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with Afternoon Delight submitted on 09/30/18
with I'm Not a Swinger submitted on 07/25/18
with This is How It Goes submitted on 04/19/18
with KIKing The Domme submitted on 09/28/17
with XXX Marks The Spot submitted on 12/19/16
with Confession to My Husband submitted on 12/05/16
with Morning Release submitted on 04/09/16
with Long Distance Lust submitted on 08/20/15

Random "Letters & Transcripts Authors" Authors

 story Bellway Ch. 03: Heads and Tails was submitted on 09/18/18 and 80 other submissions
 story A Letter to Mama was submitted on 09/20/18 and 33 other submissions
 story To The Love of My Life was submitted on 12/26/06 and 214 other submissions
 story An Assignment for Sir was submitted on 08/25/07 and 82 other submissions
 story John & Rosa 05.18-21.2018 was submitted on 07/07/18 and 6 other submissions
 story Dear Diary was submitted on 01/28/13 and 68 other submissions
 story Horny-Looking Harlina Ch. 04 was submitted on 09/22/03 and 47 other submissions

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"Letters & Transcripts Authors" Category Authors In The Spotlight

with best voted submission Happy Trails...now Fuck off! submitted on 03/31/14
with best voted submission Dear Diary Ch. 04 submitted on 03/31/06 and 17 other submissions
with best voted submission A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 03 submitted on 05/11/09 and 31 other submissions
with best voted submission A Dear John Letter submitted on 09/10/14
with best voted submission A Letter from Dear John submitted on 06/29/12
with best voted submission Letter to a Super Stud submitted on 01/19/07
with best voted submission Letter From The Grave submitted on 06/14/11
with best voted submission The Letter, a Renegotiation of Love submitted on 05/11/12 and 9 other submissions
with best voted submission Literotica Authors 02: silkstockingslover submitted on 06/09/17 and 7 other submissions
with best voted submission Suck Him for Me submitted on 07/18/16

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