Publish Erotic Audio Stories.


Publish Your Own Erotic Audio

Reach millions of Literotica readers and listeners by submitting your own erotic audio stories or sexy sounds today!

Does sharing your own erotic audio fantasies, in your own voice, with strangers around the world turn you on? Do you have something sexy to say that you think others might be interested in? Are you ready to start building a following of hundreds or even thousands of listeners? If you're over 18 years old, the Literotica community would love to hear what you have to share!

Posting your own amateur audio porn to Literotica is fast, easy, and downright naughty. Here's all you need to do:

  1. Please create and submit/publish a new text story on the main Literotica website. Make sure to select the "Audio" category for your submission. In the "Notes To Admin" field of the story, please let us know you are uploading an audio file and tell us the name of the file.

  2. Please upload your audio file to our server here (or this one if that doesn't work). Be sure to include the following information in the upload forms:
    Who Are The Files From: Please enter your Literotica username.
    Your Email Address: Please enter the email attached to your Literotica account so that we know it's really you.
    Comment: Please tell us the name of the Story in #1 above so that we can match it up with the audio file. You can also add any special notes to the story moderators here.

  3. Please be sure read the Literotica TOS and Submission Guidelines. They apply to erotic audio stories as well as text sex stories. You must be over 18 years old to submit, all characters in your story must be over 18, and your audio work must be an original work you created and to which you own the copyright.

  4. If you have questions, please check our Erotic Audio FAQ.

If your audio file is too big for the uploader, or you are having any other issues, please contact Lit Support for assistance.


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