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Great Essay

Loved your essay. Kept me aroused. I can tell you I personally would lose any interest if the lady were interested in humiliating me. That to me that is a total turn off. I'm after her feet because they arouse me not so she can humiliate me. I do feet because I love them and want to kiss, lick, and suck them and enjoy her pedal digits one by one! And, as for licking the cum off her feet, she'll have to fight me for it! I want to lick it up! If she gets to lick it, I want her to kiss me and share it with me. Always enjoy sharing cum with my woman in a kiss whether that cum was taken off her feet or leaked from her freshly fucked cunt! Thanks for your essay!

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Act like this to guarantee your divorce. Act like this to expose yourself to every disease known to man. Act like this to alienate all your family and friends when they find out you're a freak. Act like this to go to jail for assault, battery and sexual assault.
Whoopee! You're an idiot!

On topic much?

I can't find the story that liked verymuch

The story was about older man from london his name is Nik and Cassandra young woman. A very romantic story with happy ended. I could't find it anymore. The title was meant for each other or something like that. Please any one can help.

Tongue in cheek

Loved this. On the surface it may look like tongue-in-cheek tutorial but it contains several valuable gems. Congrats!

Sounds perfect

I think that is workable.

Male point if view

Been on both sides myself, much to my shame. I was type 1 one time, and she a very long term type two. Somewhat disagree with the male point of view of infidelity though. For me I was first concerned with her physical safety--I couldn't prevent her from being physicallt hurt (she was not) by an agressive guy. Less a caveman 'this is mine' than feeling like I was diminished by not being able to protect her as is some manly sacred duty. Second, it was a loss of, if not control, loss of influence in her life. She removed me from consideration in all things, I simply didn't matter to her and she was supposed to be my partner and the one person in the world that held me close as something loveable and good. So my stature in the world was reduced to being nothing, unimportant and unworthy. King to pauper.

In any case, cheating is everything you say it is.

So THAT'S What They're Thinking...

Brilliant! Honesty's the rarest commodity in erotica. You're both honest AND hot. You OWE us more!


I recently had my wife cuckold me. This was about two years after I began to influence her in that direction. I never read this article before, but it's a very good description of what I did, so this worked for me!

After her first, doubting time, she is hooked. Turned out this guy she chose is very fit and well equpped, and has a lot of experience. The went on for 3 hours and she had the fuck of her life. I was thrilled. Next time was two days later and she came home badly bruiced all over. I was devestated, but she said she was more than okay with it, she had an even greater experience, never knowing she would be into slapping and pinching.

Third time two days after the second. Me having been so worried and disgusted with the bruising, she told him never to do that again. Again, it was the fuck of her life. When she came home, she was extremely angry with me and negative towards our relationship. I felt I had lost her. Later we both calmed down and had a really good and long talk over the next three days. We became closer than ever. She has no doubt that I support her continuing cuckolding me, and she also badly wants it. She has told me that I was the one to encourage cuckolding, now she will not stop.

Now I'm being a happy cuckold stage one, not knowing if she'll let me advance to stage two.

Amazing!! Annony thinks he's a doctor but can't

even remember his name. Guess we'll have to call the asshole of LIT!!!

Dispell This Increasingly Common Myth

In all the years that I have been reading stories on this wonderful site, there has been one infuriatingly common misunderstanding about female anatomy that always bothers me and immediately takes me out of the story. So if you are writing and want to have someone having an orgasm because their partner hit their cervix AND/OR feature the head of a penis penetrating a cervix and ejaculating into the uterus, foplease be aware of the following:

A. THE CERVIX IS NOT A MAGIC ORGASM BUTTON THAT IMMEDIATELY SENDS US INTO THROES OF ECSTASY. While of course everyone has their own likes and dislikes, the VAST majority of people who have cervixes do NOT want you to ram into them because that is PAINFUL.

B. You cannot force a penis through the cervix and into the uterus. That is just not how cervixes work. The concept of ejaculating directly into the uterus is absolutely ridiculous and just does not happen. I know that for whatever reason,a lot of people are really into to that specific image, but y'all can't just throw anatomy out the window.


ur husband is a lucky man


plz train me, i think ur real mistress

Need to be Owned

Live in. San Diego,Ca.
I am available Now. To Serve My New Mistress
Contact is akaz619@gmail.com

I know what to do!

Key and Peele taught me everything :)

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