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In Another's Eyes

 — Ian finds the perfect woman, but it's not the one he married. by TheSexyGeek07/24/064.09

In Beautiful Dreams

 — 18 year-old Connor is having problems coping with his crush. by TitanicMan191205/15/163.57

In Bruges

 — Sometimes love appears in the strangest of places. by janiexx05/15/084.56HOT

In Dreams

 — A young woman goes to work for her dream man. by TexasFarmBoy02/01/184.87HOT

In Front of Four-Hundred

 — Their first passionate kiss in front of four-hundred people. by LustyMadame03/03/134.65HOT

In Her Argent Embrace

 — Gentle femdom between you and a chaste, virtuous lady knight. by taiyakisoba12/07/144.79HOT

In Like Flynn - Photography Studio

 — Free glamour photography for high school seniors. by Venus_Lover07/13/094.32

In Love with a Jersey Girl

 — Falling hard for a girl from New Jersey. by HawkerDeHavilland03/13/134.40

In Love with Love

 — Careful what you wish for on Valentine's Day. by Acktion01/21/144.57HOT

In Love with Suzette

 — Through kind thoughtfulness, Ted wins the woman he loves. by BrettJ03/28/124.72HOT

In Love, in Hate: Sisters Ch. 01

 — She sees something special in him; so does her sister. by sk1101/11/104.63HOT

In Lust, Close To Home... Pt. 01

 — An affair story. by Lila_sings08/14/143.92

In My Dreams Ch. 01

 — Ex-girlfriend comes round for some advice. by Whyte_Horse10/29/114.38

In My Office

 — General fantasy between you. by MelissaDyan05/21/034.21

In My Wildest Dreams

 — Couple in the woods finds beauty in each other. by Lenny02/01/024.39Editor's Pick

In Our Garden

 — Lovers meet in their dreams. by Ember Faye08/10/034.59HOT

In Places on the Run Ch. 01

 — Taking the long way around the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn12/25/15HOT

In Places on the Run Ch. 02

 — Taking the long way around the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn12/31/15HOT

In Places on the Run Ch. 03

 — Taking the long way around the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/01/16HOT

In Places on the Run Ch. 04

 — Taking the long way around the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/02/16HOT

In Places on the Run Ch. 05

 — The Conclusion. by Adrian Leverkuhn01/11/16HOTEditor's Pick

In Plain Sight

 — Love proves elusive for Kylie. Until she looks closer... by annabardin06/16/174.76HOT

In Plain Sight

 — A rich pervert finds love. by Harryasaboy10/12/174.32

In Remembrance

 — A man reminisces to his wife. by fgmntfmgnshn01/22/154.82HOT

In Salzburg

 — The hills are alive with more than sounds of music. by FernieLyn06/15/084.45

In Silent Water

 — On choosing to love. by Adrian Leverkuhn02/18/07HOTEditor's Pick

In That Moment

 — Paul has a chance to relive one moment with Clara. by l8lastnight07/04/144.55HOT

In the Arms of an Angel

 — A wounded veteran meets a farm girl. by Myhands31607/31/114.81HOT

In The Beginning...

 — Two Lovers Share a Story Together. by NYCSeparatedWM5006/29/164.35

In The Cards

 — Young prince & gypsy woman find comfort in each other. by LadyTabitha07/03/014.62HOTEditor's Pick

In the Cards

 — Sometimes we just get stuck. by Malinov05/21/123.56

In the Dark

 — Singer locked in a closest with a stranger-details inside. by whatidreamt06/13/094.10

In the Dark of the Night

 — Your wait is over. by Thorpress08/03/024.57HOT

In The Eyes of the Beholder

 — Life has a surprise for a lonely divorcee. by MountainLaurel02/22/174.68HOT

In the Foyer

 — An affair continues. by wendyScott09/20/163.66

In The Garden

 — James takes Alera to secret place. by temptress10/20/003.75

In the Heat of the Moment

 — A hot summers day turns into a evening of familiar passion. by BellaRaye06/29/114.25

In the Jungle Ch. 01

 — Bret begins an expedition to the Brazilian Amazon. by bobalous10/30/154.75HOT

In the Library

 — On the nature of truth, and the denial of love. by Adrian Leverkuhn03/02/07HOT

In The Middle Of Nowhere

 — A story of fireplaces & total love. by ladywolf05/11/024.30

In the Midst of Love

 — An Italian romance. by KillerRomance09/30/084.67HOT

In the Moonlight

 — Running into an old friend brings up forgotten feelings. by moon_witch9012/02/134.48

In The Murderer's Lair

 — A visit to the scene of the crimes and a "date". by River Otter03/25/074.42

In the Next Room

 — They were sitting at the table working. by sallykim61101/27/104.23

In The Office Ch. 05

 — Janey appears at Adrian's apartment after a disastrous night. by Rieper40002/07/104.61HOT

In the Rain

 — Two friends find it in the Florida rain. by sunnie_side01/23/064.30

In the Rain

 — We make love outdoors, not letting the weather stop us. by susurrus09/10/104.38

In the Rain Ch. 01

 — A cozy evening of love-making. by Eleven11/05/034.49

In the Rain Ch. 02

 — A pleasant awakening the next morning. by Eleven11/20/034.36

In the Rain Ch. 03

 — The weekend continues. by Eleven07/14/044.44

In the Shower

 — After waking up with Monique, we shower. by Jimalicious02/01/074.40

In the Slammer Ch. 05

 — A pack of condoms and a twenty dollar bill. by HectorBidon09/02/144.65HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 01

 — Captured by Amazons. by senorlongo04/20/154.69HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 02

 — Hosi in the U.S. of A. by senorlongo04/26/154.75HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 03

 — Hosi's Challenge. by senorlongo04/28/154.77HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 04

 — Hosi's eternal love. by senorlongo04/30/154.78HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 05

 — Betrayal! by senorlongo05/02/154.82HOT

In the Valley of the Amazons Ch. 06

 — New Challenges Faced and Conquered. by senorlongo05/08/154.76HOT

In the Wake of That Night

 — Sequel to "A Prison Break." Lana in the aftermath. by A_Satori12/26/094.68HOT

In the Witching Hour

 — The Magic of Sex, Moonlight, Snow and Dreams. by CatUK02/22/104.18

In the Woods

 — Katherines first time oral with a new boyfriend. by Magicien08/27/034.22

In the Year of Our Lord, 1684

 — A prince searches for a bride. by Tony15510/10/064.81HOTContest WinnerEditor's Pick

In Unexpected Places

 — Desparing Cindy find love unexpectedly. by Moondrift04/16/034.64HOT

In War and Love Ch. 01

 — A Doctor soldier help educate a young patient. by Britishere07/25/114.04

In Wonderland

 — Down the rabbit hole we go. by drunkenphilosophy03/25/134.55HOT

In-Flight Movie

 — She's not thinking about a bag of warm nuts. by dollface868909/11/053.50


 — Everything was inadequate. by smut_queen08/14/034.00

Inappropriate Touching

 — Weinstein effect worries male staff. by barcombe04/08/184.55HOT

Incarnations of Love

 — Can a widow find love after death? by scriptordelecto02/05/074.67HOT

Incredible Redhead in Stockings

 — Sexy Redhead, Stockings, Dirty. by BlakeHunter02/05/123.96

Indian Summer

 — Riding through the darker reaches of the Memory Warehouse. by Adrian Leverkuhn05/09/15HOT

Indian Summer Ch. 01

 — A telephone repair man's dream come true. by bmcken3205/14/034.23

Indian Volleyballers Pt. 02

 — The boys follow the girls to India. by Lucky Mann03/18/164.33

Induction of Dylan Magee

 — Fleeing to aunt in Melbourne, Chicago girl works to fit in. by EgmontGrigor201103/28/114.72HOT


 — Romantic interlude between an older couple. by aronowitz05/02/034.73HOT

Inercepted Phone Call

 — Their saucy phone call gets intercepted by a computer. by 62834011/21/021.60

Infidelity Ch. 01

 — An unfulfilled woman, a party, and the night magic. by H. Jekyll08/04/064.29

Infidelity Ch. 02

 — An unfulfilled woman, a party, and the night magic. by H. Jekyll08/05/063.79


 — A witch knows the perfect cure. by Calpurnius Erex10/19/024.62HOT

Inherit My Heart

 — Elizabeth is not her Uncle's heir after all. by t0nst3rs12/11/074.67HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 02

 — Chase quickly tires of Elizabeth's attitude. by t0nst3rs12/15/074.70HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 03

 — Tempers and passions flare. by t0nst3rs12/18/074.78HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 04

 — Anger and lust. by t0nst3rs12/24/074.72HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 05

 — Conversation in the kitchen AND in the bedroom ;) by t0nst3rs01/08/084.80HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 06

 — Viva Las Vegas. by t0nst3rs01/16/084.80HOT

Inherit My Heart Ch. 07

 — The wedding. by t0nst3rs02/06/084.81HOT

Inheritance and Discovery

 — Major loss and a wonderful find. by madengineer307/13/124.34

Inhibitions out the Window Ch. 02

 — Win some, lose some. by magmaman04/18/084.41

Inhibitions out the Window Ch. 03

 — Life can come full circle. by magmaman08/25/084.47

Ink for Christmas

 — Husband gives his wife a special gift. by Txdelicatablegrl11/24/054.41


 — India was her name. She was his canvas. by OneWhoKnows09/30/064.23

Inked in Love

 — A new tattoo leads to romance. by GC6611/13/124.10


 — "I did it last night." She told him. by magmaman04/17/114.55HOT

Innocent Before, Guilty After

 — Innocents accused of adultery end up succumbing. by Swilly02/07/144.21

Innocent Collector

 — Friends, lovers and donated panties. by thornapple03/25/104.63HOT

Innocent Seduction

 — She uses innocence to seduce the man of her dreams. by Xtaci_Jones02/28/034.23

Innocent Seduction Ch. 01

 — Connor comes up with a plan. by paper_miracle07/30/054.61HOT

Innocent Seduction Ch. 02

 — Babysitting. by paper_miracle10/07/054.31

Innocent Seduction Ch. 03

 — The morning after. by paper_miracle04/11/064.17


 — Sandy gets a weekend she won't forget. by chealseagirl09/06/094.52HOT

Inside and Out

 — A sequel to He Reminds me of my Husband. by DeYaKen07/02/154.74HOT

Inside Out

 — Being trapped in space together might not be too bad... by SimonO02/03/174.67HOT

Inside Your Essence

 — Erotic short of a "chance meeting" and erotic first date. by rhetorical_passion12/29/064.14


 — Blind man finds new lover at a meeting. by Lesly Sloan01/31/014.55HOTEditor's Pick

Insomniac Ch. 01

 — Can they make it in the real world? by Gabatha1712/19/114.05


 — Turning a page. by Recidiva10/08/054.58HOT

Inspiration - Romantic and Explicit

 — My first erotic story - a struggling musician in New York. by Nytewatcher10/18/124.58HOT

Instant Messenger

 — Instant Messenger brings to lonely people together. by MydnytRayn11/23/024.41

Intended Ch. 01

 — Forced to mate a powerful shaman, Sala chooses to flee. by starscape02/11/094.73HOT

Intended Ch. 02

 — Intersections with sacred wisdom and powerful magic. by starscape02/20/094.83HOT

Intended Ch. 03

 — Embarking on a surreptitious mystical journey. by starscape02/26/094.87HOT

Intended Ch. 04

 — Setting a plan in motion, they lead off with a risky gambit. by starscape03/02/094.76HOT

Intended Ch. 05

 — Sala and Jakal reemerge to dance with the devil. by starscape03/07/094.85HOT

Intended Ch. 06

 — The ever-shifting fortunes of predators and prey. by starscape03/13/094.80HOT

Intended Ch. 07

 — Drowning in one's own weaknesses. by starscape03/21/094.79HOT

Intended Ch. 08

 — Dreams and schemes of schemers and dreamers. by starscape03/27/094.75HOT

Intended Ch. 09

 — The Spiritwalker makes his move. by starscape05/02/094.79HOT

Intended Ch. 10

 — Trials by fire and water. by starscape06/04/094.83HOT

Intended Ch. 11

 — Conclusion: face the truth and accept the consequences. by starscape07/31/094.83HOT

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