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You see I am a victim of impulse The sound of my own breathing Deafens all When the beat of my heart Hits a rhythm Only the other Recognizes First the senses The eyes, the mind, the...

A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl

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Boss said I don't have to know any Spanish, just had to drive them to Allentown. María finished her tunafish sandwich. José who never could speak any language made only noise and hardly...

Broken Villanelle by greenmountaineer

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Peaceful night in Little America, Wyoming. I walk to breakfast before dawn, wonder how long the trailer of radioactive waste has been parked beside my truck Rumble through south Chicago ...

On the road by jayce1066

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.A Submissive Confession by avrgblkgrl (08/05/14)5.00 (9)
2.Broken Villanelle by greenmountaineer (07/28/14)5.00 (8)
3.On the road by jayce1066 (08/10/14)5.00 (6)
4.My Dream Last Night by patientlee (07/30/14)4.86 (7)
5.A’Void by HoneyAdored (07/28/14)4.83 (6)
6.My Children by Cleardaynow (07/30/14)4.83 (6)
7.Two Trees by Oldbear63 (07/22/14)4.78 (9)
8.I Laughed So Hard I Can't Breathe by champagne1982 (08/13/14)4.75 (8)
9.Depression house by todski28 (08/05/14)4.73 (11)
10.A Poem Billy Wrote in High School by greenmountaineer (07/23/14)4.71 (7)
11.Sharp Tongue by HoneyAdored (07/28/14)4.71 (7)
12.Disguise by dr_mabeuse (07/21/14)4.69 (13)
13.Did You Come Here Just to Look? by rubyslipper (07/30/14)4.57 (7)
14.his sweet waters by butters (08/11/14)4.50 (8)
15.You by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.43 (7)
16.Cybersex Before We Meet by patientlee (07/31/14)4.43 (7)
17.On Bad Poetry by susansnow (08/12/14)4.43 (7)
18.The End Of The Crush by Magnetron (08/10/14)4.40 (10)
19.Ice Lollies in the Sunshine by saucymh (07/23/14)4.33 (6)
20.Stuck Where I Am by patientlee (08/06/14)4.33 (6)
21.Adapt Or Die by Magnetron (07/29/14)4.33 (6)
22.Triangle of Love by HoneyAdored (07/24/14)4.29 (7)
23.The New National Pastime… by Oedipus_Sex (07/31/14)4.29 (7)
24.A Sweet Fuck by Hypoxia (08/05/14)4.29 (7)
25.How come by JWren (08/06/14)4.25 (8)
26.Breathing Underwater by patientlee (08/06/14)4.25 (8)
27.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)4.21 (19)
28.Today, I crave... by AJQuick (08/19/14)4.17 (6) last by butters (08/19/14)4.14 (7)
30.Balls by Magnetron (08/14/14)4.14 (7)
31.Your Nipples by Pandoras Desire (08/06/14)4.00 (6)
32.Summer Vacation by patientlee (08/06/14)4.00 (6)
33.Passionate Instincts by TheNaughtyWife (08/10/14)4.00 (6)
34.Pun'King by HoneyAdored (08/05/14)3.89 (9)
35.Maria Says by Hypoxia (08/12/14)3.57 (7)
36.I Need You Inside Me by sweetcaressgentlewhisper (07/21/14)3.50 (8)
37.All I Have is Words by Currahee_Gent (08/03/14)3.50 (6)
38.Sir by AnxiouslyWaiting (08/10/14)3.33 (6)
39.Hikers' delight by Loves_music_loves_to_dance (07/24/14)2.67 (6)