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Romance Stories

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Twelve Roses Of Christmas

 — Huddy sends her on an Adult Scavenger Hunt. by ILuvAnal12/06/034.54HOT

Twenty Four Hours

 — A Romantic/Erotic Day Between A Married Couple. by Sienna02/23/153.89

Twenty-Five Days of Pleasure

 — Jendeh's quest to have sex with 25 people in 25 days. by DDKay04/23/143.40

Twenty-Four Hours Ch. 1

 — Mandy's fantasies turn to reality while sunbathing. by Katchel4u10/12/014.35

Twilight Picnic

 — Two lovers have an appetite for passion. by Suzi04/27/024.27

Twilight Times

 — Story of a dying soldier remembering his first love. by JamesElliott10/03/094.58HOT

Twin Breasts

 — I am hurting but she uses a breast to comfort me. by oggbashan08/26/194.56HOT

Twinkle, Twinkle My Wishing Star

 — Looking for fame and fortune, a woman gets farm life instead. by SusanJillParker02/06/124.01


 — Her words carried through my brain and straight to my heart. by markelly11/10/174.86HOT


 — A double switch! by OneWhoKnows01/06/074.13

Twisted Royal Ch. 01

 — They just needed the money. Now they have to save a kingdom. by AmazingZero02/09/154.26

Twisted Royal Ch. 02

 — They just needed the money. Now they have to save a kingdom. by AmazingZero02/14/154.25

Twists in the Life of Nick

 — Three kids, wife boozing, no sex. What does a guy do? by Egmont Grigor06/16/084.62HOT

Two Americans in Paris

 — The hick and the bush queen find love...or do they? by YDB9501/19/184.67HOT

Two Can Play That Game

 — Two girls on an internship find there's a lot to learn. by dmhco05/20/153.17

Two Divorcees Connect

 — It began with a wink. by Egmont040908/15/094.30

Two Dreams Ch. 01

 — He dreams of her, she dreams of him. by victoriawhita09/22/044.61HOT

Two Dreams Ch. 02

 — David and Shasta's first date. by victoriawhita09/23/044.72HOT

Two Dreams Ch. 03

 — David & Shasta hide at work & make out like crazy. by victoriawhita09/24/044.74HOT

Two Dreams Ch. 04-05

 — Shasta must figure out if she can trust David. by victoriawhita09/25/044.79HOT

Two Dreams Ch. 06

 — David & Shasta dream about each other again. by victoriawhita09/27/044.86HOT

Two Dreams Ch. 07-08

 — Their bed is sizzling. by victoriawhita09/27/044.71HOT

Two For Dinner

 — Just a simple sexy love story. by Cat506/20/034.79HOT

Two for Tiffany Ch. 01

 — Tiffany gets ready for work in the morning. by CindyLangford10/02/113.12

Two Friends

 — Two friends realise their lifelong lust for each other. by Purpleguy181208/05/083.60

Two Gifts in One

 — Is he her Christmas present, or her future? by l8bloom12/05/074.48

Two Girls, One Cupid

 — Two neglected and loveless young ladies catch a Cupid. by Stultus01/27/104.27

Two Good Turns

 — Deserve one another. by Recidiva10/02/054.71HOT

Two Hearts

 — Dating Service finally pays off. by Hocky937708/07/064.55HOT

Two Hearts

 — A Betty B and Raac Romance. by Thomas_Malory05/01/192.82

Two Hearts Desires

 — Voluptuous Lady finds love. by LadyLaurel10/02/023.95

Two Hot to Handle: MMF Romance Pt. 01

 — A MMF Romance: Mari gets more than she bargained for. by aster9105/06/174.43

Two Irish Girls Pt. 02: Goddesses

 — Less hand, more heart. Part 1 belonged in E&V, this less so. by 1r1shman10109/06/184.67HOT

Two Letters

 — A man and a woman find love and happiness. by GatorRick10/29/134.75HOT

Two Lonely Librarians

 — Signing fingers sing their love of silence...and more. by ElderDirt02/24/184.45

Two Lonely People

 — Man suffers crushing loss & searches for love. by JakeRivers01/20/064.73HOT

Two Lonely People

 — Neither had thought they could be happy again. by GWBosh04/05/094.75HOT

Two Lonely People Ch.02

 — She changed her mind about men and made up for lost time. by GWBosh04/08/094.41

Two Lovers

 — Boyfriend comes home to find his girlfriend waiting in bed. by liquidtaj04/11/093.76

Two Lovers Enjoy Each Other

 — Couple savors a sexy, sensual night. by Angel_Glass07/16/104.58HOT

Two Lovers' First Time

 — They fall in love on the Internet. by papasmurf103/01/034.32

Two Many Toes Finds a Husband

 — A young woman loves her brother-in-law. by Cheleste10/31/074.50HOT

Two of Us

 — Becoming more than just friends. by clownprince200812/04/104.64HOT

Two Old Friends

 — Two old high school friends meet. by Baldguy7210/29/123.89

Two Old Lovers

 — It has been 12 years, how will it have changed. by amethystsub02/06/094.29

Two Ordinary People

 — Shelly & Rod had little in common - so they thought. by Dinsmore06/02/064.83HOT

Two Real Places Ch. 1

 — Even dreams can come true, if you want it. by SouthernGirl01/13/014.33

Two Real Places Ch. 2

 — Is it a dream, or is it for real? by SouthernGirl01/14/014.44

Two Ships Passing

 — Near air disaster turns into a sex filled night. by Cat505/28/034.75HOT

Two Souls Ch. 01

 — Two women meet, and connect. by Sam_Wolf02/05/174.25

Two Souls Online

 — Young man, older woman, lovers. by Harrowborg09/03/054.48

Two Strangers

 — A stranger offers assistance to a stranded motorist. by BonnyBlue04/15/123.99

Two Tickets to Paradise

 — Cupid decides to intervene after a missed opportunity. by TallMarriedMan01/22/184.91HOTContest Winner

Two Weeks

 — She has lost the only thing she knows... by Sithiria04/28/114.04

Two Words

 — Words can never truly describe passion. by ItsJordanYouAss02/02/163.56

Two Worlds Collide Ch. 05

 — The conclusion - happy ever after? by rachlou11/22/064.76HOT

Two Wrongs Ch. 02

 — Some things cry out for closure. by magmaman03/11/104.67HOT

Two Years after Valentine's Day

 — Love only comes when you aren't ready. by Munachi01/25/064.47

Two Years Later

 — Guy tracks down a girl he fell in love with at college. by JoeDreamer09/16/134.86HOT


 — He bought more than he planned to. by stev224406/06/154.72HOT

Ujay's Story

 — A cavewoman's story. by LaPatitMort07/23/064.62HOT

Um Ahh

 — For those who hold their partners dear. by gentleoz06/11/033.80

Umbrella in the Rain

 — A lonely traveller is offered an umbrella by a stranger. by subtlekiss12/04/184.56HOT

Unattainable Beauty

 — A beautiful dance performance leads to a date. by JohnHale03/05/134.31

Unbelievable Fate

 — Strangers on a ski trip fall in love. by Steelhand10/09/02HOT

Unbreak My Heart

 — A love story. by TexPlayboy07/11/033.62

Unbreak My Heart...

 — Mind, body and soul, I am bound to you perpetually. by Roxix04/21/064.52HOT

Unbridled Whispers

 — She thought her lust was unrequited. by catslife36505/06/034.42

Uncaged Lust

 — A busty young woman finds a way to uncage her lust. by Ryzrorschach2908/09/184.40


 — She'd made it through another call from her mom. by njoyjade06/18/133.93

Uncle Buck

 — Middle aged widower gets it on with older gals. by R410a12/28/184.77HOT

Uncle Buck Ch. 02

 — Buck finds the right one. by R410a01/01/194.78HOT

Uncle Buck Ch. 03

 — Buck and Mrs. Silverman get together. by R410a01/03/194.80HOT

Uncle Buck Ch. 04

 — Weddings, more grandkids, the golden years. by R410a01/08/194.77HOT

Unconditional Love

 — Policewoman becomes protector to a vulnerable young man. by Pussyrider02/05/084.03

Unconditional Love

 — A family affair and all that comes with it. by AssObsessed10/10/074.36

Unconditional Love Ch. 02

 — The wedding commences, but not before trouble begins again. by AssObsessed09/28/154.40

Unconditional Love Ch. 03

 — The gang goes south for the wintertime. by AssObsessed10/01/154.55HOT

Unconditional Love Ch. 05

 — Campus craziness and best laid plans. by AssObsessed12/05/154.69HOT


 — A model and a midget? by bignsassy81802/08/104.43

Under Life

 — Second Missy Story by JayDiver07/04/164.70HOT

Under One Sun

 — Heather and Fern are two sisters on a summer pilgrimage. by bradley_stoke10/15/153.83

Under the Evergreen

 — Two lovers meet beneath the bows of the tree by ggroyale11/11/094.32

Under The Mistletoe

 — She receives two gifts for the holidays. by justboycrazy11/11/063.30

Under the Mistletoe

 — Classmates meet up years later to fulfill fantasy. by bb_peaks12/17/084.15

Under the Mistletoe (Or How I Came)

 — A tacky Christmas tie, an office party, and love. by DenverWanderer12/18/084.33

Under the Moon

 — A romance in the parking lot. by simcock02/26/044.23

Under the Perseids

 — He meets his past beneath the stars. by James Cody08/31/104.19

Under the Pier

 — She is torn between two different lovers. by LargoKitt12/06/074.24

Under the Stars

 — Tyson and Sarah have an outdoor adventure to remember... by Thricetimes6904/06/144.33

Under the Stars

 — Karen is taken by James on the golf course. by texascouple107/22/153.67

Under The Street Light

 — Melissa & Michael heat it up. by Carson Michael06/23/034.11

Under the Wild Wyoming Skies

 — Was Jack running from love or trying to find it? by rwsteward11/23/174.83HOT

Under the Willow Tree

 — Making love to you was everything I dreamed of...literally. by LoreLai10/23/084.68HOT

Underneath the Mask

 — A popular and troubled girl & the one guy she can't control. by CruelToBeKind711/09/084.49

Underneath the Mask Ch. 02

 — She sets her conquest. by CruelToBeKind701/21/094.61HOT

Underneath Your Clothes

 — A simple note on his wind shield leads to passion. by AGreatAndTerribleBeauty01/02/084.17


 — Ordinary people find each other. by madengineer306/12/074.52HOT

Undetermined Boundaries

 — Meagan meets with an unlikely hero twice in one night. by Breezy11512/05/064.67HOT

Undetermined Boundaries Ch. 02

 — Meagan lets her temper flare. by Breezy11512/13/064.77HOT

Undetermined Boundaries Ch. 03

 — Meagan deals with the repercussions of hitting Michael. by Breezy11512/23/064.75HOT

Undetermined Boundaries Ch. 04

 — Meagan and Andy discover the full extent of the destruction. by Breezy11501/25/074.50HOT


 — Jasmine meets a stranger from the internet. by Diego_da_Silva02/01/144.57HOT


 — Reunited with the first person that ever broke her heart. by ShatterMe05/18/144.13

Unexpected Attraction

 — I have a relationship with a transwoman. by sbrooks103x11/12/184.47

Unexpected Encounters

 — Some dominant women help me find my true love. by sadbluekid10/31/154.50HOT

Unexpected Gifts

 — Couple get VERY surprising Valentine's gifts. by the brothers cum01/24/063.67

Unexpected Gifts

 — She's stranded at the station before Christmas. by PennLady12/05/094.74HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 01

 — Fight or flight. by Ada Stuart02/24/084.64HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 02

 — Pure lust. by Ada Stuart03/14/084.70HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 03

 — Losing control. by Ada Stuart03/27/084.79HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 04

 — A midnight bath. by Ada Stuart04/03/084.72HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 05

 — Make me come. by Ada Stuart04/15/084.80HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 06

 — Pleasure me. by Ada Stuart04/24/084.81HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 07

 — The pleasures of outdoor life. by Ada Stuart05/01/084.83HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 08

 — Easing some tensions. by Ada Stuart05/15/084.77HOT

Unexpected Guest Ch. 09

 — A slave to my needs. by Ada Stuart10/30/084.77HOT

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