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this story made me laugh so hard!!

ok, so ive been looking for stories of where wives try to dominate their husbands but fail horribly, cause lets be honest...the guys in the stories where they get cuckolded or dominated by their wife is not realistic at all. Most Heterosexual men would snap the instant their significact other even tried pull any to bullshit i read. I know that if my wife or girlfriend ever tried to make me submitt or try to force me to to do something to me, or tie me up to a bed-

hold on... ARE YOU INSANE?

Now... Cock rings are famous for causeing vascular damage... Everyone should know that.. Why would i want to do this to his balls? And no... Again... Quite like a tourniquet. .. Restricted blood flow can cause vascular and nerve damage annnd if left on too long.. Since you did say "indefinite" . Necrosis leading to gangrene.
In bull fighting... Bulls have their nuts bound tightly to make the more aggressive. Nothing here makes sense..
*** Kicking him in the sack each morning will increase blood flow too... Good luck...


As i was reading one of your replies to some other folk who got here long before me... Just cause i think more like " your average guy" as you describe them... And gender equality and foreplay for all.. Heels and a thong and maybe some pearls may be fine attire for say.. Vacuuming... Garterbelts, nippleless bras and NO panties for scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees... Go for it...

***BUT.. Trust me when i tell you... If you're cooking in heels and a thong... Make good and damned sure those heels are slip resistant and if useing the stovetop...
1. Make sure to where an apron... Esp. If frying. Grease splatters burn.
2. Take out nipple jewelery. Metal heats up really fast.
3. Do make sure to use potholders especially that match your apron and thong...
4. When serving, wear a different, sexier apron with no grease stains. Presentation is KEY!

Just speaking from experiance... Saftey first!



Dumb, dumb, dumb

A couple of biker types found a younger brother caught in this situation. And his wife and several of her friend couples wives doing this to their husbands, were taken to a Mexican whore house and live there now......LOL

true story......no name

editing grammos, typos, spellos

"concious" in your macro is itself misspelt, s/b "conscious"

In many stories, here in "L", writers over use "I" and "he" and "she" and underuse "me" and "him" and "her", that is, they write "Give it to she and I" rather than "give it to her and me". If the folks mentioned are the subject of a verb (active), it is "I", "he", "she", but if they are receiving action as the object of a verb or preposition ("I hit him", not "I hit he"; and "give it to me" not "give it to I" (also the harder to HEAR case: "Tiger gave it to George and Judy and me" rather than "Tiger gave it to George and Judy and I" (which is harder to HEAR because the "to" is so far from the "me" (or the "I").

Other commenters have mentioned the difference between the "lie, lay, lain" system which is the do-it-yourself repose: "I lie down" as opposed to the "lay, laid, laid" system which is the do-it-to-something-else placement: "I lay it on the table".

Written by a man

This has clearly been written by a man - and not just any old man but a man who is desperate for his wife to have sex with other men. Such men cannot bear to think that they are weird or unusual in this fetish, so they need to believe that all men really feel this way. They crave the support of other cuckolds to tell them that they aren't the wimpish, perverted excuses for men that, deep down, they know they really are. They try very hard to encourage other people to join the 'lifestyle', as they call it, and this is just someone's weak attempt to do that.

If you hate your husband...

To anyone thinking of following this 'advice', if you hate your husband that much, don't bother with all of this. Just get out of the marriage as fast as possible. You might think it's great applying the femdom, but actually you're allowing yourself to get eaten away by hatred and nastiness. Actually, the character in this story bears many of the characteristics of a sociopath if not a psychopath. If you feel that way, you should seek treatment as soon as possible.

Excellent article

Lovely informative entertaining comprehensive article
Thank you

Excellent addendum to original article

I wrote a long comment in your original article
Then saw this article in which your covered a lot of good stuff
Thank you

More valuable fun tips and techniques to make it a five star experience

This is a bit stream of consciousness and so it's not organized at all but I think you'll love reading it anyway

Wetness wetness wetness
Ok ?
wetness is very important

Watch some videos online and see different techniques
There's hundreds of them
They all work

Here are some of my favorites
With cock in mouth getting sucked up and down or bottomed out in her throat, do this - Both hands scratching balls and scrotum and below (taint) from both sides feels AWESOME !!!
Just make sure area is nice and wet

Caress thighs and general area or run fingernails oooh shiver :-)
Scratch balls all around especially on the sides at the seams where legs meet
All up and down the sides and then the front of the sack
I even like it when she pinches some scrotum skin and pull sir a little bit and just rubs it between her fingertips a little roughly or twists it and pulls it
Then tiny bites all over the scrotum feel fantastic
All around the anus with licks sucking-kisses nibbles is oh so damn good
If he's amenable some prostate massage gently is welcome

So yeah the whole damn area from asshole to perineum to scrotum to balls to base of cock to shaft to head/frenulum ahould be wet and stroked scratched kissed licked nibbled on bitten chewed upon sucked
there should be some moaning too so we can tell you are enjoying doing this for us
You Making the right noises drives me wild

Use your throat- take it in till his cockhead hits your throat and use it to squeeze that head and just contract around it if you can.
Alternatively do short strokes making the head hit your throat as that may make him cum
When sucking sometimes go all the way down and all the way up
It's great 👍🏼
Sometime stay down there for a bit feeling his full cock in your mouth and advanced cocksuckers / gifted women can actually stick out their tongue there and lick balls
It's fucking amazing 😉!!!

When using hands use a lot of lube or oil or spit and Milk the cock with one hand or with two
Either going up or going down usually slow
It's absolutely delightful
One hand at the base of the cock in a V or encircled is usually very nice and stabilizing and also feels good
Sometimes one hand on top as a roof just putting pressure on the cockhead
Sometimes make a cage of one hand with four fingers down and use it up and down hitting cockhead with the palm
Sometimes just use one hands or twist and play with the head and frenulum while the other hand strokes shaft and balls

While sucking take a break and Jerk off the cock now and then
Use different speeds
Use one hand then the other
Use different grips regular and then overhand or backwards (thumb down)

Do it while sitting on top of him facing him
On top Facing away from him
Sitting behind him jacking it
Laying down in front of him on your stomach
On your knees

See how he responds and adjust
Sometime surprise him and do what you want
Sometimes go very very sloooow or jackhammer fast
But make sure he is enjoying it

when getting close to orgasm put into turbo mode until he comes if he prefers
Or suck it faster up and down
Some like to add a twist on the way up or on the way down or both
Twist with your hand or your mouth 👄
All are good 😊

Anyway Then don't stop until he blows
When he starts to cum keep going unless he asks you to stop or slow or let go (very rare)
Swallow every drop

Milk it / suck it / stroke it / push out from balls to head for a minute afterwards as well unless too sensitive because there's usually a few more drops in there that you absolutely want
Let it come out and take it on the tip of your tongue
Its just beautiful
Look at him Smile and thank him

Don't try to kiss him
You can cuddle if both like that
If he wants Bring him some food or let him rest sleep relax etc
The after effects are best with no stress no talk no nothing
Either he is energized or he is totally drained and relaxed. Both are fine. It happens.

By the way, This ejaculate sweet white creamy cum is highly nutritious and has a lot of healing life force energy. Don't waste this energy. Always swallow.
It will only help you in myriad ways

Th above is how I like to get a blow job and I usually come screaming and then I laugh for a good twenty seconds or more because it was so fucking great !!!
Thank you, ladies. I'm grateful.

thank you very

much for giving this information. I will be using it very often and I could never succeed with a story if I didn't have this lesson (s) to refer back to.
Now , with that said .... none of the answers , A B or C were correct because the doctor said, "you cock cant possibly be ten inches long." All three answers contain (nine) heehe ..

In my opinion, it's easiest to deep throat if it's over 6 inches. I haven't had much success with anything under (which annoys my current fwb but he can suck it up)

More Common Writing Mistakes

For some reason the following are often misused...

Bother...br other
A n...and
Lie.,.lay...lain. And lay...laid...laid
No. ..know

And, yes, I know there are many more.

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