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Romance Stories

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At Any Cost

 — It starts in a brothel. by AMY_Monaco04/07/084.67HOT

At Any Cost Ch. 02

 — The wedding. by AMY_Monaco04/15/084.68HOT

At Any Cost Ch. 03

 — Vivian starts to establish a household staff. by AMY_Monaco05/02/084.76HOT

At Any Cost Ch. 04

 — Jewels & Nightmares. by AMY_Monaco05/12/084.77HOT

At Any Cost Ch. 05

 — Going to the Opera. by AMY_Monaco05/30/084.71HOT

At Any Cost Ch. 06

 — Everything starts to develop. by AMY_Monaco06/14/094.73HOT

At First Sight

 — Enchanted Encounter turns into something unexpected. by Michael14203/17/164.56HOT

At First Sight Ch. 01

 — Two people meet in person for the first time. by theAncientGamer09/04/184.11

At Her Beck and Call

 — A woman in control, a man at her command. by Pimpollo05/26/154.15

At Her Rescue

 — A voluptuous maiden gets rescued by a pirate. by justboycrazy03/04/093.25

At Last

 — Woman finally breaks free of her past. by blue_velvet01/18/024.45

At Last

 — Stacy gets a romantic surprise. by Goddess197105/29/024.43

At Last

 — Online friends finally meet. by kamala07/11/033.77

At Last

 — Love blooms from adult phone cam shot. by SpankMeDaddy03/16/064.52HOT

At Last

 — Two disappointed people make each other feel value. by demure10102/21/124.54HOT

At Last Ch. 02

 — The rest of Jane & Ian's first night together. by demure10102/26/124.64HOT

At Last We Meet, My Angel

 — Lovers walk in the woods. by The Phoenix10/20/003.70

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 1

 — Jim has lusted after Rach for years. by Katchel4u10/03/014.05

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 2

 — He's woken by urgent knocking. by Katchel4u10/04/014.14

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 3

 — Jim's dream looks like it may be coming true. by Katchel4u10/05/014.46

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 4

 — Rach gives him awesome oral on his couch. by Katchel4u10/06/014.42

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 5

 — Rach gets the surprise of her life. by Katchel4u10/07/014.43

At Last! For Two Friends Ch. 6

 — The final chapter in the love life of Rach and Jim. by Katchel4u10/08/014.51HOT

At Last...The Story Continues

 — The first meeting of two internet friends. by kamala09/24/034.32

At Long Last

 — A BBW meets the pervect partner. by madengineer303/24/094.40

At Long Last

 — A beauty, and office, and finally something more. by vividlyyours06/04/144.36

At Long Last Ch. 01

 — A romance, a long time coming. by cuninglinguist6112/17/094.60HOT

At Long Last Ch. 02

 — A new romance grows. by cuninglinguist6106/02/104.68HOT

At Midnight on October's Shore

 — A hayride, a fall night, & an escape. by professorjames05/16/044.63HOT

At Peak Lodge

 — A Christmas Eve to Remember. by SamScribble11/21/164.47

At The Appointed Hour

 — Breakfast intimacy and intercourse. by SweetOblivion06/10/083.75

At The Beach

 — A romantic ocean encounter. by The_story_writer200311/06/043.38

At The Dark End Of The Street

 — She takes stolen moments of passion. by faze06/27/043.71

At The End Of The Road

 — Weary traveler finds himself stuck in love triangle. by D Fiant07/05/024.48

At The Fair Ch. 01

 — A destined encounter? by MoonlitKnight06/16/094.46

At the Hotel

 — Woman on business finds pleasure in the arms of a foreigner. by Katyusha05/06/064.44

At the Lake

 — Jaded businessman and lonely young writer square off. by Egmont Grigor10/17/084.58HOT

At The Mall

 — The heat turns up on a date to the mall. by PoseidonXD08/14/143.54

At the Office

 — She finds love at the office. by Cathleen07/06/044.41

At the Pool

 — Stranger by griff901202/17/143.88

At the Resort

 — Finding something unexpected. by sadbluekid11/18/184.14

At the Supermarket

 — He encounters a vision in the produce section. by sirhugs08/07/024.19

At the Window

 — He pushes her limits on the first date. by deedsin02/04/054.57HOT

Athena Ch. 02

 — A lunch can lead to so much more. by lindiana03/15/063.85

Athena Station Pt. 01

 — Tim meets the station's lovely new engineer. by wrangler__7807/28/174.66HOT


 — Just a girl getting a guy's attention. by Denham_Forrest02/12/104.56HOT


 — Had things had been different...? by magmaman12/24/124.40


 — It started in Human Biology Class. by SierraSprite02/10/164.52HOT


 — She comes home to a severely missed surprise guest. by frankienitall10/28/144.36

Auld Langsyne

 — A passionate love rekindled . . . for the moment. by slyc_willie12/25/074.65HOT

Aunt Julia's Bad Day

 — Julia's bad day with her nephew turns into a romance. by mattwatt4311/08/13


 — Couple meets first time after meeting online. by FlorenceGontier05/20/164.29

Australian Dreams Ch. 01

 — Internet friends get together. by WillGraham3011507/22/034.25

Australian Morning Wood

 — A couple find pleasure in wide open spaces. by JerseyGirlDownUnder11/06/184.11


 — An artist meets his newest subject. by Bubbafats08/17/174.49

Autumn Clematis Ch. 01

 — Masseur and client become lovers. by victorth07/20/094.60HOT

Autumn Clematis Ch. 02

 — Masseur and client become lovers. by victorth07/23/094.41

Autumn Clematis Ch. 03

 — Masseur and client become lovers. by victorth07/27/094.71HOT

Autumn Clematis Ch. 04

 — Last chapter about masseur and client becoming lovers. by victorth08/01/094.57HOT

Autumn Day

 — Couple gets natural outdoors. by Blustrz10/20/003.73

Autumn Harvest

 — Love is lost and refound. by Kyzmette04/15/014.24Editor's Pick

Autumn Knight

 — Mac and June carry on. by sagacious2109/14/114.50HOT

Autumn Love

 — The best season for love! by Redrosesx04/06/034.44

Autumn on Cape Cod

 — Danny arrives in P-town and pulls Chelsea out of her shell by Egmont Grigor03/12/074.60HOT

Autumn Weekend

 — An autumn weekend gets romantic and steamy. by baldman4u11/11/164.40

Autumn Wind

 — A couple hide from the world together. by jay hanspard04/11/054.61HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 01

 — Mendoza meets his match in Ava. by Piratess04/03/094.55HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 02

 — Bargaining for the future. by Piratess04/04/094.51HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 03

 — Sailing into stormy seas. by Piratess04/05/094.53HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 04

 — Mendoza must fight. by Piratess04/06/094.63HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 05

 — Mendoza puts Ava in her place. by Piratess04/07/094.62HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 06

 — Stormy night between Ava and Mendoza. by Piratess05/17/094.54HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 07

 — Last days on the ship prove too hot to handle. by Piratess06/23/094.70HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 08

 — Ava's new found happiness is short lived. by Piratess07/23/094.74HOT

Ava and The New World Ch. 09

 — Ava's world is changed forever. by Piratess08/13/094.67HOT

Average Joe Ch. 05

 — Joe meets Ariel. He's all confused on what to do. by DG Hear05/18/114.64HOT

Average Joe Ch. 06

 — Joey, wants to tell Ariel how he feels. Is he too late? by DG Hear05/19/114.73HOT

Average Joe Ch. 07

 — The conclusion or is it the beginning for Joey and Ariel? by DG Hear05/20/114.81HOT

Average Morning

 — Short and sweet. by dreamboatanni06/28/174.24


 — A young pilot finds the females don't roll over easily. by EgmontGrigor201112/29/114.54HOT

Awaiting a Kiss

 — Dana has been fighting Alan's advances far too long. by D_Marx07/25/123.58

Awake Or Dreaming (A Bedroom Tale)

 — When you wake up next to the woman you love. by CybernautM7103/13/024.54HOT


 — Alec wakes up after three years. by pamkate287704/22/074.05


 — Dreams about you, his online lover. by Sasquatch in Fla10/18/044.48


 — A story of love at first sight. by Sean00611/01/084.15


 — Man softly wakes his wife. by csj081306/29/104.32


 — A young woman tells of her first lesbian encounter. by Zenphira06/28/124.00

Awakening Cinderella

 — English guy raised by nannies discovers sex in America. by Egmont Grigor10/12/074.62HOT

Awakening Dream

 — A long seduction & the erotic play between lovers. by Gabrielle07/04/014.00


 — A high school senior strives for his award. by oshaw11/11/134.72HOT

Awards Night

 — A young couple go to an awards night, fun ensues. by KA_12307/02/184.00

Away from the Office

 — A wealthy stud falls for the girl with glasses. by pancakemaster06/14/083.69

Awkwardly Drifting into an Affair

 — Two people in failing marriages meet by near accident. by Egmont Grigor11/04/064.48

Axiom Ch. 01

 — Never date anyone from work...or should you? by drunkenphilosophy01/04/124.69HOT

Axiom Ch. 02

 — Break the golden rule, and see what happens. by drunkenphilosophy01/21/124.79HOT

Axiom Ch. 03

 — Being friends with benefits is always a fun ride. by drunkenphilosophy01/22/124.79HOT

Axiom Ch. 04

 — Never judge a book by its cover. by drunkenphilosophy02/23/124.84HOT

Axiom Ch. 05

 — Being friends with benefits - why it just won't work out. by drunkenphilosophy04/22/124.86HOT

Axiom Ch. 06

 — Falling in love, falling into pieces. by drunkenphilosophy05/31/124.84HOT

Axiom Ch. 07

 — Bulletproof...I Wish I Was. by drunkenphilosophy06/13/124.89HOT

Ayaan And Joel In Montreal

 — Somali Hijabi seduces Haitian man on campus. by Samuelx11/09/142.70

Babes & Bacon

 — A quick porn short short based on plaid flannel and a cab. by moctezumajohnson11/01/143.16

Babs Education

 — Babs finds her new job offers more than typing. by johnniedee00409/29/044.23

Baby Blues

 — I was horny, she was sad: it was time. by GToast05/08/084.72HOT

Baby Bump

 — Two best friends are reunited after being separated. by HangingEagle02/18/184.14

Baby It's Cold Outside

 — Two unsuspecting adults are caught in a snowstorm. by dreamcastteen12/16/104.63HOT

Baby Love

 — You make love with pregnant love. by storytime61104/20/064.46

Baby Sitter's Desire

 — She asked a no-brainer question and got the answer desired. by SweetPrettyAss07/25/144.56HOT

Bachelor at the Lake

 — Sinead has to decide between two men, two environments. by Egmont040910/30/094.61HOT

Bachelor Party Ch. 05

 — The party is over, and they are alone. by pauls_lover_gal01/24/053.97

Bachelorette Party

 — I had rented the place for the summer. by HarryOrwell04/26/114.37

Back Dive Ch. 01

 — Sarah tries a back dive with Sullivan's help. by Strawberry_205107/08/094.31

Back Dive Ch. 02

 — Teen Swimmers vs Bully. by Strawberry_205107/11/114.33

Back Dive Ch. 04

 — S&S Barroom Etiquette and Poolside Lessons. by Strawberry_205107/13/114.44

Back Dive Ch. 07

 — Inspired Swimming and Diving. by Strawberry_205107/16/114.47

Back from Iraq

 — A soldier's rendezvous. by ohhhdear12/27/044.39

Back from Iraq: Examination

 — Officer commands her thoughts. by ohhhdear01/22/054.65HOT

Back Home Again

 — After two years, wayward son returns home. by woodmanone09/26/094.56HOT

Back In My Arms Again

 — Man and runaway wife have lusty reunion. by Dar_Jisbo02/04/14

Back of Bourke

 — Two women hit the town. by ausfet12/27/174.53HOT

Back on My Feet Again

 — Sometimes Love is the Only Cure. by holliday196006/29/17HOT

Back on the Ice

 — Hockey player gets back in the game after injury. by MugsyB01/22/104.83HOT

Back Pain Means Nothing

 — Neighbors provide theraputic relief. by DonP02/13/073.94

Back Room Ch. 02

 — The two meet for coffee a few days later. by deathlynx09/01/064.62HOT

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