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Romance Stories

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 — She almost killed him but they fucked into marriage. by Egmont Grigor02/24/094.51HOT

Fuck. Him?! Pt. 01

 — As a dom, I'm reunited with my uni love-interest... by you_look_perfect05/25/193.89

Fuck. Him?! Pt. 02

 — As a dom, I'm reunited with my uni love-interest... by you_look_perfect05/30/193.71

Fucking Benny

 — Kate and Benny have been BFFs always, but things take a turn. by callmecurious212/14/173.94

Fucking Is for Lovers

 — Two strangers get off together. by lovelikevulture04/04/122.60


 — Finally sated. by Beautiful_Bunny_Girl01/15/07

Full Circle

 — Childhood friends come full circle with the past. by D_K_Moon02/08/08

Full Circle

 — Widower re-connects with his first love. by theo_minor10/06/114.70HOT

Full Figured Chic Ch. 01

 — Sasha decides to meet the mysterious tarot reader. by BarbraNovac08/14/094.14

Full Figured Chic Ch. 02

 — The strange little man services the tarot reader. by BarbraNovac08/15/094.27

Full Figured Chic Ch. 03

 — Greg and Jay discover they're being sabotaged. by BarbraNovac08/18/093.97

Full Figured Chic Ch. 04

 — Sasha and Darren go to a strip club. by BarbraNovac08/20/094.09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 05

 — Jay gets his Mother on side. by BarbraNovac08/21/094.06

Full Figured Chic Ch. 06

 — Sasha experiences the ramifications of Darren's embarrassment. by BarbraNovac08/22/093.93

Full Figured Chic Ch. 07

 — Sasha is discoverd by Greg. by BarbraNovac08/25/094.38

Full Figured Chic Ch. 08

 — Jay deals with the preparation of creating the line. by BarbraNovac08/26/09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 09

 — Sasha Masturbates thinking about Jay. by BarbraNovac08/29/09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 10

 — Sasha turns up for her first day at the new job. by BarbraNovac09/02/09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 11

 — Sasha has feelings for Jay. by BarbraNovac09/22/09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 12

 — Sasha shares eroticism with the women in the spa. by BarbraNovac09/25/094.44

Full Figured Chic Ch. 13

 — The connection between Sasha and Jay intensifies. by BarbraNovac09/27/09

Full Figured Chic Ch. 14

 — Sasha and Jay make love. by BarbraNovac09/29/094.56HOT

Full Figured Chic Ch. 15

 — Sasha and Jay make love again but has terrible news. by BarbraNovac10/11/094.39

Full Figured Chic Ch. 16

 — Sasha watches the tarot reader in a threesome. by BarbraNovac10/14/094.30

Full Figured Chic Ch. 17

 — Sasha confronts Madame Soltar by BarbraNovac12/09/094.47

Full Figured Chic Ch. 18

 — Sasha finds herself back in Jay's arms. by BarbraNovac12/10/094.47

Full Figured Chic Ch. 19

 — Sasha hears the entire story from Jay's mother. by BarbraNovac12/12/094.44

Full Figured Chic Ch. 20

 — Sasha discovers a devistating secret. by BarbraNovac12/13/094.32

Full Figured Chic Ch. 21

 — The amazing conclusion! by BarbraNovac12/14/094.48

Full Service Realtor

 — His first story ever written. by jimmy_love_fl06/01/083.96

Fullness Of Life Ch. 01

 — Cassidy strikes out on her own. by JewelTran08/30/044.74HOT

Fullness Of Life Ch. 02

 — Cassidy meets Jesse Turner. by JewelTran08/31/044.78HOT

Fullness Of Life Ch. 03

 — Cassidy and Jesse finally get together. by JewelTran09/02/044.80HOT

Fullness Of Life Ch. 04

 — Cassidy finds herself and wins her Jesse. by JewelTran09/02/044.84HOT

Fun and Games

 — A guy, a girl, and a couch by RedDownTheir02/21/094.15

Fun at the Computer

 — Working on the computer isn't always this much fun. by Ella Maundrell08/13/083.67

Fun at the Office

 — Pretty young co-worker sparks his interest. by MisterTlr03/24/083.45

Fun at Work

 — He spread some Christmas cheer. by outta_control_again12/06/074.35

Fun in Banff

 — Mature couple meet by chance and connect. by SmoothCanadian6912/28/164.48

Fun in the Office

 — Stacey can't wait to get reacquainted with her old friend. by fun_luvin_babe01/29/063.58

Fun in the Snow

 — The life and times of a coach driver. by Cromagnonman05/17/174.71HOT

Fun on Graduation Day

 — Recent grad joins older couple in threesome. by kimbelina08/11/074.41

Fun on the Couch

 — You have fun with your girl on the couch. by rawrkitty10/05/084.46

Fun On The Dance Floor

 — Sarah gets worked over on the floor. by Nyissa11/22/044.22

Fun on the High Seas

 — Casual hook-up leads to great sex. by SexySoxFan03/07/083.80

Fun Weekend

 — Two lovers get away from it all. by Colorado Scorpio12/04/023.42

Fun with Friends

 — Carefree Teens. by sexy_mama_0904/14/113.53

Fun with Karen

 — A question of size. by mh765401/15/064.08


 — College lovers can't get enough of each other. by GirlKink1808/20/163.96

Funny Face

 — She hurt. He had to make it up. by julybear708/07/104.51HOT

Fury Over Nuke Plant Plan

 — One guy takes on the Government and big business. by EgmontGrigor201104/12/114.73HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 03

 — A confusing weekend getaway. by quintessentialquill03/07/074.68HOT

Future Visions

 — Intimate story of true love at life's end. by CuriousLittleBird06/14/034.55HOT

Gabriel Ch. 01

 — Young woman finds love in an unexpected place. by pandorabynature04/02/093.79

Gabriel's Perfect St. Patrick's Day

 — Annabelle gives Irish boyfriend a special surprise. by justboycrazy03/12/093.35

Gala Ball

 — He meets Lit contributor unexpectedly at charity event. by sir_p200201/17/053.75

Gala: An Enchanting Evening

 — An evening out with a horny honey. by BrianAC05/28/063.95

Game of Chess

 — Coming home after a long day never felt so good. by hal_mishel1502/19/194.76HOT

Gamer Meets Online Crush

 — Gamer travels to meet the girl from game chat. by Djmal603/03/163.73

Gamers Pt. 04

 — Jazz lessons; the circle widens. by AspernEssling04/10/164.83HOT

Gamers Pt. 05

 — The summer of Jazz. by AspernEssling04/19/164.83HOT

Gamers Pt. 06

 — Didn't see that coming. by AspernEssling04/27/164.84HOT

Gamers Pt. 09

 — A new hand is dealt. by AspernEssling05/17/164.85HOT

Gamers Pt. 10

 — Snakes and ladders. by AspernEssling05/23/164.86HOT

Gamers Pt. 11

 — Last Turn. by AspernEssling05/29/164.90HOT

Gaming for Love

 — A pair of lonely gamers overcome their preconceived notions. by auguy8601/22/184.85HOT

Garage Sale

 — What he found at the garage sale put her at his mercy. by countrycal01/09/064.74HOT

Garbage Man

 — Lonely female pro golfer meets her perfect mate. by Softly01/11/014.61HOT

Garden of Eden

 — Temptation of the forbidden fruit. by paperbakwrytr02/01/044.04

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 01

 — Write the letters, leave town, now what? by 2Xwidderwoman05/30/094.50HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 02

 — Life is a rock wall, when they break loose I may fall too. by 2Xwidderwoman06/01/094.67HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 03

 — I’m taking you to meet my brother. by 2Xwidderwoman06/03/094.73HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 04

 — Can Gail be frightened enough to leave town? by 2Xwidderwoman06/05/094.73HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 05

 — "The Best 100 Men I've Fucked" is Carol Ann's list. by 2Xwidderwoman06/07/094.74HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 06

 — "The virgin sister enjoyed Santos as her lover." by 2Xwidderwoman06/09/094.71HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 07

 — She told Santos to leave or she might kill him. by 2Xwidderwoman06/11/094.76HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 08

 — Mrs. Pleas, did you threatened to kill Santos Aguirre? by 2Xwidderwoman06/14/094.70HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 09

 — Santos made her mad and she needs to prove he's wrong. by 2Xwidderwoman06/17/094.75HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 10

 — Leave her in the pasture with cows to lick her breasts. by 2Xwidderwoman06/20/094.64HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 11

 — You have created a mystery I am compelled to solve. by 2Xwidderwoman06/23/094.65HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 12

 — This is not for fun. This is forever. by 2Xwidderwoman06/26/094.81HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 13

 — Ask Howard how much of that bank he wants to own. by 2Xwidderwoman06/29/094.81HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 14

 — Bring your toys and let’s go play with the big boys. by 2Xwidderwoman07/02/094.75HOT

Gathering Fallen Rocks Ch. 15

 — FINAL Chapter and Epilog. by 2Xwidderwoman07/05/094.83HOT

Gator Bait and Hog Food

 — He saves a baby from gator, falls for mother. by Grey Eagle 28611/18/054.71HOT

Gavin Screws Up Ch. 05

 — But his love rescues Ellie from a sexualised breakdown. by GemmaRaphael07/29/134.00

Gay Time at the Ranch

 — Film actor falls for woman who wrote about her gay past. by Egmont040909/14/094.49

Geeks Rule Ch. 01

 — A trip down memory lane. by acup08/25/154.81HOT

Geeks Rule Ch. 02

 — A trip down memory lane. by acup09/11/154.74HOT

Gender Bender

 — Sometimes it is hard finding the perfect mate. by PAPATOAD10/14/11

Gender Neutral

 — A guy and a girl have to share a room at college. by HectorBidon12/10/174.47

Generosity Returned

 — Selfless man finds happiness on Christmas. by gimli22012/02/044.59HOT


 — I discover a bottle on a beach. by oggbashan10/08/134.49


 — Slow, sweet, simple. by GypsyMind04/30/144.22

Gentlemen Prefer...

 — Murder & intrigue set in the high time for fenderas. by Tazz06/16/023.74


 — Old crushes die hard. by kimbelina09/18/073.94

George and Ben

 — Kelly and the two men in her life. by Cromagnonman04/23/144.54HOT

George and Germaine

 — An accident in a storm exposes Germaine. by mattwatt4310/31/11

George and Martha Pt. 01

 — Black girl, white guy, awkward late 20's virgins find love. by R410a01/18/194.81HOT

George and Martha Pt. 02

 — The move, family started, business increases. by R410a01/23/194.80HOT

George and Martha Pt. 02.5

 — A baby, another store. by R410a01/30/194.85HOT

George and Martha Pt. 03

 — Life goes on, more babies, business expands. by R410a01/26/194.81HOT

George and Martha Pt. 04

 — George retires, businesses sold, kids growing up. by R410a02/06/194.85HOT

George's Three Loves

 — George and Kelly invite two of George's old flames to visit. by Softly03/23/034.67HOT

Georgia: Reunion

 — Old flame & I meet up again at school reunion. by Mark_Solo04/07/024.48

Geraldine and Thomas

 — A long time coming. by jjcole08/19/124.54HOT

German Holiday Ch. 01

 — Taking a friendship to another level. by ebunny1509/19/10

German Holiday Ch. 02

 — A trip to the beach brings more to the surface. by ebunny1511/26/10

German Holiday Ch. 03

 — Making a discovery on the bus. by ebunny1512/02/10

German Holiday Ch. 04

 — Things come to a boil in Berlin between two friends. by ebunny1501/29/11

Get Well Soon

 — Nurse helps heal a wounded soldier. by fantasygirl3002/17/064.55HOT

Getting Back Up on that Horse

 — Softball brings unlikely couple together. by JustJaney03/02/174.73HOT

Getting Burned Ch. 01

 — Burned Again. by wieliczka03/31/184.27

Getting Burned Ch. 02

 — Healing the Burn. by wieliczka04/03/184.15

Getting By Ch. 03

 — Pete settles in for the rest of his life. by SW_MO_Hermit07/12/134.67HOT

Getting Clean? Or Dirty...?

 — He watches her in the bath... and has to have her. by Active_Mind06/24/094.36

Getting Close To Grandma

 — Wife leaves but Grandma moves in by mattwatt4304/11/114.61HOT

Getting Down at Brown

 — Their first time. by ReedRichards05/08/174.73HOT

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 02

 — Their first time . . . and second. by ReedRichards05/10/174.80HOT

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 03

 — Who goes on Spring Break in Maine? by ReedRichards05/13/174.78HOT

Getting Down at Brown Ch. 04

 — The Final Chapter. by ReedRichards05/24/174.77HOT

Getting Even Ch. 03: The Final Chapter

 — Heartbreak and tragedy will test Bella & Zane's relationship. by NymphWriter10/31/144.23

Getting Hers

 — Rachel was horny as hell, unsatisfied and annoyed. by BigGunnz02/21/174.38

Getting into Trouble

 — Can Jess allow herself to abandon her reservations? by phoenix9004/25/184.24

Getting It

 — Romantic encounter. by eals11/04/084.20

Getting Lucky

 — You never know. by wetapap06/18/084.51HOT

Getting Lucky at Lanikai Beach

 — Mainland guy and Hawaii gal rediscover joy of making out. by rwshaffer09/29/17

Getting Over You

 — A devastating break up leads to sexual closure. by Meanderingpoet09/24/034.22

Getting Ready

 — She gets ready for a date that's been a long time coming. by lstn1drlnd09/06/054.41

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