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I love feet and all that comes with it. I love coming on her feet and then I lick my cum off of her feet, licking and sucking her feet and toes clean. I also ask her to fuck my ass with her big toe - I love it when she does it, while rubbing my dice with her other foot... also, she knows my nipples are so sensitive, that I can cum by having them rubbed, and needless to say, that she rubs my nipples with her soles and toes... cheers :)

Is this normal? I've read about cuckolds. Is it possible he doesn’t realize he is a cuckold? Funny thing is that his story really got to me too. Does he want me to be like them and cheat too? The thing is, I would never leave him. I now believe it would be great if he willingly gave me permission or even better, willingly asked me to explore and approve of my complete sexual independence.

Is it normal? It appears men like to see their partner have sex with others more than visa versa. I don`t think your partner prefers you to cheat. He probably would prefer to watch you getting pleasured. The thought of men having sex with my ex girlfriends is a great turn on to me, but only if she would show she is enjoying it. Test the water. Suggest maybe his exes wanted to stay with him, but its natural for people to want sex with others. How would you feel about him having other women?


Just reads like another fantasy - no real logistics to the arrangement, just another tale about some guy who is dominant, passionate AND hung like a horse, and too many loopholes and questions about the whole thing came to pass. Please, put it in the fiction section where it belongs unless you're going to offer actual advice.

Also, as a woman, it's a HELL of a lot easier for you to have an 'open' relationship, or any relationship you wish.

Sorry, but not believable at all

No way a college kid could bribe everyone in the theater to cooperate with this plan to molest girls. And no way would a theater manager give up ten seats that could be filled with paying customers. Your story is just way to farfetched to be believable. And to be honest it’s not the least bit erotic.

Turn On #2

The amount of research and careful thought that has gone into this from both the male and female perspective is just amazing. The fact that the 'switch' of neutral to Domme to neutral that happens across the play is just gorgeously portrayed.


I'm not a smoker. What do I have to quit?

Also, where has she been all my life?

How to add tags

This is a great resource thank you.

How can I add story tags after they've been published? Ive been trying everything and can't seem to find ca way to go back and do this.

The first rule of writing femdom

Whenever you have the Dom do something or have the Sub do something for her, ask yourself what she gets out of it. If the answer is solely feelings of power or dominance, you're almost certainly writing "femdom" that is in fact an exploration of male fantasies rather than things that an actual, dominant woman enjoys. If you're writing about a professional dominatrix, then that's fine since indulging in male fantasies is what pays the bills. If you're not, then you're probably doing it wrong.

Yes, there are exceptions to that rule, but those are an extreme minority.

The wife would suffer. Would cut the bitch off. Change the bank accounts, remove the cage and crush it in front of her

This sounds like s story from a person who's never had sex

This sounds like s story from a person who's never had sex

Continuing the lifestyle

My wife used to cuck me before we got married. We have been together 5 years and married since September of this year. She has slept with 4 men since we started dating and two of those multiple times. It has been about 9 months since her last time with another man. I have done a lot of ground work and she knows that it brings me pleasure. The problem is her interest in other men, or lack there of. We both work and have children, so it is hard for her to find time or a partner that she is interested in and or is ok being a guy on the side (oddly enough a few guys couldn’t morally do it and my wife is hot!). She gets a little exhausted by my desire so I go long periods without mentioning it. Where do we go from here?

Ha ha

This read's like someone's idea about the kink after browsing the chastity category.

This is definitely fantasy, it reads as such, an has nothing to do with real life.

Also the idea chastity is wide spread is laughably inaccurate. It's a kink, and not so popular outside erotica stories.


Not a story. Wrong venue, imo.


I´m exited to see more from you in the future ... keep going :-)

stupid------the key to this story, for years the author didn't want anything to do with her ass, then suddenly she was interested. Good luck figuring that out. The husband always liked her ass, nothing new there. Oh well, always room for fiction, even in the 'how to' section.

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