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Goldie Goes Country

 — Goldie almost loses Ted. by Grey Eagle 28611/20/054.48

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 01

 — Christine finds not only her new roommate. by AC_Pandorra05/02/174.65HOT

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 02

 — Chris and Sasha are living together and share their lives. by AC_Pandorra05/05/174.66HOT

Golf-India-Romeo-Lima Ch. 06

 — Chris tries to get on her feet again. by AC_Pandorra05/14/174.63HOT

Golfing in Barbados

 — Outdoor sex. by SergeGirl10105/07/113.86

Gondola Ride

 — Two strangers share a gondola up the mountain. by LizzieBee05/15/143.62

Gone Country

 — Longing for that one true love. by BigGuy3308/02/164.56HOT

Gonna Sell The Bitch's Car Ch. 03

 — Sammi and me. by qhml105/04/124.80HOT

Gonna Sell The Bitch's Car Ch. 04

 — I sell the car, buy the guitar, and get on with my life. by qhml105/15/124.84HOT

Gonna Sell The Bitch's Car Ch. 05

 — The minstrel and the fairy. by qhml107/09/124.84HOT

Gonna Sell The Bitch's Car Ch. 06

 — The end of the story. by qhml107/17/124.84HOT

Good Clean Fun

 — making clean love by Abraxas Winterlight05/21/014.41

Good Doctor

 — In need of a job. by magmaman12/05/174.55HOT

Good Enough

 — Two people find perfection in each other. by americandemon10/24/03HOT

Good Guys Don't Hit Women

 — What Darcy has for Nadine isn't a fist. by Egmont Grigor02/26/054.52HOT

Good Morning

 — Couple enjoy the morning after a night of love & passion. by heryankee02/12/014.18

Good Morning

 — The best possible way to start the day. by gentle_man05/23/014.48

Good Morning

 — Woman wakes her lover up in the nicest of ways. by steelvalentine09/21/014.24

Good Morning

 — Talking him into it. by reign7202/14/074.30

Good Morning

 — You have long awaited sex. by Fifi7304/18/073.90

Good Morning

 — Beautiful way to wake up. by lady_poisyn10/11/084.43

Good Morning

 — “Oh good morning love.” Your voice purred. by missfangbanger01/22/124.17

Good Morning

 — Waking up on a weekend morning and having fun. by sillyman_302/19/154.18

Good Morning Already

 — Awaken from an amazing dream to a better reality. by ohface6909/18/154.12

Good Morning Baby

 — Sensual interlude from morning wake-up call. by ForeverHisLady07/31/034.05

Good Morning Baby

 — Young couple enjoy passionate morning sex. by yes_maam_06/21/153.86

Good Morning Jamie

 — Timothy poses a question to his best friend. by Nehkara08/06/134.25

Good Morning My Love!

 — What a wonderful way to wake up! by pedicur8her06/17/064.46

Good Morning Starshine!

 — An old mans reminiscence! by Denham_Forrest10/28/134.73HOT

Good Morning Tickles

 — Getting up with ticklish sex. by eroticdolphingirl07/30/023.38

Good Morning Wood

 — A young woman seeks love and happiness with a bad boyfriend. by LilianLeight11/10/153.79

Good Morning!!!

 — She wakes him up in a wonderful way. by Angellean10/15/004.43

Good Morning, Baby

 — He savours your every pleasure. by Pippac04/28/09

Good Morning, Sunshine

 — You find the best part of waking up. by AmandaSilver05/02/104.46

Good Night Kisses

 — Kiss her here - and here - and here. by 7Wishes06/16/064.70HOT

Good Sex Can Come Unexpectedly

 — Couple does more than auditing down on the farm. by Egmont Grigor04/25/054.58HOT

Good Things Come in Threes

 — But does she still have what it takes? by Global Carol01/14/064.68HOT

Good Things Come.. Ch. 4

 — James and Moira say goodbye. by Endlessly01/26/014.45Editor's Pick

Good Things Come...Ch. 1

 — Naive college girl falls for online seductor. by Endlessly10/18/004.48

Good Things Come...Ch. 2

 — She takes James back to her dorm. by Endlessly10/18/004.38

Good Things Come...Ch. 3

 — She and James share lust on stormy night. by Endlessly10/18/004.30

Good Times

 — We lay on the couch, watching TV together. by Hotmama3205/26/104.24

Good Year For The Roses

 — A surprise over dinner, leads to a knew life. by Denham_Forrest05/08/094.79HOT

Goodbye Darcy

 — Chris helps Darcy paint and says a hot goodbye. by BunnieMcFadden11/19/103.06

Goodbye Kiss

 — A first meeting comes to an end... by Depthsofhellwriting09/24/163.50

Goodbye Veronica

 — Capsuled life of a young woman and her woes and ups. by Egmont040907/29/094.52HOT


 — A story of a young couple's first time together. by Ryuu08/13/074.44

Goodnight My Lover

 — A loving husband makes end of life plans by daedfish04/09/144.47

Goody Two-Shoes Ch. 05

 — Jay tells Sam how he really feels. by KarennaC04/19/084.63HOT

Goth Girl and the Engineer

 — Picks up Goth Girl panhandler at a Gas Station. by FurLove01/02/084.41

Gourmet Love

 — A romantic dinner with the man she loved. by Decayed Angel05/29/064.05


 — A man finds true love - at last. by RodMcfore01/04/084.47


 — It took her twenty years to know she loved him. by R410a11/23/184.57HOT

Grace & the Mystery Rider

 — Nineteenth century woman is rescued by a stranger. by ronde01/27/014.72HOT

Grace's Jacob Ch. 01

 — A widower finds his lustful side. by Loving5010/07/154.35

Grace's Jacob Ch. 02

 — The next morning. by Loving5010/14/154.38

Grace's Jacob Ch. 03

 — Jacob and Jan become lovers/lusters. by Loving5010/22/154.30

Gracie & The Love Triangle Ch. 01

 — She's caught between two very different brothers by Nicola_Italia102/12/044.51HOT

Gracie & The Love Triangle Ch. 02

 — Gracie gives in to the bad brother. by Nicola_Italia102/20/044.63HOT

Gracie & The Love Triangle Ch. 03

 — Gracie and Michael are drawn closer. by Nicola_Italia103/02/044.62HOT

Gracie & The Love Triangle Ch. 04

 — Gracie yearns to be good. by Nicola_Italia105/09/044.65HOT

Gracie & The Love Triangle Ch. 05

 — The fork in the road: Gracie's choice. by Nicola_Italia107/28/044.51HOT

Graduation Ch. 1

 — Young girl & her hot neighbor come to an agreement. by Liquid Silver03/03/014.24

Graduation Ch. 2

 — Girl returns from prom to receive her present. by Liquid Silver03/05/014.32

Graduation Trip

 — Lauren makes a graduation trip and gets much more than plann by jfremont06/11/154.73HOT

Grand Island

 — A train ride to a new world and a new life. by YDB9511/25/134.80HOTContest Winner

Granddad - Getting to Know Her

 — Granddad and Anja have arrived in the South of France. by WirdSmiff10/30/184.45


 — Revisiting the "End of The World". by GothKitty03/05/054.54HOT

Grandma's House

 — We almost get caught after a steamy sex session. by DanielsCami12/03/073.63

Grandma's Rocking Chair

 — He seeks to comfort her and they redicover a secret magic. by gr8_4play06/23/034.28

Grandpa and Me

 — Kindred spirits with Grandpa. by Cromagnonman09/04/174.69HOT

Granny's Little Girl

 — Tragedy brings love to a country singer. by ronde03/22/044.82HOTEditor's Pick


 — Dying, he fucks her in the field. by sprungspring09/03/104.24

Gray Film

 — Two young lovers escape to New York for some private fun. by Raehny09/21/083.00

Greaseball Theater

 — She's gone. He's in the waiting place. by brianshead03/31/073.72

Great Rite

 — We need rain. The Goddess expects me to pay a price for it. by oggbashan06/20/164.71HOT

Great Sex and Nothing More

 — They had no future together. by Dinsmore02/22/074.70HOT

Grecian Odessey

 — Greek girl scores big. by bassbelly10/23/084.57HOT


 — Helena learns the difference between sex and love. by Cromagnonman06/07/094.29

Green Eyes and the Goddess

 — He's waited forever for his dream woman. by Mr.Funk05/08/054.05

Greenhouse Delight

 — Sex during a thunderstorm. by justaflirt2u11/27/10

Grocery Store Run

 — A man helps a woman and she gives him more than help back. by CouplingKnight01/03/194.32

Grow Old with Me

 — follow up to "Plunging Into the Abyss". by trigudis09/27/174.22

Growing Up

 — One night of astounding sex - where could that possibly lead? by Dinsmore07/24/074.69HOT

Guardian Angel

 — Who is the mystery woman and can she ever be real. by DeYaKen07/23/134.87HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

Guardian Ch. 01

 — Chapter 1. by TwistedSight08/05/154.50HOT

Guess What Day It Is

 — Hump day is a grand day. by yblack503/30/163.88


 — He cheated. Will she forgive him? by PennLady05/18/094.50HOT

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 01

 — A lonely mature man meets a naive young divorcee. by oldhippie194905/26/134.58HOT

Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 02

 — Ray and Caren get closer. by oldhippie194906/09/134.52HOT

Gulf Magic

 — Attending a seminar at a Gulf Coast hotel brings two people. by kciwsek12/19/104.63HOT

Guy And Girl Meet Again Ch. 01

 — They meet again after a long time. by drummer180510/02/064.09

Gwen's Journey Ch. 02

 — No good deed... by LitRiter08/23/094.39

Gwen's Journey Ch. 03

 — Friends helping friends. by LitRiter08/30/094.60HOT

Gwen's Journey Ch. 04

 — Getting to know you. by LitRiter09/04/094.61HOT

Gwen's Journey Ch. 05

 — Truth and Consequences. by LitRiter09/07/094.71HOT

Gwen's Journey Ch. 09

 — Sacrifice - The Final Chapter. by LitRiter09/27/094.74HOT

Gwendolyn's Quiet Confession

 — Gwendolyn awakens her bosses love for her. by ronde03/28/014.72HOT


 — A Medieval tale of love, blackmail and incredibly hot sex. by the_shires02/18/143.92

Gypsy Dreams Ch. 01

 — Memories of past love haunt her nights. by Jenna Grey12/26/034.50HOT

Gypsy Dreams Ch. 02

 — He is haunted by dreams of a lover he's never met. by Jenna Grey12/30/034.48

Gypsy Dreams Ch. 03

 — Reality and fantasy collide. by Jenna Grey04/09/054.66HOT

Hades Ch. 01

 — God of the underworld finds his passion in a girl. by HeartShapedAss10/20/074.68HOT

Hades Ch. 02

 — A goddess schemes to force the taking of Kore. by HeartShapedAss11/15/074.58HOT

Hades Ch. 03

 — Kore will be protected at at any cost. by HeartShapedAss11/30/074.65HOT

Hades Ch. 04

 — The battle for Kore. by HeartShapedAss12/29/074.72HOT

Hailey's Vacation

 — She wins a dream vacation and meets a mysterious man. by NymphWriter08/16/134.87HOTContest Winner


 — The end of a tryst by TheGreyKnight09/19/134.22

Hair Salon

 — Customer fails as a sugar daddy to his hair stylist. by LiamChristopher10/11/174.24


 — A short love story about natural hair and aftercare. by VictorCreed2412/23/183.86

Hairdressing Valentine

 — She thinks I'm a slob. Can she change that? by oggbashan01/19/174.16

Haitian Boyz For Somali Girls

 — Somali-British gal and Haitian-American connect in Ottawa. by Samuelx06/30/131.42

Haitian Gentleman For Somali Girl

 — Two special students connect at university in Ottawa. by Samuelx08/20/132.20


 — A story of erotic lovemaking. by Cottoncandi0105/27/134.62HOT

Half a Biscuit

 — “As long as I’ve got a biscuit, she’s got half.” by Unsung Muse02/04/074.47

Half the Man Ch. 01

 — A marital strife drama with a very unique twist. by Mostera102/13/15HOT

Half the Man Ch. 02

 — The accident aftermath, a marriage in crisis. by Mostera102/14/15HOT

Half the Man Ch. 03

 — A crushing discovery. A devastating betrayal. by Mostera102/15/15

Half the Man Ch. 04

 — Bright skies transform into dark foreboding clouds of doubt. by Mostera102/16/15

Half the Man Ch. 05

 — It is always darkest before the dawn of a new day. by Mostera102/17/154.66HOT

Half Truth

 — The romantic-ish period of young love. by AnotherBoredMan01/02/054.11

Halfway Around The World

 — Will Silv's broken heart be mended? by demon_fire01/22/043.73

Halfway House

 — Sexual incidents change the lives of several people. by Egmont040908/26/094.60HOT

Hallo'een Trick or Treat?

 — Some old flames can never die.... by mischiefandmagick10/16/014.39


 — She finds a reason to enjoy Halloween again. by Sirene2702/15/083.92

Halloween Damsel in Distress

 — Neighbors get carried away with their Halloween characters. by Jjonest10/03/174.49

Halloween Delight

 — Graveside sex on All Hallows' Eve. by Rlyan10/09/174.36

Halloween Sucks!

 — Or does it? by JayDavid10/21/134.50HOT

Halloween Treat

 — Halloween Surprise for Lover. by Michelle81810/24/174.51HOT

Halloween Viking

 — The Viking costume is soaked. He's lost.and miserable. by oggbashan10/16/034.17

Halloween Wedding

 — They arrive as friends but how will they leave? by JJ_Kennedy_Smith10/15/134.75HOTContest Winner

Halloween: She Didn't See Him Coming

 — Woman has a surprise guest in new house. by clipperdreams10/30/154.26

Halloween: The After Party

 — A girl and her lover finally are home alone, much awaited. by sexfiend123412/03/093.67

Halo Ch. 01

 — Life goes on. by Mygypsy04/22/094.69HOT

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