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wood breaking blows across my ass back breaking blows across my chest concentration breaking blows across my face you've still yet to punish my most guilty part

my heart by cock whore

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I love you... Please be with me I've never felt this way about anyone before I want to learn new things with you Want to love you forever an always I want to feel you from the inside...

I Want... YOU by Ds Padawan

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no foreplay no warning no sexual energy exchanged when I unzip your jeans push them down toss panties aside lay you on the side of the bed spread your pink lips exposing your clit slowly...

(My) Tongue & (your) clit by WriterDom

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1.A Funny First Fuck by SteamyChik (08/03/01)380,481 heart by cock whore (11/29/05)283,561
3.I Want... YOU by Ds Padawan (11/30/05)244,941
4.A Girl in a Skirt by amicus (11/29/03)209,785
5."I tremble..." by Lauren Hynde (05/12/04)186,669
6.(My) Tongue & (your) clit by WriterDom (10/30/03)179,739
7.A Mother's Nightmare by Svenskaflicka (12/10/02)170,500
8.A Blowjob by *Snatch (11/13/01)165,055
9."Bad. So Very Bad." by LostNlove (08/14/05)164,009
10.A Moment by Lady_Siren (02/18/01)148,996
11.A Nymph in the Wood by saber6 (05/30/02)148,943
12."I Often Find Myself Fantasizing..." by Awesomejoe (12/25/04)145,140
13."Loving You..." by Ancient117331 (04/25/02)142,056
14.You touch me by SXY_Hot_Mamma (12/01/05)139,894
15.1 Image 7 Voices by The Poets (05/08/03)138,944
16.How To Fuck Me 101 by Wicked-N-Erotic (09/21/03)137,577
17.A mother's secret place by klrxo (10/09/02)129,841
18.A Cat's Game by Chicklet (10/22/02)129,748
19.Before You Wake by Belegon (12/01/05)122,487
20.Cock Tease by sarahhh (03/07/05)121,833
21.When you cum by CelestialDream (06/04/01)103,369
22.Mother & Son by klrxo (10/06/02)101,856
23.Snow by thewantonscribe (11/30/05)99,729
24.My Secret Lover by Debbie (03/04/01)96,827
25.Inquisition by cward2 (11/30/05)95,268
26.Longings by Xavier Sainte (12/01/05)89,842
27.Winter Play by thewantonscribe (11/30/05)89,030
28.Forbidden Love by Svenskaflicka (12/10/02)86,285
29.You Make My Pussy So Wet by SoundsErotica (09/20/04)84,053
30.'O' by doormouse (10/05/04)82,989
31.I Screwed Joanna In Front of Paul by Sissy Adele Howells (11/30/05)82,096
32.Unsuspecting Father by klrxo (11/03/02)81,767
33.A Dream I Had Of You by EvlCritter (07/30/01)80,442
34.A Final Sunset by Master_Vassago (04/23/03)75,814
35.Pure Lust by submissiveKat (11/29/05)75,515
36.69 by SarahT (01/29/01)74,325
37.Blind Love Is by A76Grshopr (11/29/05)74,266
38.Thigh Music by jthserra (11/30/05)72,389
39.A Lady in Red by My Erotic Tail (04/19/04)71,624
40.A Friendly Fuck by SexplorN (04/23/01)71,364
41.A Beacon by velvetpie (06/08/04)71,010
42."ready?" whispered by smithpeter (09/06/02)70,801
43.Crime and Punishment by BelindaTitlark (11/30/05)70,739
44.A Master's Touch by DarkDreamerwithHope (05/29/03)67,547
45.A Slut With a Gun by Lucifer_Carroll (07/19/04)64,851
46.To Coriolis, In A Bathtub by Picodiribibi (07/23/07)63,612
47.15 minutes quality fucking by Nebula33 (06/15/02)61,585
48.A Mom's Doggy Style by Littlemissblair (12/02/01)59,173
49....and tell me that you love me by pokey4001 (06/20/01)59,155
50.unnamed poem :draft: by smithpeter (07/21/03)58,734
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