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I'm going to paint this picture with words That to say out loud would be stupid, absurd Is it over between us? Yet again? You want to pretend we can still be friends? Stop telling me it's...

Is this goodbye again? by VanessaNelson

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You have my submission, I'm yours to command, I'll serve you, my Master, In all you demand. I've proved my obedience, Done all that you ask, Describing in detail Each sensual task. I...

Deleted Messages by Welshdreamer42

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I'm gritty and seedy And sordid, and dark I'll fuck at your friends' house; suck your dick in the park I want you to spank me To suck on my clit Do that thing to my nipples When you pinch me...

Whore by Bette411

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1.Is this goodbye again? by VanessaNelson (02/15/15)4.71 (7)
2.Deleted Messages by Welshdreamer42 (01/29/15)4.62 (8)
3.Whore by Bette411 (02/01/15)4.38 (8)
4.Kisses by DawnJ (02/15/15)3.29 (7)
5.Fuck me by f0c5j4c5i3 (02/13/15)2.00 (7)