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Getting Her in the Mood

 — A few suggestions to get your woman in the mood. by Sorena08/30/084.52HOT

Getting Past Guilt

 — Embracing fantasy and honest communication in your sex life. by RisiaSkye09/08/024.60HOT

Getting Veterans Records

 — For veterans: how to get your US military veterans medical records. by JagFarlane01/22/144.54HOT

Getting Your Characters Pregnant

 — A writer's guide to breeding. by PrincessErin09/04/084.37

Give a Blow Job

 — I hope this helps you! by partyfairy02/06/074.37

Giving and Taking Lit. Feedback

 — Advice tidbits on giving/ taking Literotica writing advice. by sr71plt03/07/144.55HOT

Giving Good Head

 — A few tips from a true cock lover. by dillythemonkey12/22/074.44

Giving Head to a Woman

 — Cunnilingus: straight advice from a straight woman. by Talynnda05/07/074.41

Giving Orgasms to Willing Females

 — Giving the best stimulated & oral orgasms. by ezygoing4U12/19/173.89

Giving Without Expectations

 — A "how to" be the only woman your man wants. by KingRichard92307/28/104.08

Go Bare Down There - A Girls Guide

 — Getting the smoothest intimate shave. by perplexer01/09/084.27

Grammatical Erotica Pt. 01-02

 — Styles of writing/styles of making love. by Sappholovers04/17/044.55HOT

Great Anal

 — One woman's experience. by Always_loopy05/01/084.37

Guide For a New Role-Player

 — Ever wanted to role-play online? Check this out. by lipsofanangel01/21/074.52HOT

Guide To Having An Affair With A Married Man

 — Humorous how to, or not to, have an affair. by soncurious09/02/084.01

Guide to Keeping WereCats

 — How to keep and train a pet werecat. by dragonfeather01/03/104.78

Guide to the Zodiac Master

 — A Fun Astrological View of BDSM. by ccoplaymate04/28/094.29

Guidelines for Hot Wives

 — Homer's sister advises wives who want to be "hot." by vargas11109/29/044.42

Guidelines for Ownership

 — Comprehensive guide on owning your submissive slut. by Meanderingpoet07/15/054.21

Guy's Guide to Casual Encounters

 — From a woman who has had sex with men from Craig's List. by tanyachrs01/13/154.45

Guys Guide to Going Down

 — A Cunnilingus Primer. by PaulBlart12/16/114.37

Handjob Ch. 02

 — How to change your husband into your cuckold. by CuckoldGuy03/27/144.23

Handjob Ch. 03

 — My wife makes me her cuckold. by CuckoldGuy04/08/144.20

Handjob Ch. 04

 — How to stay married. by CuckoldGuy04/18/144.18

Hands Free Orgasm

 — Masturbation techniques for women. by PrincessErin10/14/084.35

Happy Endings

 — ...and why it's good to avoid them. by istanbulnoir11/17/073.40

Hard Hats

 — an accurate description of construction workers in stories by MSTarot06/02/144.48

Hard Hats Ch. 02

 — The average day on the construction site by MSTarot06/03/144.71HOT

Hard Hats Ch. 03

 — How does it all work? by MSTarot06/04/144.65HOT

Head For The Hills

 — A blowjob odyssey. by tonyholt07/09/073.67

Heather's Pregnant Phone Sex

 — A working girl's script for pregnant phone sex by Heather by HawkerDeHavilland05/25/134.64HOT

Hell Yes I Cheated!!!!

 — Tips on how married women can cheat. by moonkisser01/05/063.74

Help with Dating

 — A How-To guide for daters. by DG Hear05/13/074.33

Hiding Porn Effectively

 — Some tips on keeping pornography hidden. by verycherry01/12/094.32

Hitchhiker's Guide To Men

 — A take on the male state of mind. by yodafurball01/15/073.90

Hitchhiker's Guide To Men Ch. 02

 — One man's advice on loving men. by TheLordMemnoch05/01/074.08

Hitchhiker's Guide to Women

 — Common mistakes men make: how NOT to make them. by Goldeniangel11/21/054.44

Homemade Pussy Device

 — How to make an artificial vagina using a plantain banana. by ErnstBlofeld10/26/014.18

Honey, I Have a Headache

 — 30 REAL reasons a woman doesn't want sex. by ElaraCollins04/14/124.21

Hotwife Contract

 — A Hotwife contract that sets terms for a Hotwife lifestyle. by ccbj6901/10/183.85

How (I Like) To Give a Blowjob

 — One woman's opinion of the perfect blowjob giving experience. by MissOrallyFixated05/20/084.40

How (Not) to Dirty Talk in German

 — or, How linguistics can interfere with sex. by Munachi05/15/064.45

How I Could Enjoy Literotica

 — ...even more. (aka How to write better for Lit, or anyone). by diggypop11/13/104.73HOT

How I Increased My Libido

 — Details of how I naturally increased my libido. by Sexual_Thoughts07/18/13

How I Overcome the Block

 — Getting rid of that annoyingly persistent brick wall. by NaivelyWandering05/31/114.31

How I Suck Cock

 — Her secret technique. by hema_willams09/10/044.42

How Men Can Have A Happy Christmas

 — Step by step instructions how men can have a happy Christmas. by andtheend11/24/103.85

How NOT to Write

 — A reverse How to Guide. by CornishBabe07/28/073.98

How to 7/7/7 On GCN Gor

 — A how-to guide to on 777 actions. by Joseki Ko01/02/051.67

How to Accept an Apology

 — A counterpart to apologizing - steps to accepting an apology. by moonstormer12/19/064.44

How to Analyze Your Scores

 — Getting as much information as possible from your Lit. score. by CarlusMagnus01/14/124.35

How to Apologize

 — A step-by-step guide on how to apologize properly. by moonstormer12/09/064.38

How to Appreciate a Man

 — What's the secret to appreciating the man in your life? by Selena_Kitt05/17/064.73HOT

How To Appreciate A Woman

 — What's the real truth about appreciating a woman? by Sex and Death06/07/064.66HOT

How to be a Closet Sub

 — For those not man enough to admit they're a wimp. by Bakeboss12/15/094.16

How to Be a Female Breast

 — How can you be a female breast? It's an interesting question. by Decayed Angel11/06/062.79

How To Be A Good Editor

 — Tips & tricks for dealing with a writer. by LadyCibelle02/02/054.47

How To Be a Happy Hooker

 — How writers can be better, happier hookers - with examples. by Rumple Foreskin05/19/074.53HOT

How to Be a Real Hot Wife

 — Tips on how to become a happy married woman. by dclinic08/31/184.14

How to be a Slut for Your Guy

 — Ignore at your own peril: get your man hot for you! by BatsandGlamour10/20/084.26

How To Be A Writer...

 — It may not be what you think though. by Tara_Neale04/24/124.66HOT

How to Be Alone... And Happy

 — Life's lessons. by Tara_Neale07/20/144.54HOT

How To Be At The Right Place

 — Voyeur's guide to appreciating exhibitionists. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/19/082.46

How To Be Happy Now

 — Freddie's part III in his self-help how-to series. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/21/083.62

How to be Prolific

 — Strategies for writing A LOT. by WFEATHER08/07/084.25

How to be Safe in Buying Sex Toys

 — Sorry kids, but we can't afford dinner tonight. by Middleagepoet01/01/103.55

How To Be Successful At Online Dating

 — Online dating - make it work for you! by SexyChele03/01/034.61HOT

How to be the Perfect Wife

 — Taken from one man's perspective. by dirtyjoe6912/25/064.33

How To Be The True Love Of His Life

 — A look at what love is and how to make it the best. by KingRichard92311/04/104.23

How To Beat The Winter Blues

 — Fight depression! by Svenskaflicka09/22/034.56HOT

How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold

 — For husbands wanting change in their marriage. by Quietoldie10/18/164.47

How to Become a Smoothie

 — The phases in going from hair down there to bare. by FloridaSmoothie09/07/123.56

How to Beg

 — A submissive's guide to begging. by robinet_esclave04/23/094.54HOT

How To Blow A Guy In His Underpants

 — New skill for your repertoire. by sack09/01/044.20

How to Break All the Cybersex Rules

 — Advice for the curious. by goddessinjapan11/06/054.36

How To Break the Literotica Toplist

 — The formula in each category. by Tink4Fairy05/18/074.60HOT

How to Buy a New Car

 — Advice on new car buying. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER03/20/07HOT

How to Buy a Sex Toy - FOR MEN

 — The male masturbator-centric version. by Noira02/01/114.16

How To Buy Your First Sex Toy

 — For the slightly paranoid. Warning: contains sarcasm. by Noira01/29/114.42

How to Charm Panties off

 — Gentleman shows how to charm the schoolmarm. by leggydragonlady06/05/064.57HOT

How To Cheat On Your Spouse Ch. 1

 — A successful cheater's guide to keeping actions 'quiet'. by JRob01/03/024.36

How To Cheat on Your Spouse Ch. 2

 — Second interview - with a woman this time - on cheating. by JRob05/22/024.50HOT

How to Cheer for Your Favorite Team

 — Get caught up in the madness of being a fan. by dirtyjoe6912/25/062.83

How To Choose A Massage Parlour In Jamaica

 — Quality is important. by Marcus Victory03/25/072.84

How To Claim Winning Lottery Ticket

 — Here are things to do & not do when winning the lottery. by PositiveThinker12/30/094.28

How To Cook Naked

 — Sex is hungry work. by KittyO05/22/084.30

How to Create Erotica on the iPhone

 — Draw and import drawings from your iPhone for Literotica. by Middleagepoet11/09/092.40

How to Create Some Special Effects

 — Instructions on audio effects in Sound Recorder. by SunrockSin12/14/085.00

How to Create The Perfect Mate

 — A simple sarcastic, yet common sense approach. by Dirty Slut07/22/044.47

How to Cuckold Your Husband

 — Woman's guide to making a husband submit. by lovecucks01/16/084.00

How to Cuckold Your Husband Ch. 02

 — Other fun things to do. by lovecucks03/18/094.31

How to Cum Like a Racehorse

 — ...and other secrets of enhanced sexual performance. by BatsandGlamour04/07/024.20

How to Cyber: Step 01

 — The first step: meeting someone nice. by goddessinjapan11/14/054.43

How to Cyber: Step 02

 — BAD cybersex and how to avoid it. by goddessinjapan11/23/054.57HOT

How to Cyber: Step 03

 — Help for guys who wanna cyber. by goddessinjapan01/02/064.49

How To Deal with Negative Feedback

 — One author's suggestions for others. by Master_Vassago04/28/034.38

How to Deal with Writers Block

 — My take on dealing with writers block. by JagFarlane02/21/134.38

How to do Audio

 — Basic guidance on an "Audio" story. by Handley_Page07/04/15

How to Dress Your Man

 — A few ideas to think about...and talk about? by Wordy_1s08/12/16

How To Drive Faster Safer

 — Speed racer divulges a few insider tips for spirited driving. by PositiveThinker12/13/093.72

How To Drive Wicked Fast

 — This How To story is dedicated to the 2008 Indy 500. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/12/084.40

How To Drive Your Man Wild

 — How to be his dream woman. by Pussymad08/10/044.40

How To Eat a Peach

 — A Heathen's observations on cunnilingus. by Heathen Hemmingway08/13/054.54HOT

How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ

 — Oh yes, you're going to be very popular. by BatsandGlamour11/05/024.56HOT

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