your cock. by tarkustrooper (12/11/14)
3.86 (22)
29.Man-on-Man Action Gets Me Hot Pt. 01
Tark spices up her porn-watching routine with something new. by tarkustrooper (12/11/14)
3.78 (18)
30.You Make It All Better
You know just how to comfort your little Angel. by angeloftemptation (12/03/14)
3.75 (32)
31.Stroking the Return
Just a short masturbation with some talking. by WIJayson (12/11/14)
3.72 (18)
32.Rainy Day Sunday
It is never too late... by Tara_Neale (12/03/14)
3.68 (22)
33.Long Night With My Pet 09: Sensitive
Part 9 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin (11/20/14)
3.64 (14)
34.No Foreplay Today
Getting to it quick and dirty. by Smooth2014 (11/20/14)
3.62 (37)
35.Long Night with My Pet 11: Cum
Part 11 of a long night with my pet. by aslygrin (11/20/14)
3.59 (22)
36.Drive Hard
Missing her already. by Living_Voice (11/20/14)
3.50 (6)
37.I Fucking NEED You Inside Me!
Nothing fancy; just a little quickie with my toy. by tarkustrooper (12/03/14)
3.44 (43)
38.Push It Back
A simple request evoked by a talented seductress. by AlwaysHungry4u (12/03/14)
3.23 (13)
39.Glory Hole Girl Please Come Home!
I don't want you doing it anymore. by BoyfromEngland (11/20/14)
2.95 (19)
40.Masturbation 01
A Solo Male audio. by dischargeqwerty (12/03/14)
2.59 (27)
41.Masturbation 02
A Solo Male audio. by dischargeqwerty (12/11/14)
2.56 (16)
42.The Builders
A contest to determine the age old battle of the sexes. by Tara_Neale (12/03/14)
2.30 (10)