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"Hey uh, Rose," a voice said from behind me. I swiveled my chair so that I was facing out of my cubicle. I had my no-nonsense face on and I raised my eyebrows as if to ask, "what?" I didn't recognize...

Glory Beyond the Hole by YKN4949

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After Dave told me that he also wanted me to ask "the girl" to have anonymous sex with him, I spent some time thinking about how to pull this off and did a little research. As a result, I had come up...

Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03 by realpussyboy

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"Jenna," I said, with a smile on my face, "could you move out of the way please? I'd like to get to the kitchen." "Err... how about... no!" she grinned back, her big brown eyes sparkling at me. As...

Meeting Jenna by Alex_Lockheed

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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1.Glory Beyond the Hole
TS Rose releases sexual frustration. by YKN4949 (02/04/14)
4.87 (558)
2.Be Careful What You Wish For
Larissa sells her soul and gets more than she bargained for. by YKN4949 (08/27/13)
4.82 (662)
3.Joining a Fraternity Ch. 03
An FTM frat brother continues his adventures in brotherhood. by realpussyboy (08/16/14)
4.77 (48)
4.Stray Cats Pt. 03
The office party and a trip to Seattle. by Dreamweaver594 (01/23/14)
4.75 (135)
5.My Feminine Side
Guy becomes a beautiful sexy girl. by BiDrew42 (04/18/14)
4.75 (392)
6.The Ultimate Sex Club
An exotic innocent's journey of sexual discovery. by bb1212 (09/27/13)
4.74 (233)
7.Meeting Jenna
She looked so good in those little shorts... by Alex_Lockheed (07/05/14)
4.73 (503)
8.Sweet, Young Stephanie
Delicious girl next door has a big surprise. by RegularGuyinOly (09/24/13)
4.73 (705)
9.Stray Cats Pt. 01
Alex finds two beautiful women to share his life. by Dreamweaver594 (09/08/13)
4.73 (375)
10.Sienna's Suprise
Sienna is hiding something. by thestorynovice (06/02/14)
4.73 (299)
11.Chasing the Dragon Ch. 03
Outdated Technology by AwkwardMD (08/18/14)
4.73 (59)
12.Drink or Dare
A drinking game with new friends changes everything. by NearMiss (01/03/14)
4.73 (379)
13.Mia Mine Ch. 09
Everything comes to an end or new beginning. by cliptoe (07/19/14)
4.73 (84)
14.Amanda and Me Ch. 05
It's been a week. by Tallnhard1 (01/10/14)
4.73 (146)
15.Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 02
Jacob falls in love with Alicia and learns more about her. by Dreamweaver594 (11/22/13)
4.73 (186)
16.Sleeping on the Terrace Ch. 02
A misunderstanding and a trip to the Bahamas. by Dreamweaver594 (02/18/14)
4.72 (109)
17.Experiencing Something New Ch. 02
Using and being used. by someoneyouknow (09/27/13)
4.72 (94)
18.The Girl Next Door Ch. 02
Taking the Next Step Into Depravity by derezzed (04/08/14)
4.72 (491)
19.Mia Mine Ch. 05
Mia and David begin to spend the weekend together. by cliptoe (03/13/14)
4.72 (122)
20.Experiencing Something New Ch. 01
When no one knows, you can try anything. by someoneyouknow (09/08/13)
4.72 (240)
21.The Roommates Ch. 02
Brad copes with big-titted Daphne's girlhood. by TheTitLover (01/02/14)
4.72 (273)
22.Paradiso Ch. 08
Beautiful t-girl Jessie gives me a night to remember. by SlyKink (07/22/14)
4.72 (117)
23.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 04
Lisa helps Jay broaden his horizons. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/08/14)
4.72 (267)
24.Cancelled Date Night Ch. 06
Dave gives Sarah and Colleen a pleasant surprise. by kinglem (02/15/14)
4.71 (84)
25.The Ad
Tyler doesn't realize, Lacey comes with a price. by WhiskeyIsGood (10/24/13)
4.71 (404)
26.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 02
Act 1 Part 2 by AwkwardMD (05/28/14)
4.71 (87)
27.Mia Mine Ch. 07
Mia and David head to San Francisco to deal with the threat. by cliptoe (06/07/14)
4.71 (87)
28.Frannie's Femboy
A Feminine Transformation. by BiDrew42 (04/02/14)
4.71 (417)
29.Mia Mine Ch. 02
Their chance encounter starts to grow into much more. by cliptoe (02/07/14)
4.71 (163)
30.Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 03
Jacob trains to battle a vampire. by Dreamweaver594 (01/07/14)
4.71 (104)
31.Mia Mine Ch. 08
Mia and David prepare to fight her fathers extortion attempt by cliptoe (07/03/14)
4.71 (83)
32.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 05
Act 2 Part 3 by AwkwardMD (06/13/14)
4.71 (38)
33.My One True Love Ch. 06
An amazing night! by f1dude_lotus (09/30/13)
4.71 (72)
34.A Change of Management
Tommy's sex slavery in the Land of Genies takes a big turn. by alwaysreadyfryou (07/12/14)
4.71 (65)
35.The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 04
It's Friday night, Kelly visits an adult theater as a girl. by cockslut_kelly (10/11/13)
4.71 (147)
36.A Wife Comes Around Ch. 03
A wife helps out with his fantasy. by pinkpanteez247 (01/10/14)
4.71 (95)
37.Stray Cats Pt. 04
Friends, Lovers, and Wives. by Dreamweaver594 (05/20/14)
4.70 (108)
38.Once Upon a Bite So Sweet Ch. 04
The third bite and a Christmas to remember. by Dreamweaver594 (04/30/14)
4.70 (64)
39.Peaches and Cream Ch. 02
Another TS joins the party. by BiDrew42 (03/22/14)
4.70 (134)
40.Transformations Ch. 05
Zoe is trapped living as a shemale. by zoejoey (04/16/14)
4.70 (134)
41.Mia Mine
A chance encounter gives him his first taste of transgender by cliptoe (01/28/14)
4.70 (324)
42.Mia Mine Ch. 06
Their love grows, when Mia gets hit with a bombshell. by cliptoe (05/18/14)
4.70 (83)
43.Trouble with the T-Girl at School
An unlikely relationship grows after she sits on his face. by SugarandSalt (02/16/14)
4.70 (569)
44.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 06
Jay gives in to temptation by WhiskeyIsGood (01/12/14)
4.70 (227)
45.The Ballad of Jaimie and Vera Ch. 04
Act 2 Part 2 by AwkwardMD (06/04/14)
4.69 (49)
46.Mia Mine Ch. 03
A chance encounter grows ever so much deeper. by cliptoe (02/20/14)
4.69 (156)
47.One of the Girls
So you want to join the girls for a night on the town? by tgirl_Mary (02/15/14)
4.69 (149)
48.The J-Girl Model
Eager Japanese girl perfectly suited for modeling. by wet_special (05/21/14)
4.69 (139)
49.Body Politic
TS Heidi blackmails a sexy, conservative female mayor. by YKN4949 (07/17/14)
4.69 (100)
50.Stray Cats Pt. 02
Alex goes shopping with Amanda and Rachel. by Dreamweaver594 (11/08/13)
4.69 (190)
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