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Golden Enemas

This sounds amazing. I'm hard just trying to imagine how it would feel to have a man cum in my ass and then fill me with piss. Great, all I needed was another bottoming fetish!! (Thanks!)

Great Article

My girlfriend likes role-play and being spanked - I've never been into it much before but like the play and want to be sure I get it right - that's why I searched for this info. Is there a similar piece for her on being submissive?


I have to agree with anon 5/25. It would be nice if your stories followed this more closely. You play fast and loose quit often, yet write well enough that less thoughtful people will take the stories as a guideline, not essays such as this.

I need your help...

I can't stand the taste of his cum. I'm always really keen, and I really do love giving him head, but the taste of him cum triggers a horrible nauseous feeling for me. What can I do?

Thanx for sharing.

Thanx for sharing your experience. To whatever degree it is true, it was helpful to hear about someone's experiences trying viagra.


Appreciated that. Thank-you.


Some Interesting tips ruined slightly by persistant sexist tone.

I am a cuckold white submissive male, but I love my chinese wife dearly. It's ok she does them in front of me isn't it?

I just realised my chinese wife has done exactly this to me. I am a cuckold white submissive male. I feel embarrassed now after reading this but I am under her warm soft wet pussy's spell...sorry I can't lose her...it's ok isn't it? It's just there has been alot guys and the salty stuff you get use too, it's the amonia taste from the guys cum she makes me swallow I don't like much, but it's ok isn't it? My cock is small and she can't feel it so she needs bigger...I understand, but I do do all the house stuff. I am at home while she works very hard and very late. I need care for her don't I?

Another bit of advice

Love your writing style. This was a very fun enjoyable read!

One other thing crossed my mind and maybe this doesn't work for everyone but has always served me well (and is great sex advice in general)- Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh.

Now and again you might try for something or some silly phrase slips out of your mouth and instead of being embarrassed, laugh! If both you and your partner can laugh about it then you're not going to clam up and never try dirty talk again! Lowers the pressure. And I know my partner and I enjoy laughing together even when we're naked and turned on. Laughter itself can BE a turn on.

I mean hey, I'm a lesbian so no judgements but your Hulk Hogan example made me laugh. If that turns some women on more power to them. More often not with my partner at least, that kinda comment would get laughter. Sometimes we even start saying really cheesy things to each other just to make the other laugh. And hey picture it- you're between her legs about to go down on her. It's early morning (woot woot morning sex!) And maybe she told you she had a sex dream and now she's really turned on. So you're down between her legs and you go "I'm gonna make this better than any dream!" And she laughs. And you laugh. And she throws out some lame funny line so you keep laughing. Maybe you're laughing so hard your head is resting on her belly or pelvis and you feel her body shake with laughter. Rest assured, you'll get back into it! I mean hey you're between her legs aren't you? That's an amazing morning to me.

And everything depends on mood. Some phrases fly sometimes but fall flat or elicit giggles at others. Maybe sometimes you want it hard and fast and dirty but otothers you're more tender and romantic. If you can play with a wide variety of dirty talk then you can spice up any and every encounter and it never gets boring.

But really, don't be afraid to laugh. I'd much rather my partner laugh than stare at me horrified or be so uptight the mood dies. And if you're comfortable enough to laugh during sex then you're comfortable enough to talk dirty. ;)

To know our own body

Very interesting the men do not know his own body. The testicles produce about 2% of the sperm, 3% of the sperm is produced by small glands in the sperm tubes and 25% of the sperm is produced by the prostate.
The 70% of the sperm is produced by seminal vesicle gland!

You are kidding, right? Nice fairytale though...

...and although we know, of course, that you just wrote a big pile of sh**...nonsense, it is a good laugh reading the comments those "pseudo-Doms" left behind. No woman who dominates her cuckold would comment your story that way - and no way this would happen "Anonymous". The way you describe cuckolding reminds me of the breaking-in of a horse. You state that ALL men want to be cuckolded (like a law of nature) and it is only the path taken that is of relevance. Bullshit, of course. Cuckolding will mostly be carried by agreement of both partners; this agreement can only funktion as long as there is trust and binding emotion (love?) between them.
You are painting ALL men in unified pink, pointing out that their are basically worthless, without aim or own interests and as useful as a farth in a storm.
Junk, as I said, but useful for those "Anons" that do not even dare to stand up for their opinion.

Thank You!

Thanks so much! My boyfriend is always asking for head and to be honest, I was scared for the soul reason of not knowing how. You helped me so, so much and I am proud to say I will be taking all the advice in the near futur. Thank you!

Thank you

I was struggling how to make a legitimate lesbian sex story. This helps me greatly.

The "victims" of the sexual minority men (bi sexual, extrem porn addict hetero and extrem low estem husbands) are the cuckold lifestyle.
According to the psychological handbooks the cuck lifestyle is a psychical disorder.
Yes it is not a paranoia or cleptomania but it is an illness as the flue to the AIDS.
I think the bisexuals will never heal up from the cuckolding but the extrem porn addicts are who could heal up the most quicklier with an extramarital affair with wife change, but the low self esteem husbands are between the two groups perhaps an extrem humuliation (more months hospitalization) with a small pussy woman could help them.......perhaps.

great tail

Your story remind me of my wife and myself. We been married over 22 yr. My wife mother told her how to keep your husband happy and he will keep you happy too. Well my wife know I'm a ass man and she have a great one. She all acted like she didn't enjoy the anal sex we was having. Alway saying I'm taking to long in her ass. So after I would feel so guilty and go out and buy her something nice. So now every tusday is ass night. When I get in from work she'll have her big ass all ready for me. I'm able to smell the baby oil coming from between her ass cheeks it's such a turn on for me watching her great ass walking around the house already for a good fucking. And it gets better when other people are around and I smell the baby oil in place.

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