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Romance Stories

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Dreaming With You

 — Sensual dream or sensual waking? by Imi12/11/024.47


 — Surreal love and lust. by LogicalLucidity10/21/074.29


 — The unknown between dreams and reality. by paperbakwrytr08/09/024.69HOT


 — Nightmares haunt her dreams. by Nikkita_Nightwish02/06/054.38


 — Sexual fantasy BDSM dreams. by LordRunes07/10/064.36


 — Not even time could keep him from her. by Kallen04/23/044.46

Dreams & Love

 — What will you chose between love or dreams? by Meriaiza11/06/113.92

Dreams and Reality

 — I awake to soft knocking at my front door. by SheHateMe08/08/094.15

Dreams Can Come True

 — You enjoy a romantic evening with her. by Devil Woman11/15/004.45

Dreams Can Come True

 — Can he get the girl that he desperately wants, and needs? by heartsanddaggers03/01/133.82

Dreams Come True

 — He plays with her while she dreams of him. by Dream_and_Pet_Ange03/14/094.24

Dreams Come True

 — Sometimes you have to take a chance. by EmeraldKitten02/18/114.80HOT

Dreams Come True Ch. 01

 — Tara meets her new neighbor. by coyoteugly26R10/26/034.53HOT

Dreams Come True Ch. 02

 — Tara meets a gentleman named Robert. by coyoteugly26R10/28/034.69HOT

Dreams Come True Ch. 03

 — Tara and Robert move to another level. by coyoteugly26R10/28/034.57HOT

Dreams Do Come True

 — Abby discovers the magic of Christmas. by _Lynn_11/21/094.70HOT

Dreams I Cannot Dream Ch. 01

 — An imperfect man in a perfect world. by LaRascasse11/17/154.65HOT

Dreams of Honey

 — Lonely coed pens a fantasy for her first boyfriend. by lovinanalandy07/09/034.46

Dreams of Love Ch. 03

 — Lina heads out on her trial. by FaeLina09/14/064.80HOT

Dreams of Love Ch. 04

 — Lina is attacked by an unseen foe. by FaeLina02/06/074.85HOT

Dreams of Love Ch. 05

 — Topain strays. by FaeLina02/06/074.50HOT

Dreams of Love Ch. 06

 — Damion and Topain meet. by FaeLina06/03/074.37

Dreams of You

 — Brought to orgasm in your arms. by lady_techie12/22/074.41

Dreams or Love

 — Scrooge revisited. by jetaime6901/11/054.50


 — Successful actor comes home to his girlfriend. by ripewickedplumm08/17/034.68HOT


 — Sometimes dreams do come true. by Royal_Prince02/21/014.16

Dreamy Monday Morning

 — Dreams turn into reality starting a new work week right. by Purrfect76907/21/084.46

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

 — Hannah's twist on the game thrills Larry. by pk172912/03/074.46


 — Passionate romp in the rain. by viadonnaluna07/16/114.09

Dressing Room

 — Two lovers get frisky in a dressing room. by latesummernight01/31/174.26

Drew's Story

 — Maggie and Drew live through the years. by rwsteward12/21/094.81HOT

Drifter McLeod & Desiree

 — McLeod drifts along, hoping, and slowly things happen. by Egmont040907/31/094.73HOT


 — One day the sea gave her something new. by Liar08/08/064.74HOT


 — Two friends finally submit to their feelings. by Rog06/03/164.67HOT

Drive Down PCH

 — Secluded beach & pick-up truck bed can lead to fun. by GreatOne9910/22/013.95

Drive Home

 — She makes the ride enjoyable. by msstar05/26/024.19

Driven to the Edge

 — Have some fun in the car with him. by MrKnowitall12/14/044.47

Driving Jackie Ch. 04

 — A darkness comes over the land. by wallcleaver06/12/114.35

Driving Leah

 — An unhappy husband finds a beautiful runaway wife. by egmontgrigor201001/31/104.43

Driving Miss Cindy

 — A chauffeur meets the client of his dreams. by Cromagnonman06/21/084.66HOT

Drops in a Strawberry

 — He could hardly wait to see her pleasure. by DreamList02/21/072.78

Drumbeats Within His Soul

 — Man returns to his Native land to find himself. by Tony15501/14/054.79HOT

Drunk Friends end up Having Sex

 — This story is about how two friends end up having sex. by Storytellerfirst6903/03/173.22

Dubai Tales 01: Airport Departure

 — Fleeting romance kicked off by unexpected confrontation. by Octoposse05/25/144.30

Duchess of the Sea Ch. 01

 — Meeting the enemy. by Piratess09/23/104.52HOT

Duchess of the Sea Ch. 02

 — Dancing with danger. by Piratess09/29/104.63HOT


 — Two friends discover something more. by NotReallySure10/02/054.68HOT

Durante The Dog

 — Durante has a large nose and is slightly deaf. by oggbashan01/24/174.67HOT

Durham Hooks into Delaney

 — Ideas guy appeals to Delaney in every way. by Egmont Grigor08/15/064.59HOT

During the Storm

 — What you do when you go offline. by RedHairedandFriendly07/15/054.41


 — Despite an afternoon fist fight, he comes home to his wife. by Kaishaku06/04/114.04

Dying Embers

 — Sam's marriage is up in flames; can he ever find love again? by JakeRivers01/15/074.79HOT

Dying To Be With Sylvie

 — An old man rejoins his one true love by Scorpius194505/22/144.64HOT

Dynamic Duo Pt. 01

 — A short romantic story. by Iread2relax02/24/164.44

Dynamic Duo Pt. 02-03

 — A short romantic story. by Iread2relax03/15/164.62HOT

Dynamic Duo Pt. 04-05

 — A short romantic story. by Iread2relax04/12/164.58HOT

Dynamic Duo Pt. 06-07

 — A short romantic story. by Iread2relax05/25/164.69HOT

Dynamic Hollywood Newcomer

 — Spunky hitchhiker has her life changed forever. by Egmont Grigor05/03/084.69HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 01

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H07/19/134.37

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 02

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H08/08/134.74HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 03

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H09/02/134.70HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 04

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H09/24/134.87HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 05

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny by Tyler_H10/23/134.86HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 06

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H12/08/134.86HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 07

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H03/03/144.84HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 08

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H05/17/144.89HOT

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 09

 — Three brilliant minds, two broken souls, one shared destiny. by Tyler_H08/03/144.88HOT

E & E Ch. 02

 — The General and his bride go on a mission for the President. by Grey Eagle 28608/30/064.79HOT

E & E Ch. 03

 — Mack gets new assignment; Ginny is kidnapped. by Grey Eagle 28609/15/064.52HOT

E-mail Valentine

 — What did he do wrong? by oggbashan01/25/044.26Editor's Pick

Eagle's Nest Ch. 1

 — Lonely woman receives mysterious letter. by MorningStar10/20/004.12

Eagle's Nest Ch. 2

 — She embarks on incredible journey. by MorningStar10/20/004.50HOT

Eagle's Nest Ch. 3

 — He shows her what passion is. by MorningStar10/20/004.49

Eagle's Nest Ch. 4

 — They experience pleasure together. by MorningStar10/20/004.66HOT

Eagle's Nest Ch. 5

 — He takes her for the first time. by MorningStar10/20/004.81HOT

Early Afternoon Off

 — Lover surprises her when she comes home early. by electrik04/09/054.35

Early Arrival

 — Arriving early for a date, she takes liberties in his bed by wildest102/10/034.35

Early Evening

 — Couple savor after-supper love. by silverace104/07/064.76HOT

Early Morning Surprise

 — The morning after he gave me an incredible "first time". by summergirl704/25/094.24

Early Morning Waterfall

 — A husband finds a sanctuary for him and his wife. by silentblackwater08/26/094.49

Early Morning's Dream

 — Romance in dreams turns erotic in reality. by ladywolf05/09/024.68HOT

Early Release

 — Ex-prisoner finds love and a new life. by Egmont Grigor05/11/054.70HOT

Earning My "A"

 — Shameless adultery in the name of love. by NotHisLady02/10/133.55

Earth Shattering Experience

 — You're ready to let loose on each other. by Niecie402/05/023.50

Easing Your Stress Away

 — How I would take care of you. by BrunetteLady3803/02/164.12

East Meets West Pt. 01 Ch. 01

 — Sniper fails first assignment, finds love. by OldSarge6911/27/134.75HOT

East Meets West Pt. 01 Ch. 02

 — Their love begins, grows. by OldSarge6911/28/134.79HOT

East Meets West Pt. 01 Ch. 03

 — Exploring Their Retreat and Each Other. by OldSarge6912/01/134.79HOT

East Meets West Pt. 01 Ch. 04

 — Their hidden retreat is found. by OldSarge6912/03/134.79HOT

East Meets West Pt. 01 Ch. 05

 — The Conclusion by OldSarge6912/04/134.82HOT

East Meets West Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Continuing the story of Jack, Jiao & Meili. by OldSarge6912/22/134.73HOT

East of the River

 — A young couple feed swans in the river and fall in love. by YoursSINSerely04/12/104.57HOT

Easter Weekend

 — An Easter never to forget. by Redrosesx04/30/034.68HOT

Eat Me Now!

 — She said she needed to be eaten! by rockparker11/15/164.30

Eat, Prey, Lust

 — Even gigolos know love shouldn't fuck with business. by Botur07/05/154.00

Eating Out

 — Pussy appetizer is the best. by inuus08/12/114.13

Eating Out on Valentine's Day

 — A romantic dinner gets hot. by Pepperplease01/27/104.45

Eccentric Hero & Dancing Girl Ch. 04-06

 — Yoru's adventures in a land of startling sexual appetites. by YoruLamourfou12/03/164.33

Echoes from a Bitter Past

 — Two people meant for each other, so fate steps in. by Kezza6705/04/104.80HOT

Echoes in the Rain

 — He walked in the door, jeans and button down soaked solid. by NexusTS03/30/144.18


 — A crafty seduction leads to love. by kinkybiitchx11/07/113.85

Eddie the Hero

 — Foiling a bank hold up Eddie eyes the manager. by Egmont Grigor04/14/094.54HOT


 — Inside the minds of a man and a woman. by Words of Ivory03/06/064.77HOT


 — V goes on tour with her band and brings a close friend. by VLC__07/30/113.80


 — Retired Soldiers find happiness together. by SW_MO_Hermit06/05/144.60HOT

Editorial Indiscretion

 — An editor falls in love with a romance writer from afar. by curiousaboutthat11/24/104.58HOT

Edna Mayfield (heavily revised)

 — What Is, and What Never Was. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/04/16HOT

Educating Dustin Rhodes Ch. 01

 — A young sailor gets some additional training. by mindventure03/02/164.73HOT

Educating Dustin Rhodes Ch. 02

 — Dusty gets surprised and then employs some of his training. by mindventure03/16/164.72HOT

Educating Dustin Rhodes Ch. 03

 — Holly takes full advantage of Dusty's training. by mindventure04/05/164.77HOT

Educating Jaime

 — Molly takes a hand... by demure10103/29/124.60HOT


 — Allison learns something new everyday. by CuntsuckerAbby8808/25/132.80

Eighteen Candles

 — One last birthday wish. by Seanathon02/06/154.66HOT

Eighteen Wheels & A Denim Miniskirt

 — He helps out a motorist in distress. by ronde01/14/044.75HOT

El Paso - DGH

 — The story of Felenna, and El Paso. by DG Hear06/24/074.82HOT

El Paso - Jake Rivers Ch. 02

 — What is the mystery surrounding the death of Faleena? by JakeRivers07/22/074.85HOT

El Paso - Ronnie Wachuka

 — A romantic quest for a tragic romance in the past. by Ronnie Wachuka06/24/074.84HOT

El Paso: jack_straw

 — Love, lust and death in the West Texas town. by jack_straw07/12/074.53HOT

El Paso: MistressLynn

 — Destiny found in a diner. by _Lynn_06/30/074.75HOT

El Paso: MistressLynn Pt. 02

 — Destiny brings them together. by _Lynn_09/25/074.80HOT

El Paso: Techsan

 — For a young woman, big city lights are not all wonderful. by techsan07/01/074.43

Eleanor Ch. 03

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel12/09/074.57HOT

Eleanor Ch. 04

 — Love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel02/08/084.58HOT

Eleanor Ch. 05

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel02/15/084.64HOT

Eleanor Ch. 06

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel02/26/084.61HOT

Eleanor Ch. 07

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel03/03/084.68HOT

Eleanor Ch. 08

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel03/07/084.64HOT

Eleanor Ch. 09

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel03/13/084.71HOT

Eleanor Ch. 10

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel03/20/084.79HOT

Eleanor Ch. 11

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel03/27/084.85HOT

Eleanor Ch. 12

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel04/03/084.81HOT

Eleanor Ch. 13

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangel04/10/084.79HOT

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