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"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 01

 — Extreme misfortune brings them together. by Kyoketsu_Shoge12/04/084.17

"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 02

 — After the attack, Elena moves in with Alphonse for safety. by Kyoketsu_Shoge12/08/084.28

"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 03

 — Himeko kidnapped, so work together. Alphonse is rewarded. by Kyoketsu_Shoge12/11/084.38

"Don't Miss," He Said Ch. 04 Pt. 01

 — Ave Maria: a night of opera is interrupted by Judas. by Kyoketsu_Shoge12/13/084.37

"Text" Sex

 — He comes home from work and is pleasantly surprised. by sexylolita30107/07/084.33

"Yes, Sir!" Pt. 01

 — Returning home for the holidays... by MythsOfMischief10/13/154.15

$100 Fuck

 — Jamie gives Steve a $100 fuck. by theladycroft09/23/054.11

'Quiinnysentially' Sophie

 — I was her Don but could not resist her charms. by alexcarr06/22/133.79

'Tis Better to Have Loved

 — A story of love lost and self discovery. by headkeeper09/04/014.27

(big A2) Are You OK?

 — Regained opportunities. A chance to lead your life again. by StoriesFromUK06/19/134.38

(big B1) Know The Person Inside

 — Two lonely insecure people get together. by StoriesFromUK06/26/134.44

00:00 in a Red Glow

 — A night of passion and fulfilment in the small hours. by Skallagrigg09/16/083.71

01 - At Last...

 — Two summer friends take the next step. by AnAngelReally12/31/164.24

1 - Absolutely Cuckoo

 — He falls for a stripper. Or rather, she falls on him. by 40DayDream12/15/134.64HOT

100 Years

 — He's grateful for all those years. by shadowluva01/11/073.60

10:00, Late.

 — He was running late and found love. by JimBob4403/01/104.37


 — You find that the landing is a takeoff. by Phoner10/20/023.86

11 Days 'Til Christmas

 — We count down until the big day! by silverace112/20/043.04

12 Steps to Renovation

 — A construction company owner reconnects with a family friend. by Rockofmarriages12/28/164.61HOT

14 Days of Valentines

 — Love amid chocolate kisses for young teacher. by V.Rich01/31/044.30


 — Back then it was all about the earth. by dreampilot7903/25/064.72HOT

18 Hours Together

 — Internet virtual lovers have one night together by invictus1707/12/104.36

1993-94: Homeback

 — Is coming home as wonderful as a soldier dreamed of? by gggsss196208/20/064.08

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 01

 — Book One: The Diary of a Loser - Educating Kaylee by Spartan2202/21/134.67HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 02

 — Helping the cheerleader learn about math, science, and nerds. by Spartan2202/27/134.70HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 03

 — How can she make amends, if it's not too late? by Spartan2203/07/134.76HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 04

 — Can a spoiled cheerleader change her ways or is it too late? by Spartan2203/22/134.78HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 05

 — The truth spills out and the evidence is hard to argue with. by Spartan2204/05/134.79HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 06

 — Thinking of the perfect gift for Luke Patton... by Spartan2204/12/134.81HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 07

 — Daydreams and nightmares. by Spartan2204/24/134.66HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 08

 — Where was Luke? by Spartan2205/04/134.75HOT

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 09

 — Where do they go from here? by Spartan2205/16/134.53HOT

2015 Reader's Choice Awards: Best Romance Story

 — The best of 2015 - as chosen by you, the reader! by Literotica05/29/164.55HOT

24 Degrees

 — The cold weather changed our romantic plans a bit. by Decayed Angel12/16/063.45

24 Gwendolyn

 — 24 hours with the object of your desire, what would you do? by PurpleHazeFL6912/28/054.60HOT

24 Hours (11:00am - 1:00pm)

 — Emotions run high as dressing room gets steamy. by RedHairedandFriendly07/10/054.12

24 Hours (1:00pm-2:00pm)

 — She gives herself over to his loving ministrations. by RedHairedandFriendly07/28/054.25

24 Hours (5:15pm-9:30pm)

 — Slow easy loving, for our wishful dreamers. by RedHairedandFriendly09/08/054.65HOT

24 Hours (9:30pm-5:30am)

 — The final moment of a wish filled fantasy. by RedHairedandFriendly09/13/054.61HOT

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 02

 — 5 years - Dinner with friends. by wieliczka05/03/154.29

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 03

 — 5 years-3 Days, Talking for Closure. by wieliczka05/05/154.33

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 04

 — 5 years-6 Weeks, Visit by her parents. by wieliczka05/06/154.43

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 05

 — 5 years-10 weeks Again. by wieliczka05/08/154.43

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 06

 — 5 years-18 weeks Working it out. by wieliczka05/09/154.40

24 hours, 5 years, 10 months Ch. 07

 — 7 months Forward. by wieliczka05/10/154.36

250B's New Tenants

 — Their first apartment, their first time. by kallie18208/21/033.77

28 Minutes 'Til Saturday Night Live

 — Hot sex goes in a strange direction. by NassauHall01/21/023.79

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 01

 — Book Two: Diary of an Underdog - Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart. by Spartan2205/22/134.76HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 02

 — Letters of love find their way across the ocean. by Spartan2206/07/134.74HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 03

 — Is there such thing as a well-intentioned lie? by Spartan2206/21/134.53HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 04

 — When you wish upon a star... by Spartan2207/08/134.68HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 05

 — All gave some, some gave all. What will Luke give? by Spartan2207/10/134.81HOT

2: Beneath Orion, Worlds Apart 06

 — Coming Home. by Spartan2207/14/134.77HOT

3 A.M.

 — A middle of the night encounter. by latesummernight11/29/034.27

30 - No One Will Ever Love You

 — History, dyslexia, and a hooker. What more could you want? by 40DayDream01/15/144.58HOT

30 Love Ch. 02

 — The ball is in his court now. by Member38902/20/134.77HOT

30 Seconds

 — Make the most of it. by impressive08/12/044.42

30,000 Feet and Falling

 — Reluctant daredevil falls 30,000 feet with her future lover. by camogirl8809/14/08

32 - You're My Only Home

 — A baggy sweatshirt hides a beautiful girl. by 40DayDream12/11/134.60HOT

33 Years Is a Lifetime

 — You can fix the mistakes of the past. by magmaman09/07/094.63HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 01

 — Book Three: The Diary of a Hero - Scars Remain. by Spartan2209/26/134.62HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 02

 — You should have known that there was always only you... by Spartan2210/04/134.79HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 03

 — Taming the beast. by Spartan2211/03/134.76HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 04

 — After the calm and into the center of the storm. by Spartan2211/24/134.70HOT

3: Scars Remain Ch. 05

 — The final chapter. by Spartan2212/24/134.76HOT

3:32 AM

 — Making love in the morning with a lactating woman. by 39_Keeper12/18/034.20


 — A short story of burning desire. by DominAngel01/24/024.41

4-4-4 Nobody at the Bar

 — Derrick flees his evil sister to be lost with another bitch. by CopperSkink01/26/104.50HOT

40 - Papa was a Rodeo

 — A lot lizard and the man who doesn't deserve her. by 40DayDream12/18/134.55HOT

45 - Abigail, Belle of Kilronan

 — Letters from war. by 40DayDream12/19/134.45


 — Mature woman reflects on the loves of her life. by bucetapeluda04/14/114.38

58 - Meaningless

 — An author, a beautiful present and the novel he can't start. by 40DayDream12/24/134.52HOT

7 Cards

 — A romantic dinner out turns into a game of passion. by WanderingGator02/22/124.46

77 North

 — A man faces a difficult decision. by drksideofthemoon10/20/12

7:15 Train

 — Cyber lovers meet for the first time in person. by scoperella10/20/004.38

8 Mile

 — I made a financial arrangement with a homeless woman for sex. by StangStar0607/29/164.85HOT

90% True Ch. 05

 — The aftermath of Keri's party. by rhev01/11/134.52HOT

A Cure For My Headache

 — A description of first "date" with her fiancé. by Chaton04/02/013.44

A 'Perfect' Stranger

 — Sometimes it pays to go in on your day off. by EmeraldKitten02/20/074.64HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 16

 — Good behavior has its rewards. by Wm_Sexspear10/19/024.74HOT

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 27

 — Young lovers spend a long time in the garage. by Wm_Sexspear10/27/024.68HOT

A Baby for Tina

 — Heartbroken young widow wants a child, but gets so much more. by princessmaryann12/02/134.85HOTContest Winner

A Battle of Minds Ch. 06

 — Power or Love - Laura has to decide. by Munachi12/13/134.56HOT

A Bazaar Sweater

 — A sweater brings two lonely hearts together. by gwen_twenty_ten11/13/104.74HOT

A BBW's Garage.

 — An Impala, A BBW, Tommy Flanagan. Need I say more? by AussieBBW05/23/134.22

A Beach Fantasy

 — Two lovers on the beach enjoy each other. by hollywood angel10/25/013.93

A Bear & His Honey

 — Everyone knows a Bear can't resist honey. by cummybear09/20/044.38

A Beautiful Day

 — David & Jenn plan a secret rendezvous. by Passionnee01/05/014.25

A Beautiful Day

 — He loves her enough to miss football. by deniseonfire03/13/024.39

A Beautiful Night

 — Katie and Brian meet for the first time by krystyl25101/19/033.77

A Beautiful Relationship Ch. 01

 — Giving a high school friend a ride home from college. by Secretlit77703/09/134.26

A Beautiful Stranger

 — Life is a series of chain reactions and consequences. by krisR2107/19/154.31

A Beautiful Thing

 — A woman reunited with her sexuality. by rogue_red11/24/044.60HOT

A Bed Of roses

 — Lovers meet for the first time. by Tweak04/22/03

A Bed Time Story

 — Erotic tale of a knight and a lady. by MikeIvy01/05/114.16

A Bed Time Story Ch. 02

 — A erotic tale of a knight and his lady. by MikeIvy01/22/114.71HOT

A Bed Time Story Ch. 03

 — A erotic tale of a knight and his lady. by MikeIvy01/28/114.23

A Bed Time Story Ch. 04

 — A erotic story of a Knight and his lady. by MikeIvy11/10/124.42

A Beginning

 — The tales of which girls used to dream. by rob9920211/30/033.66

A Betrothal Turned Sweet

 — Young woman's troubles turn around. by celestialbeing05/29/084.57HOT

A Birthday at the Lake

 — They share a sensual celebration. by KyBedroomEyes08/05/063.47

A Birthday Gift

 — Demitri gets a birthday gift he wasnt expecting. by S3xyLady10/03/074.27

A Birthday Proposal

 — The best birthday present . by creativetalent09/04/124.57HOT

A Birthday Surprise Ch. 01

 — She goes for an autograph, but gets something more... by MsJenn03/26/104.69HOT

A Birthday Wish

 — Kate makes a wish for her birthday. by ruralgoddess02/13/014.14

A Bittersweet Romance

 — She helps him through a difficult time. by DrTool04/01/154.46

A Blue Million Miles

 — A Scotsman finally meets his American Beauty. by alexander tzara02/08/014.33Editor's Pick

A Blue-Collar Story Ch. 2

 — Scott & Desi continue to fall in love. by captivate07/09/024.51HOT

A Boat Story

 — Come meet me at the harbor. by jkidd09/17/143.80

A Boat Trip

 — A move from the sun deck to the bedroom. by GreatOne9910/28/013.35

A Bolt of Love

 — They strike up a romance. by GotBacon11/06/143.48

A Bottle of Damson Wine

 — Horseman invites her to a party. by Paul4405/29/044.05

A Bound Anniversary

 — Husband's surprise on their special day. by mummys dirty angel07/29/044.48

A Box of Chocolates

 — BBW purchases a box of special chocolates. by Sean Renaud01/22/094.10

A Brief Vacation

 — A new couple on vacation and a happy surprise. by starmanz110/02/112.80

A Broken Halloween

 — Love, loss, and dreams of a future. by Butterfly Guy10/18/064.32

A Broken Heart Ch. 01

 — The end of high school for 18-year-old woman. by cellophanesmile04/18/084.41

A Broken Heart Ch. 02

 — Four years later. by cellophanesmile04/23/084.62HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 03

 — Going out to dinner. by cellophanesmile04/28/084.65HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 04

 — Secrets revealed. by cellophanesmile05/27/084.72HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 05

 — Marriage. by cellophanesmile06/13/084.66HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 06

 — Unexpected visitors. by cellophanesmile06/14/084.63HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 07

 — Reconciliaton? by cellophanesmile07/02/084.67HOT

A Broken Heart Ch. 08

 — The conclusion. by cellophanesmile07/27/084.71HOT

A Building Job

 — A builder builds more than a building. by Cromagnonman01/17/124.70HOT

A Bumbling Suitor

 — A guy wanting to marry can't hold on to a prospect until... by Egmont Grigor07/17/084.36

A Bus Worth Missing

 — A love story between a probation agent and his ex-offender. by trigudis04/14/164.69HOT

A Cabin Far Away

 — Romantic weekend in his private cabin. by kinkynkazoo12/11/034.24

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 01

 — Meeting an old crush on a business trip could lead to?? by Flyingtiger11/09/164.62HOT

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 02

 — Apology dinner stirs the emotions. by Flyingtiger12/27/164.71HOT

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 03

 — A Saturday night out, disaster, and recovery. by Flyingtiger01/04/174.81HOT

A Cad Falls to Grace Ch. 04

 — Taking steps toward a new life, then unexpected setback. by Flyingtiger04/25/174.84HOTNEW

A Café with a View Ch. 03

 — Up Close and Personal (Part 3 of 3). by KingsWoman07/19/154.53HOT

A Captain's Folly

 — Should he ever have left? by ckquail05/11/163.55

A Career Girl Ch. 02

 — A cause for concern? by totallyatease02/03/114.69HOT

A Case of Mistaken Identity

 — Returning from China was all about identity. by Scorpio4405/07/074.56HOT

A Case of Self Defense

 — It wasn't well thought out. by magmaman11/09/104.68HOT

A Casual Encounter

 — One night stand never to be forgotten. by ColetteJulie12/22/153.79

A Chance Encounter

 — I meet a mega hunk. by Cromagnonman03/25/134.42

A Chance Meeting

 — A surprise romance. by Satin and Lace07/03/054.19

A Chance Meeting

 — Their fantasies take them when they let them run. by azaggie03/26/083.16

A Chance Meeting

 — I bought a new car and my life changed. by Scorpio44a02/12/124.43

A Chance Meeting Ch. 1

 — She finds love on her first vacation day. by Queed09/02/003.91

A Chance Meeting Ch. 2

 — They meet again at ball game. by Queed12/23/004.44

A Chance Meeting...Perhaps

 — American Girl in the UK is followed by a local. by Valeryque04/02/013.45

A Chance Meeting...Perhaps Ch. 2

 — Derrin & Isabel pick up where they left off. by Valeryque04/04/014.19

A Chance Reunion

 — High school sweethearts find love. by jimw01/26/024.55HOT

A Chat Room Romance

 — Meeting in chat room leads to real life romance. by Golden Pen04/23/054.34

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