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I don't mind being overshadowed. Parts of me only live to be covered. If I die in a traffic accident Or wash up on some stony beach My mother won't be able to identify my body without fluttering...

Required by stlgoddessfreya

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Containers "I studied biology," I start,      stroking the secret skin behind your ear. "I know," you sigh, cheekbone digging its divot into my sternum with each breath...

Containers by stlgoddessfreya

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perfection: an illusion, a trick of overstimulated neurons, a passing spasm relative, perfect only next to reality paradoxical: pitch-perfect exists only as...

Heisenberg's Principle by legerdemer

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1.Required by stlgoddessfreya (01/26/15)5.00 (11)
2.Containers by stlgoddessfreya (01/01/15)5.00 (6)
3.Heisenberg's Principle by legerdemer (01/17/15)4.88 (8)
4.One Kiss by tholepin (01/08/15)4.86 (7)
5.But I'm worse than you are by VanessaNelson (01/20/15)4.75 (12)
6.Drunk On You by AMoveableBeast (01/14/15)4.75 (8)
7.Sleep well my love by Linda_Lee (01/20/15)4.72 (18)
8.My Favorite Kinks by small_town_girl (01/04/15)4.68 (25)
9.Those Raven Summer Nights by blin18 (01/07/15)4.36 (22)
10.I want by RowanWildrose (01/05/15)4.29 (7)
11.Halloween by FiestyMomma (01/10/15)4.29 (7)
12.Mary Had A Little Cunt by MishaPearl (01/11/15)3.78 (9)