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Can You Kiss Me Like This?

 — An author's take on writing the perfect kiss. by RedHairedandFriendly05/15/064.51HOT

Celebrating Mother's Day

 — Suggestions for celebrating Mother’s Day by PrincessErin05/26/083.94

Character Description Dos and Donts

 — How to Avoid the mugshot description. by Cruel2BKind09/22/114.86HOT

Choosing a Good School

 — Advice on choosing the best school for your child(ren). by PrincessErin05/19/081.61

Choosing a Yoga Class

 — Yoga is beneficial. Here's how to choose the best class. by KarennaC04/05/084.26

Choosing the Right Words

 — How word choice can improve your erotic writing. by Whispersecret02/17/014.41

Church with Tom

 — A lovely dalliance with a Gentle Man on a Sunday. by Huntressinred01/25/153.79

Circumstances that Make You a Bitch

 — Acts of desperation... by Sabrinaseales01/23/163.55

Claire's Guide to Good Head

 — Some helpful advice for cocksuckers. by clairelovescock05/18/094.61HOT

Clover's How To Suck Cock

 — A horny girl's thoughts on how best to do it. by clovermoffatt08/15/164.68HOT

Cock and Pearls

 — How to use pearls to pleasure his cock! by Selena_Kitt03/31/084.32

Cock Enlargement

 — One way to get over the problem. by Ijusthadtotry12/12/024.10

Cock Play

 — How to play with a cock, a guide for novices. by ColetteJulie08/28/184.26

Cock Suckers Club President

 — How to give the best head ever. by greeneyedkity91304/07/054.15

Combatting Clenching

 — How Mistresses ensure parted cheeks. by lesliejones05/27/084.28

Common Errors Ch. 01

 — Part One of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/13/054.22

Common Errors Ch. 02

 — Part Two of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/15/054.28

Common Errors Ch. 03

 — Part Three of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/20/054.65HOT

Common Errors Ch. 04

 — Part Four of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/21/054.27

Common Errors Ch. 05

 — Part Five of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/22/054.44

Common Errors Ch. 06

 — Part Six of different words that are incorrectly used. by velvetpie02/22/054.49

Complete NaNoWriMo

 — How to complete NaNoWriMo and help you as a writer. by oggbashan05/04/074.70HOT

Condom Use

 — The ins and outs of condom usage. by FriskyVirgin05/19/074.18

Contract of Submission

 — A first timer's guide to training a submissive wife. by dcuplver10/26/114.52HOT

Contracts - Get One!

 — Information on BDSM contracts and why they are needed. by psychiclover04/14/153.62

Cooking with the Monkey

 — Carne guisada for a crowd. by RedMonkeyButt01/27/134.55HOT

Cooking with the Monkey Pt. 02

 — Red beans and rice and etouffee. by RedMonkeyButt02/02/134.88HOT

Cooking with the Monkey Pt. 03

 — Two quick and easy meals that will impress! by RedMonkeyButt02/04/134.53HOT

Crazy Married Sex

 — A woman's view of a real sexual marriage. by stephandjim07/17/134.38

Create an Off-line Library

 — How to re-read your favourite stories offline. by normist05/04/083.74

Create Compelling Conversations

 — Creating compelling conversations to wow your readers. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/29/123.68

Creating Believable Characters Ch. 01

 — Creating believable characters your readers will love. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/28/124.03

Creating Believable Characters Ch. 02

 — Making characters worth falling in love(lust) with. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/29/123.79

Creating Constructive Feedback

 — How to help improve the stories you read. by Zanzibar04/15/044.34

Creating Effective Scenes

 — How to make your writing a more compelling read. by NobodyWorthKnowing02/25/124.23

Creative Construction of Character

 — How to not write like everyone else, & well. by Quint04/04/024.62HOT

Cuckolding Manual Ch. 01

 — Guide for dominant wife & sub husband. by erotictim6909/18/034.18

Cum For Me (JOI Instructions)

 — I tell you how to touch yourself for both our pleasures. by MsMorrigan11/05/154.33

Cunnilingus Crazy

 — An intimate pleasure. by redrider4u08/07/034.28

Cunnilingus, A Man's Guide

 — A man's instruction guide for the Vulva. by jsmangis06/02/184.28

Cure for Writer's Block

 — Helpful hints on identifying & coping with writer's block. by damppanties10/11/034.80HOT

Cyber Techniques 101

 — Simple & fun tricks to spice up your cyber sex. by MungoParkIII10/11/073.12

Cyber Techniques 102

 — A few more simple ways to spice up your cyber sex. by MungoParkIII10/12/072.84

D.I.Y Handjobs

 — How to blow his minds - head and cock. by FriskyVirgin05/19/074.11

Deal With It

 — Your (not so) adoring audience. by VampGirl199105/02/124.73HOT

Dealing With Negative Feedback

 — No, you can't reach through the monitor & smack sense into them. by KillerMuffin10/02/01

Dealing With Pre-Ejaculation

 — He shares his solution to satisfy his wife & himself. by dilson08/07/113.57

Deep Down

 — A guide to getting deep...deep throat, that is. by Chicklet02/23/034.11

Deep Throat

 — How to go down deep on your man (pt. 4 of a series). by Beecee10/11/004.28

Deepthroating 101

 — A girl shares tips and advice on the art of deepthroating. by Brittni4u09/17/164.70HOT

Defining Cheating for Couples

 — A definition of cheating for couples considering threesome. by roomfor1more01/29/114.22

Defining Roles: Slaves

 — Of interest to those who want to get into BDSM. by psychiclover02/04/154.08

Defining Roles: Submissives

 — For those interested in getting into BDSM. by psychiclover02/03/154.00

Dialogue This

 — How to make your characters talk. by Firebrain09/29/104.83HOT

Dialogue: The Eternal Problem

 — Why is dialogue in stories so often real crap? by satyricon.2107/21/064.46

Diary of a Phone Sex Operator

 — How I spent my summer vacation. by peepshowgirl06/17/134.10

Dictionary Smarts Can Up Ratings

 — Using the dictionary to improve story quality—U.S. Style. by sr71plt12/05/124.44

Dig Your Fingernails in Deep

 — A sermon on writing. by MSTarot12/05/134.67HOT

Do Your Man a Favor

 — Guys will love this treatment. by thinking01/19/074.44

Doggerel for Dummies

 — If it's fun to read it & to write it - give it a try! by Boxlicker10105/01/074.10

Doggerel for Dummies Pt. 02

 — More fun with bad poetry. by Boxlicker10112/29/083.33

Doing the PWP One-shot

 — The Quick & Dirty way to write a Porn Without Plot One-shot. by MorganHawke01/31/114.54HOT

Dominating a Man for the First Time

 — the dominatrix basics for first timers. by missveronica05/19/064.49

Dominology 101: Be Yourself

 — Letters of encouragement to fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/16/154.59HOT

Dominology 103: Honesty

 — Letters of encouragement to my fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/19/154.56HOT

Dominology 104: Limits & Boundaries

 — Letters of encouragement to my fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/21/154.18

Dominology 106: Self Discipline

 — Letters of encouragement to my fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/25/154.20

Dominology 107: Do's and Don'ts

 — Letters of encouragement to my fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/24/154.50HOT

Dominology 108: Being Bad

 — Letters of encouragement to my fellow doms. by IvanMazlow02/28/154.90HOT

Dos and Don'ts

 — Shoulds and shouldn'ts of sex in relationships. by katniss9301/16/124.35

Down, Boy!

 — Writing the Alpha Male in contemporary fiction. by Firebrain01/08/114.77HOTEditor's Pick

Ease Your Way Into the Sex

 — Easing your characters into sex scenes. by Queen_of_Dairy09/07/013.56

Easy Guide To Better Writing

 — A simple checklist for improving a story's readability. by Wm_Sexspear04/12/024.62HOTEditor's Pick

Eating Pussy Is Important

 — Women need their pussy eaten. by ainu208/18/094.11

Edited Emails

 — How emails can help couples explore their wilder side. by mforj04/02/013.97

Editing One's Work

 — Discusses using a text to speech program as an editing tool. by History Nut04/12/064.77HOT

Editors & Etiquette

 — How to use the Volunteer Editor program to your advantage. by KillerMuffin02/17/01

Elements of Literary Erotica

 — A discussion of writing the best literary story you can. by sr71plt05/07/084.35

End Goaling in Writing Erotica

 — Observations on why/how of writing erotica for the Internet. by sr71plt08/27/064.51HOT

English 101: Parts of Speech

 — The eight parts of speech made simple. by lindiana03/28/054.08

Entering a Themed Literotica Contest

 — How to decide whether to enter a themed Literotica contest. by oggbashan05/21/074.43

Erogenous Zones

 — How to find and excite erogenous zones. by scienceguy197009/29/114.42

Erogenous zones: The Joy of Teasing

 — Find them and work them. by Lovepotion6908/08/034.58HOT

Erotic Home Spa

 — A do it yourself guide. by ErnstBlofeld03/23/034.15

Erotic Synonyms

 — When Roget's just won't do. by Whispersecret02/26/024.34

Erotic Writing Process

 — How Shale came to write 'Harrad Redux'. by Shale11/25/063.77

Erotica Guide to Teasing

 — A guide for couples who want to play teasing games. by Holdingout107/23/144.66HOT

Everyman's Handy Guide to Cunnilingus

 — It'll make her happy. by JazzManJim05/17/064.54HOT

Everyone Should Get Divorced Once

 — A how-to manual on getting divorced by an expert. by TatooedJohn06/23/063.79

Evolving Sex

 — Suggestions for creating better sex. by virginmind05/29/072.19

Exit Only? Taking a Drive Down...

 — A beginner's guide to anal sex. by LaceySheets03/12/013.58

Experiencing GM-Partnered Sounding

 — Experiential research into the extreme GM fetish of sounding. by sr71plt05/11/134.32

Fellatio Fun

 — How to please your lover. by redrider4u06/08/034.19

Fellatio: Woman's Perspective

 — Ideas to bring more enjoyment to oral sex. by rougechapeau02/16/044.47

Femdom Training 101

 — Ideas on how to train your man to be an obedient pet. by bdsmtrainer8801/26/164.23

Feminization Triggers

 — What makes feminization such a powerful experience? by lushusboobs10/25/044.45

Fifty Words? How To

 — Non-erotic version of How To Write a Fifty-Word Story. by oggbashan01/24/134.00

Finding Your Slave

 — Recommendations for obtaining property. by Joseki Ko06/19/044.20

Findom: Is It Right For Me?

 — A how-to guide for financial domination. by NoJo01/05/164.23

Fingers Of Fury

 — How to craft the super female orgasm. by Lothario the Great07/27/034.52HOT

Five Free, Fun Summer Ideas for Kids

 — Fun, FREE and Environmentally-friendly ideas for parents. by wife2hotblk08/28/094.03


 — How-to advice on the art of flogging. by Joseki Ko07/18/044.31

Foot Sex 101

 — A girl's point of view on how to incorporate feet with sex. by Brittni4u11/21/154.84HOT

For First Timers

 — Advice for all about a woman's first time. by FriskyVirgin05/19/074.24

For The Ladies

 — How to keep him home & hard. by Sshafer12/28/034.45

Forever Alone's Guide

 — A collection of stories and lessons. by OzzyDaBum03/19/123.67

Four Play

 — Euchre made sexy. by Alessia Brio03/06/123.13

Gag Me

 — How to gag on a cock in a way that turns you both on. by Selena_Kitt01/28/084.49

Get Lucky & Score On Your Way Home

 — A twisted essay of twisted logic - except for the maths. by neonlyte05/19/06HOT

Get Your Man Into Eating Your Pussy

 — How to train a man to love cunnilingus. by cdprosperot10/13/094.38Contest Winner

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