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Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 03

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/09/084.59HOT

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 04

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/10/084.52HOT

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 05

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/12/084.56HOT

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 06

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/13/084.54HOT

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 07

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/15/084.47

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 08

 — A hard start, can things get easier? by bigmonkeypie03/16/084.77HOT

Will I Learn To Love? Ch. 09

 — A hard start, can things get easier? The final chapter. by bigmonkeypie03/22/084.58HOT

Will It Work Out?

 — Sometimes you just have to go for it. by DG Hear07/03/064.71HOT

Will There Be Enough?

 — Your 27th wedding anniversary night heats. by NomduPlume02/15/044.67HOT

Will They Click?

 — Woman and man meet for the first time after meeting online. by CallieW02/06/093.86

Will This Come True?

 — What happens after you read the story? by pour-femme12/07/054.50HOT

Will You Go With Me?

 — Leigh falls for co-worker. by dragontatto11/30/064.79HOT

Will You Marry Me, Revisited

 — Sometimes you get a second chance to love. by chatbug06/16/044.70HOT

Will You Marry Me?

 — Young man pops the question, and she says... by chatbug06/15/044.11

Willing Time Ch. 01

 — Karen's Story Continues. by AngelSand08/21/174.47

Willing Time Ch. 02

 — Next steps in Karen and Jamie's relationship. by AngelSand01/13/184.69HOT

Willingly Forced

 — A bedroom misunderstanding. by HoldsTheLeash07/15/102.32


 — Ross finds himself hopelessly in love. by Moondrift04/29/054.79HOT

Willow Finds Her Devotee

 — Devotee want love too.... by Sharlean07/11/124.56HOT

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 29

 — Natalie finally finds a true love. by Paris Waterman07/30/104.00

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 34

 — Natalie Meets Vic Stevens. by Paris Waterman10/16/104.38

Windows into the Soul Ch. 01

 — Eli and Abby meet. by peacerage05/08/064.19

Winds of Change

 — Nina's torn between current guy and past flame. by Katie Rose10/22/004.23

Windy and Warm

 — A busker meets a homeless woman. by riverboy08/22/144.65HOT

Wingman for a While Ch. 04

 — Max starts to fly right. by AspernEssling03/25/174.85HOT

Winks & Blushes

 — An innocent girl & a handsome man's winks. by HottyToddy06/04/024.05

Winner Takes All

 — Alice loved to win, but she met her match in Charles. by maycroft08/19/084.56HOT

Winning over Roxie

 — Laid-back guy finally penetrates irrepressible Roxie. by EgmontOriginals03/26/164.20

Wins and Losses, Shots and Massages

 — A drink, a massage, and a meeting. by RichardMinite03/11/073.08

Winsome Romance

 — Lindsay loves Brian. by champagne198201/25/04

Winter Games

 — 18-year-olds heat up over a chess game. by janevalenz08/15/034.25

Winter In The Woods

 — Alone for months, then a lover emerges. by Writeman07/02/014.39

Winter Morning

 — A bitterly cold winter morning turns into a warm morning, by phireangell11/14/084.39

Winter Night

 — Couple shares romantic play with new toys. by rockhardy02/04/024.30

Winter of My Discontent

 — A story of one's last night with their love. by LOAnnie211/14/144.38

Winter Pleasures

 — A woman and her boyfriend have a romantic weekend. by justboycrazy02/12/103.33

Winter Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Married couple embarks on their winter vacation (no sex yet). by chance and time08/25/044.11

Winter Romance

 — Experience love this yuletide season! by bignsassy81801/30/094.00

Winter Sunshine

 — Tracy has something to tell Dovan. by taurus_blk_m06/09/053.82

Winter Together

 — A short story of love, romance, and new beginnings. by Omegaboom06/24/164.35

Winter Vacation

 — Happy times for an unhappy wife. by VW__Driver09/19/094.02

Winter Walk

 — Fresh snow had softly fallen... by atomic_curves01/15/143.60

Winter Warmth

 — A couple heats up with warm massages. by justboycrazy12/05/123.30

Winter Wonderland

 — Greg shows Leslie who is boss. by Lady Shani02/28/073.77

Winter's Fire

 — Married couple warm up a cold winter's evening. by TwilightEmbrace05/09/074.49

Winter-Time Cabin Get-Away

 — Two lovers find pleasure in a forlorn winter. by Nympho6905/02/064.14

Winterlicious Pt. 01

 — An old flame is rekindled and gets! by hot_wrider11/25/173.89

Winters Heart

 — Within mountain cold, love is discovered. by Lord DragonsWing06/18/044.57HOT

Wish Granted

 — Mysterious voice grants lonely hearts wish. by LadyChance03/04/014.62HOT

Wish Me Luck, The Sequel

 — Two people meet after bad marriages. by DG Hear07/01/074.65HOT

Wish You Were Here

 — She misses her man when he's away on business. by lolacorolla200405/05/064.70HOT

Wish You Were Here

 — She would make him never want to leave ever again. by RoxyTheCarnieQueen02/10/074.43

Wishes Do Come True

 — In sexless marriage she wants an affair, he wants more. by MaddieKim01/23/12

Wishful Thinking

 — He told me to move on. by forevertaken10/09/113.62


 — Lonely woman wishes for her lover. by aphrodite197912/06/014.38

Witchful Thinking

 — Looking beneath the surface. by durablue10/16/114.71HOT

With a Stranger

 — Two people happen to be in the same place, then they fuck. by NaughteeBabee09/23/163.73

With All My Heart

 — Polyamory? It can be complicated... by VioletGreenStorytellingRed10/03/132.59

With Joanne it was Very Different

 — I knew she would give me her all in bed. by alexcarr05/30/123.77

With Love from MN

 — A modern, playful romance between Laura and her customer. by FickleMonster01/10/144.19

With or Without You

 — Final time with loved one? by Darlantan12/01/064.24

With Troy Donahue & Audrey Tautou

 — Movie magic happens in real life. by CAP81109/01/074.69HOT

Within My Walls

 — The Messenger of EROS - His Bride. by Viperoticus03/07/023.29

Within Your Crowd

 — Billy Ray finds the girl of his dreams ... or does he? by JakeRivers06/22/094.67HOT

Without Words

 — Two lovers reunite to rekindle past passions. by pedicur8her04/18/064.42

Without Words

 — He comes home from work to a surprise. by Sean Renaud07/07/094.21

Witness Protection Ch. 01

 — Jessica's life is about to get confusing. by SuperGirlJen01/24/064.42

Witness Protection Ch. 02

 — Jessica and David figure out their feelings. by SuperGirlJen06/02/114.53HOT

Wolf's Girl Ch. 01

 — Honor requires she offer herself to her father's friend. by OliviaM08/07/164.77HOT

Wolf's Girl Ch. 02

 — Tempted by his best friend's daughter (Conclusion) by OliviaM10/09/164.82HOT

Woman in Chains

 — The Starlight Sonata. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/02/08HOTEditor's Pick

Woman in Chains Ch. 02

 — The Starlight Sonata. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/04/08HOTEditor's Pick

Woman in Chains Ch. 03

 — The Starlight Sonata. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/06/08HOTEditor's Pick

Woman in Chains Ch. 04

 — The Starlight Sonata, Part I. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/12/08HOTEditor's Pick

Woman, Satisfied

 — You surrender yourself to me and are rewarded. by bungalowwilliam07/17/133.97

Womanizing Golf Pro Changes

 — Tragedy brings lovers back together. by Swilly05/14/134.58HOT

Women and Wine

 — Reminiscences of a conoisseur by panpipes04/22/034.50HOT

Women Are Devious

 — Celebrating the differences between men and women. by Sugarpuss11/02/034.58HOT

Women I've Known Ch. 02

 — Internet dating. by Darkforeboding01/27/125.00

Women in White

 — Three women set up Halloween encounter. The fourth? by oggbashan10/11/044.42

Women of the Night: Miescha & Simon

 — A prostitute and her client: will pleasure survive business? by combinedtalents12/06/124.70HOT

Women's Sexual Confessions: Yvonne

 — Women talk candidly about their secret sex lives. by PositiveThinker12/23/093.36

Wonderful Summer

 — Grandmother and Granddaughter bond over an old song. by Justtoold06/07/104.22

Wonderful Susan

 — All part of the job for Susan. by alexcarr02/27/124.09


 — Another choice. by katxmeowx03/08/114.54HOT

Wood Nymph

 — Duncan & Seamus take refuge in witch's hut. by Janet Tenaj10/22/004.20

Wood Nymph

 — He finds, rescues, and marries an abused scared woman. by SW_MO_Hermit07/20/114.85HOT

Wooded Glen Fantasy

 — Two lovers get back to nature. by KittyKatt03/11/014.49

Woodland Nymph

 — Photo recalls a summer day. by Tom Davis10/18/003.88

Woodsman Ch. 01

 — A man living his life until? by jott5003/29/184.69HOT

Woody's Woody

 — A guy's 'woody' gets him in and out of trouble. by Egmont Grigor12/13/084.54HOT

Word Association

 — A study session digresses into erotic wordplay. by Ironiclaconic03/06/134.66HOT

Words with Friends

 — Two people are brought together by a game. by komrad115603/19/164.70HOT

Words with Friends with Benefits

 — Two friends try to improve their game. by Ironiclaconic01/21/134.88HOT

Work Isn't All Business

 — "You smell like roses." by angel_6908/29/104.42

Work Sucks

 — Married couple get comfortable after a long day. by Wahmuo04/01/183.33

Working Dream

 — Chance meeting in the office. by NightAngel702/27/044.45

Working for a living

 — Photographer gets too involved with his subject. by Patrick Flanagan12/27/004.38

Working for Love

 — A recently transferred employee meets the man of her dreams. by HowlingWolfLady12/29/124.51HOT

Working for Love Ch. 02

 — James and Holly's adventures continue. by HowlingWolfLady03/07/134.68HOT

Working From Home

 — My new cleaning lady sees what I was watching on my computer. by WayneGibbous07/24/124.30

Working Girl Blues Ch. 01

 — Katerina can't control her fantasies about her new boss. by SantaMaria10/02/074.12

Working Girl Blues Ch. 02

 — Katerina and Christie go out on the town. by SantaMaria10/03/074.30

Working Late

 — Young executive experiences some perks of the new promotion. by LolaBrokowski12/19/134.10

Working My Passage

 — It isn't all plain sailing for Adrian. by Starlight12/19/024.55HOT

Working on Shel

 — We meet at the office & it heats up from there. by ShelAndAndy05/13/013.50

Working Out Another Issue

 — Investigating husband's workout rekindles lost passion. by curl4ever07/30/074.63HOT

Working Out With Plus

 — Pretty gives Plus a memorable work out. by plus and pretty07/22/024.35

Working the Cubicles Ch. 03

 — Good Guy Greg. by Tom_Lym01/08/124.00

Working with Cassie

 — Finally got up my nerve and it paid off. by LickNcat03/23/094.34

Workout Buddy

 — His girl spies on him working out and gets worked out. by JohnnyRose06/08/114.34

Workout Challenge

 — A challenge proves too much for one athlete to take. by CatBrown02/04/124.65HOT

Workout Incentive Ch. 01

 — She sexes up his home gym workout. by curl4ever05/06/064.50HOT

Workout Incentive Ch. 02

 — She turns up the heat on their home gym workout. by curl4ever05/25/064.57HOT

Workouts with Erica

 — College coeds get steamy after a workout. by socalrhino01/16/063.69

Workplace Interruption

 — An unexpected visitor is waiting at work. by typical_ingenue09/27/143.68

Workplace Slowburn

 — Hidden sparks between co-workers ignite. by bdbeauty11/12/174.14

World Class

 — Diane writes about oral sex. by MathGirl11/28/024.79HOT

Worlds Collide Ch. 01

 — Marphisa and Ander's first meeting. by Isabella_R05/26/064.33

Worlds Collide Prologue

 — Background stories of Mari and Ander. by Isabella_R05/25/064.12

Worth It

 — Her crush at work shows her just how worth it she is. by Starchildsaysdream11/22/154.37

Worth It In The End Ch. 01

 — Two people find it difficult to stay away from each other. by hopeless_romantic12410/28/124.52HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 02

 — Who said "talking" is boring? by hopeless_romantic12410/29/124.68HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 03

 — Gratification. by hopeless_romantic12410/30/124.73HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 04

 — A little playful... by hopeless_romantic12410/31/124.67HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 05

 — A little serious... by hopeless_romantic12411/01/124.75HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 06

 — Searching for balance. by hopeless_romantic12403/03/144.79HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 07

 — A little fun in the office by hopeless_romantic12403/04/144.55HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 08

 — Interference? by hopeless_romantic12403/05/144.62HOT

Worth It In The End Ch. 09

 — Rock bottom by hopeless_romantic12403/06/144.26

Worth It In The End Ch. 10

 — Can it get better? by hopeless_romantic12403/07/144.12

Worth It In The End Ch. 11

 — Is there hope for our protagonists? (Final chapter) by hopeless_romantic12403/08/144.31

Worth The Wait

 — First meeting of internet lovers. by darbys_secret05/25/024.02

Worth the Wait

 — Young lovers meet after time apart. by YoungAdonia10/23/10

Worth the Wait Ch. 01

 — A long awaited holiday turns into so much more. by Staldion04/19/173.85

Worth Waiting

 — Shit happens, and sometimes a rose grows. by julybear711/01/124.65HOT

Would You Die for Me?

 — A Halloween ghost story of revenge & redemption. by Stultus10/31/094.69HOT

Wow! That Was Quick!

 — Surviving cancer patient finds her true love. by SleepingLove05/30/073.84

Wrapped Around Your Finger

 — Who's really in charge here? by MichelleLovesTo11/16/054.63HOT


 — A different kind of key was needed, to go through this door. by PeacefulSlumber03/10/114.14

Wrath's Request

 — The angel of wrath gets intimate with his mate. by PTwrathwriter12/16/114.00

Wrestling With Life's Cruel Irony Ch. 01

 — Doris starts to recover. by cdhawkeye96a08/23/064.61HOT

Wrestling with Love

 — Courtney Wrestles with Love. by RexRexer12/12/144.08

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