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Romance Stories

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Cowboys and Indians

 — Romance in the west a long time ago. by bassbelly01/02/094.57HOT

Coyoacan Mi Amor Ch. 01

 — Online lovers grapple with reality. by NassauHall04/22/034.80HOT

Coyoacan Mi Amor Ch. 02

 — Online lovers Dafna and Dan get close, but work interferes. by NassauHall05/08/034.60

Coyoacan Mi Amor Ch. 03

 — Anxieties rise as lovers meet in Mexico. by NassauHall10/26/034.73HOT

Cram Session

 — Two college students find love. by GhostWriter62508/19/034.37

Craving Cassie Ch. 01

 — Some people have a hard time risking love. by chezshirecat07/20/054.64HOT

Craving Cassie Ch. 02

 — Love can make a man do irrational things. by chezshirecat07/22/054.75HOT

Craving Cassie Ch. 03

 — She decides to take a chance on love. by chezshirecat07/23/054.82HOT

Crazy Old Man

 — Was he insane, a dreamer, or something else? by Ballzac01/15/054.82HOT

Crazy Ride in the Rain

 — Eliza has been alone a long time. by bibbyblues12/16/144.24

Creamed Milk Maid

 — A sex-jaded woman rediscovers how amazing it can be. by SarahD8802/24/114.34

Creating a Memory

 — Something worth remembering. by holidayanne01/18/133.67

Creating Fire

 — Making love with you, for the first time. by Labattz2104/17/064.35

Crippled Girl Ch. 01

 — A plain guy & an eccentric, differently-abled girl find love. by Pappageno03/18/134.74HOT

Crisis Management

 — A global financial crisis brings an unlikely romance. by DrSqueaky01/29/094.82HOT

Cristina's Re-birth

 — One woman's journey to life. by Goshawk05/28/054.73HOT

Cross My Heart

 — Kelly and Grant's night takes an unexpected turn. by AtFirstSight03/05/064.67HOT

Cross My Heart Ch. 02

 — Things cool down for Grant and Kelly...but for how long? by AtFirstSight07/11/064.51HOT

Crossing the Line

 — Friends can teach you so much about life, love...and sex! by allychris409/05/124.63HOT

Crossing the Line - Again

 — With 5 fantasies to choose from, once isn't nearly enough. by allychris410/01/124.50HOT


 — Love Recaptured. by Deltastar195703/04/163.93

Crowded Coffee Shop

 — One touch leads to many more. by Rutgercampbell09/18/063.94


 — Man and woman in their forties lost their mate, by theoldone12/08/064.70HOT

Cruise Ship Sex

 — A couple arrive to their cruise and decide to finally relax. by DrakeRiley11/27/123.41

Cruising the Mediterranean

 — A jaded guy meets the right woman. by blubaru05/06/063.75


 — He learns the hard way. by asrespond07/17/013.30


 — Tears of sadness turn to cries of passion. by Jessie12/24/024.32

Cry Little Sister Ch. 01

 — She takes a stranger to her room, but he looks familiar. by Rushette04/13/114.71HOT

Cry Little Sister Ch. 02

 — Should she see him again? He doesn't give her a choice. by Rushette04/20/114.75HOT

Cry Little Sister Ch. 03

 — Will their first date be the last? by Rushette04/27/114.76HOT

Cry Little Sister Ch. 04

 — Rory and Jill meet again. by Rushette05/06/114.82HOT

Cry Little Sister Ch. 05

 — They've finally figured it out. So what happens now? by Rushette05/17/114.82HOT

Crystal Chandeliers

 — Chuck's life falls apart when his wife leaves him for riches. by JakeRivers04/26/074.76HOT

Crystal's Chandeliers

 — The ups and Downs of a young woman's life. by The Wanderer10/18/064.75HOT

Cubicle Fun

 — Two of the cubicle workers have afterhours fun. by lee1720103/26/064.59HOT


 — I cuddle her. by IllCumInYourWomb05/23/153.80

Cuffed Ch. 02

 — an unexpected reunion. by CrackedChaos12/04/154.40

Cuffed Ch. 03

 — She tells him goodbye. by CrackedChaos12/05/154.70HOT

Cuffed Ch. 04

 — Kennedy and Holden's first date gets heated. by CrackedChaos12/06/154.67HOT

Cuffed Ch. 05

 — A day with Holden leads to a big decision. by CrackedChaos12/31/154.67HOT

Cuffed Ch. 06

 — Kennedy finds closure, pleasure, and comfort. by CrackedChaos01/06/164.80HOT

Cum for Dessert

 — A romantic dinner takes a naughty turn. by gab36501/03/123.90

Cum in Pantyhose

 — You relive sex before marriage. by ckklover10/26/043.11

Cum Loving Virgin

 — 36-year-old virgin learns (& loves) to please her man. by showife10/07/053.89


 — A couple shares a poetic Parisian tryst. by whineluvr09/06/074.14

Cupid's Caress

 — Admirer from afar plays cupid for hopeless romantic. by bb_peaks02/05/094.15

Cupid's Power

 — Katie and Mark's meet for the first time on Valentine's Day. by PrincessErin02/06/124.48

Cupid's Project

 — She just wanted to get laid, but Cupid gave her options. by moonlitclover01/26/104.65HOT

Cupid's Revenge - Charlie

 — Sequel to Cupid's Revenge; can Jim & Charlie find love? by JakeRivers01/31/084.38Contest Winner

Cupid’s Christmas

 — John and Helen are soul mates, with Cupid's help. by HappilyM01/22/074.66HOT

Cupids Bow: Making Ben Angry

 — Two intense sexy lovers hot fire stoked by cupids bow. by cherryontop197301/27/094.55HOT

Cure For The Blues

 — Lonely wife needs something to lift her spirits. by jack_straw07/27/044.61HOT

Cure for the Flu

 — A man recovers with an erotic remedy. by Kristi Seaton06/09/114.51HOT

Curt Comes of Age

 — Moves from raw sex to romance. by ainu205/29/124.39

Custody of Evita

 — Mike and daughter find an 'compelling' young woman. by Egmont Grigor04/23/094.62HOT

Cuttin' Loose

 — Business consultant helps with young woman's makeover. by Miltone08/19/014.75HOT

Cutting Loose

 — Giving into temptation & escaping boring relationships. by MonoXidesToXicViXen06/28/054.47


 — An encounter set to Rob D's Clubbed to Death by LadyDarkFire02/13/034.64HOT

Cyber Friends No More Ch. 01

 — First Encounters. by jalyman6711/05/064.62HOT

Cyber Friends No More Ch. 02

 — The fantasy continues. by jalyman6711/20/064.22

Cyber Fun Ch. 02

 — Cyber fun turns to Phone fun. by thoiblush04/18/054.00

Cyber Fun Ch. 03

 — Phone fun continues. by thoiblush04/28/054.86

Cyber Lovin

 — She decides to mee her lover. by Amy Moore04/27/033.62

Cyber Lovin Ch. 02

 — She gave herself to him. by Amy Moore05/03/034.30

Cyber Mates Meet

 — What they think as they prepare to meet for the first time. by RonClarkeson01/31/073.21

Cyber with Miranda

 — Cyber sex with love. by alexcarr05/14/113.50

Cybertherapy Ch. 01

 — Ben starts a new job. by Tory_del_Ricoh04/28/084.68HOT

Cybertherapy Ch. 02

 — Getting to know the KillerBitch. by Tory_del_Ricoh05/03/084.74HOT

Cybertherapy Ch. 03

 — Ben finds out more about KillerBitch -- and Cathy. by Tory_del_Ricoh05/10/084.84HOT

Cybertherapy Ch. 04

 — Will Cathy ever forgive him? by Tory_del_Ricoh05/14/084.78HOT

Dad and the Emo Girl

 — A surprising romance across generations. by Romantic110/09/134.88HOTContest Winner

Dad's Third Wife

 — Son falls in love with his Dad's third wife. by histmajor01/20/154.03

Dad's Third Wife Ch. 01

 — Diane decides to make Oscar suffer. by histmajor04/08/154.00

Daddy's Little Girl Pt. 02

 — Their story continues ten years later. by SubmissiveRomantic08/02/134.79HOT

Daddy's Little Princess

 — Daniel falls for his boss's daughter. by Lady Malachite01/22/084.35

Dahlia Ch. 2

 — Ex-boyfriend comes back to her. by Angel10/12/003.61

Daisy Refined Ch. 01

 — An explosion rocks her world. by tickledkitty05/25/084.59HOT

Daisy Refined Ch. 02

 — Can she forgive, or is it too late? by tickledkitty05/30/084.61HOT

Dallas Ch. 06

 — The Reunion Tower. by redtinkerbell28802/05/074.67

Dallas Ch. 07

 — The Goodbye Girl. by redtinkerbell28802/06/074.78

Damaged Goods Ch. 00

 — The unlikely romance of two people damaged in different ways by julie9508/14/134.32

Damaged Property

 — Becoming whole again. by deadeye_7610/18/144.72HOT

Damn The Damsel...!

 — A burglar's encounter with a beauty. by Satyasri03/19/153.59

Damn You, Not Wow

 — She wasn't ready for something she had been waiting for. by jjust12/07/014.11

Damon & Laura

 — Sexual frustration between lovers comes to an end. by twilight_intoxication11/02/094.23

Dan and Kim's Trust

 — Dan & his attempt at getting his girlfriend to trust him. by cambro04/04/083.73

Dan's Life

 — Love, cheating, killing, prison, parole: what's next? by DG Hear04/15/064.73HOT

Dana & Jeff Ch. 01

 — Fast forwarding a relationship to get to the sex scenes. by illicit_writer01/21/164.55HOT

Dana & Jeff Ch. 02

 — The good parts of Dana and Jeff's relationship continues. by illicit_writer01/25/164.62HOT


 — Her swaying hips reminds him of what he's missing. by Calpurnius Erex06/01/074.66HOT

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