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Romance Stories

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Fingerpainting Ch. 03

 — Playtime and cinnamon buns. by coloryourworld10/17/074.64HOT

Fingerpainting Ch. 04

 — An apology sealed with a kiss. by coloryourworld12/18/074.68HOT

Fiona & Lyon

 — Lyon is obsessed with lovely peasant girl. by goldendragon05/31/023.76

Fire & Ice

 — Fun in the snow, & more fun later. by Vivacia01/18/024.44

Fire and Icicles

 — A hot and cold Valentine's night. by BlueFish1102/06/094.47

Fire in the Water

 — The Sea calls, and so did she. by magmaman01/05/074.47

Fire Light

 — As the storm raged, the fire burned warm & bright. by Moonlight_3303/26/014.34

Fire Queen

 — A young princeling finds unlikely companionship. by Tsania04/06/174.82HOT

Fire Queen Ch. 02

 — What has begun must continue, even as disaster falls around. by Tsania05/02/174.87HOT

Fire Storm

 — As Tokyo burns, nothing can separate true love. by Nachthexe06/05/124.44

Firefighter Boyfriend

 — Young girl is seduced by fireman. by Christine Colbrook10/20/004.35


 — Outdoor sex, slight drug use, & lots of fluffy love. by amaranthus07/14/073.82


 — Confronting his parent's death, & an unexpected new life. by Adrian Leverkuhn09/13/05HOT


 — Alone by the fire, they connect. by Calpurnius Erex08/21/074.60HOT


 — Amanda's marriage goes up in flames. by rwsteward10/09/124.84HOT


 — Couple watches fireworks & make their own. by EroticRomanticMan02/11/034.44


 — Rachel is tired of waiting. by lapseofreason01/10/124.32

First Anniversary

 — Maddy never makes it to 1st Anniversary Dinner by JennyGirly02/03/034.50HOT

First Anniversary

 — The first year of wedded bliss. by maxdname09/12/084.40

First Arrivals

 — Months on the Internet with her, but now in a town near me! by LonelyScoots07/05/144.00

First Comes Love...

 — Young lovers meet and make love for the first time! by TheSometimesGoddess07/16/144.38

First Contact

 — Dear Sexy but Unavailable Man. I wrote this for you... by KissMeDeep06/07/183.38

First Cums Fuck, then Cums Marriage

 — A nude model and art professor fuck after class. by silkstockingslover01/26/164.69HOT

First Date

 — He goes out with his cyberlover. by MJustice02/01/013.75

First Date

 — Off to a shaky start, things turn out well. by Anvil09/05/013.82

First Date

 — You meet your cyber friend in real life. by Roses4U08/17/033.62

First Date

 — 20 Questions leads to an incredible first date... by allychris409/21/124.19

First Date

 — A nervous first date with the woman of my dreams. by Sam20408/23/094.47

First Date

 — First date with my boyfriend. by LoHa668801/30/124.16

First Date at Swensen's

 — Drinks and ...? by IreneXXX08/18/054.10

First Date Ch. 01

 — Jake and Ann fall in love, exchange vows and make a baby! by Jake400010/14/104.32

First Date Ch. 02

 — Jake and Ann find the day after their first date exciting. by Jake400010/17/104.59HOT

First Date Magic

 — A lady tries online dating for the first time. by msSexkitty11/15/143.87

First Dates

 — The picture perfect first date... by lovethyheart05/19/174.09

First Day Back

 — Amy discovers a new side to her least favourite teacher. by amyshakes10/24/063.82

First Encounter

 — Lovers meet for the first time. by starbug1710/20/002.43

First Encounter

 — Internet friends meet & fall in love. by krdavidson06/19/024.15

First Encounter

 — Cyberlove takes a new reality. by ebg04/10/044.00

First Encounter

 — Amy is having second thought about the affair. by MIKACHASE03/04/173.86

First Kiss

 — First kiss determines the final outcome of any relationship. by txprincess7405/27/084.63HOT

First Love

 — Is this their future? by devle06/03/044.55HOT

First Love

 — He relives his first time and his first love. by aspiringromantic11/01/024.42

First Love

 — She awakens to a stranger who isn't. by anoymous04/06/044.14

First Love, Last Love

 — She loved another more, or so he thought. by JoeDreamer01/30/064.74HOT

First Meeting

 — Online lovers meet for the first time. by Selias10/10/003.40

First Meeting

 — Pen pals meet for the first time. by dooders05/17/014.27

First Meeting

 — She waited nervously for his arrival. by lightstormyeyes07/02/054.42

First Meeting

 — After months of sharing fantasies, they finally meet. by jessie1089206/03/084.20

First Meeting

 — You meet in real life after being chat buddies. by pleasing_2the_i11/16/034.00

First Meeting at the Beach

 — Man and woman meet after a long correspondence. by MattM12/28/014.25

First Meetings

 — An online romance suddenly changes. by dirtymary08/08/124.47

First Poker Party

 — Don't play the game if you don't know the rules by nighthawk2220410/23/083.43

First Responder Rendezvous

 — Lady cop and a hot paramedic meet up for ambulance sex. by AngelaCameron01/09/094.10

First Semester Finals

 — Will and Bethany meet at the Library. by JoeDreamer12/07/144.85HOT

First Tale of Romance

 — Boyfriend and girlfriend make love. by loveSICKman04/30/083.69

First Taste

 — It is time. by jerseyblue01/21/134.54HOT

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

 — An old secret and a new love. by _Lynn_07/05/084.64HOT

First Time Fling

 — A love in 1943. by FoxMWonderful02/08/083.88

First Time Hippies

 — Hippies in love begin their sexual lives. by Jennafink211/25/163.47

First Time I Saw Him

 — He made me feel... by shyvirgingirlnextdoor08/14/143.74

First Time Lovers

 — When cyber stimulation is not enough, you meet. by voyergirl10/10/013.93

Firsts Ch. 01

 — Introducing Kesare Ramirez, her brothers and...Gabriel. by TheKiss12/19/074.78HOTEditor's Pick

Firsts Ch. 02

 — What is hidden behind those green eyes? by TheKiss03/17/084.67HOTEditor's Pick

Firsts Ch. 03

 — Kes forms a plan, and experiences another first. by TheKiss04/01/084.81HOT

Firsts Ch. 04

 — Gabriel realises his mistake and tries to make amends. by TheKiss04/22/084.76HOT

Firsts Ch. 05

 — Kes and Gabriel have some fun, but is that all they want? by TheKiss06/26/084.83HOT

Firsts Ch. 06

 — Rico's favour and Gabriel's feelings. by TheKiss08/14/084.80HOT

Firsts Ch. 07

 — The End - but will it be Happily Ever After? by TheKiss01/17/094.85HOTContest Winner

Fish out of Water Ch. 01

 — Woman tries something new, takes risks. by WhisperNShout01/11/144.21

Fish out of Water Ch. 02

 — Ruth isn't the only one with bizarre dreams by WhisperNShout01/22/144.09

Fisherman's Point

 — Just making the shortlist can bring its own rewards. by SamScribble06/09/144.52HOT

Fishing with Cassie

 — West Coast fishing guide trains his young female assistant. by Trapper ak Bobby01/04/06HOT

Five A.M.

 — Lia & Aidan in the morning. by Shannahjade12/04/01

Five Dollar Bill

 — It was a matter of trust. by magmaman01/26/124.53HOT

Five Little Words

 — The beginning of an Internet romance. by zdnHEAT04/09/054.46

Fixing a Broken Heart

 — Man tries to get back lost love. by Bakeboss01/20/104.31


 — Doubts are destroyed as I get to know this redhead better. by civicabuser02/08/114.65HOT

Flames Ch. 02

 — I wake up holding a fire of desire in my arms. by civicabuser03/08/114.70HOT

Flames Ch. 03

 — We get more and more experimental. by civicabuser05/18/114.79HOT

Flames Ch. 04

 — My story with Erin concludes.. Or is it a new beginning? by civicabuser10/03/124.80HOT

Flames of Desire

 — Her flame of desire comes to life. by nicenmuddy02/01/133.22

Flames Of The Soul

 — Two hearts meet. by *ladylove*10/28/014.06

Flanna and Me

 — Irish redhead sexually fires company attorney. by Egmont Grigor08/18/064.57HOT

Flash Fire Ch. 01

 — An introduction to our unsuspecting couple. by knitedreams03/24/084.55HOT

Flash Fire Ch. 02

 — The picnic. by knitedreams11/12/084.49

Flats Hunter

 — Country music star finds love with a fishing guide. by Grey Eagle 28611/18/054.70HOT

Flight Emergency

 — An inflight emergency starts a chain of events. by Cromagnonman06/25/084.72HOT

Flight Emergency Ch. 02

 — A different kind of flight emergency. by Cromagnonman07/11/084.81HOT

Flight Fantasy Ch. 02

 — It is indeed a small world. by callmejack06/21/064.79HOT

Flight Home

 — A business woman is relaxed on a flight home. by Martin Gatsby02/14/054.51HOT

Flight of Fancy

 — Lilli takes a trip to meet her virtual dominant. by lillianaZ02/05/184.45

Flight of the Tern

 — A young couple delivers a sailboat to Alaska. by Trapper ak Bobby12/21/05HOT


 — Brooklyn had always wanted Nate. Then Nate returns her lust. by AdAnne12/02/154.30

Flirting Goes Too Far

 — I was all mixed up when it came to Lynn. by DG Hear02/03/124.52HOT


 — Skeletons in the closet - but not the way she thought. by demure10112/19/134.77HOT

Flower Ch. 01

 — Rose's story of beautiful smiles and hidden secrets. by SomeSayLove12/01/154.68HOT

Flower Ch. 02

 — As long as there's life, there's hope. by SomeSayLove01/03/164.71HOT

Flower Ch. 03

 — Where there's life, there's love. And hate. by SomeSayLove01/06/164.80HOT

Flower Ch. 04

 — You live, and you learn. by SomeSayLove01/09/164.83HOT

Flower Ch. 05

 — It's a small world. by SomeSayLove01/10/164.83HOT

Flower Ch. 06

 — The calm before the storm? by SomeSayLove01/25/164.88HOT

Flower Ch. 07

 — To die, to sleep. by SomeSayLove02/02/164.89HOT

Flower Ch. 08

 — No more! by SomeSayLove02/11/164.83HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 01

 — An erotic writer meets a quirky librarian. by DonnaBeck01/30/154.71HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 02

 — The writer and librarian get to know each other. by DonnaBeck01/31/154.79HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 03

 — A date and few surprises. by DonnaBeck02/01/154.84HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 04

 — Back to his place. Will she break her own rules? by DonnaBeck02/02/154.88HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 05

 — Is this too much for William? by DonnaBeck02/03/154.87HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 06

 — Miles apart, they feel the heat. by DonnaBeck02/04/154.84HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 07

 — Tracy's secret changes everything. by DonnaBeck02/05/154.87HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 08

 — Tracy meets William's family. by DonnaBeck02/06/154.88HOT

Flower Girl Ch. 09

 — The CONCLUSION. by DonnaBeck02/07/154.85HOT

Fly Me to the Moon

 — A deputy finds danger, Doritos and perhaps romance. by Stultus08/12/104.60HOT


 — Successful business woman finds romance while flying. by Georgia Anon208/19/023.88

Foliage of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Nick's last night being happy with Lisa. by TravelinJack06/22/044.00

Foliage of the Mind Ch. 02

 — Vanessa comes back into Nick's life. by TravelinJack07/01/043.64

Follow Your Heart

 — Neglected married woman has an affair. by TheSleepingGoddess12/24/034.43

Fonda and Clark

 — A love story. by Egmont040911/21/094.67HOT

Fonding and Permission Ch. 02

 — A young man, his forgotten school friend and a mystery belle. by KerilaBlebo04/04/184.77HOT

Food Fetish

 — Your fantasy takes place in a vineyard. by secretofarose08/12/083.00

Food for Thought

 — Your romantic dinner turns hot. by LLL10/06/024.18

Food for Thought

 — Friends find love and sexual satisfaction. by scarlet_librarian07/07/164.70HOT


 — April Fool's prank helps Riley find love. by avinash199703/16/174.60HOT

Fool's Errand

 — Caroline gets fooled every April. This time she has a plan. by Spencerfiction03/08/184.81HOT

Foolish April

 — Her little heart has a big dream. by Seanathon03/22/154.80HOT

Foolish White Knight

 — He rescues the damsel; Now what? by NTG_ITG02/09/164.54HOT

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