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very informative!!!

Thank you so much!!! This is just what I needed to read!! It is an ego boost to me know I have been doing it right!!! lady on the street / slut in the bedroom... ;)

its about participation

Stories of every kind and quality, some of the most fun is the comments. Madmen is the finest writing on tv I've seen, and Matt Weiners comment and insights were as good or better than the show.
A new writer to lit worried she wasn't getting many comment I mentioned there are stories with over a million views and less than one hundred comments, so you are ingood company.
I'm in complete agreement literotica is a unique site for some very nasty contents, and I'm certainly getting my moneys worth. Nice backhanded comment thanks 30 rock Jane krakowski /Jenna Maronnie
I was thrilled to get some response(8) for some of my more coherent comments *~* shocked is more accurate.

wcax tv news and fox 44 news team


To Anonymous: "Don't go down on me"

While I know there are women who don't like receiving oral (and the men in your lives should listen when advised that them giving you oral is unwelcomed), I will say that you are in a minority. Most women would be very pleased and expectant that their gentleman would go down on them. Most hopeful that something which should (naturally) happen does actually happen.

So gents, unless she gives you clear evidence that she absolutely does not want to receive oral.. give her oral :-) If she gives you clear evidence that she does not want to receive oral.. do not give her oral.


Very interesting because it reminds me of the time I was able to sit down in Ray Bradbury's Hollywood office with 9 other students and listen to him expound on how to become an author.
You hit on almost all of his points, to one extent or another.
Very well done.
And just to let you know, I've also written a story of sorts that shows how to become a good writer using Mr. Bradbury's tips to illustrate the point. It's not posted yet but I'll eventually get around to it.
Thank you for writing this to help the other authors on this site.

fran. lizzy. jazz. G. jenn. bell.

Francesca Capaldi. & Lizzy Greene. & Jasmine Anne Stalcup Tanner. / Jasmine Anne Stalcup Tanner. & Geneieve G Hannelius. & Jennette Mccurdy. & Bella Thorne. Been There PUSSY'S Done Those PUSSY'S.

I'm fairly certain half of the dipshits that have commented have never fucked anything in the ass.

sluts whores bitches callgirls pornstars prostitutes.

hannah kaufman. and allison lavassure. and kimberly rheaume. and marykay huff. and emily booska. and mary jackman. and laurie aunchan. dopeheads/potheads and drunks/alcoholics and cokeheads/crackwhores. Addison County,Vermont Area Lives. Addison County,Vermont Area Church.

Some Ideas

I noticed that this story is quite serious in tone. It has to be because you are discussing changing a lifelong relationship.

However, the best way to get someone to agree with your idea is to find a way for them to think it was their idea. Sure, communication is important, but when you tell your wife how you wish she would behave then you are basically telling her what to do. This will create immediate resentment to the idea. You need to give her broad arcs within which to contemplate and allow her to come to the realization by herself.

There are ways to do this that don't require you to make specific suggestions but do allow her to play with the idea of being unfaithful.

1. Try discussing something like her 'celebrity pass'. This is a game where you agree that she would be allowed to sleep with her choice of celebrity if the opportunity ever arose. Of course, since the likelihood is very low it is a safe way to get her thinking about sleeping with someone else. It should be a fun conversation. Don't force it.
2. Try talking about a doctor you had heard on the radio talking about relationships. This doctor said that two things: money and infidelity, were responsible for most marriage breakdowns. This will allow you to reassure her that you wouldn't automatically leave her if she should cheat. Suggest that you may be hurt but would be willing to try and work your way through it, because you love her unconditionally. This not only reassures her as to how much you love her, it is also a blow against that wall that says cheating is out of bounds.
3. Try role playing in sex. I did it without even thinking. I had picked up pizza on the way home from work and just on a whim I decided to be a bit silly. I grabbed a baseball cap that I have in the car, left my jacket and knocked on the door at home. When she opened the door I said, "Hi, I'm Pablo. You ordered a pizza?" She looked at me strange and I quickly jumped in with, "If you don't have the cash we could come to an arrangement, if you know what I mean". She laughed and told me to stop being stupid. Later that night, in bed, I resurrected the role of Pablo. I had the baseball cap again and when she called me by my name I stopped her, and told her my name was Pablo. I then asked if this other guy was her husband, suggesting that we get this over before he gets home. She was reluctant but eventually played along and even called me Pablo a couple of times. Since then I have created several characters that have fucked my wife. Once she even phoned me at work and asked if Jerome was coming over tonight (that one requires me to use a reasonably large black dildo that I bought for her).

These are quite simple ideas that don't require you to ask her to fuck other men, but they will give her permission to fantasize, and if she is fantasizing about it then the whole thing feels like it has been her idea. The problem of bringing up the conversation now becomes so much easier, and always remember that it should be fun.

Yes they actually do scream

My wife would be the prime example of a screamer, so they do in fact exist.

Thank you

I always feel like I'm putting my kids on the bus for their first day of school when I send anything to an editor. Once you've put that much of yourself into the work, it's hard to think about it being scrutinized by anyone.

One question. The head hopping that you mentioned is something I can't seem to get past. When I think of a scene, it seems like a movie is playing and I'm narrating it as it plays. I want to know what each person is thinking in the moment. Any hints?

Thank you for the help.

Thank you

I am always looking for ways to get better, and your essay had just the right amount of humor to make the how-to fun to read.

One thing to add to the criticism commandment would be to take anonymous comments with a grain of salt; a very small one. Most of them are nothing but things like "you suck" and "oh yeah, you suck". The comments that truly make a difference are the ones from members that actually take the time to give you their impressions.

There is nothing like the rush that you get when you post a chapter and watch the number of reads start climbing. Thanks again for the help.

Anal orgasm?

Is it possible for a guy to have an orgasm with anal contractions and pre-cum but not semen?


Thanks a lot for theeese tips. Hope it'd be useful. Vtw, don't forget about foreplays, playboyb mags, http://camsdesire.com/ and sex toys

This is my biggest pet peeve

I love lit but it is impossible to find most stores using tags due to incorrect usage.Thanks 4 a guide i hope people use it

I want readers who comment using username to be able to suggest tags when they are missing. if 5 people suggest the same tag on a story it should be added.

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