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Sam Similie Private Dick: Double-D Danger

 — Sam Smilie is the dick for the job. by Ocktune04/16/033.89

Samantha, American Succubus

 — A sociopath climbs the ladder, one jerk at a time. by Westindielander12/16/143.95

Santa Hotline

 — Be careful what you wish for. by WFEATHER11/14/063.74

Santa Klutz

 — What happens to a father on Christmas Eve (non-erotic). by orblover12/26/074.48Editor's Pick

Santa Meets A Donna, Dancer & Vixen

 — Santa spreads holiday cheer. by joninaz12/09/034.36

Santa's HoHoHo

 — Santa gets more than milk and cookies. by BassMasterG01/10/124.13

Santa's Present

 — Better than cookies & milk. by headtyper11/24/073.67

Sao Paulo Shuffle

 — The story of the House of Glory. by encountersxxx01/16/054.11

Sasha's Sex Education Ch. 1

 — Sexy adventures on the first day of school. by Geisha Girl04/07/024.03

Satisfying Quirks

 — They connect psychologically and physically. by NotJennifer01/28/144.23


 — Saturn knelt naked. by robynwildchild11/25/042.43

Save The Earth. The End Is Near.

 — Earth Day message to help turns to doom and gloom. by andtheend04/05/103.50

Save the Teeny Weenies!

 — Please help to save the world before it’s too late! by GwendolynBlushing07/29/084.72HOT

Saving Grace: The Good News

 — Our hero answers the divine call... by ChrisValentino03/09/101.00

Saving Miss Stacey

 — Rescuing a damsel in distress from another author's story. by Conversations10/02/174.71HOT

Saving Miss Stacey... Again!

 — In which Stacey almost dies, but not before falling in love. by Conversations01/30/184.86HOT

School for Scandal: Period 02

 — Supply teacher takes science lesson in unusual school. by jizzlober06/23/064.57HOT

School Of Learning

 — Space aliens learn about sex. by Ed061309/04/024.40


 — A Valentine's Day story. by brentcanuck01/21/123.79

Science via Sex: Chemical Bonding

 — Explaining chemical bonding as sex between atoms. by on_the_quiet12/26/124.38

Score Checkers Anonymous

 — Where to go when you can't stop checking your score. by Rumple Foreskin02/15/074.58HOT

Scoring Thanks to Argo

 — A shy guy learns to get among pussy. by EgmontOriginals04/15/164.41

Scourges World Ch. 01

 — Lit's best-loved, most famous author, caught on camera. by Gabby_12/19/073.62

Scouts Gone Wild

 — These scouts sell cookies in a variety of ways. by RedHairedandFriendly03/13/064.54HOT

Scrambled Holiday

 — Everything at Christmas, including the kitchen sink. by sr71plt11/22/124.00

Scratching an Itch

 — Sometimes scratching an itch isn't quite what it seems. by ladyofthemasque10/27/024.25

Sculpted Lines

 — Demon Pi Part Two. by ZackOShea08/28/114.68HOT

Second Coming

 — God contemplates another miracle. by oneiria06/23/104.05

Second Date with Dickhead

 — As if the first disaster wasn't bad enough. by Wanton Vixxxen01/06/044.58HOT


 — He was a tricky bastard. by magmaman01/06/064.48

Seinfeld Visits Literotica

 — A Seinfeld-style skewering of Literotica & its conventions. by MacDuke03/16/064.14

Sela Down Under

 — Under hypnosis, Sela finds her inner guru is Tom Waits. by perse03/12/024.25

Send The Fools Further

 — A roadie and a dancer run an errand. Shenanigans ensue. by NathanRavenwood03/02/184.66HOT

Settling the Dispute

 — Who is better on their knees - him or her? by SabrinaQedesha11/26/024.35

Seven Ten Split

 — An amazing sex scene by two awkward people. by Budapestexpat04/08/133.47

Sex & Sexuality

 — Confused about your sexuality? by asian_sensation04/05/043.20

Sex and the Krispy Kream

 — A girl, a boy, a doughnut. by Saw That Coming01/13/044.50HOT

Sex and the Mature Man

 — The sexual thoughts of an old man. by DG Hear01/22/064.41

Sex Education in the Ozarks

 — It's all about peckers and ladies. by Taverner02/03/174.28

Sex Fantasy TV, A Play

 — Sex Fantasy TV game show, sixth stab at humor in sex. by Exakta6607/19/093.22

Sex Gone Horribly Wrong

 —  Sexy blonde, desire, intrigue and assassinations. by EgmontGrigor201112/10/113.42

Sex in Patrol Cars

 — A little humor about the boys in blue. by akfiregirl07/04/044.53HOT

Sex in San Francisco

 — Romance comes to Herman. by Boxlicker10106/15/053.55

Sex In Sixty Seconds

 — Which would you do in a minurte ead a story or have sex? by andtheend05/29/103.00

Sex in the Approval Department

 — Dedicated to all those who had to wait. by Lord Bitememan08/30/083.82

Sex in the Workplace

 — A new kind of coffee break. by akfiregirl05/04/044.24

Sex Is All Around

 — Parody of famous Scottish groups most annoying No. 1. by Robski02/06/022.92

Sex Kittens Ch. 01

 — A woman finds herself in a sex-mad parallel universe. by Dominique103/27/104.20

Sex Kittens Ch. 02

 — Sue's first afternoon in a sex-mad parallel universe. by Dominique107/07/104.30

Sex Noir

 — This is story of detective Rock Hard in New York City, 1949. by jrydher05/28/074.23

Sex Noir Ch. 2

 — The continuing adventures of detective Rock Hard. by jrydher06/07/074.55HOT

Sex Noir Ch. 3

 — Some twists and turns for detective Rock Hard. by jrydher06/21/074.24

Sex School: Practical Demonstration

 — What it might be like if they taught sex in college. by Quixote01/16/024.61HOT

Sex Sting

 — Sex Scams? Men looking for an affair are swindled? No way! by HarrietBay09/22/153.50

Sex Trek

 — Sex Trek in the stars...duh. by GratefulFred10/27/043.61

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 01

 — Trying to get pregnant at Christmas isn't always fun. by PrincessErin12/27/083.64

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 02

 — Trying to get pregnant at Christmas isn't always fun. by PrincessErin12/28/083.92

Sex, Family, and Christmas Ch. 03

 — Trying to get pregnant at Christmas isn't always fun. by PrincessErin12/29/084.02


 — His name is Jake, and he's a Sexaholic. by oneiria12/06/004.16


 — Banging a demon chic without a paper bag on her head. by GratefulFred08/23/043.25

Sexual Broadcasting Company

 — SBC, just sex all day every day. by Bakeboss03/20/103.24

Sexual Deviancy as a Biological Imp

 — ‘screwed the pooch. by fanfare10/07/133.20

Sexual Education: Lesson 01

 — Not for school, but for life. by AmanoSnow03/10/114.34

Sexual Magic

 — For all those who thought they have tried everything. by perfect_munachi01/23/104.40

Sexual Olympics 2010

 — One athlete's attempt to win the Linda Lovelace Trophy. by Bakeboss06/26/103.75

Sexual Psychiatry

 — A blonde shrink & her receptionist give me therapy. by Jack_Love05/05/124.42

Sexy Situations

 — It's California's favorite sex-themed game show! by LoveIsUniversal06/05/142.40


 — Hanna is visited by three ghosts. by JukeboxEMCSA10/15/114.50HOT

Sharing Linda

 — Coming home from the ball game, the car gets crowded. by sunmate08/31/093.57

Shaving Debate

 — Did you see the Irish Author with the hairy pits on TV? by JohnnyMax07/07/124.49

She Came In...

 — This probably wasn't what the Beatles had in mind. by MrGreen01/01/033.38

She Gave Me a Laptop and...

 — A husband sets the record straight. by Night Scribe07/16/063.94

She Wants a Threesome - Morning BJ

 — Mandy: Giving head and giving the green light on other girls. by wannabeplaya01/19/153.97

She Was An Architect

 — An old joke retold. by estragon06/24/124.28

Shelly and Trent

 — Shelly's big clit is larger than Trent's small cock. by Dash_Andrews6901/25/083.53

Shocking Disclosure!

 — He finds 'dirty stories' on wife's computer. by Lesly Sloan08/13/013.57Editor's Pick


 — Single male looks for creative way to get off. by lustfuldesires09/04/113.72

Shop 'till You Drop

 — A late night TV show that needs to spice up sales. by PMDlite03/03/174.57HOT

Shopping for Fun

 — A woman makes her first trip to a sex shop. by Scot_writer06/17/093.55

Shopping For That Special Gift

 — Embarrassing account of trip to adult store. by SouthSkyEyes01/18/044.32

Short Story of Inconsistencies

 — Young people are so mixed up these days. by Egmont Grigor08/05/053.64

Shuttle Secret

 — Their zero-gravity secret is short lived. by Decayed Angel12/30/064.45


 — Forbidden affair on the Net. by Exakta6606/04/094.55HOT

Silky Adventures #10

 — Nobody understands anything. by OneSilky09/11/104.70HOT

Silky Adventures #12

 — Silky has confusion over punishment in college. by OneSilky09/13/104.04

Silky Adventures #14

 — Silky & Jessie go to Church. by OneSilky09/15/104.66HOT

Silky Adventures #15

 — Silky goes to Court. by OneSilky09/16/104.58HOT

Silver Tongued Devil

 — A young guy nearly gets laid. by AzPilot01/08/103.50

Silverbridge: The Clam etc.

 — The Vixens discuss 1950s punishment with clothing by oggbashan10/18/044.11


 — Porn writer attempts to expand her literary repertoire. by kimbelina03/21/084.41

Simple and Clean

 — Demon Pi Part Three. by ZackOShea09/11/114.55HOT

Since U Been Gone

 — I can't figre ot what's wrong with me...can yo? by JukeboxEMCSA02/06/123.69


 — Erotic version of the classic fairytale. by Svenskaflicka07/17/043.96


 — A little twist on the classic. by *Snatch03/31/063.71


 — Life after divorce. by moll65doll11/10/052.79

Sir Bertrand and the Dragon

 — Rescuing princesses is fraught with unexpected peril. by Gunnlaug06/11/144.58HOT

Sir Bondage & his Private Secretary

 — She gives her employer something to write home about. by Cinner10/02/123.81

Sir Randy and the Dragon

 — Knight does all (& whoever) for King & country. by Ed061312/05/054.40

Six Characters in Search of Erotica

 — All talk and just a little action. by glynndah07/08/104.56HOT

Sixpence In Her… Shoe?

 — We'll have to start at the neck and work it down! by Abdulbenthere04/19/104.00

Size Is A Bonus

 — A humorous essay on the 'size' issue. by aesthetic_succubus03/28/024.25

Size IZn't Everything [Q]

 — One man's effort to correct his own shortcomings. by Rob_mDear09/12/093.84

Skadi's Confession

 — Viking goddess catches a goat and wins a husband. by DoctorSintax01/30/104.45

Skydiving for Couples

 — Love is in the air. by RubenR06/20/173.54

Slack Alice

 — A nasty experience for Mikey. by pop_5408/06/043.68

Sleeping Beauty

 — What happened when he kissed her? by Antics08/21/043.93

Sleeping Booties

 — The real version of Hans Christian Anderson's story. by the brothers cum06/16/044.57HOT

Sleeping Carly

 — Princess is put to sleep by a wicked witch. by anythinggirl09/28/014.10

Sleeping with the Competition

 — Female Viagra, spying, sex, and romance. by Privates1stClass08/23/124.58HOT

Slender Bella

 — Not your childhood fairy tale. by LesseloovesPeter09/19/133.80

Sloppy Old Pussy

 — She listened to her girlfriend. by IraBumblefield03/04/164.27

Slut U - Midterm

 — An Adventure in Higher Education. by eidetic12/23/164.58HOT

Smart, but Like a Fox

 — Marcie was smart but acted dumb. by Gagamama11/20/134.46

SMS Reminiscence

 — It's always nice to get an SMS from a lover, isn't it? by DesiDog05/26/093.83

Smugglin' Sam

 — Humorous story about an unlikely smuggler. by Mackie200610/08/073.29

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 01

 — A fun and sexy look at an old fairy tale. by bb121207/02/084.44

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 02

 — Next part of the fun & sexy look at the old fairy tale. by bb121207/04/084.52HOT

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 03

 — More fun and sexy rewriting of the classic tale. by bb121207/07/084.51HOT

Snot Brite and the Seven Pervs Ch. 04

 — The fun and sexy fairy tale sage continues. by bb121207/09/084.56HOT

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