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Added as a Fave

I looked for cum vs come and realized I knew less than I did. A reference piece for sure!

Personal pet peeve is right

However when I was in the USAF our range master could consistently hit a 55 gallon barrel at 200 yards with his .38 Special. It is important to note that it was seated rest, two handed grip, over his knees, with a backrest. The same revolver he always used, same ammo, same distance, same target, ... and hundreds to thousands of repetitions. So it can be done, but not off hand at a random distance and target as Pet Peeve noted that we see on TV or movies.

My Domme made me read this, I thought I was good at pleasing her with my mouth, but these tips helped a lot. She actually came before I passed out.

I'm a Purist!

Thanks for the acknowledgement Todd! Magazine, clip. I called him on that in I think, Mausefalle. I really can't remember because the excellence in writing over shadows everything else. Except clip, magazine...

You forgot a minor point about the Coast Guard: The minimum height requirement. All Coasties must be at least 6 feet tall. That way they can wade ashore should their boat sink.

Yes, I was in the Navy...





Excellent Tool ...

... for anyone who wants to include military scenes or a character who has served in their story and would prefer not to look like an idiot as a result.

The next time I include either, I'll be referring back to this document.

For anything in your bailiwick, I'd be happy to be your pewpil. Hah! Get it? Pewpil? Okay, that was horrible. Sorry.

Good reference

The last kid I worked with after he got back from CAG selection took 6 months of physical therapy to get back in shape....I think that people underestimate just how really elite those folks are. DEVGRU is mostly the same, but they like to brag too much and CAG keeps quiet. This is a wonderful reference for folks who want to write about stuff they have not actually experienced.

semi vs auto - thanks thc1776

OK, that answer explains the practice of calling handguns automatics in the context of the old style weapons that required cocking the hammer before firing. The practice of calling every newer handgun an automatic just stayed around, despite the introduction of real fully automatic handguns later on.

It still seems to me like a phrase that should have been updated with the times, but then nobody is forcing me to use it and I can accept it for what it is now with that understanding.


Informative and funny. Such a deal...


Well done, sir!

I hope a lot of writers read this. It will allow me to get past the first couple of paragraphs if they follow your advice. There's nothing worse to me than to read someone who obviously has no clue what he/she is talking about. If you haven't experienced it yourself, research! Follow the guidance of Todd172 and actually have some sort of idea what you are talking about.

Pet Peeve

I HATE when the good guy goes into a room with his gun drawn, the bad guy is holding a gun to a hostage's head, and says, "Drop your gun or I'll shoot him/her!"

Like a guy will be nicer if you're unarmed than if you're armed!

The Chinese Spoon...

My dad told my potential boy “fiends” (as he called them) about him doing that in Vietnam to enemy sentries. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Love the title -- "How to Pew" :-)

Really well done -- wish I'd read it before making several really dumb mistakes in a recent story... A must read for any novice, trying to write scenes involving the military.

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