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Jeremy and I Ch. 01

 — The first time they ever thought about it. by sassygator42012/28/024.26

Jeremy and I Ch. 02

 — Our first time. by sassygator42003/11/034.16

Jerome and Amara

 — Old friends and an old crush - can they be more? by slutwhore9212/04/084.40


 — A young guys journey through life. by shoeslayer09/20/143.86

Jerry & Millie

 — After a rough start in life, old friends get together. by DG Hear04/23/064.65HOT

Jerry and Stacy

 — Reluctant lady falls in love with her co-worker. by IntrospectiveWanderer02/18/154.76HOT

Jerry and Stacy Ch. 02

 — Major life changes for the couple in love. by IntrospectiveWanderer04/20/154.78HOT

Jersey Love: Apple Dreams & Release

 — Jersey Autumn, apples, love coming to fruition, and release. by LunaEroticaMystica10/21/114.85HOT


 — A surprise is always exciting...sometimes a little more. by jjust12/03/014.36


 — A true Damsel in Distress. by BogartsBoss07/09/144.43

Jessica Ann Ch. 02

 — She falls in love amidst sadness. by smj54ap03/22/064.61HOT

Jessica's True Love

 — Jessica and Jacob find true love. by DarkEyedTempest03/22/104.21


 — The past is replaced with the present. by redsonja08/30/043.77

Jessie & The Tornado Ch. 01

 — Deadly tornado brings couple together. by OldSarge6910/22/134.78HOT

Jessie & The Tornado Ch. 02

 — Sam remembers his lost love. by OldSarge6910/23/134.79HOT

Jessie & The Tornado Ch. 03

 — How Sam and Jessie met, beginning of friendship by OldSarge6910/24/134.83HOT

Jessie & The Tornado Ch. 04

 — Continuing the story of Sam & Jessie. by OldSarge6910/25/134.87HOT

Jessie & The Tornado Ch. 05

 — The Conclusion. by OldSarge6910/26/134.87HOT

Jessie and the Yellow Thong

 — Short story of an airport drop off. by badbuy03/04/144.12

Jewel, The Family Gem

 — Stepsister makes good. by AzPilot12/06/093.60

Jill and Hob's Micromanaged Romance

 — Jill & Hob fall in love with help from Venus & Cupid. by oneofthetwelve01/11/083.33

Jillian and Jake Get Lucky

 — They loved to surf and were best friends. by Dinsmore01/30/064.80HOT


 — Young love in a small neighborhood. by maxdname11/03/074.76HOT

Jilted American Revives Ch. 01-04

 — She comes halfway around the world and runs into a stunner. by EgmontGrigor201908/04/194.31

Jilted Kerri Saunders

 — Chief suspect after her ex is assaulted, Kerri takes a risk. by Egmont Grigor07/17/084.60HOT

Jim & Joanne Ch. 1

 — He gives his love a night of passion. by Brujah10/20/004.05

Jimmy and Michelle Ch. 01

 — Jimmy burns for Michelle, but he can't have her. by The_Crazy_One10/12/123.98

Jimmy and Michelle Ch. 02

 — Jimmy gets what he wants. by The_Crazy_One11/21/124.11

Jimmy and Winnie Pt. 01

 — Jimmy wanted to see Winnie naked. by pcummins37607/26/164.57HOT

Jimmy and Winnie Pt. 02

 — Jimmy gets to see Winnie naked. by pcummins37608/27/164.50HOT

Jimmy the Frog

 — Radio Talk Shows taken to a new level by Mr Froggat. by Egmont Grigor08/20/084.80HOT

Jinglin' Spurs

 — The tale of Lucky and Rose. by D_K_Moon02/01/08

Jist Hold On

 — Sparkling on the prairie. by sr71plt01/22/084.00

Jo and Me

 — Just casual but rewarding! by alexcarr04/26/122.76

Jo Versus Elin

 — Will Jo or Elin end up as my lover. by miedsal03/25/104.11

Joanna or Louise?

 — Short Story by alexcarr03/18/103.56

Joanne Sterns

 — Is this the equivalent of an apple for the teacher? by markelly08/07/144.76HOT

Jocks & Cheerleaders Ch. 01

 — Confidences lead to love. by steamoil12/27/104.53HOT

Jocks & Cheerleaders Ch. 02

 — Twins and happiness. by steamoil01/01/114.48

Joe's Legacy

 — Another guy blundering around in life. by The Wanderer01/27/084.65HOT

Joey and Ronda Meet in Person Pt. 01

 — They finally meet. by fancyface105/10/064.29

John & Candy

 — Two people meet for the first time. by Jaguar04/24/013.19

John & Carol

 — Love between two unlikely people. by Just_John102/07/074.79HOT

John & Carol Ch. 02

 — Their relationship faces the test of reality. by Just_John103/11/074.81HOT

John and Christyne

 — John decides to take their online love to the next level. by TasiasTiger03/26/034.17

John and Haley

 — John and Haley work through meaningless relationships. by HollieBabyG06/29/093.50

John and Joan

 — Two very ordinary people find extraordinary love. by robertreams10/20/164.56HOT

John and Julie

 — Second cousins brought together by fate find love. by highclassic05/18/104.46

John the Irish Firefighter

 — An innocent meeting. by Snowgirl112007/25/063.72

John's Birthday Present

 — Candy gives John a gift to remember. by Jaguar04/24/013.08

John's Break-up

 — Kate helps John deal with his break-up. by sexmehard05/27/114.07


 — Joan falls in love with her student. by Peccato02/08/083.79

Johnny Comes Marching Home

 — Former G.I. reconnects with best friend from childhood. by Web_Spinner07/16/104.71HOT

Johnny Smooth

 — They weren't looking for Valentine's Day love. by semicharmedlycan09/27/184.79HOT

Johnson, Johnson & Lambert

 — A law office? What a place to fall in love. by JimBob4405/11/164.80HOT

Join in the Dance

 — A night of passion banishes the demons of her past. by Nameless_Rose11/01/104.60HOT

Joining of Souls

 — A love refound.. by CarolinaAmber06/29/144.38

Joining the Quarter Mile Club

 — A hiking adventure. by cabin_fever12/01/074.37

Jojo's Quest

 — A unique way to find a husband. by PAPATOAD10/17/11

Jolene Ch. 02

 — He loses his virginity to older girl. by Quantuman07/05/114.63HOT

Jolene Ch. 03

 — Jolene's sexual healing. by Quantuman07/15/114.81HOT

Jon Barlow Cove

 — He loses and finds love with a difficult journey. by paulskins03/25/154.00

Jon Ch. 01

 — Rose meets an old friend, but does he remember her? by stormyroses10/14/084.31

Jon's Women

 — A novelist back home for a month targets women. by egmontgrigor201012/15/104.48

Jonas Agonistes

 — A veteran suffers into love. by Malraux07/05/164.90HOTContest Winner


 — Push comes to shove, she can't deny their passion. by Shimeree08/31/084.44


 — Robert marches off to war after loving Josephine. by geronimo_appleby08/23/054.59HOT

Josh and Sara Don't make the Party

 — Sara takes too long getting ready. by YumaMccall703/18/174.06

Josh's Home Coming

 — When time turns fantasy into reality. by Bazzza08/10/054.75HOT

Josiah, Emergent

 — Sometimes love is the only reason to heal. by Malraux08/10/184.89HOT

Josie Ch. 02: Finally Getting There

 — My relationship with Josie blooms. Until disaster strikes. by Ruggerdog01/05/193.77

Journal of Desire Ch. 01

 — Two families feud over control of town newspaper. by SmallTownScandals04/22/144.35

Journal of Desire Ch. 02

 — Robyn Dunmore finds late dad's newspaper in shambles. by SmallTownScandals04/26/144.49

Journal of Desire Ch. 03

 — Sen. Helene Falkland tries seduction to get control of paper. by SmallTownScandals05/01/143.96

Journey Back to Love

 — Sometimes the journey to love isn't a smooth one. by AlwaysBeTrue01/30/064.63HOT

Journey From Disney To Sundress

 — Love, passion or addiction to each other? by thornapple12/19/094.46

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 01

 — Urgent sex after months apart. by Scotsman6907/09/104.49

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 02

 — He gets to know her family. And Melanie... by Scotsman6907/17/104.61HOT

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 03

 — Illicit train-fuck, Sydney, and a new friend. by Scotsman6909/18/104.48

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 04

 — She shows him her beach... and they meet Karen again. by Scotsman6905/31/114.52HOT

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 05

 — Sex in a public park... and more. by Scotsman6906/02/114.43

Journey into Melanie's Reality Ch. 06

 — Their love has only one way forward. by Scotsman6906/11/114.67HOT

Journey to Love

 — Carly takes her relationship to the next level. Yep. by Heartsongs02/28/184.70HOT


 — Train ride turns erotic. by Mike Kimera10/20/002.80

Judging Beauty

 — Amidst lies, a novice lawyer is drawn to a hardened judge. by subtlekiss09/06/184.55HOT


 — A man falls in love with a married woman. by aldulf10/19/094.37

Judy & Her Daughter Amy Ch. 01

 — He saved her daughter's life, & is thanked. by OneHornyGuy05/07/044.21

Jules and Jason Ch. 1

 — Two friends find lust and love. by gault_108/03/023.80


 — Love found, love lost. by Jenny_Jackson07/31/074.16


 — An orphan finds a woman in need. by shptchr11/23/184.49

Julia Ch. 02

 — J.R. gets what he wishes but there is a catch. by shptchr11/27/184.14

Julia Ch. 03

 — Julia becomes a Prostitute. by shptchr11/30/184.06

Julian Is Dead

 — Love is never dead--neither is settling old scores. by endthedream10/24/072.38

Julie Ch. 10

 — Explanation. by logodaedelus04/10/124.43

Julie in Owl-Light:...

 — An unsent letter to a remarkable lady. by FrankLeemydear03/05/014.38

Julie's Scar

 — Man falls in love with woman and her scar. by snake30706/15/074.63HOT

July 27th

 — Reunited after a long summer away. by bomakerasdf12/27/144.00

Jumping at Shadows

 — Man reflects on his college romances by Lazyloner08/08/084.30

Jumping Bean Productions

 — Puerto Rican boy undercover in all-girls hotel. by pocketrocket07/17/014.58HOT


 — George comes to the rescue. by demure10106/12/144.62HOT


 — A story of an old man and his love June. by KinkNaWink09/05/164.44

Jungle Man Ch. 02

 — Does Tarzan do it better? by mermaid_girl08/25/084.65HOT

Jungle Man Ch. 03

 — Manolito & Clara. by mermaid_girl08/26/084.69HOT

Jungle Man Ch. 04

 — Manolito & Clara. by mermaid_girl12/24/084.69HOT

Jungle Rain

 — You meet mystery man in a Costa Rican rainstorm. by Shane Grey10/20/004.54HOT

Junk Yard Dog

 — Women discover different shades of cool. by Softly07/28/014.47

Just a Blue Nightlight

 — You brought home a new nightlight and hope.... by DarthNix03/25/094.50HOT

Just a Crush

 — Natalee can't help the way she feels for Evan. by NataleeF03/13/124.44

Just a Crush Ch. 02

 — Natalee wants answers. Will she get more than that? by NataleeF03/18/124.66HOT

Just a Crush Ch. 03

 — She has everything under control. Right? by NataleeF03/25/124.59HOT

Just a Crush Ch. 04

 — The going away party. by NataleeF04/05/124.71HOT

Just a Crush Ch. 05

 — Caught. by NataleeF05/25/124.51HOT

Just a Date

 — I wondered if I would ever find the right woman. by DG Hear11/21/114.74HOT

Just A Dream

 — Sharing a dream about an old friend. by storytyme01/11/164.20

Just a Friday Night Ch. 02

 — The two strangers go on a first date. by shortie6409/27/124.57HOT

Just a Game Ch. 01

 — Learning all of the players. by Panthem03/23/124.75HOT

Just a Game Ch. 02

 — The rules (fun for everyone, no one gets hurt). by Panthem03/31/124.82HOT

Just a Game Ch. 03

 — The Strategy (Rules Were Made to be Broken). by Panthem04/15/124.87HOT

Just a Game Ch. 04

 — Game Over (Please Insert Another Coin to Continue). by Panthem05/05/124.86HOT

Just a Hick Town Guitar Player

 — The trials and tribulations of a chance meeting. by Bazzza09/09/064.74HOTContest Winner

Just a Little Daydream

 — She imagines what she'll do with him. by fairyprincess11802/28/054.56HOT

Just A Patient Ch. 1

 — Wounded girl finds love with physical therapist. by lollipopgestapo04/13/024.48

Just A Patient Ch. 2

 — The 'morning after'. by lollipopgestapo04/20/024.39

Just a Plain Everyday Girl

 — Guy's dad suggests that he check out the babysitter. by Softly09/13/054.43

Just a Plain White Gold Band

 — Couple marries after long courtship, unaware of how it ends. by erotowriter06/23/084.43

Just A Roomate?

 — Things get a little more friendly for two roomates. by justafriend03/22/054.56HOT

Just A Taste Ch. 03

 — He moves in. by donnatah11/21/084.40

Just an Average Romance

 — Money has the ability to ruin everything. by Farmers_Son05/06/184.57HOT

Just Another Day

 — A run-of-the-mill bad day turns into a chance encounter. by Alec Zander03/02/044.52HOT

Just Another Day

 — A meeting at the right moment? by Everon03/07/044.25

Just Another Day at Home

 — Katherine is exhausted, Alex helps her relax. by AlinaRyn_12306/20/134.06

Just Another Modeling Job

 — The woman of his dreams becomes the love of his life. by LSanders03/09/094.75HOT

Just Another Night with You

 — A whirlwind of a night with her man. by BabyCakes9102/14/124.54HOT

Just Another Summer Night

 — She breaks her longest dry spell. by literatediva05/18/033.88

Just Around the Corner from Heaven

 — You have a hot encounter with her. by Missyloumae05/01/074.67

Just Being Friendly

 — I guess Barney couldn't live without Cheryl after all. by markelly07/31/194.83HOT

Just Between Friends

 — Friendship over coffee grows to so much more. by frankies9007/11/014.09

Just Between Friends

 — Mark and Suzy discover a new twist to friendship. by MaxxTrekr11/05/134.16

Just Deserts

 — Chelsea, Rose and now Kyle. by FinalStand07/24/124.54HOT

Just Drifting

 — You have fun under the sun on the river. by justjohn101306/16/084.15

Just Drive

 — The course of true love never did run smooth... by moonlitclover03/20/154.58HOT

Just Fancy: First Come

 — A first experience with heavy petting. by Hugh Jamton10/14/014.28

Just for Her

 — He made sure her night was special. by mrshyboy06/22/164.27

Just For One Night

 — An online flirtation becomes real, but only for one night by KittyHall10/09/184.21

Just for Tonight

 — Best friends find their way into each other's hearts and bed. by MsBHaved09/09/054.31

Just For You

 — What I think about you when you're not here. by sexyliltrojan07/14/144.25

Just Friends

 — Musings & reflections on guy/girl relationships. by TheDR4KE09/12/013.86

Just Friends

 — Can a friend ever become more? by GrampyWriter06/09/064.62HOT

Just Friends

 — They were just friends who happened to date, or were they? by JoeDreamer06/27/094.83HOT

Just Friends..?

 — After she comes home, she finally gives in. by yellykay0811/27/124.07

Just Good Friends

 — Maria and Alex realise that their feelings run much deeper. by mariarendes05/13/074.58HOT

Just Good Friends

 — Two friends finally succumb to a mutual attraction. by Adcamber07/09/074.12

Just Good Friends

 — It takes them a while to realise they're more than... by Storm6210/24/124.57HOT

Just Julie

 — Sometimes it can be simple. by ofloveandlust09/28/174.68HOT

Just Let it Happen Harry

 — A male guru for a women's mail order business. by Egmont Grigor05/24/084.65HOT

Just Like A Dream

 — He finds love again with his first love. by sarahsnows01/21/044.56HOT

Just Like Velvet

 — A husband and wife have a mid-morning romp. by Megantariat03/01/114.21

Just My Fantasy...

 — The passion that eludes me. by baldman4u02/27/164.07

Just One Night

 — She gets to be with her love for one night. by KatChat6904/20/134.12

Just One Night

 — Harmony has her first sexual experience. by Amberjones09/06/134.44

Just Right

 — My wife, a real woman, drives me wild. by Lost_Freak03/13/084.32

Just Say Yes

 — Bonnie wanted a quick fuck. She ended up with much more. by Dinsmore04/02/064.82HOTContest Winner

Just Some Harmless Flirting

 — Nicole is enlightened about the mystery boy. by missbrown02/26/113.35

Just Some Time

 — Two lovers spend some time alone. by Needschat04/07/024.25

Just Stepped Out of the Shower

 — A oral sex story I wrote for my master, who is also my sub. by BlowingBubbles04/14/152.80

Just Talking in the Rain

 — Facing a storm together brought out their true feelings. by HansTrimble03/01/134.67HOT

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