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with What Kinda Clit You Got? submitted on 12/20/17
with Cancer Fucking Sucks submitted on 07/23/17
with Thoughts on Sibling Relationships submitted on 02/20/17
with A Moment of Mine submitted on 12/29/15
with Your Ideal Lover submitted on 07/13/13
with My Story, My Dream, My Theory submitted on 06/13/13
with Life is a Smooth Journey? submitted on 05/20/13
with A Confession of Mine submitted on 03/01/13
with False Memories of Belfast? submitted on 06/27/12
with Open Letter To My Wife submitted on 07/07/11

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 story Safe, Sane & Consensual was submitted on 03/12/02 and 95 other submissions
 story How To Annoy Lit Contestants was submitted on 05/23/08 and 298 other submissions
 story Bikini Season was submitted on 02/10/06 and 599 other submissions
 story Circumcise Me! was submitted on 01/23/08 and 258 other submissions
 story Why Do I Write? was submitted on 01/05/08 and 599 other submissions
 story Sex and Power was submitted on 02/09/07 and 803 other submissions
 story X-Rated Movie Taglines was submitted on 07/29/08 and 803 other submissions
 story This is you,/This is they, was submitted on 08/11/12 and 38 other submissions
 story Essay on Abstinence vs Sex Ed was submitted on 07/11/10 and 388 other submissions
 story Review: Tender Thief was submitted on 02/03/05 and 782 other submissions

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with best voted submission 35 Personal Turn-Ons submitted on 12/23/08 and 17 other submissions
with best voted submission Sulka: A Vintage Shemale submitted on 01/23/11 and 111 other submissions
with best voted submission What I Don't Understand submitted on 08/08/05 and 17 other submissions
with best voted submission Most Readers Do Not Vote or Comment submitted on 10/04/07 and 42 other submissions
with best voted submission Second Amendment Gun Rights are Wrong submitted on 02/22/13 and 9 other submissions
with best voted submission Cuckold submitted on 02/15/13 and 6 other submissions
with best voted submission The South will Rise Again submitted on 03/24/13
with best voted submission Please Tell Me They're Not Real submitted on 01/29/10
with best voted submission Cuckoldry submitted on 05/18/10 and 4 other submissions
with best voted submission Sex Myths Unmasked: Penis Size submitted on 02/21/03 and 4 other submissions

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