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Romance Stories

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 — He yearns for his absent lady love. by Quintet10/20/004.50HOT

Hey Johnny

 — Rekindled love turns into revenge. by DDaniels06/16/173.98

Hey Pappy

 — You gots company. by PTBzzzz08/08/114.36

Hey Pappy, Too

 — More about the life of a family man. by PTBzzzz08/17/114.52HOT

Hey You

 — Lovers do what it takes to please one another. by Bootilicus08/17/033.82

Hey, Joe!

 — Danny comes home from the war and steals his buddy's girl. by JakeRivers05/06/074.69HOT

Hi, I'm Sam

 — A dream comes true for a shy Scottish man. by LaylaBethune04/03/154.46

Hidden Chains Ch. 01

 — Über Feminist meets her match. by LadyRoscoe09/23/05

Hidden in Plain Sight Ch. 01

 — A virgin man submissive to his pregnant wife. by CrazyNewAdventurer03/21/17

Hidden Love Ch. 01

 — She finds she can actually love the hard way. by maxex545201/23/084.54HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 02

 — Her love for this teasing faceless man is growing. by maxex545202/28/084.71HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 03

 — He askes her on a date and she gets a lovely suprise. by maxex545207/13/084.55HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 04

 — Her friends try to help, but he sneaks deeper into her life. by maxex545208/17/094.65HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 06

 — Casey begins to believe who Slyar is, but a twist ensues. by maxex545211/11/104.69HOT

Hidden Love Ch. 07

 — Casey may be falling for two men instead of one. by maxex545208/15/114.68HOT

Hidden Magic Ch. 01

 — Young woman discovers her hidden talents. by EklectikChik01/23/024.52HOT

Hidden Magic Ch. 02

 — Kethry meets Jude. by EklectikChik07/06/034.68HOT

Hidden Magic Ch. 03

 — A taste of things to come. by EklectikChik02/19/044.69HOT

Hidden Rabbit Luck

 — Getting deserted by friends turns into opportunity. by MandyAmour07/28/174.32

Hidden Spring

 — Couple goes to play in the mountains. by JCNC01/03/054.58HOT

Hide In The Sun

 — Wildlife photographer & guide get together. by Alex De Kok04/12/044.50HOT

High Adventure on the High Seas

 — An odd short term romance in post-war China. by AzPilot01/18/104.27

High Hopes Ch. 1

 — Wife tries to bring romance back to dull marriage. by LUVNTHOTS10/02/004.11

High Marks

 — Getting busy while learning English. by spoonlily07/08/094.31

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 04

 — Kay invites Allen for an afternoon of passion. by R_U_Romantic10/24/074.81HOT

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 06

 — Kay takes Allen shopping for bedding. by R_U_Romantic05/24/084.80HOT

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 19

 — Kay joins Allen for an antique treasure hunt. by R_U_Romantic04/23/124.94HOT

High School Duke

 — Every female is after him. The problem: He's afraid of women. by fgmntfmgnshn07/30/164.62HOT

High School Reunion Pt. 01

 — Friendship rekindles romance but danger is lurking... by sweet_lime07/25/174.19

High School Sweethearts

 — Ben and Shelly finally show their love. by Stefan_J10/16/034.79HOTContest Winner

Higher Education Ch. 01

 — Alexis wants a second chance. by IshtarsMoon11/18/074.35

Higher Education Ch. 02

 — Alexis and Rob reunite, but is he out for revenge? by IshtarsMoon11/20/074.45

Higher Education Ch. 03

 — Drew's falling for Kaitlyn. by IshtarsMoon11/21/074.51HOT

Higher Education Ch. 04

 — A crisis brings them together. by IshtarsMoon01/29/084.60HOT

Higher Power

 — There is no such thing as love at first sight right? by Sean Renaud02/04/103.61

Highever Series Ch. 00

 — An arranged marriage is expected of the Prince of Highever. by Julianne_Geneve06/15/114.62HOT

Highever Series Ch. 01

 — Dominique's curiosity about the mysterious Captain is sated. by Julianne_Geneve06/16/114.71HOT

Highever Series Ch. 02

 — Kellan and Geneve get closer. Dominique gets a late visit. by Julianne_Geneve07/19/114.77HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 01

 — Weary traveler meets mysterious man in her dreams. by Luckie_Duckie04/30/064.57HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 02

 — Regan explores the history of the castle. by Luckie_Duckie05/06/064.64HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 03

 — Regan wakes up. by Luckie_Duckie05/14/064.71HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 04

 — Regan meets Cien for the "first" time. by Luckie_Duckie06/16/064.65HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 05

 — Regan cleans up well. by Luckie_Duckie06/20/064.64HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 06

 — Burned as a witch. by Luckie_Duckie06/22/064.72HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 07

 — Sunrises in the Highlands. by Luckie_Duckie07/02/064.76HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 08

 — Alex talks to Cien; Regan desses up. by Luckie_Duckie07/05/064.79HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 09

 — Plans have a way of going wrong. by Luckie_Duckie07/06/064.75HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 10

 — Regan wakes up. by Luckie_Duckie07/23/064.79HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 18

 — Replaying it in her mind. by Luckie_Duckie03/08/074.76HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 19

 — Going a little insane. by Luckie_Duckie03/27/074.71HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 20

 — Learning the truth about things. by Luckie_Duckie04/02/074.81HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 21

 — Holding out hope for a gallant knight. by Luckie_Duckie08/19/074.73HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 22

 — Going undercover... by Luckie_Duckie08/20/074.77HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 23

 — The reunion. by Luckie_Duckie08/23/074.78HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 24

 — Walking that fine line. by Luckie_Duckie08/24/074.82HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 25

 — The saga continues. by Luckie_Duckie09/17/104.46

Highland Magic Ch. 26

 — Ready to die. by Luckie_Duckie09/18/104.84HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 27

 — The rescue? by Luckie_Duckie09/19/104.81HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 28

 — Problems along the way... by Luckie_Duckie09/20/104.78HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 29

 — Things go badly... by Luckie_Duckie09/21/104.86HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 30

 — The sad part of life. by Luckie_Duckie09/22/104.82HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 31

 — When things get strange... by Luckie_Duckie09/23/104.77HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 32

 — His Rose?? by Luckie_Duckie09/24/104.85HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 33

 — Walks and Memories by Luckie_Duckie09/25/104.73HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 34

 — Remember? by Luckie_Duckie09/26/104.76HOT

Highschool Reunion

 — A married man reconnects with the love of his life. by TrainedPen10/09/162.65

Highway Memories

 — Recalling her last night with lover. by littleluscious11/09/044.55HOT

Hijab Girl Meets American Soldier

 — Hijab-wearing Somali woman saves soldier in Buffalo. by Samuelx03/08/133.50

Hijabi Girl With An Attitude!

 — Somalian chick sets the record straight in Ottawa. by Samuelx02/22/122.42

Hiker's Trail

 — Contented wife discovers passion by the lake. by frankies9007/11/014.27

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

 — Army sergeant got dumped. by ReedRichards06/21/174.62HOT


 — An accident flings them together, and they give in to desire by chaostranquility05/09/164.21

Him & Her: Candlelight Surprises

 — She has a surprise of her own for him. by sdwpthwlkr06/10/014.56HOT

Him & Her: Reunion

 — He has not seen her in years after making a mistake. by sdwpthwlkr06/04/014.45


 — The opposite of foresight. by fadedgiant11/11/144.44

Hired Help

 — You take what you can get. by magmaman04/04/124.58HOT

His and Hers

 — A sexy summer day at the beach. by AngelaGH08/24/103.67

His Best Friend

 — He wants her to find his perfect match. by sister_nancy10/07/064.49

His Dirty Girl

 — A weekly tryst for a few months, nothing more. by Dinsmore07/02/074.72HOT

His Dominant Side

 — She's reminded why she fell in love with his dominant side... by AmethystMare03/10/183.09

His Dream

 — Erotic, slightly wicked lovemaking. by wildirishrose707/09/084.81HOT

His Fantasy Girl

 — A photographic Valentine's Day. by heartfelt01/23/094.46

His First Return

 — Patience paid off - he came back to town. by Texan Missy Jean07/03/043.15

His Healing Touch Ch. 01

 — Escaping her abusive father, Callie now faces a snowstorm. by ComeBackToMe02/23/054.57HOT

His Healing Touch Ch. 02

 — Callie is rescued. by ComeBackToMe02/25/054.64HOT

His Lady in Red

 — Mark might hate the theatre, but he loves Samantha. by BigGunnz01/18/174.69HOT

His Love

 — A female perspective of her loving boyfriend. by Abalyth05/16/114.62HOT

His Lovely Guest

 — A young journalist gets more than she bargained for. by lazyways04/14/104.56HOT

His Maestro

 — Accomplished musician returns to his inspiration. by Conan_T_Barbarian09/10/054.70HOT

His Marchioness Ch. 01

 — Cassie meets a stranger... or is he? by little_mermaid12/09/074.10

His Marchioness Ch. 02-03

 — Changing emotions and a daughter found. by little_mermaid01/03/084.37

His Mistress was his Master

 — He may be smooth, but his mistress puts him in his place. by jimmyjamesdean09/07/163.71

His Name Was Jack

 — And he changed my life. by BigGuy3312/14/164.64HOT

His New Mistress

 — Silas finds out his fate with his mistress. by MagicalFantasyKitty08/11/153.09

His Personal Assistant

 — Rich bachelor gives in to his fantasy! by Angellica161201/07/124.55HOT

His Pregnant Lover

 — She's seduced after an accident. by mangrove jack04/23/034.51HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 02

 — Three pregnant ladies move in with Dave. by mangrove jack11/06/034.57HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 03

 — And matron makes four. by mangrove jack12/11/034.66HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 04

 — One baby down three to go. by mangrove jack12/11/034.70HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 05

 — The doctor's wife wants a baby too. by mangrove jack12/26/034.68HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 06

 — Vietnamese vixen livens up his Xmas eve. by mangrove jack01/10/044.70HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 07

 — Dave and doctor get it off. by mangrove jack01/26/044.72HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 08

 — Carol and her daughter share Dave. by mangrove jack02/15/044.70HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 09

 — Dave saves Promotional Babes. by mangrove jack02/28/044.71HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 10

 — Dave brings two womens shelter ladies back. by mangrove jack05/02/044.74HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 11

 — Nicky's mouth makes him lose control. by mangrove jack05/13/044.70HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 12

 — Constable challenges Dave to make her pregnant. by mangrove jack08/01/044.72HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 13

 — Dave takes TV presenter's maiden arse. by mangrove jack12/08/044.66HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 14

 — Old Esther's body surprises Dave. by mangrove jack12/19/044.68HOT

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 16

 — Innoncent of all charges Dave hunts Lisha. by mangrove jack01/27/054.77HOT

His Promise

 — Gabe comes back into Cassy's life. by morningjewel1112/20/084.48

His Promise Ch. 02

 — Mischief is promised. by morningjewel1101/16/094.40

His Question "What"

 — Love and Passion anywhere. by luvs2cuddle06/30/084.33

His World Ch. 04

 — Raiyne's time with Jaime. by Syana03/08/064.62HOT

His World Ch. 05

 — The conclusion. by Syana03/11/064.54HOT

History Lesson

 — Are we doomed to repeat the lessons of our past? by KCorvid01/04/172.80

History Lessons

 — A student comes back to her teacher. by HLD01/23/064.78HOT

History Repeating Itself Ch. 01

 — Charlotte was tired of running. by ZuzusPetals04/08/084.62HOT

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