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Very informative for those who do not believe in shaving the part that really requires clean up due to sweat and what not. Thanks...


I was trained by a Dom who did this almost word for word. I never got aroused by a disciplinary spanking. I knew that i had disappointed him enough that he felt he had to punish me. This made me feel awful and there was no way i could get aroused. "I was also grateful that He cared enough about me to discipline me to become better. I didn't always feel the gratitude part until AFTER i cried from shame and pain.

That Dom was killed in a car accident, but i am forever grateful to him for making me a good sub. I am engaged to be married to a man who is newer to the D/s lifestyle. I can't wait to show him this article. It will explain things better than i have and reinforce things that I've said. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us..

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My first experience with spit & that was too extreme..but loved that

A good article & now I am really got addicted to this act .Now, I really love to spit on my partner's face.

But it all started in very odd way. I just wanted to share my first spitting experience. I was invited in one of my friend's (a girl) birthday party. It is a all girl's party. No men were allowed. So, initially many of us was skeptical. But once we reached the party, we find that our host has rented 2 male escorts, & the escort young boys were tied in the toilet. We were total 12 girls. Our host declared, that we can do anything with those two male escorts, except intercourse. She started to show us, what can be done. And I just couldn't believe, that she started slapping & spitting on one of the escorts's face, & shove his tongue right in her asshole, then in her vagina. Finally, she has a loud orgasm all over the bound male escort's face. She hold him by his hair, & spit on his face again at last. I have not seen or heard anything like this earlier, but it felt very exciting, even when I was looking into what she was doing. After that, one after another girl entered the toilet multiple times, & has multiple orgasms over those two guy's face. Two of the girls could not take this chance, as they were in their mensuration days. But, when I entered, I just loved to spit, slap & fuck his face, till I have a great orgasm all over his face. By the way, we were washing their faces, by shower, once we are done, to make it clean & ready for our next friend. From that day onwards, it became my one of the most favorite things during sex.

- samantha

One Other Bit of Advice

It is people who have sex. Character comes first.

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I hope you find yourself a really nice guy. Someone who can appreciate the other perspective you obviously have.

Very Insightful

The author has provided good advice for any husband who is considering cuckolding his wife. There is a big difference between fantasizing about something and letting it actually happen. The husband should carefully consider all of the potential consequences before allowing another man to have sex with his wife.

I thought it was very insightful when you wrote that Rick “was sweet and gentle the first time, but after that first time he used her body to the full extent of his pleasure.” Of course, the bull will say anything in order to be allowed to fuck your wife. He’ll readily agree to be gentle and to go slow. But, once he’s fucked your wife the first time, the next time he’ll fuck her with abandon, focusing on his own pleasure and not be concerned about any of your rules. He’ll be in control and there won’t be anything you can do about it. Once she is thoroughly fucked by him, things will never be the same.

I think what I didn’t like about your story was the way your wife cheated on you behind your back. I understand that the two of you had discussed the idea of her having sex with your friend, but the way she went about it was still cheating. You should have specified the terms as to how you wanted things to unfold. I would have insisted on being present at least the first time. You are correct that each situation is unique in some way and that there is no such thing as an average shared wife arrangement.


Well written but might i suggest that swallowing is only good for lovers/husbands/people who have been checked for STDs recently. While its true that semen cant harm you, it can carry some pretty gross diseases. Safe sex people! Its the best ;)

Stories are stories, but I wish your stories followed more closely to this.

Never trust anyone over 30,40 etc,etc,etc

Growing old(er) is just part of living.If you have done it right then one day you look around and realize that you are 40,50 etc.,and it's no big deal,everything just takes a little longer,or if your body rebels and you start getting health issues of the older set then learn to deal with them and keep going or NOT !!!
Remember living well and longer is the Best Revenge.

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so helpful

I've been trying to bring out my dominant side more with my husband. And I didn't know where to even start. Reading erotic stories and forums were getting me nowhere but this is truly great. I have a dominant personality that I've had to keep in check and been submissive my whole life In and out of the bedroom. so when I met. Man who was submissive I was at a loss. It's not like you can flip a switch on a decade of conditioning. He's helped me some but nothing like thsee how to things you've written. I've never been truly in the bdsm scene though I would like to and just done know where to start.

interesting how to

My mother was too mortified to have the talk with me so she had her best friend (who was also a pornstar) have the talk with me instead. It was much more eye opening and also cautionary. - sec

Everyone is different

Thanks for the article. This definitely brings some not widely discussed fetish topics. I was also going through the comments. Obviously every human being is different. So, their mindset will be different too. Some of the girls commented that they want to spit hard on their male partner's face, after their orgasm on his mouth & face. But this I have not tried. I spit on my male partner's face & slap & whip him hard while I am getting eaten on my holes. It gives me great feeling of power, However, I have not yet tried to spit hard on his face after my orgasm on his face. I will try it. Thanks for the tips girls !

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