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Romance Stories

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 — It's over, but she can't walk away just yet. by SINderellaBelle04/20/014.12


 — She made hers, and I made mine. by BigGuy3311/03/164.72HOT

Choices and Consequences Ch. 01

 — How they meet. by IrishSmile08/05/084.61HOT

Choices and Consequences Ch. 02

 — Lili matures a little. by IrishSmile08/18/084.60HOT

Choices and Consequences Ch. 03

 — Enough drama already... by IrishSmile12/09/094.51HOT

Choices and Consequences Ch. 04

 — To thine own self be true. by IrishSmile07/18/104.59HOT

Choices and Consequences Ch. 05

 — Recovery, pleasure, and forgiveness. by IrishSmile05/06/114.64HOT

Choices: Someone to Watch Over Me

 — Just a kind of sad romance. by The Wanderer08/08/064.81HOTContest Winner

Choosing a Second Chance

 — The most powerful way to say goodbye. by ScreamngInfidelities08/05/054.60HOT

Choral Evenings Pt. 01

 — Two lovers find each other through their joy of music. by TonyDowse06/29/084.77HOT

Choral Evenings Pt. 02

 — Their love and lust for each other continues to grow. by TonyDowse08/04/084.81HOT

Choral Evenings Pt. 03

 — How all true romances should end - with happiness. by TonyDowse08/19/084.83HOT


 — Michelle shares her favorite Valentine's memory. by lgreenwood01/23/084.55HOT


 — Mischievous guy makes dinner for his girlfriend. by Macallan1805/19/153.69

Chores with the Neighbor

 — Sexual encounter with hot single neighbor. by Pinkdolll01/10/174.15

Chosen Mate Ch. 04

 — Her shoulders shook with her silent sobs. by HarryHill09/27/124.78HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 05

 — "If I've hurt you again..." he began. by HarryHill09/28/124.82HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 06

 — She glowed brighter, fed by the pure fuel of his devotion. by HarryHill10/04/124.82HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 13

 — Ad Interium Hoc. by HarryHill11/28/134.68HOT

Chris Carter's Luck Ch. 01

 — Chris wins more than the lottery. by A.W. Root10/04/054.59HOT

Chris Carter's Luck Ch. 02

 — Chris and Katy get closer on the road. by A.W. Root10/05/054.70HOT

Chris Carter's Luck Ch. 03

 — Chris and Katy finish what she started. by A.W. Root10/06/054.65HOT

Chrissy's Deception Pt. 01

 — Chrissy's life plans are altered when she meets Mike. by JewelTran02/26/054.84HOT

Chrissy's Deception Pt. 02

 — Chrissy's dream comes to an end. by JewelTran02/26/054.86HOT

Chrissy's Deception Pt. 03

 — Chrissy's dream is born again. by JewelTran02/28/054.88HOT

Christian in Cali Ch. 01

 — She finally meets the love of her life. by tapschris07/28/044.67

Christian Men For Muslim Chicks

 — Haitian-American seduces Somali lady in Ottawa. by Samuelx05/25/122.13

Christie's Miracle

 — A heartwarming romance that changes her life. by FlyAwayFromHere11/15/134.44


 — She searches the world for her one true love. by stormy_3111/27/054.46

Christina Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of a love that spans the world. by stormy_3112/12/054.50

Christina Ch. 03

 — The relationship between Christina & Paul turns bad. by stormy_3101/14/064.67

Christina Ch. 04

 — Christina's search begins. by stormy_3101/15/064.67

Christina Ch. 05

 — The search continues. by stormy_3101/31/064.50

Christina Ch. 06

 — Christina's search heads south. by stormy_3102/01/064.40

Christina Ch. 07-11

 — The story's conclusion. by stormy_3106/16/064.33

Christine and Jonny Ch. 03

 — She wakes up next to her new lover. by fukensploogin07/01/064.47

Christmas Alone

 — Can a special lady save a man from fatal depression? by Joesephus12/08/054.75HOT

Christmas Angel

 — An intense man and a woman of wholesome sexuality. by beagle969012/13/094.62HOT

Christmas at Hawkwood

 — Car problem has Fran & Ian recollecting their love. by in_a_hawks_world02/04/054.82HOT

Christmas at Sun Valley

 — Holiday spirit, thanksgiving and forgiveness lead to HEA. by small_town_girl12/08/154.81HOTContest Winner

Christmas Blessings

 — Can a widower with three children find happiness again? by Daniellekitten03/01/084.85HOT

Christmas Cookies

 — A tin of Christmas Cookies leads to love. by GatorRick09/11/134.78HOT

Christmas Creep

 — Why are the holidays so stressful? by PennLady12/01/114.53HOT

Christmas Cuddles

 — We snuggle beneath the Christmas tree... by SmittenLittleKitten12/24/154.02

Christmas Dinner

 — Preparing festive meal arouses two lovers. by Kristi Seaton12/25/024.31

Christmas Dreams

 — Suzanne surprises William at his cabin. by glynndah12/07/153.91

Christmas Eve

 — Something is stirring in your house and its not a mouse. by Nogrod6301/03/054.72HOT

Christmas Hero

 — A young Marine comes home to redemption. by GatorRick09/17/134.36

Christmas Journey

 — I want to go home for Christmas. by oggbashan12/07/114.63HOT

Christmas Love

 — Woman meets dream man in winter storm. by Eros4Play10/20/002.95

Christmas Love

 — Two lonely people find love. by L.A. Wicker12/15/014.65HOT

Christmas Lover

 — Sex, seduction, and snow bathing. by Ada Stuart12/05/124.73HOT

Christmas On Duty

 — I'm on duty during the office Christmas party. Why is she? by oggbashan12/10/124.33

Christmas Story

 — Romantic love story. by Nephylim12/26/114.38

Christmas Surprise

 — A Marine returns home in time for Christmas. by twelvegaugegirl198912/11/104.56HOT

Christmas to Remember

 — Young love, waiting, reunited. by Hypnotic_2203/01/094.04

Christmas Wish

 — Dana makes a special wish... by ditzydana12/04/074.31

Christopher and Laura

 — A forbidden love. by ravenous2309/23/153.53

Christopher and Melissa

 — An 18 year flirtation consumated in a Victorian dressing room. by WilkesMistress03/19/084.15


 — Learning to strip and meeting my first love, Christy. by EvenStarr102906/08/164.44

Chuck & Dana; A Love Found

 — An irresistible force pushes two people together. by Houstonrn06/16/024.41


 — College kids profane a church...but not too badly. by FreddieM02/25/024.11

Cilla and Adam Ch. 01

 — A romantic interlude interrupted. by DawnJ04/03/074.39

Cilla and Adam Ch. 02

 — The relationship heats up. by DawnJ03/14/084.45

Cinderella & The Copywriter

 — Nice legs -- pity about the paperwork. by DavidShaw04/07/044.70HOT

Cindi Needed Me

 — A one-night affair with a family friend. by FreeThinker201412/04/144.40

Cindy T.

 — Cuckholded husband meets a woman from his past. by Paradox10/20/004.10

Cindy's Offering

 — Extramarital affair through prayer. by KatlynTemplar11/30/164.46

Cindy's Offering - Destiny Manifest

 — Adulterers experience spiritual conception. by KatlynTemplar12/22/163.85

Cindy's Offering - Indigo Aura

 — Woman's dimension revealed by child. by KatlynTemplar01/06/174.64HOT

Cindy's Offering - Nuptials

 — Male domination ensures friendships. by KatlynTemplar03/15/174.00

Cindy's Offering - Sacrament

 — Erotophilic transcends ménage à trois. by KatlynTemplar05/05/174.40

Cinema Paradiso

 — A nice date. by _Hogster10/08/153.45

Cinematic Experience

 — A story of first meeting. by DJWinters11/10/144.31


 — Patrick writes story for lovely California fan. by Patrick-Donovan11/08/044.30

Circus Town

 — Our Hero and Famous Author fulfills a young woman's fantasy. by peterswiftt02/24/184.48

City Boy & Country Girl

 — A city boy finds a treasure in the country. by woodmanone09/08/094.76HOT

City Lights... Country Nights

 — Jim Morris searches for love in back street bars. by JakeRivers03/02/084.73HOT

City Romance

 — Anna is pushed to find love. by KayVamp03/18/094.42

City Romance Ch. 02

 — Anna is forced into love. by KayVamp04/01/094.56HOT

City Romance Ch. 03

 — Anna is pushed into finding love. by KayVamp05/13/094.47

Claiming Our Love

 — Overcoming the unspoken taboo of the wedding rings by AllofSean05/26/143.93


 — Claire was the most important person in my life. by knobbieknobbs02/23/054.69HOT


 — A dive in the village pond leads to some belated loving. by demure10103/13/124.50HOT

Claire Ch. 02

 — Claire's plans work out alright in the end. by demure10104/17/124.65HOT

Claire's Eyes Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a doomed, beautiful love. by Pheona01/29/034.56

Claire's Eyes Ch. 02

 — Is their love strong enough? by Pheona02/26/034.62HOT

Claire: Prologue

 — Xavier and Claire fumble through their first night together. by wigwam2506/11/064.28

Clara Wilson's Makeover

 — Clara at 40 needs a makeover, along comes Charity. by mattwatt4311/17/104.45

Class Reunion

 — A grieving man goes to his 25th reunion. by Tony15512/13/044.81HOTContest Winner

Class Reunion: The Bet

 — Can my friend the Love God defeat my Ice Princess? by Stultus01/30/124.29

Clay Cats

 — A sexy artist follows her inspiration. by HushHushCrush01/04/164.67HOT

Cleaner Christmas

 — A friend's flat is a mess, so I start cleaning it. by oggbashan11/14/134.70HOT

Cleaning House

 — Christian and Karmen cleaning house before they move. by persephoneX03/18/094.07

Cleaning Out the Pipes

 — Frazzled teacher gets re-energized. by mezzmoreyes07/19/074.64HOT

Cleaning Up Her Heart

 — He gets more than a clean shower when he hires Nicki. by JewelTran06/16/044.69HOT

Cleanliness is Next To...

 — Businessman rushes home to lovely Jen. by Kre8tors10/18/002.75


 — Lovers spend a lazy afternoon together. by ForeverHisLady01/01/024.48

Click Ch. 2

 — Lovers awaken in each other's arms. by ForeverHisLady01/06/024.60HOT

Close Encounters of a Sexual Kind

 — When outdoor sex gets steamy. by hotmama7204/27/104.33

Close to Home

 — Lynn finds love on her doorstep. by trevorm09/25/094.26

Close To You

 — Young man and pregnant, childhood friend grow closer. by DrSpidey08/13/154.03

Closed Down Ch. 01

 — Carla's life seems like shit, her new roomie isn't helping. by LynneLynne2307/19/114.48

Closed Down Ch. 02

 — Carla can't seem to catch a break and love is testing her. by LynneLynne2307/21/114.56HOT

Closed Down Ch. 03

 — Carla can't catch a break. by LynneLynne2307/22/114.43

Closer to Heaven

 — A teacher finds love with a former student turned colleague. by Pornprincesst12/13/164.59HOT

Closing Shift

 — Yuma and Kalara close the bar. by YumaMccall709/08/174.00

Closing Up Shop

 — He takes you as you closes up for the night. by TheDispatcher07/31/054.69HOT

Clothes Make the Man

 — A couple meet at a Halloween Party. by Bob Waters09/24/024.42

Cloud 9

 — As a surprise, Carrie is taken to Cloud 9. by carrie-on08/07/024.19

Cloud Nine

 — I'll be waiting for you! by Redrosesx04/25/034.52HOT

Clowns To The Left Of Me, Jokers...

 — Friends, & toils (& treasures) that accompany them. by ThersitesVale10/16/014.24

Club Loving

 — A lovefest for two hot individuals. by KarmaMoonfairy03/03/164.00


 — She gets what she wants; nothing less, nothing more. by GolfGirl244805/15/073.95

Clueless George in the Tent

 — Mature man camps with precocious coed. by janus698801/01/054.52HOT

Co-Workers Become More

 — She invited him to her night job and things changed. by DarkrSide07/16/144.15

Coastal Escape

 — Romantic coastal escape. by Steelhead6608/24/093.25

Cock on a Rock

 — She finds mystery man imprisoned in stone. by Steplianna10/17/004.12

Coco and Ben at Xmas

 — A romantic Xmas Eve. by therealultimatedarkone11/16/093.33


 — A tale of university love. by bassbelly08/23/074.56HOT


 — Bodies under coercions of the instincts and emotion. by LuiDeDark08/12/134.23


 — Ordering the unexpected. by Recidiva09/26/054.65HOT


 — Girl meets boy in coffee shop. by katxmeowx07/20/094.00

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