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Pleasurable oral

My wife has been shaving for several years. She does it because I enjoy performing cunnilingus on her. It would be a moment killer when I had to clear a stray hair from my throat. So she started shaving so the moment wouldn't pass.
Then she wanted me to shave so that she could lick my scrotum and the base of my penis. After I did, I understood why she kept shaving. Not having hair increases the sensitivity.

the sluts whores call-girls prostitutes pornstars

Kimberly Rheaume. @ Laurie Aunchman. @ Alison Lavassure. @ Hannah Kaufman. @ Mary Jackman. @ Marykay Huff. @ Emily Booska. and alot more Pussy to come Cum.

another mwm considering bisex

thanks for your advice,first time I have ever seen all the pitfalls and ideas lade out so well.again thanks for the food for thought

trhis was fair. As a woman I think needit's story is much better

He describes eating pussy like a art and he describes it beautiful!!

vbc vermont.

Kimberly rheaume. @ Alison lavassure. @ laurie aunchman. @ Hannah kaufman. @ marykay huff. @ Emily booska. and a lot more pussy's to come cum.

Great article for getting started. What about stopping?

From many articles like this (this being one of the better ones), I think I've gotten the idea of how get started. As a Dom, how and when do iI end the scene? Obviously I'll stop if I see signs of distress, but before that, what is a good time to bring the scene to a close?


It was sweet, funny and cute! I laughed and enjoyed a lot :-)

if only

it was that simple

Seniors and Sex

I'm a 61 year young woman researching this fetish/lifestyle. I was involved in a BDSM D/s relationship for over 20 years which I ended 6 years ago.

I joined a few dating sites and was approached by 3 different men in the past month looking for female domination that involved cuckolding....something I know nothing about. Thanks for your information....

To the little boy troll making the the childish comments.....bwahahahaha...how did you find this place if you were not looking for it...Hmmmmm...methinks thou protests too much!


Thanks for the magnificent post. I am a married bisexual male and about to try to take it in the back door by a top with a fabulous thick cock. Very useful advice.
I am interested to hear about your STD history and thoughts on the subject since you have a very active sexual lifestyle. I would hate to bring an std to the wife yet I love cock and cum!

excellent article

any guy is super lucky to have you!! spot on analysis of the foot fetish! i want to show this to my gf!

This is a great article you wrote. As a guy with a foot fetish myself, I can't fault you in anything you wrote, to be honest. To me, feet themselves are definitely not the means to an end: rather, it's the whole ritual of having a girl watching me worshipping her feet, enjoying the sensation and getting off on the power she holds over me at that moment. I love seeing those eyes and that smile looking at me while I am down by her feet...


How do you tell what a lover likes best? It's my first time with someone and I've been debating on how to shave. How can you tell?


Very insightful. My husband is a huge, foot man and this give us some things to try. Thank you.

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