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The Paradox of Perfection

 — A cyberspace coming of age story. by cliper204/23/024.38

The Particular Nonsense

 — Intelligent nonsense of imagery & wordplay. by HumanEndeavor08/24/053.67

The Patient

 — A not-so-routine visit to the doctor's office. by naxet02/26/104.25

The Patterson Street Gym Pt. 01

 — The beginning of young woman's quest to fill her spank bank. by NewMef06/02/163.96

The Pee Wee Peewee

 — A man with a physical problem seeks help. by Cordance09/02/174.42

The Penis Impoundment Program

 — Then it happened - his damn prick fell off. by OldAndNew07/08/063.72

The Perfect Porn

 — Would you risk mother nature's fury to get laid? by GratefulFred03/28/083.05

The Perfect Woman Is Hard to Find

 — Not the question he had planned to ask. by Dinsmore07/01/074.47

The Performance

 — A lucky man spends an evening with his favorite K-Pop group. by paChoi01/13/164.00

The Peter Principle

 — A manual for best business practices. by oneiria07/22/143.94

The Pink Orchid Ch. 01

 — Office Olympics. by DickLarson10/22/114.39

The Pink Orchid Ch. 02

 — Dick Larson and Jessica Cones meet Loraine Larindale. by DickLarson01/16/123.83

The Pizza Boy

 — This one gets a special payment. by britney_bitch_1403/08/14

The Player Witch Augment

 — A witch doctor who helps inadequate men grows a magic penis. by DTales05/08/174.56HOT

The Player Witch Augment Ch. 02

 — Witch doctor Katrina explores her new magical penis. by DTales07/20/174.33

The Plumber

 — I hear you gots a lil problem wit yer plumbing. by Abra C_dab02/27/033.91

The Pornographer's Wife

 — A newly retired writer tries his hand at porn. by EgmontOriginals03/25/164.35

The Portal to the Vixen Planet

 — The Portal is a passage to a Planet of Vixens. by My Erotic Tale10/01/054.16

The Power of a Witch's Circle

 — They find power in a Witch's Circle. by hotturkey05/11/064.77HOT

The Power of Lust

 — A magical book gave me my wildest fantasies. by Hyde89509/03/163.68

The Priest and the Love Doctor

 — A bit of fun between the sexes. by RichardGerald05/31/164.44

The Princess & Her Family

 — A tongue in cheek tale about a naive princess and her over s by Ed061306/05/024.44

The Princess and the Gnomes

 — Gnomes gangbang hairy wild slut. by Ziggy Odyssey03/29/054.00

The Princess and the Wart

 — Being rescued doesn't always work out like it's supposed to. by centurea11/19/164.62HOT

The Principal's Daughter

 — A first time, and the disaster that followed. by Manitoba_Ojibwe09/05/012.77

The Punishment - Day 01

 — A police officer dealing with a different form of punishment. by Bourguit09/12/124.05

The Punishment - Day 02

 — A day in the life of John. by Bourguit09/18/123.50

The Punishment - Day 03

 — John's off day gets a little better in the end. by Bourguit10/15/122.57

The Punishment - Day 04

 — John is brought into the fold, the only way Jackie knows how. by Bourguit01/17/133.59

The Puss Hater

 — Jealousy to his pet brings her to desperate measures. by Inna Spice10/23/044.07

The Pussy Driven Life

 — The story of how the devil plans to re-take heaven. by Mudak12/17/114.63HOT

The Pussy Patrol

 — Men of the Pussy Patrol seek unlicensed pussies to punish by bawdybloke08/26/144.21

The Rape of the Song Titles

 — A play with words. by Svenskaflicka08/13/034.00

The Rapier Sisters Do XXX

 — Actresses/sisters take career in new direction. by ThomX09/25/013.89

The Real Buffy Ch. 01

 — Beatrice the Vampire Slayer meets Vlad. by JoeDreamer09/05/064.64HOT

The Real Buffy Ch. 02

 — Vlad meets the Scoobies by JoeDreamer09/07/064.42

The Real Story of Red Riding Hood:

 — A Never Before Told Perspective from an Insider. by Unrepentanthedon08/13/152.71

The Recruitment of Agent Kira

 — Kira is recruited to become a federal sexual agent. by seth_perm02/28/124.54HOT

The Red-Eye Back Home

 — Woman on red-eye back home gets urge for more. by I-Belong-2-Him11/06/044.29

The Reminiscences of Mitch the Door Ch. 01

 — Mitch heads into the stacks. by Mitch the Doorman07/23/054.00

The Repair Shop

 — It ain't easy being a cyborg. by XicotencatlSmith06/28/034.43

The Restaurant

 — He remains oblivious to her seduction attempts. by Barnaby02/18/053.79

The Restaurant

 — An exclusive restaurant uses some very special ingredients. by ryan_devry05/29/163.81

The Retirement Years

 — Retirement can be hard work and a lot of fun. by Dinsmore10/22/064.70HOT

The Return of Gonad The Ballbarian

 — Gonad meets a witch in the woods. by millennium_bard03/10/054.44

The Reunion

 — A humorous story about a look back at college life. by Bob_L_Head11/16/073.86

The Ride

 — Minx goes for a ride with her man. by rusty738508/19/014.00

The Right Man For The Job

 — Worth his weight in washers. by piggytime25904/21/034.26

The Road Warrior Chronicles Ch. 01

 — A funny look back on a career as a travelling salesman. by BigKahunaCat2106/04/104.32

The Rookie

 — Girl goes up to the ol' bat for the first time. by Deborah10/09/004.45Editor's Pick

The Roommate

 — You have a new use for paper towels. by the_norfolk_stud07/03/073.00

The Sad Story of Vampire Val

 — Vampire Val acquires a lover at last. by Bill_the_Butcher01/18/083.89

The Salesman

 — Selling dildos door to door takes a certain type of person. by randyslocum07/15/094.33

The Second Person

 — Try it. YOU might like it. by Alessia Brio03/07/124.50HOT

The Secret Life of George Prufrock

 — What does a man think about as he goes through the day? by CAP81107/21/074.66HOT

The Secret Life of George Prufrock Ch. 02

 — More episodes in the life of a daydreamer. by CAP81102/20/094.58HOT

The Secret Life of Sheldon Petitool

 — Real or Fantasy? by useraeo03/23/104.50

The Secret Life of Wally Smitty

 — A classic tale with an erotic twist. by monsterrdude01/09/084.27

The Senator Gives It To Her Good

 — She shows him he's Presidential material. by James Kirkland02/05/014.32Editor's Pick

The Seven Sexy Sins

 — Veronica shares her sex stories to her sex addiction class. by KBurglund01/05/114.53HOT

The Seven Sexy Sins Ch. 02

 — Meet Kei. by KBurglund01/08/114.00

The seX-Men

 — Superheroes with sexual powers? by SatanicSeduction01/19/054.63HOT

The seX-Men Ch. 02

 — Can the seX-Men stop the sick mind controller, The Fantasy? by SatanicSeduction12/14/064.70HOT

The Sexnocumnicon Ch. 01

 — A very special book. by Reemer10/09/113.56

The Sexual Musings of a Wandering Mind

 — Political correctness, sexuality, & more. by joeman6907/10/014.29

The Shock of Her Life Ch. 01

 — Professor's wife leaves him, but he isn't too upset. by yevkassem7212/07/064.01

The Short Skirt Ch. 01

 — Literary Pulp Misfit, Ealing Broadway... by Ealing_Broadway04/18/182.20NEW

The Sinful Act

 — A Stoic must earn his way into Elysium. by Sannion01/22/024.40

The Siren Song of the Manatee

 — An online dating 'intimate encounter'. by BillBlack05/30/083.00

The Sisterhood of the Smiling Penis

 — It was a dirty job - someone had to do it. by Dinsmore02/26/074.67HOT

The Slut with Two Ass Holes Ch. 01

 — One doctor investigates a woman with two anuses. by MungoParkIII11/28/073.73

The Sniper

 — Once he has you in the crosshairs, there's no escape. by SoCalOvid02/07/094.35

The Social Justice Warrior

 — A feminist messes with the wrong nerds. by Vivian_James01/29/163.37

The Sophomore Jinx

 — College girl explores her sexuality. by Deborah10/09/004.51HOTEditor's Pick

The Sound of Silence

 — One man's struggle to find complacency in a world gone mad. by G.G. Chandler06/15/083.60

The Speech - Amplified

 — A risque speech I gave at College to impress my teacher. by LenardSpencer03/09/184.49

The Spelling Bee

 — Big-boobed teacher Hilda conducts a naughty spelling bee. by MeetTheHumpers10/13/123.62

The Spirit is Willing

 — You should be careful what you wish for. by Ice_Phoenix08/09/034.71HOT

The Spy Who Fucked Me Up The Ass

 — Intrigue, espionage, & anal sex. by Spanner Browser11/10/012.42

The St. Valentine's Massacre Fiasco

 — Harry Dick is after mobsters trying to kill the President. by Jenny_Jackson01/20/074.57HOT

The Statue

 — Granite man gets attention after hours. by svanswords11/26/024.26

The Sting

 — Who stole the stories from Here's one answer. by estragon04/26/11

The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 01

 — Couple arrives at Pagan Halloween party. by LuciousBi-Writes4U10/04/054.27

The Strangest, Worst, and Best... Ch. 02

 — Older lady comes on to her in bathroom. by LuciousBi-Writes4U10/05/054.32

The Struggle

 — And that's the way it is out west. by techsan07/02/054.18

The Succubus Ch. 02

 — Dan faces an unexpected test as he chases his first fantasy. by Occult_philosopher03/19/124.71HOT

The Swing

 — Some tourist attractions are more interesting than others. by Frungy07/08/083.90

The Sybian Bull Rider

 — Art learns just how much things have changed at the club. by Decayed Angel11/26/064.21

The Tail of the Mermaid

 — A young sailor is seduced by a sea siren. by cactiphile03/03/013.94Editor's Pick

The Tale of Mrs.Theresa Scalia

 — Pushy stage mother gets public cumuppance. by obo02/20/034.17

The Tale of the All-America Virgin

 — Edie enjoys All-America Travis then offers an "arrangement." by GQquietguy06/03/174.62HOT

The Talented Taxidermist

 — This country boy stuffs more than animals. by ronde02/19/044.68HOT

The Talk

 — She wants her cake and to eat it too. by JLRemora211/12/14

The Tantra Machine for Men

 — The ultimate in pleasure for men - or is it? by Teela06/01/084.40

The Tease Ch. 01

 — A sexual mystery adventure. by jjscribe103/17/074.57

The Test Ch. 01

 — Can Mark stay faithful? by DG Hear09/27/054.58HOT

The Test Ch. 02

 — Will Mark be faithful? What about Karen? by DG Hear09/30/054.58HOT

The Test Ch. 03

 — Did Mark make it? by DG Hear10/01/054.57HOT

The Theater Student

 — Young man is seduced by an eccentric girl next door. by CAP81103/17/074.57HOT

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Enough

 — A Big-Pimpin' Troll tries to roll over the WRONG family! by Violette08/05/033.28

The Three Moustachères

 — Three horny do gooders set out to make people feel good. by Melody11/11/044.20

The Time Machine Ch. 01

 — Jonty and the Prof travel to Ancient Greece. by smilodonwriter08/08/033.93

The Time Machine Ch. 02

 — Jonty and the Prof visit Cleopatra. by smilodonwriter12/08/034.18

The Top 10 Reasons Not to Date Me

 — He's streamlining the rejection process. by tempter04/27/034.53HOT

The Toy Shoppe

 — A midwinter’s tale. by Cordelia Speedicut12/04/054.46

The Tragic and Sorry Saga of Fuckstick Jones

 — An asset can be a problem. by mrjones50200312/09/074.42

The Treadmill

 — Busty girl falls & is trapped by treadmill. by Don Grampa03/08/033.66

The Triple X Games

 — Schools compete in sexual sports. by Snowkemper10/07/154.02

The Trouble with Pre

 — What are Advertisers doing to our language? by AJPhynn02/14/154.38

The Trouble with Sex

 — A piece of stand-up comedy I performed about sex. by cracker_jack08/22/064.27

The Truth About Samhain

 — A Halloween Satire by Thistlethorn10/08/104.49

The Twelve Days Of Christmas.

 — My version of the 12 days of Christmas, when divorced. by kandie11/22/113.56

The Twelve Horny Princesses

 — Twelve princesses with chastity belts entertain themselves. by Lady Malachite10/13/054.41

The Ubiquitous Carpet

 — A polysyllabic legend. by Biffalo_Buff10/16/073.50

The Ultimate Reality TV Show

 — BDSM leads to live sex TV Show. by SylviSlafford09/27/102.67

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