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The night of our wedding In the hotel room bed did she lie Playing with the ring Fully nude and made me sigh. My heart filled with endless lust Body yearning for her tight sweet hole Now a...

Fucking comedy of error by lisahotnsxy

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I want to tell you, Tell you about a woman's love, Because the world does not know enough. There are few words sufficient in nature With meanings that can cover the depth Of what she gives ...

A Woman's Love by avrgblkgrl

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Reality is heavy Duty is steep Tell me a story To help me sleep It doesn't need a hero A middle or an end Just start with the words And let us begin Give me fear And hate and pain ...

Tell Me A Story by avrgblkgrl

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Fucking comedy of error by lisahotnsxy (11/25/14)4.50 (6)
2.A Woman's Love by avrgblkgrl (12/11/14)4.33 (6)
3.Tell Me A Story by avrgblkgrl (11/23/14)4.30 (10)
4.When Six Meets Nine by DonnieMagazino (12/09/14)3.83 (6)
5.A thorough fuck by lisahotnsxy (11/30/14)3.71 (7)
6.Desire by Greeneyes42 (11/27/14)3.50 (6)
7.Secrets by Greeneyes42 (12/04/14)3.43 (7)