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Welcome Home

 — Woman welcomes man home from work. by Jennyeou08/08/054.53HOT

Welcome Home

 — Shandra comes home to Nicholas. by chdblvz08/11/064.17

Welcome Home

 — The joy of a new love, welcoming home from work. by Megin11/03/064.67

Welcome Home

 — A young man can't avoid the memories of his lover. by drscar10/02/064.23

Welcome Home

 — You come home to a surprise. by dv1114904/21/094.12

Welcome Home

 — He remembers welcoming her home. by Crafty_Linguist04/09/114.36

Welcome Home

 — He wants to surprise her, she does it. by RjThoughts01/25/134.14

Welcome Home

 — She always wants to be welcomed home this way. by DaleBeaverton06/01/164.33

Welcome Home Ch. 01

 — A woman welcomes home her man. by polynosic04/05/074.20

Welcome Home, Andy

 — Unexpected things happen all the time to the heart by Route66Girl12/19/024.79HOTContest Winner

Welcome Home, Darling

 — A man comes home from work to his fantasy. by lolacorolla200403/04/064.14

Welcome Home, Darling

 — A woman works up the courage to ask for what she wants. by wyckedwytch01/05/184.22

Welcome Home, Handsome

 — She just wants to feel him inside her. by missypleased12/04/124.17

Welcome Home, Soldier

 — Desert Storm Veteran reunites with his wife. by Tawny Brown05/09/054.60HOT

Welcome to Population

 — A drive home that almost killed Joy. by Zircon07/11/034.75HOT

Welcomed Thunder

 — Even Mother Nature has her reasons. by Ladyvrb10/16/044.36

Well Played Ch. 01

 — He's sexually harrassing you...and you LIKE it? by Firebrain03/06/114.51HOT

Well Played Ch. 02

 — Harper and Ben's pact: get laid, or cry trying... by Firebrain03/10/114.71HOT

Well Played Ch. 03

 — More filth than either of them bargained for... by Firebrain03/20/114.86HOT

Wendy & The Shoes

 — A touching moment of play and tenderness. by Quillman10/17/044.58HOT

Wendy Ch. 02

 — The red-headed woman. by jjcole02/01/104.62HOT

Wendy Ch. 03

 — A new life. by jjcole02/05/104.79HOT

Went Fishing, Got Hooked

 — A man finds himself in the right place at the right time. by wilderness04/16/034.55HOT

Wet Dreams

 — A girl has erotic dreams. by Iscaa02/27/134.32

Wet Slippery Surprisingly Warm

 — A guy more than remembers his first fuck. by egmontgrigor201005/26/104.63HOT

Wet Weekend

 — A story of modern love. by wendyScott07/07/083.64

Wetting Myself

 — She gets wild and dirty. by hema_willams11/14/054.33

Whale's Tale

 — Heating up a cold Alaska night. by MaverickSDM11/23/164.00

Wharf Rat

 — And the blind man said, "don't you see?" by jack_straw02/06/074.63HOT

What a Beautiful Day

 — She expects a proposal of marriage. by Desdmona09/04/034.61HOT

What a Day - Pam Ch. 01

 — Starting a new job comes with good benefits. by up-for-anything04/27/074.23

What a Dull Night

 — Man meets dream girl at party. by Vasdefrn10/22/004.62HOT

What a Fucking Girl

 — A romance story. by TheStarryEyedDreamer07/29/164.41

What a Long Strange Trip

 — A most unexpected road trip, a most unexpected companion. by eidetic03/23/184.85HOT

What a Lovely Way to Burn...

 — Young woman is guided by a gentle lover. by WomanChild01/17/024.46

What a View

 — Balcony sex leads to a surprise. by KarennaC05/20/083.95

What A Way To Have A Breakdown

 — She repays him for his help. by luvstoplay6908/28/034.34

What are Friends For Ch. 01

 — Yearning to help her learn to live. by eclecticlynx02/03/074.63HOT

What are Friends For Ch. 02

 — A limousine ride. by eclecticlynx03/17/074.29

What Can I Do to Make You Love Me?

 — A confession of love. by youdonwannaknow03/19/074.55HOT

What Comes Back to Haunt You

 — Some mistakes you can't undo. But some you can. by CWatson09/24/094.30

What Did I Do To Deserve This? Ch. 01

 — Moray meets a stranger at a party. by ZealouslyJaded08/14/173.88

What Dreams May Bring

 — Ally finds more than relaxation in her dreams. by Shancarra09/04/064.10

What Dreams May Cum

 — Hiking trip takes an erotic turn. by tonia047602/21/063.45

What Goes Around Comes Around

 — A psychic biker's tale of sex & relationships. by jon.hayworth12/26/014.49

What Goes Around... Ch. 03

 — The conclusion. by Blue8811/07/063.88

What Happened On St. Pat's Day

 — No wife when he arrives home, but a female leprechaun appears. by TabooTeller07/28/094.16

What Happened To Forever?

 — Heartbroken woman places Internet personal ad. by sweetie4you07/05/034.53HOT

What Happens Here Stays Here

 — Your chat buddy meets you in Vegas. by Speakeasy03/24/054.77HOT

What Happens Here...

 — One fantastic night. by Thucydides08/17/164.60HOT

What Happens in Vegas...

 — Does it really stay in Vegas? by HLD07/29/064.63HOT

What I Always Wanted For Christmas

 — Michael asks Raven to marry him. by Tiggles0710/02/034.72HOT

What I Couldn't Believe

 — She never thought she would be good enough for him. by oreolover1310/24/164.25

What I Love

 — What she loves about making love. by raphy12/26/034.50HOT

What If It Hadn't Rained?

 — There must be thousands of 'what ifs' in everyone's life. by Gale8205/08/12HOT

What If? Ch. 01

 — A look at a road not taken... by PaulStevens05/11/114.62HOT

What If? Ch. 02

 — Brandon and Katy's relationship grows deeper. by PaulStevens05/12/114.61HOT

What If? Ch. 03

 — Plans for the future are made as the cruise wraps. by PaulStevens05/13/114.36

What If? Ch. 04

 — Katy and brandon visit Chicago. by PaulStevens05/14/114.71HOT

What If? Ch. 05

 — The newlyweds face the challenges of a secret marriage. by PaulStevens05/15/114.51HOT

What If? Ch. 06

 — Brandon and Katy are found out. by PaulStevens05/16/114.41

What If? Ch. 07

 — Life after Katy. by PaulStevens05/17/114.40

What If? Ch. 08

 — Katy reenters Brandon's life. by PaulStevens05/18/114.52HOT

What If? Ch. 09.1

 — Katy cheers up Brandon. by PaulStevens05/19/114.65HOT

What If? Ch. 09.2

 — Brandon finds out the truth about Katy's return. by PaulStevens05/20/114.63HOT

What If? Ch. 12

 — Starting a family at last. by PaulStevens05/23/114.55HOT

What Is It

 — How intimate is a kiss with a stranger? by sammy 200603/12/064.47

What is True Love Really? Ch. 01

 — The Death of Love. by LeggoMyEars06/04/103.62

What is True Love Really? Ch. 02

 — The Discovery Process. by LeggoMyEars06/07/103.42

What It Means to Fall in Love

 — A workaholic finds time for love--in the back of a limo. by semolina07/06/104.74HOT

What Might Have Been

 — Probation agent and offender re-connect on different time. by trigudis04/19/184.27NEW

What Now, Dad?

 — Adjusting to a spouse's death. by Thucydides06/21/154.77HOT

What She Needed

 — And it wasn't just sex, go figure. by woodnymph4202/02/043.77

What The Future Holds

 — James is betrayed. Can he find it in his heart to forgive? by double_entendre01/15/114.36

What The Heart Doesn't Know

 — Abused women-child finds love in an unsuspecting place. by arisamorak04/25/124.30

What The Heart Doesn't Know Ch. 02

 — Problem of parents solved, but what about the twins.....? by arisamorak04/26/124.54HOT

What the Heart Holds

 — She remembers... by Redneck Woman5602/16/064.74HOT

What the Heart Wants Ch. 00-01

 — With a pending wedding, Chanel is set to wed her fiancee, Eric. by QueenOfTheNile08/09/173.96

What The Thunder Said

 — She meets the man of her dreams while on vacation. by azaleababe02/02/023.48

What They Both Want

 — Married woman wants younger man. by alw706/29/093.90

What To Do About Harry?

 — A love story. by darkrivers03/10/034.34

What To Do?

 — She was with my cousin, what was I to do? by DG Hear06/23/114.56HOT

What to Say at a Naked Party

 — Small talk is appropriate but actions speak louder. by damppanties06/26/134.66HOT

What We Both Desire

 — He has always loved her. by Ixnay02/20/074.33

What We Do For Our Children Ch. 02

 — Working things out. by wieliczka07/15/144.15

What You Can Do with Your Fingers

 — Sculpture can reveal much about the inside of an artist. by LargoKitt08/01/074.00

What You Don't Know Ch. 01

 — Layla asks her lover for an anatomy lesson. by emos07/19/074.50

What You See is What You Get

 — Battered ex-wife finds herself and love. by Alex De Kok07/12/074.64HOTContest Winner

What You Were Thinking...

 — ...when you saw me bra-less. by PnkOcelot05/16/084.23

What's A Girl To Do

 — A very angry young woman is helped by an older man. by sirloy09/26/074.53HOT

What's a Girl To Do? Ch. 01

 — She loves both, but which will she choose? by Aliyahlovinsex10/17/054.38

What's Love Got to Do with It?

 — A couple struggling to grow their relationship. by ChuckEPoo11/12/174.37

What's Under a Kilt?

 — A story of a question asked, and answered. by TartanTeaser03/14/014.12


 — Matt could have never imagined how he'd find true love. by bbare06/16/164.40

Whatever Happened to Sarah Hawkins?

 — My Sarah goes missing. by Cromagnonman03/12/144.46

Whatever It Takes

 — Guy gives the woman he loves a night to remember. by PoeticAvarice06/03/124.31

Whatever Will Be, Will Be

 — Finding each other after many lifetimes. by ElderDirt12/22/174.38

Whatever You Say Ch. 01

 — He thought he would never see her again. by vanier78901/30/074.57HOT

Whatever You Say Ch. 02

 — Sparks fly in the coffee shop. by vanier78902/06/074.67HOT

Whats Good for the Goose...

 — Bi sexual. by alexcarr07/26/104.07


 — She wants a wedding but he thinks no. by RichardGerald05/09/154.02

When a Door Closes Ch. 01

 — Alexis helps a stranger after a breakup, and then... by quietseductress08/14/104.25

When An Affair Is Fair

 — Sometimes love can baffle you. by snath02/03/163.16

When Deployment Ends... Ch. 01

 — A couple reunites after seven months apart. by kitty00706/18/094.25

When Deployment Ends... Ch. 02

 — A couple reunites after seven months apart. by kitty00707/23/094.35

When He Plays Piano in the Dark

 — When an artist loves, he loves deeply and profoundly. by avrgblkgrl01/08/154.67HOT

When He Smiles

 — A profession of love. by MabelCinnamon01/17/104.30

When Hearts Meet

 — Lovers meeting for the first time. by cuddles14002/08/054.33

When help is needed

 — Who can you turn to when help is needed? by Cromagnonman03/19/084.51HOT

When I Loved You

 — Unrequited love and frustrated self sex. by marla_gillis04/10/124.32

When I See You Again

 — Two lovers reunite after months apart. by MidnightBlue9403/31/134.06

When in Rome...

 — Eve can't resist an older man charms. by Miss_Jude06/11/153.65

When Instinct Takes Control

 — Instinct guides her to do things she has never done before. by hugsandkisses230001/23/094.05

When Irises Bloom

 — Neighbor brings flower cuttings to Mary. by Tom Davis10/18/003.73

When It Rains At Midnight

 — The barrier of time is washed away for two lovers. by desertkat09/01/074.72HOT

When It Rains, It Pours

 — It was the best rainy day of her adult life. by Honey12310/05/044.55HOT

When Martin met Hannah

 — Story of how I met, dated and fucked my future wife... by rascaloriginal07/25/174.51HOT

When Nightmares Lead To Love

 — Ruby finds love after creeping through the house. by curlyandcurvy08/15/034.46

When Red is Golden

 — Sparks fly when shy boy meets shy girl in college. by techsan11/03/064.73HOT

When Sam Met Jim

 — Adventurous romance between man & woman. by tolyk02/08/044.12

When She Became Immortal

 — They finally enjoy themselves completely. by All by myself03/27/034.29

When She Tries To Deceive

 — She uses me to fool her parents. by islandmike5210/05/104.20

When the Lights Went Out

 — In a world of horrors, Megan finds love in Brandon's arms. by GhostHunterDude03/26/144.68HOT

When the Lights Went Out Ch. 02

 — Brandon and Megan marry. She meets an old friend of Brandon by GhostHunterDude04/08/144.57HOT

When The Stars Align Ch. 01

 — You sat on my lap and told my friends you were my sex toy. by markelly10/22/134.81HOT

When The Stars Align Ch. 02

 — Even the blind girl can see through you. by markelly10/23/134.79HOT

When The Stars Align Ch. 03

 — I need you to be the bravest you have ever been. by markelly10/24/134.84HOT

When the Time is Right

 — Night of lovemaking is intense for you and me. by reginadelsesso10/15/064.25

When the World Ends

 — He had been in this daze for weeks. by shadowluva01/11/074.37

When Thunder Rolls Ch. 01

 — April, 1865 and he wants the war behind him. by YouDidWhut12/06/174.85HOT

When Thunder Rolls Ch. 02

 — A promise kept, a promise made, Thaddeus returns. by YouDidWhut02/28/184.86HOT

When Two Become as One

 — Husband and wife become more romantic and intimate by keithswest02/20/073.40

When was the Last Time You Ate

 — Old Geezer befriends vagabond girl who falls for him. by tsar710/17/174.08

When we danced to Revel's Bolero

 — Extension of my poem. by alexcarr04/12/11

When We First Meet

 — A first encounter and beginning of your relationship. by Badsector02/22/092.00

When We Get to San Francisco…

 — The promised sequel to Grand Island. by YDB9509/21/144.78HOT

When We Meet

 — You have an erotic encounter with a stranger. by dhartford11/21/034.27

When We Were Younger

 — Old friends are best. by Ranchstories04/08/144.40

When What To My Wondering Eyes...

 — One is never too old to hope. by Phrenetic_Ice03/28/054.64HOT

When Words Are Not Needed

 — She comes home to a romantic surprise. by playfulcoupleinlove09/15/074.20

When Work Becomes Pleasure

 — Sarah gets satisfaction from her boss. by Nyissa11/29/044.04

When You Get Home...

 — A sexy note for his wife, who is away overnight for work. by TravelingThroughLife06/16/164.42

When You Know Ch. 01

 — A jilted woman meets an exciting younger man. by laf19901/03/174.78HOT

When You Know Ch. 02

 — Vicky attends Joe's law school graduation. by laf19901/12/174.77HOT

When You Know Ch. 03

 — Vicky and Joe escape the city and grow closer. by laf19901/22/174.78HOT

When You Know Ch. 04

 — Joe seeks the approval of the Mullens. by laf19902/09/174.72HOT

When You Know Ch. 05

 — Vicky and Joe make life changing decisions. by laf19904/11/174.73HOT

When You Know Ch. 06

 — Joe and Vicky seek a happy ending. by laf19904/24/174.89HOT

Whence Behan

 — Early days for Mark Behan. by GrandTeton03/17/174.65HOT

Where Angels Fear to Tread

 — Fallen Angel works to gain his wings back. by Daniellekitten02/10/084.44

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