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A whole month had passed by since Lisa and Holly had moved into my apartment with me, and both girls were now definitely settled in. Things had gone a different route then we originally planned...

Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 11 by WhiskeyIsGood

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After the stunning events of Alison throwing coffee in Dana's lap, and the secretaries getting rid of her, office life had gone from strength to strength. My private life became private again and was...

Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05 by Emmcee20

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They say you never truly forget your first lover. Looking back, the time that I spent as Jemima, in my very first sexual relationship with another man, was undoubtedly the most intense and...

Jemima's Tale Pt. 03 by jemimaheart

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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151.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 11
Christmas party. by WhiskeyIsGood (02/15/14)
4.58 (161)
152.Important Business Comes Up Ch. 05
Jason earns a treat from a previous adventure. by Emmcee20 (02/04/14)
4.58 (26)
153.Jemima's Tale Pt. 03
Jemima learns how to submit to her new boyfriend's will... by jemimaheart (07/12/14)
4.58 (40)
154.The Girl Next Door Ch. 01
The new girl. by derezzed (02/11/14)
4.57 (775)
155.An Expensive Addiction Ch. 03
Things heat up with the tranny escort English. by NeverGuessWhatsNext (12/16/13)
4.57 (84)
156.Mistress Maggie
An unorthodox love story with romance, spirituality, even S&M. by Joscelyn2tg (03/18/14)
4.57 (49)
157.Cocksucker: Crossdressing
Straight man is forced to crossdress and suck cock. by silkstockingslover (05/14/14)
4.57 (277)
158.Tranny Gangbang
Three transsexual porn stars fuck straight guy by StephanieSeymour (04/22/14)
4.57 (228)
159.Being Sarah
Crossdresser Sarah gets tormented by two hot female friends. by Alex_Lockheed (06/24/14)
4.57 (272)
160.Dickgirls Everywhere!
Vampires? Zombies? Nope. Dickgirls. by lfullback (01/30/14)
4.57 (332)
161.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 03
Jay has more fun with Holly and Lisa. by WhiskeyIsGood (12/19/13)
4.57 (220)
162.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 07
Jay and Jen have sex, and then Jay goes to a party. by WhiskeyIsGood (01/18/14)
4.57 (182)
163.I Begged Him To Kiss Me! Ch. 02
Further submitting to his older male neighbor. by abcuma77 (07/02/14)
4.57 (191)
164.Two of Both Worlds
A woman meets a transsexual at a gay bar. by panther1282 (11/01/13)
4.57 (184)
165.F4: Life in Suspension
If you walk far enough, you come full circle. by MSTarot (05/10/14)
4.57 (23)
166.The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 03
Waiting for the weekend, Kelly is used in front of co-eds. by cockslut_kelly (10/08/13)
4.56 (126)
167.New Mother, New Life Pt. 01
Crossdresser re-unites with birth mother. by Cara_Elaine (04/24/14)
4.56 (270)
168.The Fantasy Conference
Conservative wife becomes a hottie & transforms hubby by DrLuverotica (10/23/13)
4.56 (247)
169.Sometimes, Just Go with the Flow!
A married man is intrigued by a gorgeous woman. by FullMetalClockwork (09/29/13)
4.56 (160)
170.Her Bulge
The woman at the gym has a bulge in her spandex. by ruwild (11/28/13)
4.56 (594)
171.Friends, Roommates, and Lovers
Jamie meets his dream girl, only to find out it was him. by shouldntbeheretoday (09/23/13)
4.56 (241)
Joey goes to bed as a boy, wakes up as a girl. by zoejoey (03/18/14)
4.56 (506)
173.The Hunt Pt. 01
Halloween party, dressed as a woman, the perfect disguise? by TastyFan (07/13/14)
4.55 (266)
174.Maxie Reckless and the Kith #02
Maxie is introduced to the mysterious Glade -- and her fate! by RavynsLand (12/24/13)
4.55 (38)
175.A Day with Ron as My Master
Ordered to give blowjobs for humiliation. by Cynthia_D (09/13/13)
4.55 (131)
176.The Weekend
A supposed quite weekend at home becomes a weekend of firsts. by Deadpool7 (04/10/14)
4.55 (230)
177.Blackmailed by a Bitch
A straight man is blackmailed by his fiancee's shemale boss by HarlanPilate (09/25/13)
4.54 (285)
178.For The Money Ch. 02
He gets an opportunity in a play. by SexyPenelope (02/26/14)
4.54 (180)
179.Joel Gets Caught by His Wife Ch. 02
Continuing adventures of Joelle and Stacey. by Downforeverything (09/19/13)
4.54 (232)
180.Cancelled Date Night Ch. 04
Dave has some doubts. by kinglem (01/16/14)
4.54 (117)
181.Doing the Sisters Ch. 02
Meeting and falling in love with a girl, who brings her sister by island_man (03/14/14)
4.54 (134)
182.Cancelled Date Night Ch. 02
Sarah shows off Colleen. by kinglem (12/22/13)
4.54 (209)
183.Maxie Reckless and the Kith #04
Maxie starts adjusting to her position among the Kith. by RavynsLand (01/12/14)
4.54 (28)
184.The Life and Times of Lady Vargos Ch. 08
Martin finds there is more to the public opinion and rumors by rik581 (02/12/14)
4.53 (73)
185.Transformations Ch. 03
Joey reverts to his old self. by zoejoey (03/25/14)
4.53 (210)
186.Dressed So Ch. 02
A beautiful lesbian plays. by MadQuill (08/01/14)
4.53 (15)
187.Leslie, the Wedding Crasher Ch. 03
The gig is up. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/16/13)
4.53 (152)
188.Leslie, the Wedding Crasher Ch. 02
Leslie comes to Tom's wedding. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/02/13)
4.53 (124)
189.A Girl Like Victoria
A first date with a special girl, they get what they want by smithjon1919 (05/21/14)
4.53 (330)
190.Jogging Partners Ch. 07
Jennifer crosses the last line. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/25/13)
4.53 (168)
191.Just the Three of Us Ch. 03
A couple share their love with a unique and beautiful woman. by komrad1156 (01/31/14)
4.53 (68)
192.A Learning Experience Ch. 06
Josie loses her family and goes sightseeing in hell. by Joscelyn2tg (07/24/14)
4.53 (17)
193.The Perfect Age Ch. 04
Sissy 'girl' is a virgin no more. by keptsissy (12/17/13)
4.53 (159)
194.The Wedding Ch. 03
Sarah must pay for her betrayal. by kinglem (07/15/14)
4.53 (53)
195.My Big Sister
His older sister has a few surprises. by DaBlackMamba (09/08/13)
4.53 (552)
196.The Agreement
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (11/18/13)
4.53 (306)
197.Jay's Sex Club Adventures Ch. 12
New Year's Eve. by WhiskeyIsGood (03/04/14)
4.52 (151)
198.Humiliated at an Outlet Mall
A man's wife transforms him into a sissy one store at a time. by willow619 (11/29/13)
4.52 (264)
199.The Agreement Ch. 06
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (12/27/13)
4.52 (176)
200.The Agreement Ch. 04
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (12/11/13)
4.52 (148)
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