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The amount of fun I had writing this is a provable fact. When I started it, I planned to write one or two other short stories just to reach a couple of pages in length. Instead, it's my longest story...

The Panty-Chasing T-Mom MILF by SugarandSalt

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"Save some punch for me...Mr. Policeman," came the throaty sexy growl from behind me. I turned quickly and bumped into the woman who had bent over me as I ladled out a cup of the orange jet fuel...

Save Some Punch for Me by chenwanli

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First of all, a huge apology for making it such a long wait! I'd written Louise's revenge a long time ago, but hated it and deleted the whole story. It took a long time to find something I was happy...

One Week Ch. 04 by Louise69

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.The Panty-Chasing T-Mom MILF
Cock-blocking son won't stop her from closing the deal. by SugarandSalt (04/22/13)
4.58 (365)
152.An Expensive Addiction
I'm not gay, but there is just something sexy about trannys. by NeverGuessWhatsNext (10/06/13)
4.58 (187)
153.Save Some Punch for Me
A man at a party meets a schoolgirl with a surprise. by chenwanli (07/15/13)
4.58 (388)
154.One Week Ch. 04
Louise gets revenge. by Louise69 (05/02/13)
4.58 (123)
155.Mia Mine Ch. 04
A chance encounter grows ever so much deeper. by cliptoe (03/04/14)
4.58 (104)
156.Stolen Away
T-Girl meets a guy in a relationship and has to have him. by ruwild (01/28/14)
4.58 (186)
157.The Enforced Butterfly Pt. 01
My new life down under. by Lubba (05/11/13)
4.57 (103)
He doesn't care that his neighbor is transsexual. by griffin57 (06/15/13)
4.57 (461)
159.Cara's First Time With A Man
Crossdresser Cara discovers herself on an innocent date by Cara_Elaine (03/31/14)
4.57 (161)
160.Friends, Roommates, and Lovers
Jamie meets his dream girl, only to find out it was him. by shouldntbeheretoday (09/23/13)
4.57 (226)
161.On the Run
Transgendered son finds mother's love through abusive dad. by Cartman94 (08/04/13)
4.57 (172)
162.The Curse
A random encounter. a strange woman. lives forever changed. by sdvine (04/24/13)
4.57 (137)
163.Sleeping on the Terrace
Jason gets his toenails painted red while 'sleeping'. by Dreamweaver594 (11/27/13)
4.57 (171)
164.Sarah's Company
A bored guy discovers a new coworker is his fantasy shemale. by ishouldnot (03/21/14)
4.57 (373)
165.The Speeder
Candy is pulled over by a ladycop packing heat. by sajukno (07/14/13)
4.56 (344)
166.A Slut Awakens Ch. 02
Continuation of Carla's transformation. by BrockFlair (09/29/13)
4.56 (55)
167.Drink Me
He drinks magic potion, becomes woman. Enjoys it. by sdvine (04/20/13)
4.56 (197)
168.How I Became a Cheerleader Ch. 16
Guy changes school and sex to fit in. by DMaster_14 (03/19/14)
4.56 (80)
169.Transformations Ch. 03
Joey reverts to his old self. by zoejoey (03/25/14)
4.56 (169)
170.Her Bulge
The woman at the gym has a bulge in her spandex. by ruwild (11/28/13)
4.56 (483)
171.Mr. Wallace and Me Pt. 11-12
I have some feminine things to do before moving. by oberon_52 (07/23/13)
4.56 (52)
172.The Fantasy Conference
Conservative wife becomes a hottie & transforms hubby by DrLuverotica (10/23/13)
4.56 (235)
173.A Favor for My Best Friend Ch. 02
Sick of my fuck buddy, I offer my sex to my new best friend. by Verysecret93 (07/18/13)
4.56 (192)
174.Kitty Kat Nip Ch. 01: Mile High Sissy
Young man gets on a plane young woman gets off when it lands. by FoxTrap (02/23/14)
4.56 (142)
175.Giant-Size New Half Ch. 01
Two teens join a super team with a big secret. by Armphid (03/25/14)
4.55 (65)
176.Leslie, the Wedding Crasher
Tom finds himself in quite a predicament. by WhiskeyIsGood (07/14/13)
4.55 (181)
177.Tantalising Tanya Ch. 01
Fun with her boyfriend's brother. by fuzzie_writer (07/11/13)
4.55 (250)
178.Silver Cloud
A Rolls-Royce, a broken date, and a guy dressed as a girl. by RickeeDavala (09/29/13)
4.55 (69)
179.A Goddess on Earth
A T-girl fan meets her idol, a T-girl singer, backstage. by YKN4949 (05/20/13)
4.55 (129)
180.Life With Miss Ida Ch. 02
An Ongoing Life Story about Georgia and her Mistress by Sheermistress (02/12/14)
4.55 (20)
181.A Date
A son transforms himself for the sake of his father. by clarkroberts (01/02/14)
4.55 (264)
182.Caught by Neighbour Ch. 04
My problems get worse... but it's not all that bad. by Borderlands (05/22/13)
4.55 (95)
183.Sometimes, Just Go with the Flow!
A married man is intrigued by a gorgeous woman. by FullMetalClockwork (09/29/13)
4.55 (148)
184.My Big Sister Ch. 03
Best friend surprises him. by DaBlackMamba (03/21/14)
4.55 (108)
185.A Summer Camp Adventure Ch. 02
Justin (Justine) comes out and finds love! by JKBigDaddy (07/24/13)
4.55 (152)
186.Leslie, the Wedding Crasher Ch. 02
Leslie comes to Tom's wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/02/13)
4.55 (110)
Something completely different. by Leezy (07/02/13)
4.54 (304)
188.An Expensive Addiction Ch. 03
Things heat up with the tranny escort English. by NeverGuessWhatsNext (12/16/13)
4.54 (72)
189.Joel Gets Caught by His Wife Ch. 02
Continuing adventures of Joelle and Stacey. by Downforeverything (09/19/13)
4.54 (209)
190.Leslie, the Wedding Crasher Ch. 03
The gig is up. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/16/13)
4.54 (132)
Girlfriend is not happy when I get into get drawers. by grgy56 (07/15/13)
4.54 (147)
192.A Learning Experience Ch. 04
Becoming Joscelyn, with bondage and heartache in the mix. by Joscelyn2tg (07/19/13)
4.54 (54)
193.Cancelled Date Night Ch. 02
Sarah shows off Colleen. by kinglem (12/22/13)
4.54 (181)
194.Abducted and Turned Out Ch. 05
Continuing saga of a sissy whore. by dawnib66 (07/08/13)
4.54 (56)
195.Sindys Undoing
A submissives journey into total sissification. by SindySuxALot (05/20/13)
4.54 (183)
196.Blackmailed by a Bitch
A straight man is blackmailed by his fiancee's shemale boss by HarlanPilate (09/25/13)
4.53 (264)
197.Sissy Auction
My training and sale. by davine (10/03/13)
4.53 (90)
198.She's Hung
A transgender love story. by lovers1 (05/26/13)
4.53 (362)
199.My Big Sister
His older sister has a few surprises. by DaBlackMamba (09/08/13)
4.53 (446)
200.Pink Panties: The Video Tape
A young man is force femmed by a controlling dominant man. by Mmaryelizabeth (04/18/13)
4.53 (291)
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