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Thanks! haha
My hands are not virgins anymore

Poor score

Read Vengeance and it SUCKED. since you have ratings turned off I am going to every other story and giving them 1 since I can't do it on Vengeance

Introverted Perfectionists Unite!

Hey Anonymous,

Thanks so much for this note. Love that the words could bring such a personal memory to mind. She sounds fabulous and I LOVE "Fuckfests", I will include them in a future story!


Why hello there you naughty man....

Thank you so for your southern charm.

I am especially enamored with men who follow directions, as I am sure you know realize. I am glad you stopped by and look forward to seeing you again.


PS I will certainly check out your writing, I have a soft spot in my heart for men who write to please women.... xo

Brings back some fun memories...

Very vivid descriptions and details always turn me on. This story brings back memories of real and virtual fun times. Keep up the great writing, and remember that some of us guys are equally skilled in returning the favor ;-P

Fond memories....

I'm an introverted perfectionist, and I was in my late 50's a few years ago, when an amazing woman entered my life. She was gorgeous, athletic, and loved sex. We met about once a week for a year at my house for "private adult exercise". (She called them "fuckfests".) She loved giving blowjobs, and during the week, we would trade e-mails and texts that were full of vivid descriptions of what we planned to do for each other at our next rendezvous. It was a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing these tips -- I hope they help others have as much fun as we did!

A Little Vitamin M

Oh my.

How my heart goes pitter patter reading your comment, Mr. Goode. How I know well the passion you wake up in girls with your words. I am fortunate to have you in my world.

Written anything new lately?


PS Thanks for checking in with me, M.

that will do it....

i can see this being a primer for those who really want to find a way to turn on..\
all your tips are right to the mark... and if used will only add pleasure and turn on...
hopefully some of the followers on here take your advise...it always works..

Passion is personal and a precious jewel

Your ardent passion is clear and I feel the desire that the words in this story brought out in you. Of course your passion is perfect. It is your passion.
Glam, there is no question in my mind that my words open passion in you. In your eager excitement, you included your own turn on and then added it to my story. Even though I feel your ardor, the wording of the comment is seasoned a little spicy for a delicate flower. The turn on exists in my words which you adore, it is not me, it is my words.
When feminine and masculine energy collide in romantic erotica, the masculine can be accidentally over-expressed. Kinda like too much tobasco sauce. A little goes a long way.
When that happens (and it is VERY natural, remember, no one teaches this stuff, to men or women) a "cringe" or "wince" can hit the girl.
You are a really good writer, Glam. Keep it up! (So to speak...)
Bonus Turn On Tip: Unless you have already had an intimate sexting session with a girl, don't let your full masculine desire out. You want to avoid a cringe at all costs. Turn On is delicate and can disappear in a nano second. Poof.

Oh my how you spoil me....

Because you can.

And I am glad you did.

Please come back and visit me more often.



My god, i dont know what is better, virtual or the real thing? The way she captivates my mind, the way she strokes the keys on the keyboard and creates these visual, heart thudding scenes confuses me, i sit here, asking myself, is the virtual thing better then the real one? it almost felt the fucking same! Bravo! cant wait for more, you have a lifetime fan in me!

Educate and Titillate

Hi Bookie,

Thanks again for cheering me on! I notice how faithful you are and how you share my stories in your own chat room for your friends. I appreciate you so much, I am going to be writing a story with a bookish character, keep watching!


wife loves anal

I start by eating her ass like its an ice cream cone! I'm not talking about two licks and then sticking it in. I'm talking about dinning on her ass! I dine on her ass and she plays with her clit. After she comes from this method I get her in doggy position and fuck her in her moist/juicy ass no lube needed! Don't be shy to ask her what is working for her. Sometimes she wants a nice and slow fuck. Sometimes she is looking for it hard. Most times it is a combination. The key is communication and the communication goes for when she sucking your cock too! Let her know if you want her to jerk it. If you want her to lick your balls. If you want her to squeeze your balls. Communication avoids the awkwardness of wondering if your making her feel good!


Another terrific story/how to tutorial.

Love your work. Please continue with what you are doing.

I was literally dripping !

Oh My God !

This is the ultimate Turn-on Bible ! Angel perfectly lays the background and plays the Blowie well. Without even touching myself ,i felt the liquids ooze out my shaft.I suppose,what she describes here is so real. I have had,the sexting experience many a time with my last lover .Just reading this "How to" recreated that moment.As an ode to Angel,I will wipe my oozing liquid and anoint her lips ! Maybe as an offering to the most incredible writer over here.Girlie,you made my day.

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