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These are my roads, grey asphalt, reddish brick, smooth going, linking home and work. I could traverse them blindfold, draw each single stretch untutored, without going. There are no ...

Roads # 2 by demure101

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I have little to say these days; I feel just one more over-grown understudy... in this vast and tangled intercontinental comedy of the absurd and untoward, where neither God nor angels, ...

poem by a broken machine by seannelson

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Sometimes words are just intentions without action. Excuses to not make a fool of yourself. Reasons to not accomplish all that you can. Ways to hurt someone who, perhaps, has hurt you first...

Words by savismith

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Roads # 2 by demure101 (08/20/14)5.00 (7)
2.poem by a broken machine by seannelson (08/20/14)5.00 (6)
3.Words by savismith (08/24/14)5.00 (6)
4.R + R Forever by Jidoka (08/19/14)4.83 (6)
5.A Quadruple Acrostic by UnderYourSpell (08/31/14)4.83 (6)
6.Daydreaming by Oldbear63 (09/04/14)4.83 (6)
7.Ohhh by Magnum69 (09/08/14)4.78 (9)
8.The Edge of Loneliness by DonnaBeck (08/31/14)4.75 (8)
9.Blushing Lucy by UnderYourSpell (09/02/14)4.71 (7)
10.Watching Honey Study by Oldbear63 (09/07/14)4.67 (6)
11.the invisible man by butters (08/19/14)4.60 (10)
12.'O'logy by HoneyAdored (09/04/14)4.40 (15)
13.A City Out West by DonnaBeck (09/01/14)4.40 (10)
14.Would You Mind It? by patientlee (08/27/14)4.40 (10)
15.Circular Thoughts by patientlee (08/18/14)4.33 (6)
16.Today, I crave... by AJQuick (08/19/14)4.25 (8) last by butters (08/19/14)4.22 (9)
18.Mingled by todski28 (08/24/14)4.14 (7)
19.Sunday Sermon by Obsydyan (09/04/14)4.14 (7)
20.Bear Mess by HoneyAdored (09/09/14)4.00 (7)
21.Morning by Magnum69 (09/08/14)3.90 (10)
22.Rite of Passage by NapoleonSolo (08/28/14)3.50 (8)