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The true winner of these awards are the users that submit their stories, pictures, art, and time to this website. If you've seen anything written up about the site that isn't listed here, please let us know and we'll add it. Thanks to everyone for all of the support and encouragement.

Shift Magazine
March 2000
The Bill Gates Fashion Issue
Pages 26-27

The fine folks at Shift Magazine listed Literotica as one of their favorite porn sites on the Internet. The article was written by Internationally syndicated sex columnist Josey Vogels (she runs Here's what Josey said in the magazine:

This is not a slick site, but it's packed with content. A veritable smorgasbord of erotic fiction, Literotica offers crowd-pleasing narrative romps that are several notches above Penthouse Forum. There are a range of categories, from Erotic Couplings ("wild one on one consensual sex") to Incest ("keeping it in the family"). And if you're just too titillated to read, there are stories streamed in Real Audio for hands-free fun. All the content is provided by a community of authors (anyone can submit a story, but not all are posted) who like to hang out on the always-buzzing discussion board.

We were also honored to be put in the same league with the other sites on the list, including Jane's Guide, Nerve, America Online, and

May 2000 - Site Of The Month

The Erotic Readers Association choose Literotica as their Site Of The Month for May 2000. They even wrote some nice things about the site, like:

A visit to is like a visit to the candy store; there's so many yummy things to choose from it's hard not to drool. And one visit simply isn't enough to sample everything. During this review, I found hundreds of erotic stories and poems in text and audio form; dozens of erotic pictures, cartoons, bulletin Board, live chat, an adult game, and a toy and video store.

We are honored to be recognized by such a highly respected site and we highly recommend that Literotica users take a peek at Erotica Readers each month.

More Awards Coming Soon, We Hope!

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