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Romance Stories

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A Chef For All Seasons

 — Hidden feelings are revealed. by magicalmouse01/24/054.64HOT

A Chess Story

 — Love and gamemanship meet. by Senna Jawa04/23/042.53

A Child was Born

 — The romantic story of Joseph & Mary. by jessy1911/13/054.50HOT

A Christmas Bonus

 — Twice-divorced workaholic Paul finds Christmas happiness. by BrettJ12/08/134.52HOT

A Christmas Dream

 — Colette & Conner share an unforgettable Christmas. by wineandroses12/11/02HOT

A Christmas Dream

 — Will her soldier be home for Christmas or only in her dream? by MagicaPractica12/07/074.67HOTContest Winner

A Christmas Fire

 — A sequel to "Mashed Potatoes & Garlic Bread". by blondiesheart11/28/064.59HOTContest Winner

A Christmas Love Story

 — We kept the date - just with different people. by Tonyjoe11/24/054.32

A Christmas Romance Ch. 01

 — In-progress Christmas romance novella. by curvy_sweetie01/04/084.27

A Christmas Romance Ch. 02

 — In-progress Christmas romance novella. by curvy_sweetie01/05/084.45

A Christmas Romance Ch. 03

 — In-progress Christmas romance novella. by curvy_sweetie01/13/084.16

A Christmas Wish

 — Val wishes for the man she loves to love her back. by Katyusha12/01/074.48

A Christmas Wish Ch. 01

 — They've waited a lifetime. by sweeteuphoria11/30/074.40

A Christmas Wish Ch. 02

 — Will things get better after the tragedy? by sweeteuphoria12/01/074.55HOT

A Christmas Wish Ch. 03

 — They get a surprise! by sweeteuphoria12/02/074.63HOT

A Clear Afternoon in the Early Morn

 — Seemingly forbidden fantasy about an ex-lover. by petitelove01/22/054.32

A Clichéd Love Story

 — Two stubborn people find love. by Boadicea04/23/064.77HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 03

 — What happened to him? by SweetWitch11/16/084.45

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 04

 — Gunmen in black cars, lovers on the run. by SweetWitch11/21/084.57HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 05

 — Love, Water and Confessions. by SweetWitch12/28/084.63HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 06

 — Wounded friends and stolen RVs. by SweetWitch01/15/094.50HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 07

 — In hiding... In love... by SweetWitch02/01/094.57HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 08

 — Love, passion and terror in the sky. by SweetWitch02/18/094.54HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 09

 — A Mercenary and a Whorehouse. by SweetWitch03/11/094.59HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 10

 — Good guys and bad guys. by SweetWitch06/14/094.59HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 11

 — Camille tasted bile rising in her throat. by SweetWitch06/17/094.59HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 12

 — All hell breaks loose. by SweetWitch07/13/094.69HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 13

 — The rescue. by SweetWitch07/28/094.73HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 14

 — Oleander rides again. by SweetWitch07/18/104.75HOT

A Cloak of Lies Ch. 15

 — Forever and ever, the end. by SweetWitch07/19/104.73HOT

A Clone Story

 — Unattainable love becomes attainable. by Todd-'o'-Vision03/17/012.51

A Cocktale for Sherry

 — Holiday meeting turns into love. by amyredek11/12/114.49

A Cold Rainy Day

 — A lover's paradise in a cabin. by PaganSin05/24/063.80

A Cold Winter's Day

 — Hot passion on a cold, blustery January morning. by DreamsRme04/23/013.50

A College Affair

 — Mutual lust between sexy reentry student & professor. by drifter_dame06/12/074.12

A College Weekend (Pregnant Crush)

 — The author sleeps with his pregnant crush. by LRRLeMarc02/23/184.32

A Compassionate Enchantress

 — Their relationship turns into a nice surprise. by Richardc26704/16/183.72

A Compounded Love Affair

 — Revealing the mystery of my 'love' life to my friends. by krazee_at_2504/15/083.25

A Conflict of Interest

 — Taboo romance between probation agent and his offender. by trigudis07/16/154.30

A Cool Night And A Warm Bed

 — A little dinner and dancing gets their fire going at home. by danboy6607/10/164.41

A Cool November Morning

 — Husband stirs up something in the kitchen. by Desdmona12/20/034.37

A Cotton Dress

 — She seeks her true love, but he is not there. by emanuellevinas11/22/113.55

A Couple of Nutters

 — Was it too much to hope for? by Bazzza07/14/094.59HOT

A Couple's First Time

 — Kyle and Jessica take their relationship to the next level. by JessicaMedina1906/04/113.77

A Crawling Romance

 — Sometimes a relationship has a slow start. by Egmont Grigor04/19/084.36

A Crewmember

 — Business owner meets a new hire. by peterswiftt09/25/174.30

A Cross Country Trip

 — Now Montana is beautiful country, it rightly earned the name. by MendonFishers04/13/114.81HOT

A Cruise to Remember

 — Finding love on a cruise ship. by CoraClarke04/01/063.61

A Dance

 — Prom offers chance for new relationship to begin. by Chicklet06/02/024.37

A Dance Together

 — Two lovers spending a passionate night full of romance. by MissDXX05/02/153.62

A Date at the Beach

 — A surprise text at work leads to afternoon sex. by InnerJudy06/24/164.49

A Date with a Neighbor

 — Her passion returns as she dates a younger man. by Bakeboss08/11/094.24

A Date with an Angel

 — A story of unleashing a dark desire. by HeelsOverHeadNLove03/12/184.00

A Date With Mandy

 — A date between a nerdy older man and a BDSM punk girl. by Contrarian12/30/154.19

A Day at Home

 — She wants him while staying in for the day working at home. by littlemissnaughtygal03/04/033.87

A Day At The Beach

 — You savor sex in a cave on the Oregon coast. by MYundt01/21/014.02

A Day at the Beach

 — Helen gets something she's lacking. by scdug08/21/074.22

A Day at the Beach

 — The start of a new beginning. by lifeisgreat4us02/15/094.00

A Day at the Beach Ch. 01

 — You take a walk on the beach with your love. by EroticJefferson02/20/084.50HOT

A Day at the Museum

 — Two strangers and a chance encounter. by klimt1305/14/113.76

A Day at the Office Ch. 01

 — An inapproriate offer might be just the trick. by Man Comes Around02/20/033.85

A Day Begins

 — A couple starts their day in the best possible way. by Swilly05/24/174.55HOT

A Day Dream

 — A romance story. by Noviah10/27/172.73

A Day in the Cove

 — A day of sailing and snorkeling turns serious. by MSTarot06/17/144.40

A Day in the Park

 — A day of love and passion spent in a park. by florida_guy05/17/013.64

A Day on the River

 — A day of fishing changes my life. by sbrooks103x12/24/164.72HOT

A Day to Remember

 — She finally gets her long-standing crush. by DominatriXXX04/10/074.10

A Day to Remember

 — Two nights to make one intense memory. by PoeticAvarice11/24/143.42

A Daydream of Simply Red

 — A want, a need, a desire to be devoured by an enigmatic love. by ViXxXNKisses04/03/074.62HOT

A Dear John Letter

 — A young man receives a letter that changes his life. by woodmanone11/29/094.36

A Decent Date

 — Young, hot date give me an evening of pleasure. by deaflepperd09/15/034.13

A Deliciously Desirable Encounter

 — C.C. finally agrees to meet her internet lover. by elusive_buttrfly01/28/094.22

A Desolate Stretch of Highway

 — Sexual buildup unleashed on a desolate stretch of highway. by FWHolcombe11/28/123.60

A Different Ending

 — One night between two friends turns into more. by londoneye12/10/094.41

A Different Kind of Heat

 — A woman welcomes a stranger from the cold. by justboycrazy02/12/103.31

A Different Kind of Woman

 — But she was from a different world. by magmaman06/13/104.73HOT

A Different Way of Life

 — A second generation Hippie finds a wife after two lovers. by SW_MO_Hermit11/17/124.62HOT

A Dip in the Pool

 — Dona's fantasy comes true. by Lady_in_leathers05/14/073.98

A Dirty Kind of Clean

 — Coming home from work to a nice surprise. by sdwpthwlkr03/07/094.50HOT

A Discreet Distance

 — A man and woman forge an unusual relationship. by Texienne10/15/094.66HOT

A Distraction From Accounting

 — Thoughts of you keep her from work. by Hope2306/28/033.92

A Doctor's Desire

 — Female doctor/nurse heals male patient. by justboycrazy04/29/093.90

A Double Standard

 — He cheats on his wife, shouldn't it be ok for her, too? by woodmanone08/11/094.45

A Drawn-out Seduction

 — He's tentative, she's trying and the outlook is hopeful. by egmontgrigor201004/25/104.33

A Dream

 — Sunday afternoon thoughts. by QuickDuck11/03/014.47

A Dream

 — Love drives this day to be one of the most amazing. by Kryptonite02/09/043.55

A Dream

 — He is her Dream man. by Lady_Siren05/23/044.63HOT

A Dream

 — I had a dream of a friend, and ended up writing about it. by shimamwe12/09/093.00

A Dream Come True

 — You awaken to an erotic morning. by Redsman02/18/024.07

A Dream Come True

 — Will Finally gets w?hat he's wanting for so long by Ella Maundrell05/17/063.69

A Dream Come True

 — A man finally gets the woman he loves. by alonzo1407/03/074.42

A Dream Come True

 — A long but simple love story. by MoogPlayer09/29/11HOT

A Dream Of Being Driven

 — Summer drive ends with a bang at side of the road. by orgasmgurl02/25/023.88

A Dream of You

 — Hopes and thoughts of how it would be with you. by Marquee09/18/064.50HOT

A Dream So Wet and Dear

 — He asks her to make a wet dream come true. by Barnaby10/04/053.77

A Dream Vacation Ch. 01

 — JP meets a porn star named 'Vicki'. by Ghostwalker05/03/144.62HOT

A Dream Vacation Ch. 02

 — The second day with 'Vicki'. by Ghostwalker05/04/144.66HOT

A Dream Vacation Ch. 03

 — JP and 'Vicki' spend their third day together and more by Ghostwalker05/05/144.67HOT

A Dream within a Dream

 — She loves when he curls into her body, embracing her... by FallenAngel7510/21/084.16

A Dream...

 — She tests your devotion and desire. by hottohandle11/15/094.43

A Dreamless Sleep

 — Soul mates find each other many years later. by Thejaybird08/25/154.52HOT

A Drinking Game

 — College friends become lovers with "liquid courage". by Ohmygodfuckme02/18/164.31

A Drive in the Rain

 — Couple brings love back into their lovelife. by TxRad03/06/054.67HOT

A Drive Through Maine

 — You share lust en route to a bed & breakfast. by MYundt01/21/014.20

A Drive To Remember

 — Girl goes for a ride with her ex-boyfriend. by smurfet_197804/08/012.05

A Drunken Tale Ch. 01

 — He sees her making a fool of herself and steps in. by LolitasLegacy09/25/064.55HOT

A Drunken Tale Ch. 02

 — The aftermath and insight into Mary. by LolitasLegacy10/03/064.40

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