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Stories based on real experiences have a particular tone and your voice came through brilliantly. Reading this feels like you're just talking to me which is refreshing after reading rhyme-based poetry. A good read. Bravo.

Great Stuff!

That was brilliant!!! Made me smile, well done!

Ex was better at bed

I'm dating my GF since 6 months now ( we're both 29). We had a good life sex now but at the beginning it was very tough. She was telling me that it was because she hadn't stop thinking of her ex ( he was 37), that we had to better know each other. I was seeing that she wasn't very satisfied.

Last week, after what I thought was a good sex, I asked her if it was the better orgasm she never had. She answered me no and she told me that the beginning of our relationship was very hard for her cause her ex boyfriend had a bigger sex than me and that she was feeling him deeper. At the moment, I was very upset and sad then I didn't know why but the idea of her having sex with a man with a bigger sex turned me on.

After she told me that the shouldn't have tell me that and that she was very in love with me and that she could never cheats on me. Here is the problem now i fantasize at the idea of seeing her making love with another man but I don't know how to proceed.

Do you think it's possible when the girl is 29 ?

Sorry for my english I'm from France.


I Like To Think

I’m fairly literate, but when to use an apostrophe or not in “its” has always escaped me. (Generally I did not pay sufficient attention in grammar classes.) I have a solution similar to yours for use when “too” is appropriate instead of “to” by sustituting “also.” If the sentence still makes sense I go with “too.” For example, “Eat my pussy too,” still makes sense as “Eat my pussy also.” (You probably have noted, I’m not so hot with commas either.) Anyway thanks for teaching me a bit of grammar I should have learned 65 or 70 years ago. Kal

Critics hurt...

But trolls aren't critics. They're sexually unfulfilled adolescent jerkoffs who lurk in Momma's basement and subsist on Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew decked out in baggy shorts that come to their ankles and a Cheeto encrusted Metallica shirt. I'm guilty of having responded to a few, but the best policy is to just ignore them. Any response at all gratifies the pimply little attention whores. This policy is true for all writers online, especially for creative writers like those on Literotica, and most especially true for the very best of writers, which you are.

At 63

We love to dress up sometimes. Wife and I play games together with men and women. I love to wear heels,thigh high stockings with garter belt and matching mini skirt . As I sit down my panties show to our guest if they are looking. As I cross my legs I make sure my thigh above my stockings shows. My wife loves for me to been over with my ass toward our guest so they can get a look .

I use a text to speach program to listen to FanFiction in my car during my commutes all the time. Yes, the vouce is monotone and it had pobloms with slang in dialog; but it will pause with all the punctuaion, read aloud mis-spelled words and make run-on sentences very obvious. I am using the free version of VOICE but will have to check into the one listed in the article.

I think it is an extremely good idea to have an app like this read your work back to you. It has no presupositions on what you are trying to say; it just reads what you wrote.

How to seduce HOT real women of your dreams

How to have sex with REAL women of your dreams, like even your super hot liitle sexy sister in law. Yeah momma! Oh b hav!

in the closet

I am 60 years old and in the closet cross dresser. My wife only thinks I am bi-curious. Told her years ago would love to share her with other men. She knows nothing of my cross dressing. She travels for her work thats when I get to dress like a slut. She has used toys on me as she sucked me off. We don't have sex anymore last time was months ago before that years. I have asked her many times to cuckold me. At first she didn't know what it was but years of almost begging she knows what I want tells me no way. I can only dream

I agree with you. When there is bad grammar in a story I wonder (or is it wander, lol) if the writer is, one, an English speaker, and two have they been educated.
I have seen a t-shirt that says,
"Silently correcting your grammar"
Sometimes I find myself not so silently correcting your grammar.

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A Gentleman and a Scholar

I wish every person would read this.

My wife

We have played this fantasy with my wife for a long time. We use dildos as her lovers. It's very very hot to use the dildos on her and being there as she goes crazy on them as she listens to me tell her how hot she is. She very much enjoys guys chatting her up when we are out. I am considering getting in contact with the only other guy that she said she would have sex with. I would love to hear from anyone that could advise me from here. johnelittle6969@yahoo.com

thank you for this

I've always wanted to try fisting and wasn't sure how to tell hubby, I sent him this link and it was worth everything.

Cuckold Guide

We found a great cuckold guide written from the cuckold's perspective which is quite hard to come across https://cuckoldguide.blogspot.com

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