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Three Way Stimulation

 — This is a hot way to peform oral sex on your lady. by magic_tantra01/31/054.04

Three Ways Not to Have an Affair

 — Simple ideas for those battling infidelity. by wife2hotblk01/22/094.14

Three Ways to Avoid Heartache

 — How to find out early if your partner is a good match. by bewindsor06/06/064.24

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 01

 — One perspective on bringing up the idea of a threesome. by roomfor1more12/06/103.61

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 02

 — Boundaries & Communication. by roomfor1more12/17/104.15

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 03

 — Selection of the third person - a generic perspective. by roomfor1more12/27/103.85

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 04

 — Broad overview of planning a safe threesome for couples. by roomfor1more01/05/114.27

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 05

 — Short introduction on how to understand threesome risk. by roomfor1more01/06/113.56

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 06

 — A possible low pressure option when meeting the 3rd person. by roomfor1more01/07/113.82

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 07

 — Final installment expectations for threesome and after. by roomfor1more01/09/114.14

Threesome Guide for Couples Pt. 08

 — Improving communincation basic terminology for a threesome. by roomfor1more05/05/114.28

Threesome Planning Made Simple

 — Planning a threesome for couples beginning their journey. by roomfor1more02/24/114.06

Tips for Amateur Writers

 — Some of the most common, yet overlooked, errors. by sobstory10/09/114.31

Tips for Better Writing

 — Some notes on helping others improve their writing skills. by Johnboy912/31/103.55

Tips for the New Streetwalker

 — A must-read for all would-be whores & streetwalkers. by Martika_Duponte10/06/154.25

Tips to Save Money

 — A couple of ideas to start saving money. by JagFarlane02/21/134.20

To Slay a Vampire

 — A basic survival guide for other kind of undead. by Sean Renaud03/15/094.25

To Survive Dinotopia

 — If Dinos comeback are you prepared? by Sean Renaud10/13/132.75

Top 10 List for Cockteasing Touches

 — Ways to have him in the palm of your hand. by Sappholovers04/29/094.14

Toys 4 Us: Women Only!

 — Adult toys can help women find complete pleasure. by sexygodess0606/01/064.06

Training Bi Males

 — A primer from a Lifestyle Mistress on training new slaves. by MistressDelia05/08/134.46

Training Games

 — Slave training for fun and profit. by Joseki Ko06/17/044.00

Transgendered Fiction Plots

 — Tips for plotting trangendered fiction. by Cal Y. Pygia08/01/043.36

Trouble Deepthroating?

 — Anyone can deepthroat - here's how. by Goldeniangel02/12/054.57HOT

Ultimate Truth Or Dare

 — The party game guaranteed to please. by TooCleverByHalf01/02/143.10

Uncut: A Guide to the Uncircumcised

 — For the uncircumcised, those who love them, and the curious. by AnotherWannabe11/13/124.39

Understand Breasts & Bra Sizes

 — Tiny tits, huge hooters - never 36D. by elfin_odalisque05/24/064.62HOTContest Winner

Understanding Human Sexuality

 — The evolutionary mechanics of sexuality. by edcrane03/31/054.16

Understanding Proper English

 — Seventh revision: English as The Wanderer writes it. by The Wanderer10/16/064.66HOT

Understanding Your Man

 — You don't have to look like a super model. by ChaseQ12/11/063.94

Understanding Your Man

 — An instructional guide for women to better understand men. by zeke8104/26/093.69

US English 101: Parts of a Sentence

 — Grammar made simple. by lindiana08/24/053.97

US English 101: The Phrase

 — Grammar made simple: the third lesson. by lindiana12/25/053.30

Use of a Grammar Checker

 — Why a writer should consider using a grammar checker. by Timothy_Dickey08/21/073.20

Using Literotica

 — A guide of the categories for potentially lost readers. by Goldeniangel02/21/064.67HOT

Using Toilet Restriction to Punish

 — A guide to a humiliating disciplinary tool. by lesliejones12/18/114.31

Using Your Own Method

 — Have you tried it all & none of it worked? Look here. by Keixbra10/28/063.92

Vagina Fingering Techniques

 — Techniques for vaginal fingering & other clit stimulation. by FriskyVirgin05/19/073.94

Vaginal Fisting

 — How to give the woman in your life the thrill of her life. by Hand11/03/014.32

Valentine's Day Don'ts

 — V-Day mistakes that men have made. by Goldeniangel02/17/064.42

Valentine's Day English Lady's Way

 — Valentine's Day gift ideas for your sweetie. by English Lady02/04/044.10Contest Winner

Valuing Books

 — Does your book have a value? by oggbashan02/21/154.69HOT

Vanilla into Butterscotch Ripple

 — Guide to help introduce stubborn people to new pleasures. by NightSpirit06/02/064.45

Very Well Done: A Guide to Offering Constructive Criticism

 — How to give good literary critique. by Cinner12/22/124.85HOT

Viagra: the Blue Pill Works!

 — Fun times with a Massage gal. by mojavejoe42007/01/154.26

Virtual Lapdance

 — Surviving and thriving in nudie chat. by LesLumens05/04/084.41

Visiting a Gloryhole

 — Firsthand experience on what to expect visiting a gloryhole. by BuckyDuckman07/29/144.32

Visiting an Escort

 — A guide for total beginners. by KCRU05/17/154.52HOT

Want To Get Laid On Your Travels?

 — A few tips for adventurous vacations. by Munachi06/02/064.45

Want to PM That Litster Lady?

 — Suggestions on how to get a more positive response from a PM. by RedHairedandFriendly02/04/124.42

We Finally Did IT!!

 — First Swing and More. by Johnsexlife07/03/113.69

Weapons of Mass Seduction

 — Wear something sexy and encourage your lover to undress you. by herecomestherain11/18/034.55HOT

Welcome Back to Hell

 — How to write draft two of a novel. by Noira01/17/124.82HOT

What a Girl Wants

 — It is THE question to ask when you decide to enter the frenzy. by babydoll4you09/09/113.71

What Every Man Wants

 — A story of what every man wishes you knew by almost02/17/034.40

What Have I Learned?

 — Learning by doing. by SamScribble02/10/144.29

What is Haiku?

 — An initial introduction to haiku. by jthserra01/15/044.52HOT

What is Senryu?

 — What is the "exact" difference between haiku and senryu? by jthserra02/11/044.09

What is Zappai?

 — To characterize all zappai as failed haiku or senryu would by jthserra02/22/043.29

What It's All About

 — He talks about sex and gives examples. by J.J.12/10/004.17

What Men Want Ch. 03

 — Why cheaters cheat. by almost04/23/034.18

What We Like

 — He describes his pussy-eating technique. by KnPinTN06/23/044.49

What Women Want

 — Essay on how to please your partner. by oldr_betr12/11/124.05

What Women Want From Men

 — The other side of the story from a woman about female needs. by almost02/26/034.36

What Women Want From Men Ch. 02

 — How to take the chill out your bed. by almost04/28/03HOT

What Women Want From Men Ch. 03

 — Awakening dormant female sexuality. by almost04/29/03

When It's Over

 — The 5 Stages of Grieving the Loss of a Relationship. by bewindsor06/15/064.67HOT

When You Share Your Wife

 — What you should know about your wife with others. by Tabbisfull07/06/154.23

Where the Bunny Hops

 — How to get story ideas mating like rabbits. by MSTarot03/21/134.62HOT

Whipping Your Characters Into Shape

 — Those darn characters insist on having minds of their own! by Noira01/29/114.58HOT

Who Wants To Be A Slave?

 — What a sub NEEDS to be. by panthers babe10/15/044.02

Why Men Cheat

 — This particular article is from the perspective of a man. by SteelAndSilk04/26/114.57HOT

Why Not Wax?

 — A "not-as-painful-as-it-sounds" alternative to shaving. by pierced_gurl02/04/054.55HOT

Will You Lie To Get Laid?

 — Lie, Lying, Lay, Laid - a dirty grammar lesson. by bgmisfun09/07/144.39

Winning Survivor - With One Story

 — A guide to winning survivor, with a twist. by Iamcanadian2807/10/083.83

Woman's Guide to Male Panty Fetish

 — Required reading for all females. by ProfessorPanty10/01/084.58HOT

Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 1

 — Seduce and enjoy married men. by Softly10/10/004.12

Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 2

 — She gives the specifics. by Softly10/10/004.16

Women's Guide To No-Strings... Ch. 3

 — A How-To for the ladies only. by Softly10/10/004.21

Word Choice

 — Suggestions for writing a successful erotic story. by wyo_girl03/19/044.36

Word Choice

 — A response to wyo_girl's article. by evelyn_carroll10/20/043.88

Words of the Week (2005) 01

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Jan. 24, 2005. by velvetpie01/25/053.83

Words of the Week (2005) 02

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Jan. 31, 2005. by velvetpie01/31/053.00

Words of the Week (2005) 03

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Feb. 7, 2005. by velvetpie02/07/052.50

Words of the Week (2005) 04

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Feb. 14, 2005. by velvetpie02/14/051.57

Words of the Week (2005) 05

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Feb. 21, 2005. by velvetpie02/21/053.67

Words of the Week (2005) 06

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: Feb. 28, 2005. by velvetpie03/01/055.00

Words of the Week 01

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 5/31-6/6. by velvetpie06/04/044.07

Words of the Week 02

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 6/7-6/13. by velvetpie06/07/043.24

Words of the Week 03

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 6/14-6/20. by velvetpie06/14/043.85

Words of the Week 04

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 6/21-6/27. by velvetpie06/21/044.08

Words of the Week 05

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 6/28-7/4. by velvetpie06/28/043.86

Words of the Week 06

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 7/5-7/11. by velvetpie07/05/044.00

Words of the Week 07

 — Weekly vocabulary words for writers: 7/12-7/18. by velvetpie07/12/043.73

Words of the Week 08

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers: 7/19-7/25. by velvetpie07/19/042.67

Words of the Week 09

 — Weekly vocabulary for writers by velvetpie07/26/043.78

Words of the Week 11

 — 2004 Final. by velvetpie12/28/044.23

Working with Her G-Spot & His Prostate

 — Orgasm simultaneously for a love earthquake! by LaceySheets03/26/014.25

Worship His Cock

 — Why she loves to suck cock - and how she does it. by AnaLeePleasured01/08/084.57HOT

Write a Successful Romance

 — Tongue-in-cheek tips to the toplists. by starrkers05/06/084.57HOTContest Winner

Write Incest like a Mother Fucker

 — How to rock Lit's most popular category the LC way. by lovecraft6812/19/144.60HOT

Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit

 — I explain my ongoing process for writing & selling erotica. by BrettJ01/06/154.67HOT

Writing FETISH Fiction

 — Fetish fiction ISN'T Kink fiction. by MorganHawke07/22/094.43Editor's Pick

Writing Horror

 — A brief guide to writing scary stories. by al_Ussa12/31/094.57

Writing in Love

 — Keeping love real for the reader. by Frogsoup01/06/094.69HOT

Writing Porn From The Heart

 — Confessions about writing. by Histarter06/13/064.26

Writing Quality Sex Scenes

 — Guide for those who struggle with fucking. by TheEarl09/05/034.68HOT

Writing Real Sex

 — The answer to "How Do You Write Such HOT Sex Scenes?" by Selena_Kitt10/29/104.62HOT

Writing Realistic Female Dominance

 — The Three R's to give your femdom scene the detail it needs. by stlgoddessfreya01/20/154.63HOT

Writing Sci-Fi

 — A brief guide for aspiring authors. by al_Ussa07/31/104.32

Writing Sex Scenes

 — Elements to consider when writing sex scenes. by WFEATHER12/11/104.62HOT

Writing Smut for Profit

 — It's not just an adventure - it's a job. by MorganHawke11/22/034.61HOT

Writing With Your Audience In Mind

 — Help your audience relate to your characters. by Chicago Bob09/21/024.58HOT

You CAN Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

 — How to keep (or increase) spice in a long-term relationship. by Hikergirl05/05/074.44

You Should Try A Cock Ring

 — How to use a Cock Ring and why you should. by Sensual_Caveman06/24/034.30

You Want Oral? Here's How

 — One woman's guide on eating pussy to get a BJ by BBWmomma05/16/114.39

Your New Male Slave

 — How to train your slave - the first week. by CoupleInExile09/08/134.11

Your Wife's Lesbian Fantasy Phone Sex

 — A working girl's script for a husband's secret obsession. by HawkerDeHavilland05/13/134.59HOT

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