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Fashion Consultant

 — Helping friend sort through clothes leads to... by pirateroberts696901/24/054.40

Fat Margaret

 — The transformation of a fat girl. by mattwatt4311/15/114.55HOT

Fatal Attraction Ch. 01

 — The first date. by Ana_Ready06/23/144.00

Fatal Attraction Ch. 02

 — Love at first sight. by Ana_Ready06/25/143.75

Fatal Attraction Ch. 03

 — A man and a woman get into a complicated relationship. by Ana_Ready07/08/144.45

Fatal Attraction Ch. 04

 — Love and lust struggle. by Ana_Ready07/14/143.25


 — A story of a boy and a girl falling in love. by dreamcastteen09/01/104.66HOT

Fate and Destiny Ch. 01

 — You can't forget the love of your life. by SOUKO_KIN04/16/114.25

Fate and Destiny Ch. 02

 — The story continues. by SOUKO_KIN04/25/114.33

Fate and Destiny Ch. 03

 — The story continues. by SOUKO_KIN05/18/114.45

Fate and Destiny Ch. 04

 — Love or life. by SOUKO_KIN06/01/114.44

Fate and Destiny Ch. 05

 — The plan. by SOUKO_KIN06/10/114.55HOT

Fate and Destiny Ch. 06

 — Soon her velvety walls tightened around his fingers... by SOUKO_KIN07/01/114.55HOT

Fate and Destiny Ch. 07

 — Sucked and fucked at the same moment. by SOUKO_KIN07/18/113.81

Fate Ch. 02

 — Fate intervenes in the lives of two lovers. by dreamcastteen09/08/104.43

Fate Ch. 03

 — Reed tries to seduce Natasha while Gage is at Lackland. by dreamcastteen02/07/114.48

Fate Had Brought Them Together

 — They picked each other up at the beach for sex and only sex. by Dinsmore02/08/064.81HOT

Father & Son, Mother & Daughter

 — A vacation in Key West leads to romance, by NYBoss09/14/134.70HOT

Fatso, Peanut, & Stallion

 — Meet Tilly, a whole lotta woman. by Softly03/07/024.42


 — Ballroom dancing, fanatical kidnappers, & romantic rescue. by Jacques LeBlanc05/09/024.26

Fauna, Flora, Fern, and Frank

 — Elderly couple donates land for a public park on Earth Day. by andtheend04/02/10HOT


 — A storm leads to a fun game for two. by DragonsKitten04/26/034.47


 — Awareness breeds Realization... and with it? by VictorCreed2405/01/153.94

Fearful No More

 — Love & passion defeat fear caused by trauma & inner turmoil. by HisTigress020305/02/173.73


 — Life after near death. by MoogPlayer12/02/08HOT


 — Cautious girl meets internet love in real life. by elusive_buttrfly09/18/093.87

Feeling Good Ch. 01-02

 — Perhaps change is a good thing. by LifesLover11/15/074.00

Feeling Minnesota, Latin Style

 — Latin music heats up the night. by karibe12/11/024.00

Feeling Reminiscent

 — A true sex story of a friend and I. by theredstring2511/20/144.04


 — My phantom lover visits me each night. by midnightfalcon08/17/083.80

Feels Like Home

 — Somebody waiting at home erases effects of long day. by LukkyKnight03/08/064.40

Feels So Right: From Bridget's Days

 — In Mike's arms, Bridget thinks how lucky she is. by patricia5105/10/084.46

Femdom Fantasy Romance

 — Cate and Ben's relationship develops. by sadbluekid05/20/164.67HOT


 — A story of college love. by Peachbox07/02/094.65HOT


 — Love at Hallowe'en and after. by GrandTeton10/31/154.68HOT

Ferret Girl Ch. 01

 — Kate takes a job on a small island nation in the Caribbean. by TaLtos606/02/134.71HOT

Ferret Girl Ch. 02

 — Red Sonja meets the Kurgan. by TaLtos606/03/134.80HOT

Ferret Girl Ch. 03

 — She smirked, “Well, I’m not exactly a racehorse, am I?” by TaLtos606/04/134.73HOT

Ferret Girl Ch. 04

 — Sailing away from the sunset & toward a new uncertain start. by TaLtos606/08/134.81HOT

Fertile Fields

 — A story of an unwanted child raised by another. by PTBzzzz12/03/124.61HOT

Festival of Rome

 — Seduction & deception in ancient Valentinus festival. by wishfulthinking01/27/084.77HOT


 — Two friends reconnect in a poignant way. by catchercradle01/25/124.52HOT

Fiddler's Rest

 — Romance author in peril in historic Beaufort SC. by olivias06/15/104.80HOT

Fiery Nights Ch. 01

 — Following a firefighter's work and love life. by IdahoFireGuy10/19/044.50HOT

Fiery, Fabulous Faye

 — Sexy redheaded Faye finds the man of her dreams. by BrettJ12/02/114.21

Fifi Fuchs? Possibly

 — Lively, stupendously named, how could Fifi pass unnoticed? by Egmont Grigor04/10/094.71HOT

Fifteen Cards

 — Fifteen Fifty-Word Stories about Valentine's Cards by oggbashan01/24/114.53HOT

Fifteen Love

 — 50 word stories about love. by oggbashan02/01/184.71HOT

Fifteen Years

 — An ode to all the wonderful married people out there. by drnogood05/03/013.87

Fifty & Fabulous

 — Older and wiser, younger and yummy. by sexygodess0609/04/064.07

Fifty Years of Halloween Costumes

 — Elderly couple loves Hallowen, as much as one another. by andtheend10/10/103.84


 — Mike and Wes's first fight. by CeriseNoire02/28/074.35

Fight For Me

 — Jamie runs into her past. by DeAnnaDaredMe205/21/084.46

Fight For Me Ch. 02

 — Jamie tries to forget, but can she? by DeAnnaDaredMe205/30/084.45

Fight For Me Ch. 03

 — Jamie and Gavin talk. by DeAnnaDaredMe205/31/094.51HOT


 — The hardest fight begins for them. by creepyrj09/02/114.82HOT

Fighter Ch. 02

 — Their fight continues. by creepyrj09/09/114.85HOT

Fighter Ch. 03

 — The number of victories build; the passion builds more. by creepyrj01/08/124.83HOT

Fighter Ch. 04

 — When things go right. by creepyrj04/19/124.81HOT

Fighting Love

 — A fight that ends up in the bedroom. by MysticalFairyQueen11/02/033.70

Fighting Terrorism - Finding Love

 — Two people find each other while fighting against terrorism. by GatorRick08/05/144.76HOT

Fighting Terrorism - Finding Love: Sequel

 — Everything comes together for Rick and Erika. by GatorRick08/09/144.77HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 01

 — Sylar meets Emma. by impeterpan04/08/134.65HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 02

 — Emma intrigues Sylar. by impeterpan04/11/134.68HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 03

 — Sylar frightens Emma. by impeterpan09/09/134.91HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 04

 — Emma forgives Sylar. by impeterpan09/17/134.77HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 05

 — Sylars confuses Emma. by impeterpan09/29/134.80HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 06

 — Emma trusts Sylar. by impeterpan12/30/134.58HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 07

 — Sylar gets Emma. by impeterpan01/26/144.75HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 08

 — Emma has Sylar. by impeterpan02/25/144.70HOT

Figure 8 Ch. 09a

 — Part 1: Sylar understands Emma. by impeterpan05/05/144.81HOT

Fill Her Up

 — Gas station attendant fills up more than just her car. by steelvalentine07/09/023.91

Fill Her Up Ch. 2

 — They meet again. by steelvalentine09/01/024.62HOT

Filling the Void Ch. 01

 — After losing her daughter, she goes to extremes for heal. by CaraDailey05/02/123.71

Filling the Void Ch. 02

 — After losing her daughter, she takes extreme. by CaraDailey05/07/124.25

Final Night on the River

 — Memories made on final night of a canoeing trip. by WFEATHER08/14/054.57HOT

Final Touch

 — A lover eases his partner in her final moment. by ZfrkS6202/02/054.62HOT


 — In love, they finally meet. by SweetsPickle04/08/044.58HOT


 — The night she became more than a best friend. by Joe Wordsworth04/29/044.31


 — Online flirting finally leads to a night together. by passion8writer03/27/114.20


 — Forbidden love, a decade in the making. by Maidnchains03/26/124.06


 — BBW Affair. by Mexxikitten11/25/124.16


 — She finally got what she wanted. by Azrah06/28/134.13

Finally a Female Who Stood Out

 — Romance begins to bloom at last for a young adulterer. by EgmontGrigor201104/18/114.53HOT

Finally Ch. 01

 — Online lovers come together in person. by Jessica only Jessica09/19/054.24

Finally Ch. 01

 — Olivia's patience is rewarded when Nick finally finds to her. by Emon100012/10/134.71HOT

Finally Ch. 02

 — Night two and the two girls please him. by Jessica only Jessica09/21/054.36

Finally Getting a Lick

 — A woman finally gets the licking she deserves. by Crystalchampagne01/30/184.32

Finally Getting It Right

 — We finally choose a date, after a beautifully sexy time. by tthecat199907/01/094.25

Finally His, Finally Hers

 — Young woman takes a leap before it's too late. by RedHairedandFriendly05/09/054.51HOT

Finally Home

 — He returns to love he's missed so much. by sunny5523508/15/044.65HOT

Finally Ready Ch. 02

 — Nichole and Darius spend time in the shower... by ngjturner02/21/174.33


 — Online lovers meet for first time. by JackofMyTrade05/06/064.00

Find Me Ch. 01

 — It all starts somewhere. by ..Desired..10/18/054.34

Find Me Ch. 02

 — Arriving at Donna Maria’s. by ..Desired..10/18/054.52HOT

Find Me Ch. 03

 — It's good to be back. by ..Desired..10/28/054.48

Finding A Fresh Violet

 — She was young, chubby, horny, and he needed her. by JimBob4412/13/154.60HOT

Finding a Roommate

 — She was new in town. by SierraSprite11/25/164.44

Finding an Editor Ch. 01

 — Frustrated Frannie and the Bodice Ripper. by qhml109/21/134.85HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 01

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker01/13/064.72HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 02

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker01/21/064.80HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 03

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker01/29/064.84HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 04

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker02/05/064.82HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 05

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker02/12/064.88HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 06

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker03/03/064.87HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 07

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker03/04/064.90HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 08

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker03/17/064.85HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 09

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker04/08/064.85HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 10

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker05/01/064.83HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 11

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker05/08/064.80HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 12

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker05/13/064.87HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 13

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker05/20/064.89HOT

Finding Elvis Ch. 14

 — Sexy lesbian homicide cop mixes friends & wedding rings. by Wine_Maker06/07/064.83HOT

Finding Ethan

 — Ethan and Devra discover mutual needs within each other. by Katyusha11/20/074.18

Finding Family

 — The mom got him, the daughter didn't; Ryan got that sorted. by Egmont Grigor10/21/084.71HOT

Finding God

 — A Parson's wife finds God in love. by Moondrift01/04/104.52HOT

Finding Happiness After Love Dies

 — Divorced due to apathy a man finds a new love and remarries. by SW_MO_Hermit08/04/114.80HOT

Finding Her Ch. 1

 — Man finds his true love again. by Kitten2005707/09/024.28

Finding Her Ch. 2

 — Soulmates come face to face alone. by Kitten2005707/15/024.50HOT

Finding Home

 — Jake tries to make his way back. by latineyesdream03/22/084.37

Finding Home

 — A continuation of Finding Love. by GatorRick09/11/134.72HOT

Finding Karen

 — Blizzard blows, bringing with it a woman with no past. by LesLumens11/11/064.67HOT

Finding Kim Again

 — Finding the young love he almost lost forever. by GeneMajors11/22/164.19

Finding Love

 — Michael finds true love in an unexpected person. by Moondrift01/06/044.64HOT

Finding Love

 — A hero comes home and finds love. by GatorRick09/11/134.69HOT

Finding Love at the Spa

 — Love seems to find you when you don't expect it. by Paniolo Boy08/29/064.72HOT

Finding Love on the Run Ch. 01

 — Gabriel and Sabrina's first meeting. by divalisciouskim03/28/123.64

Finding Love on the Run Ch. 02

 — Who is girl? and will Gabriel and Sabrina get together. by divalisciouskim03/29/123.50

Finding Love While Lost

 — Lena finds love instead of the interstate. by MistressMerry10/06/074.50HOT

Finding Miss or Mrs Right

 — Good women abound; well so a guy has to believe. by egmontgrigor201010/31/104.51HOT

Finding Molly

 — Searching for the right woman to mother his children. by egmontgrigor201004/23/104.72HOT

Finding Mr. Wrong Ch. 01

 — Finding the man of your dreams is a good thing, right? by peacefulwhisper03/10/054.55HOT

Finding Mr. Wrong Ch. 02

 — She dances with her stranger. by peacefulwhisper03/17/054.65HOT

Finding Mr. Wrong Ch. 03

 — Noelle learns the rules. by peacefulwhisper05/03/054.68HOT

Finding my Muse

 — To write about herself, she needs to explore. by tmitrue12/06/094.46

Finding My Way Home Ch. 01

 — Wounded soldier returns to small town. by deadeye_7604/21/124.57HOT

Finding My Way Home Ch. 02

 — Lily comes to me, but turns away. by deadeye_7604/24/124.75HOT

Finding My Way Home Ch. 03

 — Lily rejects me so I pursue Cindy. by deadeye_7604/26/124.73HOT

Finding My Way Home Ch. 04

 — Things get tougher for Jon. by deadeye_7604/28/124.80HOT

Finding My Way Home Ch. 05

 — Lily and I wrangle. by deadeye_7605/01/124.74HOT

Finding My Way Home Ch. 06

 — Jon finds peace. by deadeye_7605/04/124.83HOT

Finding Perfection

 — He's the unexpected love of my life. by andoverblonde10/09/154.00

Finding Rachel

 — Man discovers love at first sight on a cruise. by mnshyguy11/07/054.65HOT

Finding Rachel

 — A guy finds love in an unexpected way. by Hot_Sister05/06/144.26

Finding safety

 — Childhood friends find each other after a robbery. by Trulyniceguy05/11/154.49

Finding the Line Between Love & Hate

 — A compulsive liar fights to break herself out of her lies by silverangel62105/26/144.34

Finding the One Ch. 01

 — A man takes the hard way to find love. by Kojak0108/17/174.63HOT

Finding the One Ch. 02

 — A cougar on the run. by Kojak0108/19/174.68HOT

Finding the One Ch. 03

 — It gets ugly with Mia. by Kojak0108/21/174.54HOT

Finding the One Ch. 04

 — Hitting rock bottom. by Kojak0108/23/174.74HOT

Finding the One Ch. 05

 — Digging the hole deeper. by Kojak0108/25/174.72HOT

Finding the One Ch. 06

 — Climbing out of the hole. by Kojak0108/28/174.73HOT

Finding the One Ch. 07

 — Building the relationship. by Kojak0108/30/174.75HOT

Finding the One Ch. 08

 — The happy end. by Kojak0109/03/174.73HOT

Finding The Right Woman Ch. 01

 — What if he finds her, then loses her? by DG Hear11/18/074.70HOT

Finding The Right Woman Ch. 02

 — Marie tells her story. by DG Hear11/19/074.78HOT

Finding The Right Woman Ch. 03

 — The final part: did they find each other? by DG Hear11/20/074.85HOT

Finding the Unexpected

 — Two strangers find love in an unusual situation. by losthead5701/21/104.59HOT

Finding the Way Home

 — Friends find each other after three decades. by FunintheFort01/27/174.51HOT

Finding True Love

 — How he & Jessi fell for each other. by residentevil01/03/044.48

Finding What's Been Missing Ch. 01

 — Lonely housewife discovers passion. by lonelylisa02/28/034.57HOT

Finding What's Been Missing Ch. 02

 — A lonely housewife finds what she needs. by lonelylisa03/06/034.60HOT

Fine Dive

 — Diver see girl being murdered, saves her. by Grey Eagle 28611/17/054.70HOT

Finger Food

 — Want to have dinner with me? One thing though, wear a skirt. by MethodicMortality10/05/14

Fingerpainting Ch. 01

 — Cat meets Evan. by coloryourworld11/15/054.64HOT

Fingerpainting Ch. 02

 — The next night. by coloryourworld11/22/054.66HOT

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