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A Drunken Tale Ch. 03

 — Grant persists and it pays off. by LolitasLegacy10/10/064.64HOT

A Drunken Tale Ch. 04

 — Grant continues to pursue Mary. by LolitasLegacy10/18/064.64HOT

A Drunken Tale Ch. 05

 — Mary starts to get carried away. by LolitasLegacy10/26/064.69HOT

A Drunken Tale Ch. 06

 — Grant learns more about Mary and takes her on the town. by LolitasLegacy12/19/064.73HOT

A Drunken Tale Ch. 07

 — The conclusion. by LolitasLegacy03/01/074.63HOT

A Fall in Antioch

 — An historical mystery set in 1098. by smilodonwriter04/04/044.74HOT

A Fallen Angel

 — A fantasy metaphor of Love. by jimmy_love_fl06/13/084.32

A Family Affair Ch. 01

 — She finds love in the arms of her husband's cousin. by cheatingheart01/17/064.31

A Family Affair Ch. 02

 — Kent says in the dark about his marriage. by cheatingheart01/24/064.24

A Family Affair Ch. 03

 — Kent decides to win back Cathryn. by cheatingheart01/25/064.33

A Family Affair Ch. 04

 — Sam brings Cathryn a brithday present. by cheatingheart01/26/064.32

A Family Affair Ch. 05

 — Kent gets suspicious; Maybelle confronts Cathryn. by cheatingheart01/26/064.29

A Family Affair Ch. 06

 — Cathryn ends her marriage & Kent takes it violently. by cheatingheart01/29/064.16

A Family Affair Ch. 07

 — Cathryn tells Lizy and Sam what happened. by cheatingheart01/31/063.77

A Family Affair Ch. 08

 — Kent and Sam fight. by cheatingheart02/15/063.19

A Family Feud

 — Four generations ago, a feud began. by Cromagnonman01/28/134.55HOT

A Fantasy Come True

 — Alexis and her crush are kidnapped! by MoonDreams10/24/113.46

A Father and Son Fuck Ch. 02

 — I fall for one, which one though? by mandywilluk200009/16/134.38

A Feel For The Ice Ch. 01

 — Single mom and her son meet their hockey hero. by MugsyB12/29/094.82HOT

A Feel For The Ice Ch. 02

 — Hayden and Anna get closer. by MugsyB01/02/104.83HOT

A Feel For The Ice Ch. 03

 — The conclusion of Hayden and Anna's story. by MugsyB01/03/104.80HOT

A Feeling So Right

 — Love so true could only be a dream. by sadie_babe042910/15/054.33

A Few Good Men

 — A smart man knows when to look & when not to look. by darkstone5703/12/084.29

A Few Stolen Days Ch. 07

 — A weekend affair ends with her enjoying new games. by gr8_4play07/28/034.44

A Final Goodbye

 — Ted finally says goodbye to his late wife. by gentle_man06/08/014.45

A Fireside Seduction

 — She gives her boyfriend a nice surprise. by KittyKatt08/06/014.50HOT

A First Class Flight

 — Flying high to a sexual encounter. by Ritomate10/30/103.18

A First Date

 — They share a wonderful first date, and more. by juneangel6267206/07/054.14

A First Date

 — How Pandora became a woman again. by Pandora1202/29/043.87

A First Date

 — The beginning of something special... by Secret_Passion201803/27/184.24

A First Date Ch. 02

 — The real beginning. by Pandora1203/07/044.21

A First Encounter

 — What if you met someone you had to have tonight? by dreamsweet10/03/01

A First Meeting

 — Meeting brings Internet lovers even closer. by Hercules_unleashed01/27/064.29

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 01

 — Nurse Abby gets a rude awakening. by amandak92103/16/173.99

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 02

 — Nurse Abby gets a rude awakening. by amandak92104/05/174.12

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 03

 — Nurse Abby gets a fixing. by amandak92104/23/174.36

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 04

 — Nurse Abby gets a fixing. by amandak92104/24/174.26

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 05

 — Nurse Abby gets a pleasurable awakening. by amandak92105/02/174.02

A Fixing from the Doc Ch. 06

 — Nurse Abby gets a pleasurable awakening. by amandak92108/29/174.36

A Fizz Tail

 — He finds perfection in the night. by dejonn03/31/013.25

A Flair for Trouble

 — An accountant finds mystery and romance at a bankruptcy. by Stultus06/19/094.70HOT

A Flame in the Night Ch. 01

 — You agree to meet him for real. Just remember the warning! by dawei06/01/093.90

A Flame in the Night Ch. 03

 — And now he wants to know your fantasy. by dawei06/12/094.19

A Flame in the Night Ch. 05

 — The deal is sealed. by dawei06/21/094.38

A Flame in the Night Ch. 06

 — You recall the erotic story he told you. by dawei06/22/094.15

A Flame in the Night Ch. 07

 — Our Friday night date has unexpected detour. by dawei06/26/094.70HOT

A Flame in the Night Ch. 09

 — You want more from him. by dawei07/18/094.38

A Flower in the Wilderness

 — Adrian seeks to change his life and finds his flower. by Moondrift11/25/084.54HOT

A Fluttering Wildflower Ch. 01

 — The encounter, the survey, & the moths. by Rockwell11/06/044.42

A Foggy Day

 — You give in to the erotic call of the fog. by justjohn101302/01/044.30

A Fool for You

 — A rock chick finds love. by xelliebabex03/15/164.76HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love

 — A nice guy meets the right girl the hard way. by carvohi02/03/114.44

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 02

 — Cal and Maureen are in love, but it's complicated. by carvohi04/01/114.67HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 03

 — Tha past is catching up with Cal and Maureen. by carvohi04/03/114.75HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 04

 — It's getting complicated. by carvohi04/06/114.70HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 05

 — Cal and Maureen negotiate an a agreement. by carvohi04/08/114.75HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 06

 — The past starts to intrude on everyone's lives. by carvohi04/12/114.77HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 07

 — Cal gets tricked and Maureen gets a spanking. by carvohi04/22/114.74HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 08

 — New questions, new challenges face a loving couple. by carvohi04/28/114.68HOT

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 09

 — Cal and Maureen find closure. by carvohi06/06/114.78HOT

A Footrub Sweet Girl

 — A moment in the past, a moment to love. by aussiebear02/16/154.00

A For Effort

 — Morgana wants a man, but she has a problem. by ldrequiv02/27/044.33

A Forbidden Love

 — Two people embrace the forbidden love. by mistyc12/04/013.33

A Forbidden Relationship

 — He can never be hers. by jadedSHADOW10/02/054.39

A Forced Pairing Ch. 01

 — Young pair are married after meeting for 5 minutes. by tultek10/15/054.48

A Forced Pairing Ch. 02

 — Young pair return to his village. by tultek10/16/054.57HOT

A Forced Pairing Ch. 03

 — Damaged Sister comes home. by tultek10/30/054.44

A Forced Pairing Ch. 04

 — Sister joins in. by tultek10/31/054.50HOT

A Forced Pairing Ch. 05

 — A wrong turn. by tultek11/05/054.61HOT

A Forced Pairing Ch. 06

 — Drunk at a party. by tultek11/06/054.42

A Fourth Date

 — The weekend comes to an end... by Secret_Passion201803/30/184.37

A Fresh Start in Dark Water

 — She came to him in the dark water. by Scorpio4404/04/074.46

A Friend for Valentine's

 — She needs a friend on Valentine's Day. by AvoidingRealWork01/28/084.72HOT

A Friend of a Friend

 — An unlikely connection. by tommcgee11/20/134.06

A Friend Seduces A Friend

 — Is she captive to him as he to his feelings? by MartineAlbert02/12/044.44

A Friendly Affair Ch. 01

 — A special friendship changes from virtual to sexual. by BellaRaye04/10/104.67

A Friendly Visit

 — A visit from a long time friend turns into something more. by Syana03/08/063.46

A Full Circle

 — Adultery, divorce, marriage and re-marriage. by Enamored05/23/064.59HOT

A Fun Weekend

 — Erin and Nick have a weekend to themselves. by OroroM9608/19/154.28

A Funny Thing Happened...

 — Romance on a production of Sondheim's Crowd Pleaser. by Quince01/26/154.84HOT

A Further Taste of Candy

 — Fencer and BBW continue their relationship. by hotturkey08/20/064.69HOT

A Game of Touch

 — That first time together. by dmorgana12/08/174.26

A Garden Encounter

 — Strangers become lovers in the rose garden. by *ladylove*10/30/013.90

A Gardening Affair

 — Sally makes a mistake in marrying Ken. by Moondrift04/15/074.50HOT

A Gentleman and the Widow

 — She was lonely, so was he, but together... by Widow_C02/22/134.42

A Gentlemen's Valentine for a Lady

 — Woman fantasizes about living in the romantic Victorian Era. by SuperHeroRalph01/30/113.85

A Ghostly Decision

 — After death, a ghost must choose their path. by dreamwriter123410/06/074.49

A Ghostly Interlude

 — Alan falls for a long-dead young poetess. by sdwpthwlkr06/13/014.33

A Ghostly Love

 — Death can not kill their love. by windwriter10/20/064.23

A Ghoul for a Husband Ch. 01

 — Freedom craving lady runs. by FrenchescaDoll11/13/084.33

A Ghoul for a Husband Ch. 02

 — It's alive! ...or is it? by FrenchescaDoll11/25/084.85HOT

A Ghoul for a Husband Ch. 03

 — Teagan meets Mary and Anna. by FrenchescaDoll11/29/084.33

A Ghoul, A Nectarine, and Pancakes

 — A haunted confession. by flamekitten10/16/124.75HOT

A Gift

 — The gift that keeps on giving. by AnaS08/12/113.96

A Gift for Her

 — Samantha has a bad day but Mark comes home to turn it around by BigGunnz01/03/174.60HOT

A Gift of Love

 — They have nothing, but they give each other everything. by dreampilot7901/22/064.78HOT

A Gift of Love

 — The ultimate Valentine's Day gift. by _Lynn_01/21/094.52HOT

A Girl Called Len

 — Falling in love with a Stripper. by Kezza6711/25/084.81HOTContest Winner

A Girl in Need Ch. 01

 — Jake is notified of a crime, meets Pat for the first time. by northlander01/03/114.42

A Girl in Need Ch. 02

 — Pat talks with Ginny, and makes a big impression on Jake. by northlander01/27/114.51HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 03

 — Jake makes an arrest, and an impression. by northlander01/29/114.73HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 04

 — Pat and Jake talk with Laura and get quite a shock. by northlander02/07/114.66HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 05

 — Pat meets the Rogers Family, Laura is more forthcoming. by northlander02/14/114.71HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 06

 — Pat says Yes, Bernard sees what he faces. by northlander02/26/114.66HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 07

 — More about Bernard, Pat and Jake take a trip. by northlander02/28/114.78HOT

A Girl in Need Ch. 08

 — Pat and Jake finally do the deed, Laura finds Colin (maybe). by northlander03/12/114.82HOT

A Girl in the Night

 — When Tom sees girl alone, he must meet her. by JakeRivers05/09/084.73HOT

A Girl Named Maria

 — A View of love from the Memory Warehouse, from the Outside In by Adrian Leverkuhn02/25/15HOT

A Girl Named Sue

 — Divorced man is reunited with former co-worker. by TxRad09/06/084.73HOT

A Girl Needs It All Ways

 — What a guy needs to know about a girl. by alexcarr11/20/133.28

A Girlfriend or Two

 — Too much love leads to problems if spread out. by Halin2406/16/164.55HOT

A Good Life

 — Finding a deeper love after divorcing a cheating wife. by SW_MO_Hermit08/08/114.71HOT

A Good Match

 — Tom was facing a dilemma. by madengineer301/02/113.93

A Good Morning

 — Forbidden turns hot and friend's sister gets some. by Eric389005/23/103.89

A Good Night

 — A broken man has a good night. by StevB08/27/093.57

A Good Night at the Bar

 — What am I doing here? I suck at picking up women. by PileDriver4810/19/164.63HOT

A Good Somali Brother in Toronto

 — Somali brother and African-American MILF connect. by Samuelx01/28/131.33

A Good Start

 — Erotic duet on a moonlit beach. by JabnAnyone05/29/084.60HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 05

 — Paul helps Marisa to recover. by LittleBrain12/24/174.76HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 06

 — Paul confronts Sir Maurice about Hugo. by LittleBrain01/28/184.82HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 07

 — Ramon's arrival changes everything. by LittleBrain02/05/184.73HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 08

 — A kiss at last. by LittleBrain03/22/184.77HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 09

 — So near but yet so far. by LittleBrain03/31/184.82HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 10

 — The Sex Thing replaces The Thing by LittleBrain05/02/184.81HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 11

 — Proposal accepted? by LittleBrain05/05/184.70HOT

A Good Working Relationship Ch. 12

 — The Sex Thing gets better but is disaster looming? by LittleBrain06/02/184.63HOT

A Good Year

 — I make more than a good wine. by Cromagnonman09/12/144.38

A Gothic Love

 — Car stalls, love is fallen into, world keeps turning. by FoxMWonderful08/29/084.29

A Graduation Present Ch. 01

 — A teacher's favorite student graduates. by KayOwen09/07/104.43

A Graduation Present Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between a teacher and his former student. by KayOwen09/14/104.66HOT

A Graduation Present Ch. 03

 — Andie fears Jackson is no longer interested. by KayOwen10/20/104.53HOT

A Gray Area

 — Coming back to her past wasn't what she wanted. by Deity10/21/064.27

A Gray Area Ch. 02

 — During breakfast, C.K. figures something out. by Deity10/28/064.21

A Gray Area Ch. 03

 — Caden meets up with the one person she didn't want to see. by Deity11/03/064.42

A Gray Area Ch. 04

 — Her night was not going according to plan. by Deity11/08/064.40

A Gray Area Ch. 05

 — Twice in the same day? by Deity11/11/064.42

A Gray Area Ch. 06

 — A talk with her sister leads to a talk with her boyfriend. by Deity11/30/064.50HOT

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