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Romance Stories

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Adrift and Lonely

 — Karen's married and jobless guy. by Egmont040905/30/094.57HOT

Adrift In The Maybe Sea

 — They take it to the ocean. by Carson Michael07/22/034.27

Adulterous Ecstasy

 — Amazing fucking with random guy. by Aphreya07/15/124.08

Adventure Can Be Such Fun

 — We watch each other masterbate by 2sweetforu03/09/03HOT

Adventure on the Seas

 — Sailing with a 'friend' leads to intimacy. by upstatenyhotspot07/08/013.07

Adventure on Vacation

 — Passionate adventure on a vacation. by mojohit11/03/154.00

Adventures Abroad

 — Two lovers reunite in Europe. by sexytraveler04/14/134.22

Adventures as a BBS sysop Ch. 01

 — My greatest love part 1 by REGG6010/01/134.30

Adventures in Housesitting

 — Things you shouldn't do in someone else's bed. by janevalenz08/20/034.19

Adventures in Role Play

 — A couple's night out in a hotel. by jmbasquiat_fan05/14/043.96

Adventures in Rosieland Ch. 06

 — What goes around, comes around. by SteveGx07/19/153.67

Adventures in Rosieland Ch. 07

 — Rosie's scheming lands her in trouble again. by SteveGx05/31/164.00

Adventures of City Girl

 — The perfect seduction. by city_girl07/24/074.74HOT

Adventures of John and Holly Ep. 01

 — Open minded college lovers. by JohnMorrison05/05/054.67HOT

Adventures with Leslie Ch. 24

 — Everyone takes a day to Cool off, including Brooke. by icumonyourshoes10/11/074.66HOT


 — A rough beginning makes for a good end. by bassbelly05/07/084.22

Affair of the Heart

 — Beth and John's email affair takes a different turn. by BlueJerseyGirl02/10/124.06

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager

 — Innocent office function spawns romance. by PottersWheel12/05/044.71HOT

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 03

 — The wonders of after hours banking. by PottersWheel12/11/044.87HOT

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 04

 — A wondrous Saturday matinee. by PottersWheel12/13/044.86HOT

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 05

 — The Bank Branch Christmas Party. by PottersWheel12/18/044.83HOT

Affair of the Trainee & the Manager Ch. 06

 — At last, a weekend together. by PottersWheel12/19/044.78HOT

Affair with a Telugu Woman

 — Affair with a Telugu woman. by smartalex197812/16/144.32

Affairs of the Heart Ch. 01

 — Lynn and Jake find themselves in a tangled love affair. by Story_Spinner12/06/094.64HOT

Affairs of the Heart Ch. 02

 — The truth comes out and they lived happily ever after... by Story_Spinner02/04/104.40


 — Kabir gets the chance of a lifetime. by notjustanotherguy04/24/102.33

Affirmation of Love

 — After affirming vows, wife gifts him a precious gift. by cdhawkeye96a07/04/064.37

Afraid of Women Until...

 — Tale of a man who ultimately gets it all. by Egmont Grigor07/17/054.14

Afraid to Get Married

 — To get married or lose her - he had to choose. by DG Hear01/30/064.56HOT

After 25

 — Trista deals with life after age twenty five. by HRose12/18/113.12

After A Long Day

 — Man comes home to loving wife. by Hammerfist09/19/034.57

After A Long Day Ch. 02

 — She seeks stress release; you provide it. by Hammerfist09/27/034.38

After A Long Wait

 — You lose yourself in her after being apart. by Amalthea06/25/034.50HOT

After Bath

 — Couple enjoys light snack. by Melody_lane10/20/004.27

After Class in His Office

 — She has a few questions for her professor after class. by girlinblue03/04/144.05

After Cyber Sex

 — Masturbation in the shower. by 123hopeless09/29/074.00

After Dinner Kitchen Sex

 — First person narrative description of hot sex after dinner. by kinkywomanlove03/04/134.07

After Dinner Mints

 — One of my fantasies about after dinner. by Asher09/09/013.00

After His Bath

 — Once his needs are tended to, he tends to hers. by ForeverHisLady08/07/054.46

After Hours Massage

 — He gives his manager a full body massage. by pirateroberts696904/14/064.53HOT

After Hours with Vanessa

 — Me and a coworker have sex one innocent night. by lifesabeach8402/19/093.76

After Hours: Coworkers

 — Coworkers finally take their relationship to the next level. by Kinkshame03/31/184.14

After Shiloh

 — Northern reporter rescues southern widow. by Silverstag09/27/054.68HOT

After The Accident

 — My life continued on after the accicent. by DG Hear03/14/074.80HOT

After The Ballet

 — Even bastards can be seduced. by fishgullet10/26/044.48

After the Christmas Party

 — A stroll back to remember what happened after the party.. by outta_control_again12/13/074.46

After The Club

 — A tale of sex and love to inspire us. by bonzo8502/02/054.25

After the Concert

 — First the music, then the love. by DJStormtrooper4209/06/084.33

After The Dust Had Settled

 — Young musician finds love and redempton. by MoogPlayer04/30/084.84HOT

After The Fight

 — I punish you in a wild and naughty way. by creativetalent04/10/124.15

After The Fire

 — The Autumn morning air was crisp... by bamachick7405/19/123.89

After the Funeral

 — Sappy character story about an interracial couple. by PoissonSurLaLune05/28/114.13

After The Game

 — A bad night turns good. by Slickman04/21/15

After the Hurting is Done

 — A story of rekindling love. by Wedge_A04/25/184.11

After the Movie

 — Ed and Tina have been friends for years. by queenofmyworld09/23/093.23

After the Reception

 — Party starts when couple's alone. by Jon T10/20/002.64

After the Surprise Massage

 — His wife asks a favor. by Maverickusn05/09/104.14

After the Surprise Massage Ch. 02

 — Setting up for his wife's favor. by Maverickusn05/10/104.62HOT

After the Wedding

 — Romance in the Blizzard. by SierraSprite09/23/144.61HOT

After the Win Pt. 01

 — SURPRISE!!! I won!!! by WF0603/01/174.61HOT

After the Win Pt. 02

 — Surprises by a friend. by WF0603/02/174.69HOT

After the Win Pt. 03

 — New home, New wife, New in-laws & maybe jail. by WF0603/03/174.63HOT

After the Win Pt. 04

 — New family and a new business. by WF0603/04/174.63HOT

After the Win Pt. 05

 — The ranch and corporate jets. by WF0603/05/174.61HOT

After Tom

 — A new man may perhaps fill the hole left... by fabfables07/30/134.44

After Work

 — You return home after a bad work day. by daveray11/28/044.29

After Work Friday

 — Dawna goes out after work with her workmates for a beer.... by DewMee02/25/144.12

After Work Fuck

 — When a husband comes home...and knows what he wants by Promiscuousme12/22/133.81


 — Missy's Story finish. by JayDiver07/21/164.90HOT


 — The final story in the 'New Lives' Collection. by RAnthonyC10/06/164.03

Afternoon By The Pool

 — Lovers having a delightful afternoon. by tnredneckchic08/08/044.29

Afternoon Delight

 — Picnic in the park; skinny dipping for dessert. by ZZ_Todd10/30/064.00

Afternoon Delight

 — He finds her home, alone, & waiting for her husband. by Cobbler102311/05/074.48

Afternoon Delight

 — Kara dreams of him. by menensia01/16/184.39

Afternoon Encounter

 — Straight exchange between two lovers. by GrapeApeGuy10/23/053.88

Afternoon Tea Ch. 01

 — Sophie & Cole take tea but something is on Cole's mind. by inviolate06/10/094.32

Afternoon Tea Ch. 02

 — A misunderstanding is cleared up. by inviolate06/11/094.33

Afternoon Tea Ch. 03

 — Sophie is hiding her feelings and Cole is suspicious. by inviolate06/12/094.33

Afternoon Tea Ch. 04

 — The tables are turned and a secret revealed. by inviolate06/16/094.39

Afternoon Tea Ch. 05

 — Sophie bares her soul to Cole. Among other things. by inviolate06/17/094.57HOT

Afternoon Tea Ch. 06

 — Cole explains his secret shame. by inviolate06/18/094.30

Afternoon Tea Ch. 07

 — The lovers, together in Rome. by inviolate06/19/094.69HOT

Afternoon to Forever Ch. 01

 — A meeting with an old friend takes a long desired turn. by writerofsex01/29/124.11

Afternoon Trim

 — He shaves her. by Pippac01/15/09HOT

Afternoon Tryst

 — A lightly kinky couple's hotel afternoon. by MsMariner03/17/173.38

Afternoon with My First Girlfriend

 — A guy's first girlfriend comes over for a few days. by ScotishBlue01/10/134.07


 — Two lovers reunite. by Bambiaqui12/24/004.42


 — A tale of matchmaking success. by scottish_lass8003/26/024.18


 — The sweet torment of finding an old friend. by flamekitten08/23/074.57HOT


 — He pulled into the drive to find his precious angel waiting. by CountryBoy8504/06/124.38

Again & Again

 — She seemingly had the same feelings about him. by sc43dpr08/06/063.64

Again Ch. 2

 — From matchmaking to love. by scottish_lass8004/02/024.44

Against All Odds

 — It comes when you expect it least... by Andreina10/08/014.46

Against the Odds Ch. 01

 — Two self-reliant loners meet and begin to find their destiny. by Egmont Grigor11/21/064.62HOT

Against the Odds Ch. 02

 — Troy's theory works, the heiress is snatched. by Egmont Grigor11/21/064.74HOT

Against the Odds Ch. 03

 — Ellis is kidnapped by two greedy uncles but it ends well. by Egmont Grigor11/23/064.76HOT

Against the Odds Ch. 04

 — Troy and Ellis go on their first date. by Egmont Grigor11/28/064.71HOT

Against the Odds Ch. 05

 — A great day brings glory, redemption and bonding. by Egmont Grigor11/29/064.78HOT

Against the Wall Ch. 01

 — Mysterious guy walks into her club... by TruBlu31808/06/114.37

Against the Wind Ch. 01

 — An unlikely pair come together - or do they? by loganforester07/10/094.56HOT

Age Not Always an Issue

 — Older guy drops carpark security to team with a filmmaker. by Egmont Grigor01/09/094.61HOT


 — Part 6 of Jen and Jason, they come to an agreement. by astuffedshirt_perv06/13/134.62HOT

Ah Hawaii...

 — A perfect vacation for two in Paradise. by Speakeasy05/29/024.53HOT

Ahhh Rosie....

 — She works in a diner. by Cindersglasslipper02/04/044.70HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 01

 — A lonely guy converting a boat begins meeting females. by EgmontOriginals05/06/164.51HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 02

 — The older, beautiful and almost sultry sister arrives. by EgmontOriginals05/07/164.60HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 03

 — The full-on sister arrives to work on the boat. by EgmontOriginals05/10/164.71HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 04

 — Locals turned out to meet Alan's new lady. by EgmontOriginals05/11/164.74HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 05

 — A most memorable 24 hours of joy and surprise. by EgmontOriginals05/12/164.77HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 06

 — Something was up; Alan had called Lydia's mother. by EgmontOriginals05/14/164.71HOT

Ahoy Miranda Ch. 07

 — The launching and a hugely surprising announcement. by EgmontOriginals05/15/164.75HOT

Aiding and Abetting

 — The good guys don't always finish last. by leapyearguy03/27/074.78HOT

Aingeal in the Dark

 — out of captivity. by sacrificedangel10/04/114.82HOT

Air Force Base Lonliness

 — Two dependants, spouses away, find what they are missing. by Gruplinort05/15/104.41

Air Possum

 — Redneck chic. by qhml105/03/134.85HOT

Airplanes Aren't Supposed to Break

 — Emergency landing at nudist camp leads to romance. by dreampilot7906/17/054.73HOT

Airport Arrival

 — Sexy wife greets husband at airport. by ckklover09/03/044.03

Airstream Dreams

 — Funny how things can go from bad to great in no time at all. by coaster206/04/114.66HOT

Akeem and Natalie Ch. 01

 — A couple decides to forgo sex to focus on their relationship. by MrSweetdreams12/13/174.44

Akeem and Natalie Ch. 02

 — Akeem and Natalie create code words and safe words. by MrSweetdreams12/14/174.81HOT

Al-You Make Me Smile Again

 — Al and Pam spend an afternoon together. by barefootcowgirl02/04/194.37

Alabama Shadows

 — A cherished memory of the most sensual man she ever knew. by sirensong4709/06/024.25

Alabaster Purity with a Flaw

 — A man regarding all women as whores recants. by Egmont Grigor05/11/054.29

Alarmed by the Seduction

 — A young woman reflects on why she succumbed to a lothario. by triptoceylon12/31/104.32

Alaskan Desires

 — It was the dream that Jax and Hank could've only hoped for. by MissKittensMittens11/04/123.85


 — Love lost and found. by psg09/05/054.24

Albert and Lucinda

 — His Valentine's gift keeps on giving. by Scaramouche12302/03/114.54HOT

Alejandro's Song

 — She's known heartbreak more than once. Will it happen again? by SydneyBlake06/14/124.74HOT


 — Warrior sacrifices life and love for the cause. by James Cody09/01/004.27

Alex and Katie

 — Couple looks at their marriage on Valentine's Day. by jdocubs01/25/073.85

Alex Ch. 01

 — Welcome to the world of the rich, drunk and pretentious. by HappilyM01/05/074.62HOT

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