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with Heather's Virgin submitted on 02/14/19
with A Gift of Myself submitted on 02/12/19
with College Tutor submitted on 02/09/19
with Best Friend Takes My Virginity submitted on 01/31/19
with Summer Job submitted on 01/19/19
with SSSSSSSSSS…Suckeena submitted on 01/18/19
with Weekend to Remember submitted on 01/17/19
with Miss Trish's Breeding Club Pt. 01 submitted on 01/17/19
with Accidental Awakening Pt. 01 submitted on 01/06/19
with A New Friend submitted on 01/05/19

Random "First Time Authors" Authors

 story Sexily Ever After Ch. 02 was submitted on 10/15/15 and 33 other submissions
 story The Collapse Ch. 01 was submitted on 09/15/12 and 47 other submissions
 story A 'B' or not a 'B' was submitted on 11/21/11 and 37 other submissions
 story Lauren was submitted on 10/10/05 and 82 other submissions
 story Heather's Helping Hand was submitted on 06/23/17 and 18 other submissions
 story Liar was submitted on 06/13/15 and 47 other submissions
 story All Grown Up Ch. 03 was submitted on 08/03/05 and 166 other submissions
 story I Swallowed was submitted on 10/16/16 and 52 other submissions
 story Seduced to Sex was submitted on 08/13/16 and 72 other submissions

Most Productive "First Time Authors" Authors

"First Time Authors" Category Authors In The Spotlight

with best voted submission Baby Sitter's Curiosity submitted on 06/12/14 and 130 other submissions
with best voted submission Trailer Trash Ch. 03 submitted on 09/29/06 and 25 other submissions
with best voted submission Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 02 submitted on 05/15/07 and 61 other submissions
with best voted submission Nothing Between Us submitted on 02/15/06
with best voted submission That's What Friends Are For submitted on 03/29/14
with best voted submission My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader submitted on 10/03/13 and 11 other submissions
with best voted submission CvsN 08: Virgin No More submitted on 10/18/04 and 3 other submissions
with best voted submission Bosom Buddies Ch. 01 submitted on 11/14/11 and 2 other submissions
with best voted submission Nina's Dad Took My Cherry submitted on 08/04/02 and 22 other submissions
with best voted submission Fingerprints on My Heart submitted on 03/20/17 and 19 other submissions

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