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Love him madly .....?

Where and when ?
I must have missed those bits .

It is true..

Vegetarians do taste better. Buy NEVER EVER EVER ask for oral sex if you are on antibiotics. Your genitals will be ripped off you and you will be thoroughly beaten with them.

Oh Deer!

Damn, didn't see that cumming! Yeah, what a drag, the action sounded so hot. I guess you have been thinking about Bob's g/f bobbing on it. :)

Couldn't agree more

Every single point you made is how I avoid/choose the stories I read.

Nicely Done

All wives are different, but I expect many are able to be more open sexually with a lover than with their husband because they have a history with their husband that can't be ignored. They also have more at stake that they don't want to lose.

Wrong catagory

I liked it a bunch, especially your use of metaphor. I fear few ever bother to read this category but I did enjoy it.

I check this because I love the descriptions of how to pleasure a man.


Hey Randy. Really appreciate you talking about something most are afraid to, but I was sad to see some of your sentiments contribute to sexist oppression.

My mother advice

Mom. Told my sister, and I to never offer that part of us to our husbands. The way she pleased dad with that style of love making work out great for both of them. She would reward dad, only if he promise, not to enter her asshole if she let him rest his cock between her ass cheeks, as they sleep in the spoon position. Dad would always go long with the promise. Some how as they slept, his cock head will find its way in mother asshole. She wakes up say oh no honey you promise as they both are stroking very slow, and he saying sorry baby sorry , as he cums in mom asshole. Mom act upset for a day or two, he bring home flowers. Then after a week, mom ask dad to promise her again, and it start up all over again. So my sister, amd I have our husbands making the same promises, I think they have caught on to our little anal fetish. It really work lady. Just keep it between us " you promise"


I came here today looking for light, looking for how to repolarise and it is here in such clarity. You have a gift, you have wisdom, you are blessed.

So what guy,



Then after the woman gets her ass beat and thrown in the gutter maybe this idiot writer can take her in..... What an absolute waste of time to this 400 lb. never had a date loser.....

One more suggestion

One famous author (I don't recall his name) has a rule that no two characters' names begin with the same letter (example: Mary and Marie) or have the same number of letters. I think it's a good practice, as some stories are very hard to follow when two or more characters' names are similar (Shelly, Sherry, for example).

good advice

everyone has their own pressure points but this is a good general guide. we changed our washing powder an the wide elastic on mens pants gave me a rash. I told my wife I wanted to wear panties like hers (very thin elastic and thin cotton) it was only supposed to be until the rash went but I wear womens cotton panties all the time now.not sure where to go next as we have already gone through the cuckold stage and come eout of the other end still together. love to wear a nightie but I dont think I will get there but the panties are fine

gang box

26 years hod carrier has some points
No need for alarm...once you hit 40 you are awake at 3am so you can get in 90 minute workout including Pilates...need to keep flexible
True about those 15 minutes over for which you never get paid but just try to leave five minutes early.
Funny how contractors watches are 10 minutes fast at start of day five minutes slow to begin lunch ten minutes fast for end of lunch then fifteen minutes slow at end of day...
Only reason stayed with contractor is my little girl is at home in his wife's belly...
Been going on since first kid five years ago.
He was big shotting it with fellow contractor on hunting trip so she came by site to hand out checks....job was up in hills rich guy vacation home...I was only one on site, had shirt off, tanned and glistening...contractor had gotten fat and had bad ticker. He had pissed me off a few weeks earlier by badmouthing me in front of crew for his fuck-up...I held my tongue but started putting out feelers to competitors...then she showed up...asked me what I thought I was looking at as I stared at her breasts in halter top...I asked her if she was through drooling over my muscular chest...then said I'll bet you panties are even wetter...she siad I was fired and so I unzipped pants and started urinating on her tire...she was furious until She saw my length and thickness...next thing she knew her top was off shorts were down and full batch of mortar was being churned up in that furry red thatched baby mixer of hers...found her cell phone and videoed her cleaning off my shaft...funny how it ended up in my pocket...but only after I had numerous footage of those 34Ds bouncing all over before she massaged my cock between them for final shot of day.
Best part...her daddy set husband up in business so she has pursestrings so he can't do a thing when she gets home on payday with nipples all red and tender and she walks around bowlegged.

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