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He was on his fourth pint when she walked in. It was Colleen, out of her dress and just in jeans and a blouse. She didn't see him as she ordered a drink and found a seat. At first Dave was relieved,...

The Wedding Ch. 03 by kinglem

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Cameron was sitting at his desk in his apartment, working on his thesis when his cell phone started ringing and vibrating across the desk. Happy for the interruption - the writing was not going well...

Shannon's Little Princess by CarlyJennings

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The Agreement, Part VI—The Final Chapter As a man, I knew exactly what felt good and how to do it. I knew what to cup, what to stroke, and what to suck. I was absolutely enjoying giving my first...

The Agreement Ch. 07 by komrad1156

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Transsexuals & Crossdressers

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201.Jogging Partners Ch. 07
Jennifer crosses the last line. by WhiskeyIsGood (09/25/13)
4.52 (163)
202.Working Hard for Her Job Ch. 02
Entertaining a Client. by fuzzie_writer (11/10/13)
4.51 (98)
203.The Wedding Ch. 03
Sarah must pay for her betrayal. by kinglem (07/15/14)
4.51 (51)
204.Sissy Auction
My training and sale. by davine (10/03/13)
4.51 (104)
205.Shelley's Not a She Ch. 03
Shelley and Matt take a cruise. by JagFarlane (12/17/13)
4.51 (114)
206.Shannon's Little Princess
Cameron's girlfriend dresses him up after he makes a mess. by CarlyJennings (05/27/14)
4.50 (334)
207.Rings of Desire
A young couple, magic rings, and unexpected change! by LockedDarius (01/15/14)
4.50 (223)
208.The Agreement Ch. 07
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (01/06/14)
4.50 (140)
209.How James and I Started Together Ch. 02
Alin finds a new way to look sexy, James might just like it. by CrossdresserAlison77 (07/12/14)
4.50 (56)
210.Lady In The House Ch. 17
The saga of of sexy transvestite prison prostitute continues. by MicheleNylons (09/05/13)
4.50 (28)
211.Life With Miss Ida Ch. 02
An Ongoing Life Story about Georgia and her Mistress by Sheermistress (02/12/14)
4.50 (26)
212.F4: Edge of Tomorrow
Sometimes, a girl's night out gets to be too much. by sr71plt (05/10/14)
4.50 (18)
213.When I Look in the Mirror
When his girlfriend is at the wedding, he has a visitor. by RickeeDavala (09/29/13)
4.50 (113)
214.All the Way
My twist on the usual 'I got caught dressing' story. by NearMiss (06/16/14)
4.49 (186)
215.Danielle's Transformation Ch. 02
Danielle finds she's getting more than she bargained for. by daniellecdgurl (03/15/14)
4.49 (178)
216.Not My Fault Ch. 02
Paul still has a candle in him, but Brett's his real problem. by Myxy (07/17/14)
4.49 (83)
217.My Sister's Doll
Dressed by my sister, I fall for her boyfriend's brother. by DaniDavala (07/03/14)
4.49 (284)
218.Another Black Tranny Fantasy
A white boy gets an unexpected wake-up call... by tsfantasy (10/18/13)
4.49 (277)
219.Couples Counseling Ch. 02
Dr. Kim helps Rick and Gary solve their problems. by Cyanlot (02/10/14)
4.49 (49)
220.The Seven Dressing Sins: Vanity
An unsuspecting sissy porn star? How could that happen? by purekink (03/01/14)
4.49 (41)
221.Trying Something New
Waiting for my wife when an unexpected visitor arrives. by HighHeeledHoney (01/03/14)
4.49 (273)
222.Unusual Love
A transgendered finds herself attracted to her friend. by dinosaurfux (06/29/14)
4.49 (195)
223.My Master & My Wife Ch. 03
Liz finds out about everything and Greg has to pay for it! by FunWithDahlia (05/09/14)
4.49 (115)
224.Who's the Slut Now?
He get's used and can't remember. by griffin57 (09/27/13)
4.48 (160)
225.Silken Seductions - Step 01
A married man takes the first steps into crossdressing. by AdamZasse (11/22/13)
4.48 (264)
226.Indoctrination of Toy
A femme toy is trained by her transexual Mistress. by SkyeNightshade (02/25/14)
4.48 (73)
227.The Honey Combs Pt. 07-09
3 generations of womanly desire and devastating evil. by AnnabelleRaven (04/29/14)
4.48 (23)
228.Power... Girl? Ch. 02
She takes over my life, but there's a chance to escape. by winna820 (03/11/14)
4.47 (80)
229.Kate's Christmas Surprise
Michael gets a surprise from his wife Julia at Christmas. by Kateinlingerie (12/25/13)
4.47 (312)
230.A Date
A son transforms himself for the sake of his father. by clarkroberts (01/02/14)
4.47 (307)
A man named, Ron, is looking for a little sexual fun. by panther1282 (11/03/13)
4.47 (134)
232.To the Manor Bound Ch. 01
Country Lord makes a new sissy maid. by Nikki258 (09/04/13)
4.47 (201)
233.I Turned the Tables Last Night!
Jacqueline's turns the tables. by AJQuick (02/11/14)
4.47 (77)
234.Jenny - Epilogue
Dave finds that karma is alive and well and quite fickle. by Lycandope (01/19/14)
4.47 (15)
235.Silken Seductions - Step 02
A married man continues to explore crossdressing. by AdamZasse (12/06/13)
4.47 (148)
236.Futanari Birthday Ch. 02
It's Nick's turn to enjoy Jess' b-day candle. Meaning penis. by MyPenIsMighty (01/21/14)
4.46 (71)
237.Dressing at Bloomingdales
Crossdresser's wife and sales rep make her dreams come true by willow619 (03/12/14)
4.46 (136)
238.The Girl
Chance encounter leads a man to new levels of sexuality. by MisterSinnister (05/01/14)
4.46 (231)
239.A Sister's Revenge Ch. 05
Michael gets a new look - a totally new look! by Johnboy9 (12/30/13)
4.46 (107)
240.Seduced in the Shower Ch. 02
The continuing story of a man seduced by his friend. by nicola801 (02/16/14)
4.45 (146)
241.Danielle's Transformation Ch. 03
Danielle continues her journey. by daniellecdgurl (03/21/14)
4.45 (91)
242.The J-Girl Model Ch. 02
She pleases her dickgirl lover in every possible way. by wet_special (06/16/14)
4.45 (29)
243.This Thing Called Life Ch. 06
Shemale gangbanged. by noodneighbor (03/26/14)
4.45 (38)
244.For The Money
A young man in need of money takes a job as a model. by SexyPenelope (02/26/14)
4.44 (180)
245.College Enslavement
A college junior is blackmailed. by TheMstrE (05/15/14)
4.44 (301)
246.My Senior Year of College Ch. 02
Evelyn is seduced by a coworker by sexycdman (12/04/13)
4.44 (59)
247.The Agreement Ch. 03
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (12/04/13)
4.44 (157)
248.Joel Gets Caught by His Wife
Joelle is caught and dominated by his wife. by Downforeverything (08/25/13)
4.44 (528)
249.A New Direction Ch. 02
We have another role reversal encounter. by MyUncensoredSelf (12/10/13)
4.44 (107)
250.The Agreement Ch. 05
A man's wife accepts his crossdressing. by komrad1156 (12/21/13)
4.44 (151)
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