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A woman succumbs to Loki and her weapon, Mind Killer. by theravenfox (08/12/14)
4.87 (92)
2.A Walk in the Park
Jenny meets a dirty old man, a flasher and ... Karen. by KingsWoman (08/20/14)
4.78 (9)
3.Ravaging Peach
You come home from work to find I've started without you... by juicy_peach (07/30/14)
4.62 (64)
Fucking under a waterfall. by Mirage (08/06/14)
4.61 (31)
5.Playing Hard to Get
You are playing hard to get... by Gaelforce (08/12/14)
4.55 (33)
6.Cunning Linguist
An in-depth description of one Lit member's oral technique. by Anonymous_stranger (08/06/14)
4.53 (32)
7.Our Little Secret
She loves being your naughty little secret. by SweetSam42 (08/06/14)
4.53 (81)
8.Can't Resist You
A clandestine conversation unleashes lust. by Blueyz82 (08/12/14)
4.53 (57)
9.After Midnight: Cock and Balls
Thinking about you from my cock and balls' perspective. by BoyfromEngland (08/06/14)
4.50 (10)
10.A Comfy Warm Dressing Gown
Morning love making on the recliner. by BoyfromEngland (08/20/14)
4.50 (8)
11.Fires of Beltane Audio
16th century tales of seduction lead to seduction. by golden smog (08/12/14)
4.47 (17)
12.Morning Moans 03
Just moaning as I get off. by Mirage (08/20/14)
4.45 (20)
Rebekka's Master takes another woman. by RebekkaBrown (08/06/14)
4.43 (35)
14.Sergeant Gael Comes Home
Coming home after six long months in the Lebanon by Gaelforce (08/20/14)
4.43 (14)
15.Babysitter Pt. 02
The next morning... by Mirage (07/30/14)
4.42 (36)
16.Jacking For You Ch. 03: Jack Harder
I could be curing cancer, but I'm doing this instead. by Anonymous_stranger (07/30/14)
4.41 (32)
17.Babysitter Pt. 03
The continuing adventures of the babysitter... by Mirage (08/12/14)
4.40 (42)
18.What's This
Rebekka moves from her apartment. by RebekkaBrown (08/06/14)
4.39 (28)
19.Late Eve at the University Library
It's late at the library and I find you deep in the stacks. by emma_the_librarian (08/12/14)
4.39 (46)
20.Playtime in the Park
Just us together in the park at night. by Babydoll655321 (08/12/14)
4.39 (49)
We have to be quiet, we're in a library. by Babydoll655321 (07/30/14)
4.39 (163)
22.After Midnight: Your (Human) Chair
Sit back in me and let me make you comfortable... by BoyfromEngland (08/06/14)
4.36 (14)
23.Bedroom Talk 06: Once upon a Time...
In a land far, far away lived a good special girl. by BoyfromEngland (08/20/14)
4.33 (9)
24.Gaelforce Moans
Male moans. by Gaelforce (08/06/14)
4.30 (50)
25.Panty Stuffing Virgin
Your Angel tries something new. by angeloftemptation (08/06/14)
4.29 (51)
26.Claire Wants You To Kiss Her Cunt
Claire talks dirty again...and she wants you to kiss her cunt! by claire2014 (08/06/14)
4.29 (62)
27.Cum Together
He'd love it if you and he would cum together. by Gaelforce (08/06/14)
4.27 (33)
28.In Your Afterglow
Talking to you after sex. by Gaelforce (08/20/14)
4.27 (15)
29.Friendship & Lady Fingers
You come to me after a bad date and I make you cum. by Blueyz82 (08/20/14)
4.25 (36)
30.Teasing You
Pushing your buttons till you lose your control... by MissKittenSK (08/06/14)
4.22 (83)
31.Imagine Me Sucking and Fucking You
Just relax and let Tarkus have her way with you. by tarkustrooper (08/20/14)
4.22 (37)
32.After Midnight: Cock Worship
Let Master teach his special good girl... by BoyfromEngland (08/06/14)
4.20 (10)
33.After Midnight: Sleeping Beauty
Are you really asleep though? by BoyfromEngland (07/30/14)
4.19 (26)
34.Office Playtime
For the adventurous girls listening in at the office. by Anonymous_stranger (07/30/14)
4.18 (33)
35.Shy Girl
An audio for shy girls. by Gaelforce (08/12/14)
4.18 (45)
36.Such a Greedy Girl
It feels too good to stop! by angeloftemptation (07/30/14)
4.16 (51)
37.Fuck Yes!!
Listen as my husband pounds away at my squirting pussy. by couplenextdoor21 (08/06/14)
4.15 (157)
38.So Early - So Good
Hot and sleepy morning sex. by Blueyz82 (08/06/14)
4.13 (67)
39.Rock Star Treatment
A musician and a groupie share a backstage tryst... by Anonymous_stranger (08/06/14)
4.12 (16)
Let me get you off this way... by MissKittenSK (08/12/14)
4.12 (93)
41.After Midnight: Doctor and Patient
Be a good patient and let Doctor inspect your body. by BoyfromEngland (08/06/14)
4.11 (18)
42.The Next Morning
You wake up after a night of sex... by bred2020 (08/12/14)
4.00 (11)
43.How an Angel Wakes Up
My first orgasm of the day. by angeloftemptation (08/06/14)
3.95 (21)
44.Erotic Adventure Pt. 02
Choices were made and now I pay the price. by redhotbothered (08/20/14)
3.93 (15)
45.A Hot Summer Night
A hot night and a cooling fan make things even hotter. by TxRad (08/21/14)
3.81 (16)
46.My Blowjob Fantasy
Just a quick blowjob fantasy... by ThatLuca (08/05/14)
3.75 (12)
47.Take It
Your lustful lover is feeling VERY demanding. by Anonymous_stranger (08/20/14)
3.67 (12)
48.Sleepy Sex
Wake me if you want to fuck! by angeloftemptation (07/30/14)
3.65 (43)
49.Mansounds with Orgasm
He was sort of enjoying himself. by nerobixx (08/12/14)
3.57 (23)
50.Oh, Fuck...
Two little words... by Anonymous_stranger (08/20/14)
3.50 (10)
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