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Romance Stories

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Cabin In The Woods Ch. 1

 — The two of you flee to the countryside.. by storymaster05/07/023.81

Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love

 — A lustful, loving couple goes to the woods for a retreat. by laurambell11/25/094.14

Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love Ch. 02

 — A lustful, loving couple goes to the woods for a retreat. by laurambell11/26/094.42

Cabin Romance, Lust, & Love Ch. 03

 — It's time to go back to normal lives...or is it? by laurambell11/27/093.83

Cabin Vacation

 — He grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. by LillithMoon09/19/163.86


 — A story of need and desire. by FernPedersen09/06/093.20

Cadillac Mountain

 — You go play in the mountains with your lover. by Libidinous945203/12/054.57HOT

Caervon's Belle Ch. 01

 — Luka and Belle. by Faerie_Queene_3105/04/094.71HOT

Caervon's Belle Ch. 02

 — Luka and Belle. by Faerie_Queene_3103/31/104.49

Caesii And Yu Ch. 01

 — How Caesii fell in true love for the very first time. by Insomniac_Caesii12/28/103.00

Caesii and Zak Ch. 01

 — Caesii the Insomniac's reality. by Insomniac_Caesii12/28/103.00


 — Afternoon delight in Morocco. by Electra04204/29/044.00

Cafe Latte

 — We listen in to two ladies chatting in a coffee lounge. by MarkCane10/30/103.88

Cafe Lawyer Ch. 01

 — Do you do all your business in a restaurant? by shuttlepilot02/09/124.60HOT

Cafe Lawyer Ch. 02

 — With help from Calibeachgirl. by shuttlepilot02/11/124.49

Cafe Lawyer Ch. 03

 — Life goes full circle. by shuttlepilot02/18/124.44

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 01

 — Caitlin is reunited with her boyfriend from high school. by PrincessErin02/15/084.36

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 02

 — Caitlin is reunited with her boyfriend from high school. by PrincessErin02/16/084.55HOT

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 03

 — Caitlin is reunited with her boyfriend from high school. by PrincessErin02/17/084.44

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 04

 — Caitlin is reunited with her boyfriend from high school. by PrincessErin02/18/084.50HOT

Caitlin's Choice Ch. 05

 — Caitlin is reunited with her boyfriend from high school. by PrincessErin02/19/084.31

Cal Jam II

 — Knocked up Mother and Daughter at concert. by RockHerWorld01/04/184.61HOT

Cala de Sirena

 — When Don rescues a mysterious woman, she changes his life. by NymphWriter09/02/124.72HOT

Cala de Sirena - Joy's Birth

 — Don and Angel await the birth of their daughter. by NymphWriter03/10/164.73HOT

Cala de Sirena: The Return

 — 5 years later, Don & Angel get some surprise guests. by NymphWriter10/22/124.83HOT


 — Romantic first person holiday in Italy from female. by AbbyKeckley08/13/154.14


 — Her husband wanted a nude calendar of her. by countrycal01/21/064.73HOT

Calendar Ch. 02

 — Jenny returns for a weekend. by countrycal02/15/064.60HOT

Calendar Ch. 03

 — Cal and Jenny make love after 14 years apart. by countrycal02/22/064.77HOT

Calgary Climax - Round 01

 — Literotica Author Meets Young Muse - Fantasy Becomes Reality. by Chicago44005/18/194.06

California Dreaming

 — Unexpected romance amidst the beaches of Santa Monica. by indigoblue05/18/054.06

California Dreaming

 — She overcomes her fear of the ocean while on vacation. by RoniGrace06/02/114.21

California Rain

 — Lauren & Josh make love in a thunderstorm. by EroticaSeanStyle07/25/044.66HOT

California Zephyr Ch. 01

 — There was something magic about this train. by ProfessorR10/13/044.41

California Zephyr Ch. 02

 — Revenge is sweet as old love comes into Karen's arms. by ProfessorR10/14/044.59HOT

California Zephyr Ch. 03

 — Karen chooses among three men. by ProfessorR10/16/044.44

Call Of The Wild

 — Daniel fulfills her cabin fantasy. by usm1carbine02/27/014.40

Callie Comes Home

 — At first a sister-in-law, but that changes. by FLrider07/23/134.37

Calling Cupid

 — Cassie has lost her O and Cupid has come to help. by adeleknight01/24/184.55HOT

Camel Toe

 — Just to get his attention. by magmaman05/09/084.37

Camel Toe Ch. 02

 — Odd turn of events. by magmaman05/18/084.49

Cameron's Big Night

 — He gets a blowjob he won't forget. by morningjoy02/21/183.89

Cammy, Ada, and Lauren

 — Young man struggles with love for the three women. by Kyoketsu_Shoge04/03/094.26


 — At a reenacting gathering, his eyes followed me... by skaragirl09/04/113.62


 — Love found on the road to escape. by TxRad09/07/074.76HOT


 — The beginning of relationship. A little head in the woods. by intoitall01/20/104.21

Camping and Found My Love

 — Camping trip turns into love. by Eric389006/11/104.11

Camping Buddies Become More

 — Joanie and Mark become a couple. by Paniolo Boy04/29/064.65HOT

Camping Out

 — A fantasy of a married couple experiencing a new getaway. by AKinkandakiss08/12/154.17

Camping Trip

 — Two people who had crushes on each other in HS go camping. by pirateroberts696904/21/034.54HOTContest Winner

Camping Trip

 — Alone in a deserted camp site, things heat up. by gemsy2101/11/043.97

Camping With The Girls

 — A friendly camping trip gets more serious. by Awlni08/14/034.77HOTContest Winner

Campsite Cuisine

 — A hot time by a river. by Suzi01/25/024.48

Campus Rapist Ch. 01

 — Melanie wakes up minus her virginity. by cellophanesmile07/09/074.31

Campus Rapist Ch. 02

 — A a shy girl finds love in an unexpected place. by cellophanesmile12/30/074.47

Can I Help?

 — Amorous assistance is always provided when nicely asked. by SweetOblivion01/14/093.25

Can I Kiss You?

 — Friend indicates his feelings run deeper than friendship. by Geordiegal09/04/084.18

Can I Look At You Now?

 — Couple finds romance away from work. by Tony15505/17/044.74HOT

Can I Love?

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes02/23/074.47

Can I Love? Ch. 02

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes02/24/074.56HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 03

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/03/074.59HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 04

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/08/074.66HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 05

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/10/074.61HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 06

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/16/074.66HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 07

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/21/074.51HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 08

 — Will he help her to love? by kaylacakes03/22/074.64HOT

Can I Love? Ch. 09

 — Will he help her to love? The finale. by kaylacakes07/28/074.63HOT

Can People Change?

 — Her intention, from the beginning, was to ruin me. by Scorpio44a01/29/094.54HOT

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 01

 — She tells him the truth. by justafriend02/11/064.56HOT

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 02

 — She was hoping to start new. by justafriend02/12/064.64HOT

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 03

 — The truth. by justafriend03/02/064.65HOT

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 04

 — She finally gets what she's wanted. by justafriend04/07/064.78HOT

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 05

 — The end or the beginning? by justafriend05/15/074.46

Can This Be Happening? Ch. 06

 — The end. by justafriend05/23/074.34

Can You Feel Me?

 — How powerful is your love? by puffadder05/22/044.60HOT

Can You Imagine?

 — Tired from your long day at work, I have your solution. by Your_Imagination06/23/084.44


 — Long distance lovers learn that time heals all wounds. by Isis_108/11/094.66HOT


 — He finds love on vacation. by mnshyguy10/13/054.76HOT


 — The Bride the groom didn't recognise. by oggbashan01/22/054.67HOT


 — He has a Halloween visit. by badly_frozen10/16/034.11

Candlelight and Bubblebaths

 — Interracial omance and hot sex. by Tdpl3709/23/064.43

Candlelight at Midnight

 — You know the time has come. by Harley_Quinn_199910/22/054.55HOT

Candlelight Romance

 — You surrender yourself to the warmth of love and passion. by Petstorm05/29/073.83

Candlelight Sonata

 — He takes the day off to prepare the perfect evening. by NostalgiaforInfinity08/20/074.30

Candlelit Perfection

 — Two lovers rekindle their flame on getaway. by Drizzle01/08/024.17


 — His love and his light. by themosnar10/25/034.67


 — Naive young soldier finds love in Japan. by duffiedawg10/20/064.16

Candy Ass Marine

 — Wounded hero meets a BBW. by Grey Eagle 28611/15/054.68HOT

Candy Dishes and Chocolate

 — She was a little more equal that others. by Just Plain Bob12/08/064.67HOT

Canyon Sex

 — Outdoor adventure. by Thikkr196609/21/133.19

Cape Adventure Ch. 01

 — Two lovers meet finally. by Jbj198411/04/104.29

Cape Adventure Ch. 02

 — Eric and Amber continue their weekend of lust. by Jbj198411/09/103.00

Cape Adventure Ch. 03

 — Amber and Eric explore each other more. by Jbj198411/12/103.00

Cape Adventure Ch. 04

 — Erica and Amber have an audience. by Jbj198411/15/104.33

Cape Adventure Ch. 05

 — Jess meets Eric. by Jbj198411/19/103.50

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