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Escapades of a Girl Gone Wild

 — She breaks free. by InnerRadiance12/23/033.45

Even More Fucked Up Fairy Tales

 — Is Mother Goose fucking the Brothers Grimm? She is here! by TheBigandBaldGuy10/02/104.28

Every Girl Needs...

 — ...a Sugar Daddy! by rachlou03/09/074.41


 — Annual physical. by punster11/27/153.81

Excel for Dummies

 — Sean gets new Microsoft Office helper on Nude Day. by simply_cyn06/19/044.47


 — Shouldnt a firefighter have a really big cock? by jezebeldelilah05/24/093.35

Expense Report

 — Checking through expense reports he learns something new. by MungoParkIII12/18/073.83

Extra Large Combo with Everything

 — Every Literotica category in one story. by gossog09/29/054.59HOT

Eye of the Beholder

 — A guy kills wife's boyfriend and.... by palles01/25/093.41

F5: Empires of the Stars

 — A few words lead to many possibilities. by PennLady06/16/144.27

Failing Upwards

 — Failure, much like success, is a moving target. by RallyWeasel07/26/12

Fair Sex, But Also Faire Sex

 — An improbable sexual encounter. by maddwill4712/16/143.06

Fairy Godmother's Accident

 — Unlucky and unloved young man gets it all. by Egmont Grigor11/02/054.20

Fairy Moans

 — Why women smell so good. by mmumbles11/16/013.72

Fairy Story

 — The true tale of Sleeping Beauty. by gauchecritic10/16/034.43

Fairy Story

 — An adult fantasy story. by Robin P01/28/074.24

Fall of the Philandering Teacher

 — A Modern Fable. by GymTeacherYouDeserve10/06/173.58

Family Practice

 — Medical student practices exams on her family. by columfa01/23/014.40Editor's Pick

Fangs of Confusion

 — Just a sarcastic story about a boy I once dated. by subwryter02/24/134.12

Fantastic Pussy Voyage

 — Sperm speed spoiler. by GratefulFred09/09/073.88

Fantasy Airline

 — A light look at male fantasy. by Kozure Okami12/03/013.36

Faster, Higher, Stronger,…

 — The most popular Olympics event. by seth_perm08/28/084.72HOT

Fat Sex Secrets

 — Holidays are a time of giving. by jillianparsons09/13/072.29

Faye Fellatio Prequel 01: Halloween

 — Faye treats her neighbours to tricks for her college fund. by brian35811/26/124.51HOT

Female Discomfort

 — Doctor Probem has the cure. by Extreme Bohunk06/20/054.23

Ferry Tales

 — A New Yorker twisted view of Public Transportation. by Krenna Smart01/25/053.00

Fictionrotica's Contest Scandal Ch. 01

 — The fixing of Fictionrotica's Great Divider Contest. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/04/084.00

Fictionrotica's Contest Scandal Ch. 02

 — The fixing of Fictionrotica's Great Divider Contest. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/05/083.67

Fictionrotica's Contest Scandal Ch. 03

 — The fixing of Fictionrotica's Great Divider Contest. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/06/083.30

Field Test 3

 — A scientist and his wife conduct the ultimate experiment by alvinsbook02/04/084.29

Field Test No. 3

 — A couple embarks on a unique scientific experiment. by adamschakowski06/15/093.92


 — Language is no barrier to tryst with French hotel maid. by Hornyman69WithU04/06/074.06

Fifteen Flash Fictions

 — Fifteen 50-Word Stories for your amusement. by foolstop09/15/164.47

Fifty Shades of Brown

 —  A Steampunk parody. by readwrite03/18/163.71

Fifty Shades of Tabby

 — Nothing comes between the love of a lumberjack and his pussy. by MMuradUmar12/22/164.66HOT

Finela's Revenge

 — Am Elf girl's gotta do something to get ahead. by Jenny_Jackson11/08/064.33

Finishing School Handbook

 — The rules and regulations, the demerit system & punishments. by brewster92603/15/104.19

Firelake Films Performance Review

 — A report on Hell's own pornographic production company. by radegast02/01/164.20

First date with Eboni; Skit

 — Everett is single man... by Everettcb09/19/141.50

First Night Back

 — Drunk man thinks co-worker is her husband. by Vinny Smith08/13/054.36

First Time

 — The beginning of his sinning with her. by prettyprincess37us09/20/013.38

First Time Blunders

 — A couple of first timers hit a few roadblocks. by Goldeniangel02/14/054.18

First Time Blunders Ch. 02

 — Too many holes makes for unsatisfying encounter. by Goldeniangel02/16/054.19

First Time Blunders Ch. 03

 — More roadblocks to passionate love-making. by Goldeniangel02/17/054.34

First Time Blunders Ch. 04

 — The joys (and pains) of oral sex. by Goldeniangel02/17/054.19

First Time Blunders Ch. 05

 — Our passionate lovers valiantly try to 69. by Goldeniangel02/28/054.41

First Time Blunders Ch. 06

 — They finally get it right - eventually. by Goldeniangel03/01/054.58HOT

First Time Disaster

 — Perils of trying to score. by Oz9907/19/143.73

Fishing for Terrans

 — Aliens hunting humans learn about our mating habits. by Sean Renaud01/17/104.03

Five Letters & an Epilogue

 — Scots student seeks sex, loses Bawbees. by DoctorSintax01/27/104.50HOT

Flash Fantasy: A Day at the Movies

 — When doing boring work, the mind begins to wander. by cracker_jack08/06/063.90

Flasher Watkins Ch. 1

 — Flasher & Donna put an upscale Miss in the picture. by English-Passion11/29/014.40

Flat Tire

 — Bedroom adventrues after the birth of their huge baby by NEVEREVEN704/28/083.90

Flight Home

 — Returning home after academic conference. by willypaw01/22/034.20

Flirting with Fancy

 — Biographical Experiences Listed As Pickup Lines. by LesbianMuses03/27/154.14

Flowing Deep

 — Writing erotica in creative writing classes. by Affirmation06/02/044.26Editor's Pick

Fly On The Wall

 — A lawyer gets on a jury in attempted murder of the other man. by rpsuch12/05/054.59HOT

Food Fight

 — The guest and his hostess eat in. by wordsmithe01/16/023.82

Food, Rude, Nude & Wooed

 — Bathroom Humor takes a new meaning. by Dingus Guy07/07/044.18

Foolishness: The Sequel

 — A wife's revenge on a young prostitute. by mikeperk08/05/044.33

For Anonymous

 — A story based on various public feedbacks. by susurrus06/13/063.97

For Good Husbands

 — An Infomercial all women need. by Bakeboss12/16/092.94

Fore! Play

 — A golfer's guide to foreplay. by Alexis66102/25/064.67HOT


 — Take your time for the optimal result. by rpsuch05/13/044.35

Forgive Me Father

 — Rowena finds God. by Fridge6304/07/064.18

Four Friends in a Parking Lot

 — We are not an H.R. appropriate group. by SilverCatEyes10/26/074.11

Four Times a Day

 — Fantasies about a maintenance man. by Dingy_Jo07/22/034.38

Foxfire, a Chainsaw and a Pig

 — Preparing for a pig roast. by glynndah05/11/074.24

Frankie's Man, Johnny

 — He was her man - most of the time. by JakeRivers07/28/074.34

Freakish Friday

 — Mother and daughter switch bodies, incest? by MagicWand11/16/034.57HOT

Freaky Tuesday

 — Couple switches bodies; hilarity & sex ensue. by tamalied10/24/064.12

Freddie Retires From Sex Ch. 01

 — For the first time in my life I'm retired from sex and women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/18/084.30

Freddie Retires From Sex Ch. 02

 — For the first time in my life I'm retired from sex and women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/19/084.25

Freddie Retires From Sex Ch. 03

 — For the first time in my life I'm retired from sex and women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/20/084.00

Freddie Retires From Sex Ch. 04

 — For the first time in my life I'm retired from sex and women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER02/21/083.56

Free Pass

 — Flirtatious boss has bluff called by beautiful assistant. by GrampyWriter06/16/064.67HOT

Freedom of Trade

 — Lance enjoys the fruits of free trade. by bradley_stoke01/28/163.89

French Fry Heaven

 — Oliver is granted three wishes. by Ari Fleming03/13/044.25

Frieda the Cat

 — Something very different. by MathGirl11/21/024.54HOT

Friends Give In

 — Childhood friends give in to the attraction. by prettymeankitty08/29/064.26

Frisky Goes To Town

 — Who woulda thought, a million dollar pick up. by Avalanche Man06/21/054.00

From a Finger To a Fist

 — A schizophrenic husband, a chicken coop, and a horny harlot. by Fridge6306/23/063.64

Frontier Incident

 — Translated from Latin to complete your education. by smilodonwriter08/08/024.46

Fuck Tourette's Syndrome 1

 — News and talk - what's on his mind. by maxdname10/23/074.17

Fuck You, Brain

 — Any parents out there forget what it was like before? by RedMonkeyButt05/26/134.55HOTEditor's Pick

Fucked Up Fairy Tales

 — You do not want to read these fairy tales to your kids! by TheBigandBaldGuy05/15/104.55HOT

Fuckin' Virgins

 — An experienced young lady frustrated by a male virgin! by joulie12/18/103.92

Fucking Beauty

 — An erotic twist of an old children's story. by Svenskaflicka12/19/024.18

Fucking Chaos!

 — Boink with Goddess of Chaos saves human race. by Caligatio06/21/024.30

Fucking in the Bible Belt

 — Being the model Baptist minister. by ChaseQ11/02/054.27

Fucking My First Prostitute

 — My first visit to a Nevada Bordello. by Franksstories03/06/154.22

Full Service Doctors Visit

 — The most fun I've had at a doctors visit in a long time. by owensweet11/20/124.13

Fun in a Box

 — This isn't where he fell asleep. by cookandplayer12/14/053.45

Fun With Fannie

 — Afternoon delight with an old friend. by HornyHenry08/01/043.29

Fun With Math

 — Procreation is a numbers game. by gunthernehmen04/01/123.89

Fusty Musty

 — A dirty weekend on Valentine's Day. by hoo_hoo_boo01/21/144.07

G is for Golf

 — For Jack, Golf will never be the same again. by Many Feathers05/31/054.48

Gadget Man Ch. 00

 — Introducing The Man of Many Mishaps. by Transfix06/29/043.62

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