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This is hilarious! I'm ashamed to admit I was laughing so hard, I didn't even grab a lot of the advice. I have to go back and reread...

"Do guys like anal?. . ."

To answer that question, anal sex with my wife is the most mind-blowing sex either of us has. There is no feeling like her clamping down on my cock while I'm in there!

Anal advice taken

Both my wife and I enjoy cumming from anal sex . When she was pregnant we enjoyed anal sex almost everyday. She always cums with me when doing anal. One great bonus from so much fun was is her ability to gape soon after a few thrusts. I so enjoy seeing her wide open when I stand back and then I am able to sild up in her sweet anus in one thrust ! It is my favourite place to cum in !!

First class advice!

if only everyone would do as you say.

Chris Walter

Call me anytime 2893146339

re: ignore the loosers

Consider yourself ignored. ONE STAR

try it girls!!!

i agree with liz33nd. It took me several moths to cuckhold my hubby but it has been well worth the effort. Seeing him dressed as a girl on his knees sucking my boyfriends cock is totally awesome. And being able to fuck whoever I want....it is just so great. Ladies, if you are not satisfied with your hubby or your love life, do think about cuckholding. You won't regret it.

Rarely seen on these lists ...

But often misused:

Discreet: Careful and circumspect, usually to hide one's actions (at least in the contexts frequently found in Literotica).

Discrete: Individually distinguishable. This is frequently used incorrectly instead of discreet.

Just one of my pet peeves.

Oh, there's also

Once and a while (incorrect) instead of
Once in a while (correct).


I haven't had a cock inside me' but I have wanked in front of men, been sucked, sucked a cock once but got very paranoid, but fucked myself with carrots and cucumbers, nice, not sure what a cock would be like'

Swallowing advice

Very interesting, helpful for someone with not a lot of experience, like myself. How about more tips about swallowing? I haven't done it and I'm afraid it'll have me gagging in no time! How do you place it so it won't trigger your gagging reflex when it "shoots" out? My "friend" has a huge package, and wants me to swallow. I'm afraid of gagging and causing a scene all over him, if you known what I mean. Any tips would be appreciated.

This one gets under my skin

'Tact' vs. 'tack' is also frequently misused.

"Her sudden burst of anger at his comment forced him to try another tact."

The correct word, of course, is 'tack', a sailing term referring to the lower leading corner of the sail, indicating the vessel's direction.

wish i could have been more open

at the age of forty, I was pitching for my ball team, when a line drive hit me next to my groin. it left a bruise mark on my cock and leg, but left the boys unscathed, then at 55 my wife wanting more sex, was disappointed in my performance, as was I. so she found a guy online and left.
now at sixty, I have developed some scar tissue near the head of my penis, and it makes erections difficult.
the point now? Had I been open enough to offer the cuckold option, we could still be together, and she and I still enjoying sex to the limit in different ways. I read these stories, and they are a fantastic turn-on, wishing it was happening.

Ideal Wife

Your husband is very lucky to have you. Thanks for taking the time to give us some great advice!

I love black and interracial couples only.

I love interracial cuples . i love t o see whitewemen wear tight bluejeans for her black boyfriend or black husband or her blackmaster. As for me my plan will be to make a community for black and interracials only. NO ALL WHITE COUPLES ALLOWED. There will be new rules rule# 1 only whitewemen married to us blackmen are ALLOWED to do fart for the blackman rule # 2. Only whitewemen married to blackmen can wear assjeans, tight leather leggings, and swade leopard print leggings. rule# 3 whitemen married to us blackmen only must also beatdown any racist whites. # 4. Blackmaster white slave is a beautiful thing. White slaves will be pregnant by black masters this is so so so so so so so beautiful.

The Answer

Ah, well. That clears that up then!

Thanks for clarifying. Thought we might be dealing with a real-life 'Split' (the recent James McAvoy film) for a minute there!

Warmest Regards.

- Once a Grey Squirrel forevermore a Yellow Trumpet

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