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"Life of Kelly" This poem is written for my dear friend Kelly. She has been kind enough to read my stories and share her thoughts with me. For that I am truly grateful. Although we have never...

Life of Kelly by Apple_of_Eden

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As the sky weeps, My heart, it breaks. Could it be she cries for me? A hole has opened up within me, More vast than the deepest ocean. A gaping chasm that nothing can fill. Will you reach...

Tearful Sky by LadyElisa

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Love Me Love me with your mind For that was where the first imaginings of me come Remembering a moment, a word, a touch, a taste, a sound Thinking of what has yet to be A fantasy, a longing, a...

Love me by piratepoet

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1.Life of Kelly by Apple_of_Eden (03/10/15)4.93 (14)
2.Tearful Sky by LadyElisa (02/27/15)4.83 (6)
3.Love me by piratepoet (03/08/15)4.83 (6)
4.Ignition by LadyElisa (03/01/15)4.80 (10)
5.Oil of Bergamot by stlgoddessfreya (03/10/15)4.75 (8)
6.Oblivion by LadyElisa (02/28/15)4.73 (15)
7.Insatiable by LadyElisa (03/01/15)4.62 (8)
8.Bubbles for Freya by xelliebabex (02/28/15)4.56 (9)
9.You by LadyElisa (02/27/15)4.50 (6)
10.Northern Star - A Satire by ellaconnor (03/05/15)4.45 (11)
11.Shadow of My Dreams by DreamCloud (03/08/15)4.30 (10)