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It makes me gag because of the cum hitting the back of the throat, plus the salty taste and squishy texture...I hear deep throating allows it to bypass your tastebuds and ensure that it doesn't 'hit' the back of the throat quite so severely....

Great advise.

Sounds just like my approach to my wife. Remember use it don't abuse it. She will definitely be more open to it in the future. She loves how it makes her cum harder!!!


Blackmail? Coercion? Threat of permanent scarring?
This is disgraceful!


1 gallon weighs about 8 pounds, much more challenging and fairly easy to handle...


thanks. I like your article. I will take note. your tips are wonderful.

his pleasure is mine

its as much a turn on for me as him to feel him get hard in my mouth.My lips and tongue and hands..., and I know ill be the real winner; the better I do.. sometimes giving head gets me off and I dont need penetration because made him feel so good its satisfied me

Pleasure for two

I love rimming a clean, hot ass as much as I like sucking cock. It turns him on so much, and in turn my cock is rock hard throughout the session. Also, it guarantees that I get a huge load of sperm from him when he later cums in my mouth or in my ass. I used to rim every girlfriend I slept with to their great delight and moans (after they were initially surprised), so it was natural to rim men when I started having gay sex as an adjunct to my sex life. Now that I have discovered I prefer frequent sex with guys and regularly but much less frequently with my wife, rimming a man is a common feature of my sex life and one of my favorites. Thank you for the descriptions and tips.


One thing Arabelle did was make noises of enjoyment. I think that added a lot to her technique. Slurpy noises and little moaning noises add a lot in my opinion. It is a very good video; people could learn a lot from it.

Word to the wise

I've always (and always will) told guys that my ass is not a open the door a peek and slam right in. If they ask if I'm into anal, I tell them the truth. Yes, provided you do it right; play with my ass first and get that sphincter used to the idea. Not all appreciate the heads up, but if they take heed, they never go home disappointed.

If they continue to question and push their point home, I smile sweetly & tell them the tale of the last guy who ignored my advice: every time he put his head in, I tooted. Every. Single. Time. I wish I could say it was on purpose, but it wasn't. And the fact that I laughed myself silly every time it happened probably didn't help either.

Maybe I should suggest this technique with my girlfriend? She has very bad gag reflexes and can only take down about half of my cock, maybe 60% on a good day, and she is 39 years old. Do you think it is too late? haha... I had gotten it down her throat a bit deeper recently when I strattled her neck and throat fucked her pretty hard, and to be honest, I was a bit surprised she let me do that. So do you think I should just go ahead and lead her into that position instead?? I'm just a little worried that if I do that, she might say sonething like, "what the fuck are you trying to do?" lol... I know she, like most women, like a man to take charge and do as he pleases, but this might be a little different then most sexual situations... So, any advice? What do you think I should do??

very common sense

When I was young it was togas and Wesson oil but I guess that was more of an orgy than a swinger party.
Old parlor games still work. "Do you trust me" "Spin the bottle" "Musical chairs"

Excellant article

This is a great article. While it is primarily about breast size, it also makes me think about using descriptive words versus hard, cold facts unless they are pertinent to the plot. Doing as you suggest for not only breasts but for many other things will allow the reader's imagination go wild, conjuring up images they believe fit the descriptions.

Im a middle aged married (2nd) woman and mother of two kids, in their early 20’s. Like most people, of course I don’t condone nor practice incest, but in my quiet times I enjoy reading incestuous stories, however my kinks don’t stop at what I call “Vanilla Incest”, my kinks go deeper. Im not into ageplay at all, BIG TURN OFF. I enjoy bisexual incest, Dad/Son along with various other combinations of sex play. I have fantasized about my various family members. I had onced mentioned to my first husband that I sometimes fantasized about fucking his dad. It only being a fantasy and pillow talk, little did he know, I did sleep with his dad for a few days while my husband was away on business. To this day my ex still doesn’t know. I also enjoy male/male sex, I find it very erotic and primal. I seems so manly.

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