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Wild berries and grain alcohol Dust in clouds on rediscovered tracks Coolers and beach towels Line the creek while nearly naked bodies Bob in tubes or cannonball from rope swings And I can't...

Shoot the Moon by Trixareforkids

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I scream Larynx tearing at the seam I shout Only choked warblings come out I dream Nightmarish world crowding all about Me? Will I ever wake up? Unsettling is the doubt creeping into...

White Noise by Magnetron

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Boss said I don't have to know any Spanish, just had to drive them to Allentown. María finished her tunafish sandwich. José who never could speak any language made only noise and hardly...

Broken Villanelle by greenmountaineer

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RankTitle & AuthorRating (Votes)
1.Shoot the Moon by Trixareforkids (07/16/14)5.00 (9)
2.White Noise by Magnetron (07/08/14)5.00 (7)
3.Broken Villanelle by greenmountaineer (07/28/14)5.00 (7)
4.perennial by butters (07/10/14)5.00 (6)
5.Muzzleflash from a BFG by HarryHill (07/14/14)5.00 (6)
6.The Muse's Poem by avrgblkgrl (07/03/14)4.91 (11)
7.Disguise by dr_mabeuse (07/21/14)4.90 (10)
8.Property by Oldbear63 (07/02/14)4.88 (8)
9.Adoration Sent by Welshdreamer42 (07/02/14)4.86 (7)
10.Two Trees by Oldbear63 (07/22/14)4.78 (9)
11.The Two Sides of Me by Welshdreamer42 (07/20/14)4.78 (9)
12.sleep by butters (07/03/14)4.71 (7)
13.decisions by mamaval2930 (07/17/14)4.67 (6)
14.A Tomorrow My Coin Cannot Purchase by Trixareforkids (07/22/14)4.62 (8)
15.A Poem Billy Wrote in High School by greenmountaineer (07/23/14)4.62 (8)
16.Did You Come Here Just to Look? by rubyslipper (07/30/14)4.50 (6)
17.Daisy, Chained by Trixareforkids (07/17/14)4.33 (6)
18.Misogyny's Morning Wood by Trixareforkids (07/16/14)4.17 (6)
19.Tell Me by DonnaBeck (07/30/14)3.43 (7)
20.I Need You Inside Me by sweetcaressgentlewhisper (07/21/14)3.29 (7)