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How To Meet People Online

 — Basic guide to making new friends (and others) online. by EmeliaBell08/12/064.38

How To Meet People Online Ch. 02

 — How to meet them in the real world. by EmeliaBell08/23/064.29

How To Mold A Slut

 — My theories on how to turn someone into a slut. by Reverse_Cowboy06/13/073.77

How To Name Characters

 — Avoiding common pitfalls while naming your characters. by snoopercharmbrights11/03/11

How to Name Your Characters

 — What's in a name? More than you might think! by Whispersecret01/05/014.47

How to Not Buy a New Car

 — Your car: the worst monetary investment you can make, unless... by Middleagepoet12/31/094.00

How to Open an Ass

 — A woman's personal account and advice on how to love anal. by Yogakay07/25/154.60HOTContest Winner

How To Open Your Relationship

 — How to make open relationships work. by quietbutkinky05/09/074.24

How to Orally Pleasure a Man

 — Give a nice satisfying blowjob while using hands. by Intelligentfunguy01/12/174.30

How to Panty Your Husband

 — One wife's advice on adopting a fem-led marriage. by happywife8209/03/124.30

How to Perform and Enjoy Cunnilingus

 — Not only perform oral sex on her, but also enjoy it. by Many Feathers05/07/074.46

How To Pick The Perfect Pooch

 — So you want to buy a dog, but don't know which dog to buy? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/08/082.79

How to Pick Up a Stripper

 — How to get sex from a stripper. by davevjr04/06/033.08

How To Pick Up A Woman For Sex

 — Navy SEAL tells all. by Seal 609/01/004.06

How to Pick Up Chicks in 14 Departments

 — Where to find women in a department store. by TxRad05/18/063.91

How To Pick Up Women Like Musicians

 — A how to guide (with examples) from a veteran musician. by NickFoxx03/08/134.43Editor's Pick

How To Piss Off An Editor

 — What not to do in dealing with an editor. by LadyCibelle12/02/044.60HOT

How To Piss Off My Wife

 — Suggestions on how not to act or talk with the wife. by DG Hear05/10/084.57HOT

How to Play 'Five Seconds'

 — A second brand new party game. by GlasgowCity01/02/093.74

How to Play 'Greetings!'

 — The rules for a brand new party game. by GlasgowCity11/17/083.80

How to Play 'Liar is my Enemy'

 — A third brand new party game. by GlasgowCity01/07/093.94

How to Play - Doing Hard Time

 — A game for swingers. by dirtyjoe6907/23/063.31

How to Play Texas Hold'em

 — Tips on improving your game. by dirtyjoe6912/25/064.00

How to Please a Man

 — A how to guide on the perfect blow job. by CockFiend01/07/104.47

How to Please a Woman

 — Learn to give her the incredible orgasms she deserves. by KCBadBoy05/20/014.37

How to Pleasure a Lady - & Yourself

 — Advice from a Teenage Sex Connoisseur. by Teenage Venus07/27/044.65HOT

How To Plot Flash Fiction

 — Very short fiction still needs a plot. by oggbashan05/02/084.60HOT

How to Pop a Cherry

 — And other myths surrounding the "hymen" or vaginal corona. by Middleagepoet12/13/094.44

How to Power Up Your Masturbation

 — Tired of cheap, underpowered and undependable vibrators? by SunrockSin06/29/083.85

How To Protect and Defend Yourself

 — Is crime knocking in your neighborhood and on your door? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/08/084.16

How To Pull on a Night Out

 — Without resorting to caveman tactics! by rachlou05/01/074.61HOT

How To Pull Up Your Story Score

 — Writing quality erotic fiction is not beyond you. by MaxSebastian06/12/014.69HOTEditor's Pick

How to Punctuate Like a Pro

 — A relatively painless look at punctuation. by KillerMuffin02/06/03

How to Read Stories on Literotica

 — Using story categories to enhance your reading experience. by DrKG05/10/084.37

How to Receive Anal Sex

 — A man's guide on how to receive anal sex. by MarkLazer10/12/134.62HOT

How to Receive Anal Sex Ch. 02

 — More tips and hints for men on receiving anal sex. by MarkLazer01/30/144.62HOT

How to Record a Text with Audio Story

 — Instructions on submitting text with audio to Lit. by SunrockSin12/13/084.33

How To Remember to Brush Your Teeth

 — A few fun tips to help you remember to brush more often. by quietbutkinky05/14/074.27

How to Rhyme

 — Nothing can destroy a poem quicker than poorly handled rhyme. by MungoParkIII12/24/073.14

How to Rim

 — Response to Guide reader's request for details. by celesteandjim10/23/124.51HOT

How to Roleplay Online

 — A woman's guide to sex play online. by PrincessErin12/30/114.21

How to Ruin A Good Story

 — Proofreading and editing can really help a story. by BlueDaisy10/31/024.49

How to Ruin a Marriage

 — Sure-fire ways to cock up your relationship. by MissBri06/05/064.48

How To Ruin Your Life

 — Self-help for loser wannabes. by SikFuk05/15/08HOT

How to Save and Observe Earth Day

 — Some money saving things to do, while helping to save Earth. by SuperHeroRalph04/09/114.00

How to Scrape By On Nothing

 — Some tips on how to get by without means. by dirtyjoe6912/19/064.44

How to Seduce a Busty Woman

 — A practical guide to wooing 'big-hearted' ladies. by JohnB7309/10/064.07

How to Seduce a Dwarven Princess

 — A guide for those who love beardy women. by Tarakin05/01/084.23

How To Seduce A Woman

 — The art of seduction. by Sshafer12/15/034.24

How To Seduce Your Sister-in-law

 — Surefire plan to have a relationship of incest or taboo. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/10/082.37

How to Sell your Smut.

 — Make money from your sexy scriblings. by English Lady05/05/084.56HOT

How To Send Love on Valentine's Day

 — Hints and tips on expressing your love. by English Lady02/02/054.35

How to Shop for the Best Sex Toys

 — Don't be caught dead in one of those "Sex Shoppes." by Middleagepoet12/07/093.11

How To Skinny-Dip

 — A practical guide for nude fun & safety. by Chicklet07/10/024.06

How To Smoke Cigars

 — A beginner's guide to choosing, preparing and smoking cigars. by Det_Max_Payne05/17/093.62

How to Spank

 — A little advice on administering a good spanking. by Joseki Ko02/03/044.26

How to Spar on the...

 — A detailed description of sparring on GCN Gor. by Joseki Ko01/02/051.00

How to Spot Arousal in a Woman

 — Can you tell when a woman is REALLY aroused? by Selena_Kitt12/12/084.08

How to Stop Smoking

 — Stop smoking and start fornicating. by CuckoldGuy11/23/10

How to Submit a Text with Audio Story

 — The final steps to submitting a Text with Audio story. by SunrockSin12/16/084.00

How to Succeed at Life

 — Eight tips to heighten happiness and diminish despair. by sack05/16/074.71HOTContest Winner

How to Suck a Cock

 — Techniques to become a good cock sucker. by sandyvalleylad11/27/114.30

How to Survive a Gargauntuan

 — If you've never had to survive a 400 foot tall lizard... by Sean Renaud04/02/094.24

How to Survive a Long-Distance Relationship

 — Because it sucks and I've been through it. by bosombuddies09/06/144.51HOT

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

 — Seriously. You never know when this will come in handy. by Sean Renaud02/23/094.19

How to Survive an Affair

 — If you ever find yourself in the situation... by BatsandGlamour05/04/094.59HOT

How to Survive Depression

 — Depression really sucks, but it can be survived. by Emerald_Dragon05/09/074.66HOT

How to Survive Depression Pt. 02

 — More tips for survival. by Emerald_Dragon05/13/074.75HOT

How to Survive in a Foreign Country

 — Advice for tourists traveling abroad. by Aurora Black05/17/06HOT

How to Survive Internet Dating

 — ...with your sanity intact. by rachlou01/15/074.53HOT

How to Survive Survivor: Tracking Scores

 — Scorekeeping in Literotica's year-long writing game. by SunrockSin01/01/094.33

How to Survive the Holidays

 — Hints on how to take the blue out of Christmas. by dirtyjoe6912/23/064.38

How to Sweeten Up Your Cum

 — Some basic tips on varying the taste of your cum. by Decayed Angel11/22/064.39

How to Take Erotic Pictures

 — ...of yourself, using this illustrated guide! by fieryjen02/06/074.41Contest Winner

How To Talk Dirty To Me

 — A letter to my Master. by secretdesires6907/17/134.27

How To Talk Dirty To Your Lover

 — The keys to open up some pretty wild doors by BatsandGlamour12/15/024.57HOT

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

 — He's asked you to talk dirty, but you don't know how. by heellicker09/09/073.98

How To Tell If You Are Winning?

 — Think of life as a game. Are you winning or are you losing? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/07/084.00

How to Throw a Great Private Party

 — A how-to on having a great private house party. by coollvr108/07/173.86

How To Tickle A Girl Insane

 — Prof. Sandra Burton gives a presentation on this very topic. by Smokey12512/08/144.42

How to Tie a Catspaw Lite Cuff

 — Step-by-step guide to tying a simple, useful rope cuff. by Homburg02/25/083.20

How to Train Polo, a Rat Terrier

 — It's easier to train a dragon than to train a Rat terrier. by SusanJillParker11/10/14

How to Unveil Yourself to Your Love

 — Tap into your natural feminine ability to reveal yourself. by Selena_Kitt03/27/064.61HOT

How to Use a Condom

 — An illustrated manual on condom use. by Shale01/16/044.51HOT

How To Use Erotic Hypnosis

 — Make your sex even better. by masterhypnotist06/17/024.67HOT

How to View Porn

 — Instructions on safe porn viewing for us Religious Righters. by Algonquin Twit01/01/113.35

How to Visit a Parlour

 — A guide for total newbies. by KCRU05/20/153.63

How to Walk Away...

 — From your addictions...your very nature. by Tara_Neale07/16/144.40

How To Win Playing Blackjack

 — Are you feeling lucky hoping to win big at the casino? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/17/08HOT

How to Win the Survivor Contest

 — Tips on how to win the writing contest. by dirtyjoe6912/25/065.00

How To Win the Survivor Contest

 — It's easy and it's fun! (Well, not so easy...) by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER05/06/083.21

How to Write "Above the Fray"

 — Suggested elements for creating high-quality erotica. by WFEATHER06/06/054.53HOT

How to Write a 750 Word Story

 — The single most controversial story at Literotica today. by SunrockSin12/27/084.25

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