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Female here. I agree with everything you've said. The only thing missing is paying more attention to what she DOESN'T want. If she says it's a limit, red lights it or gives a negative react, you better be paying attention. Many women may have the dark desires mentioned. Many don't or have very specific desires. Just because both visual and written porn is rife with women appearing to beg for face slaps, choking, pee showers and litanies of derogatory names...it doesn't mean we all secretly long for that. Many things are so far out of our list of possibilities it never occurrs to mention the hell no factor of them. Guys, if you want specific behaviors included, you would be well served to mention them before and not surprise her in the moment.

The one thing you forgot...

is to tell us about women who either don't or won't be honest about their own sexual minds. ...but then I'd expect that you either would know the general parameters for yourself based upon your experience...OR you'd tell us to do...?what?


Erroneous part? You mean erogenous, right?

On point

Being a woman, you have pretty much summed it up. Sex is a two way street...you get as well as you give.


I'm Cayla, I've been a prostitute for 6 months, I lost everything whilst on holiday in Thailand, (I'm a white girl of 18) I started to work in a bar to get money to live and get a flight home.
I was advised by some bar girls to do tricks to get money quicker. 6 months later, I'm on drugs, crack mainly and a prostitute, I'm very happy with my life, can't see me ever going home

This is an old post, but I think a lot of people are missing the point about backstories or characterization. We porn story wankers want to understand the *sexual* (or romantic) motivations of the characters.

We don’t care about the other stuff. We're not interested in reading a thousand words about Bob competently managing his bowling supply businesses, or Betty having to stay in Denver with her sick mother. That’s not relevant to us wankers. And 99% of the time, when you talk about a previous divorce or breakup, it sounds like the author is making excuses for themselves. The OP is correct that if you start with a biography, the story usually isn’t very good. People want to find something they’re into and self-insert.

Also, if you have the big build-up type of story, make sure you deliver at the end. There’s a lot of stories with 3+ pages of innuendo and seduction, and then it turns out the guy can’t last two paragraphs.

(I’ve gotten into the habit of paging forward to determine if a “sex story” on this site has any real sex content in it. A surprising number really don’t.)

Too extreme

This is extreme and unrealistic, I doubt that it would ever work in real life. A woman who wants to have sex with other men without hiding it from her husband will either get him to agree to a don't-ask-don't-tell agreement, which can work very well, or humiliate him and undermine him in subtler ways, simply by making him feel sexually inadequate - but without all this stuff about makin him into an unpaid servant.

Thank you will try this

This sounds very interesting and the description is clear. I will try to do this with my female partners and will report if it worked. I am a submissive man who is into kinky sex with dominant female partners.

love the last comment

The word 'smirk' is used incorrectly 98% of the time on Literotica.

Your other comments were pretty good too.

Different Perspective

[Scratching head]...Is there really a wrong way to write erotica? And if so, how could the word "smirk" be anything BUT objective? As characters in a short story are typically the invention of the author's subjective mind, alas all characters "die" at the end of each story...but then again, such characters only exists as a projection to remain or be discarded at the mercy of "its" creator...."its" god...the author.


And it applies (well, most of it) whether you're writing erotica or fairy tales for kindergartners. Thanks.

Yes, kill the smirk.

And kill the following, as well.
"We finally wound up back at..." Lazy writing.
"Don't get me wrong..." We probably will.
"Let me tell you a little about my...(wife, GF, dick)." Sorry, lost my interest.
"We had a few more drinks..." Sloppy drunk sex. Classy.
"I was feeling no pain..." Wait until morning.
I won't mention the huge breasts and penises that seem to populate these stories. Or did I just..?

Formulaic writing is so boring. Eschew it.
Good post, JM. Here's to clarity and brevity. But keep it hot.

I smirked...

Yes... I did. I really did. I smirked so bigly!


It always amazes me that people don't seem to comprehend a read, yet comment on a write... Introduction to ropes... does this mean I should put my advanced techniques... This is for those that want to experience ropes... but have to build a relationship with them first...

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