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Introduction by Marilyn Jaye Lewis. Edited by Bill Brent.

Introducing Literotica 2


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The first Literotica book sold out multiple printings and was chosen as Book of the Month by Doubleday's erotic book club. More than five years later, we are happy to announce the release of the second quality print anthology - Literotica 2.

More of The Best of Literotica

Like the first volume, Literotica 2 brings together some of the most popular stories ever submitted to by a selection of the most popular authors. Each piece has been reviewed by renowned erotic editor Bill Brent prior to inclusion in this volume. The foreword to the book was written just for Literotica by author Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

Contents of Literotica 2, the Book
- Marilyn Jaye Lewis
The Thingy
- Cockatoo
Irish Eyes
- Colleen Thomas
The Favor
- Seneca
Office Hours
- Gaucho
Coffins & Roses
- Marguerite Colson
from The Secret of Perfection
- Max Sebastian
- Steve Wingert
Absolution for Gretta MacClain
- KillerMuffin
Chasing Fire
- jfinn
- Erik McCartney
We’re Not Gay
- Inward Bound
Blackberry Autumn
- Risia Skye
- Parris
Famous Blue Raincoat
- Natalie Nessus
- Max Sebastian
Troll Bridge
- Molly Devlin
Meet the Authors of Literotica 2
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Purchasing a copy gives you the ability to experience some of the best writing ever submitted to in book format - a format that has proven quite popular with humans for the last couple thousand years.


Buying a copy also shows support for the authors who submit their stories to the site every day. Many of's authors submit stories to the site with the dream of someday having their works published in book format. Purchasing and supporting the books published by Literotica authors is a nice way to say "Thank You" to those kind and talented authors.


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