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Thanks 😊

This was actually very helpful for improving my...I'd say amateur, skill for writing smut.

Very useful article

I agreed with everything you said. I laughed at the endless research just to ferret out a couple of details to write into your story. I have done endless research just to make everything seem more real. In particular when dildos were first used, turns out the ancient Greeks used them!


I know some that live this life style, the most important thing that this person left out, is this a sub group of the BDSM community. Since it is part of this group the bottom or the husband always ALWAYS has a safe word. If this is a loving relationship, and the wife loves the loves her husband, she will make him know that she loves him, and if he ever uses his safe word, even if she is having the best and biggest orgasm of her life, and he uses his safe word EVERYTHING STOPS. Her lover (bull) has to so she can make sure he is safe. Her husband is her first PRIORITY, he is first in her eyes. Does she deny him ORGASMS, YES. But only the time frame they both agree on, does she push to make it longer YES, that is part of the game Does she HUMILIATE him, YES. But no more than what he can take, HE COMES FIRST SHE LOVES HIM ONLY!!!

Nothing better

There is nothing better than being on my knees with a hard cock between my lips... sucking and feeling the man getting hard in my mouth. I love to hear him moan, for him to grab my head and start thrusting his cock into my hungry mouth. Using my mouth until he empties his balls...feeding his cocksucker. To serve men in this way, reminds me of my place.

Big blonde new bush

The first time I went to pull my gf Michelle’s panties down I was shocked
I had never been with a girl with a au natural bush before it was growing out of her panties on both sides & even over the top of her waist band
Not only was she extremely hairy with most of the hair being almost 4 inches long but it was a natural light blonde I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but after several attempts giving her oral wasn’t something i would do for fear of choking on her huge Matt of hair
Even after several weeks of asking her to maybe trim or tidy up a bit she blatantly refused
It was really affecting our sex life until one drunken night she agreed to letting give her a little trim
I carefully shaved her with my beard trimmer giving her a bikini line for the first time ever then she agreed to me shaving her lips & inner thigh
She still had thick ringlets of pubes all over & still the hairiest bush I’d ever seen
After trimming the long hair from her lips & thighs I started to wet shave it for total smoothness
By the time I had finished the shaving the alcohol had got the better of her & she had fallen asleep
With the trimmer still to hand I decided to seize the opportunity
The trimmer was about 1 inch wide so I thought I’d remove an extra inch from each side of the huge triangle
Still not content I decided to remove another inch from right across the top of her bush
Still not content her bush about 5 inches across at the top but the hair was still 4 inches long I grabbed a comb & pair of sisscors
As the comb ran through the hair it slowly unraveled her massive curls I sniped away about an inch of her hair the whole way over her pussy
It looked better but shaking with excitement I didn’t want to miss the his opportunity
It took several minutes to gain the composure but eventually I had decided to go even further I placed my trimmer on her already shaved lips I decided that fate should chose for me by flipping a coin I started the razor buzzing & flipped the coin heads it would remain & tales I would shave her as the coin landed on heads for remain something urged my hand forward until an inch wide strip was shaved straight up the middle of her once full bush
I knew I couldn’t stop so quickly I shaved the rest of her curls brushing the shorn hairs onto the towel
I have he applied shaving foam & finished the job by shaving her completely bald
I quickly gathered her massive pile of pubes to keep as a souvenir & cleaned away all the mess I pulled her panties back on then I climbed into bed to sleep until the morning
As we awoke the next day all was well even I thought it might have been a dream
That was until she went to the bathroom after taking a piss she rushed back shout what had happened to her bush
I simply told her she had agreed to letting me shave her I even said she had shaved a lot of it herself as I’d promised to give lots of oral if she did
At first she seem confused but then agreed saying she thinks she can remember what happened
I quickly changed the subject & began to eat her pussy she orgasmed loudly even squirting on my face we then fucked & because of her newly sensitive parts aha came again & again
Needless to say she likes the results that she now shaves every day but little does she know I have her big blonde bush as a keep sake

Good advice!

I used the tips here, and still am, in practicing giving my husband of 22 years oral pleasure. he can make me come in 2 minutes or less, now its my turn! Thank you for the tips here!

Great advice

This is one of several articles I read recently obtaining ideas to please my husband of 22 years, he loved the tips I got and implemented!

Good Advice

As a wife of 22 years, I want to spice up our sex life, and he is a quiet soul, doesn't make a sound or breathe heavy when we make love, so it is hard to know what turns him on. This did, he loved me sucking on his balls! This article gave me the idea, and when put into action he loved it!

Had me thinking for days

This story had me thinking for days, and when myself and my husband of 22 years had sex again, wow what an experience!

"Greased beef express"

Excellent advice, Firebrain. One thing, though- I'm not sure that I can resist using "Greased beef express." How could anyone resist?

I want this done to me so bad

Great advice for all writers!

This advice is solid for any and all writers in all genres. I've been writing professionally for over 10 years, but there have been long periods of inactivity when teaching to pay the bills compromised my writing time and output, thus stalling my writing career. Back on track now, writing daily as you suggest, and looking forward to launching this career once and for all!
Great article! Thank you for sharing it!


Wow, I haven't seen that word used in a sentence in decades! ;-)

LMAO at most of this, enjoyed the tongue-in-cheekiness a lot. That said, the last two paragraphs are the gospel truth.

Be kind and loving, be helpful and thoughtful in the tasks of daily living, be a considerate lover (do your very best make sure she comes first - and often if you're skilled at pushing her buttons), and be affectionate and loving everywhere - not just in the bedroom.

Thanks much for fun little read!

Gay story

I liked your story about the coach, do you swing both ways? Jeff_turak@yahoo.com

Plausibility and simplicity

Perhaps I’m weird but for me No.1 in an erotic story is plausibility. Erotica works because the reader/viewer feels he/she is part of the action with that character in the story or that nude in the picture. If it’s too far fetched the audience can’t identify and can’t get turned on.

No.2 is simplicity. If the plot’s too convoluted I lose it.

No.3 is directness. I like to have a good idea by paragraph #2 who’s going to be having whom. Paragraph #1 sets the background. If something hasn’t happened by page 2 I’m off into another story.

Turn offs:

1. Where the author describes the girl by her weight (pounds, kgs), height (5 feet 8 inches etc.) and bra size (36d etc.). Are there any guys in the real world who actually think like that? When I see a girl I’m thinking legs, boobs, bottom, hair, curves and pretty! Describe what you see and feel. I don’t even know my woman’s bra size but even without that I can tell you her boobs are big, well rounded and firm and swing deliciously when she’s on top.

2. Where you are half way down page 1 and you still can’t decide whether the first person author is male or female. Yes there are actually some stories out there like that! It doesn’t take much to make it clear (“when my wife walked out on me ...”, “I’m a woman with rather naughty tastes ...” etc.)

Lots of other turn offs but I won’t bore you!

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