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Romance Stories

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Letter to My Lover

 — He tells you how much he loves you. by bgb03/10/024.53HOT

Letter to My Wife

 — He offers her the most perfect gift. by maxdname01/23/084.64HOT

Letter to Trudy

 — Trudy is seduced by handsome stranger. by Richard Janice10/09/003.75

Letters from a Raven

 — A romantic story told in love letters. by SkarlittFeenicks11/25/124.33

Letters from the Past Pt. 01

 — The truth about man's love for his wife. by arkwrights0610/29/164.30

Letters from the Past Pt. 02

 — Truth about a man's love for his wife. by arkwrights0610/30/164.67HOT

Letters to H: Each Piece of You

 — From Sasha to Haze, the first of a series of letters. by SashaHaze05/09/142.20

Letters to You

 — You find his secrets & don't know how to feel. by Xavier Sainte04/15/064.35

Letting Go

 — They've reached the end of the line. True story. by _V_02/06/073.44

Letting Go

 — Businesswoman is seduced into letting go. by lpncal06/21/084.04

Letting Go

 — An uptight girl finally let's go for a laid back guy. by Oforyou10/07/134.17

Letting Go

 — When it's over, let go. by Iread2relax08/25/154.36

Letting Loose

 — A girl is able to unleash all of her stored up desires. by roughlife09/23/133.45

Letting the Right One In

 — A holiday party leads to a mistaken identity and love. by dr13bone02/23/124.15

Lev and Lauren

 — Sometimes a body wants what the emotions reject. by kalodin04/26/114.69HOT

Lexie's Affair

 — I come to you. by Contrasting04/05/174.11


 — An Undercover FBI Agent finds the love of his handler. by Jimnewsphotos08/24/144.50HOT

Liar Ch. 01

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine05/03/094.63HOT

Liar Ch. 02

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine05/04/094.70HOT

Liar Ch. 02

 — An Undercover FBI Agent falls for his target by Jimnewsphotos02/23/154.81HOT

Liar Ch. 03

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine05/23/094.76HOT

Liar Ch. 04

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine11/16/094.72HOT

Liar Ch. 05

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine12/05/094.70HOT

Liar Ch. 06

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine12/10/094.82HOT

Liar Ch. 07

 — She returns to the past she left behind. by sinfully_divine01/06/104.69HOT

Liars Table

 — Small town marriage produces a child not the husband's. by davechop03/06/132.91

Libby & John: First Time Ch. 02

 — Sexual boundaries widen. by Just_John109/05/034.78HOT

Libby & John: First Time Ch. 03

 — No inhibitions in the bedroom. by Just_John102/25/044.69HOT


 — Celebrating a Vasectomy. by maxrifle10/31/113.86

Librarian in Search

 — Working woman, Maria, finds passion in the stacks. by MisterE2705/25/094.15


 — She enjoys an erotic moment in library. by Greeneyes10/20/003.53

Library Check Out

 — Danny finally finds his dream girl in beautiful Arleigh. by BrettJ09/19/134.58HOT

Library Privileges

 — The wife insisted they have a housekeeper. by thornapple05/09/094.48

Life & Art

 — Does Peter want lust or love? by Starlight10/23/024.43Editor's Pick

Life Affirming

 — A Story about death and sex and the strength of a relationship. by VoluptuousCara01/05/153.89

Life after Death Ch. 01

 — Steve is trying to rebuild his life after a tragic loss. by Executive Gent05/02/054.50HOT

Life after Death Ch. 02

 — He makes a decision. by Executive Gent05/05/054.49

Life after Death Ch. 03

 — Moving on. by Executive Gent05/10/054.59HOT

Life after Death Ch. 04

 — Steve gets to know Rachel better. by Executive Gent05/11/054.78HOT

Life after Death Ch. 05

 — A little relaxation never hurt anyone. by Executive Gent05/12/054.76HOT

Life after Death Ch. 06

 — The next morning. by Executive Gent05/16/054.80HOT

Life after Death Ch. 07

 — Steve and Rachel move things forward. by Executive Gent05/21/054.78HOTContest Winner

Life after Death Ch. 08

 — They begin to discuss their future. by Executive Gent05/26/054.79HOT

Life after Death Ch. 09

 — They begin to make plans. by Executive Gent06/29/054.75HOT

Life after Death Ch. 10

 — Monday and they agree on a holiday. by Executive Gent08/02/054.75HOT

Life after Death Ch. 11

 — Dark clouds threaten their happiness. by Executive Gent08/22/054.75HOT

Life after Death Ch. 12

 — Will things ever be the same again? by Executive Gent06/05/064.77HOT

Life Art

 — A girl's summer dreams don't work out as she planned. by xelliebabex08/27/144.83HOTContest Winner

Life as a Bogan

 — Living on a Public Housing Estate. by Cromagnonman01/11/154.39

Life Begins at 40

 — Romance comes when least expected. by failte40210/24/034.60HOT

Life Buoy for an Amputee or...

 — To find happiness after being an almost total loser. by oatzab09/10/174.59HOT

Life Changing Your Plans Ch. 02

 — Father takes in daughter's friend and helps restore her life. by 1965Squash10/13/154.47

Life Doesn't Go As Planned

 — The decade after college for former friends with benefits. by tnbnb12/27/154.49

Life Felt Complete

 — College girl finds love when landlord's son needs the rent. by anon704/08/074.56HOT

Life In A Small Town

 — Small towns can be a hard place to live. by woodmanone08/31/094.79HOT

Life in the Fast Lane

 — The age difference. It was just nasty sex. by Dinsmore08/23/104.78HOT

Life Is Better Than Fiction

 — His book was hot; but she was better. by TexasFarmBoy10/12/144.75HOT

Life is but a Dream

 — A love story from Tornado Alley. by EMiamiRiverRat04/09/124.61HOT

Life is Complete

 — Adam finally reveals his secret, and is rewarded greatly. by Authoress3707/15/114.11

Life is Good Today

 — Life is good after a trouble start for a young couple. by woodmanone10/14/094.54HOT

Life Isn't Always Fair

 — When I found the woman I loved, she was already married. by DG Hear09/04/094.77HOT

Life Next Ch. 01

 — Young lovers find each other 25 years later. by C.C. Rider07/25/044.70HOT

Life Next Ch. 02

 — A widower and lost love meet yet again. by C.C. Rider08/04/044.85HOT

Life on the Road

 — Good Samaritan gets the best reward. by Cromagnonman07/07/104.76HOT

Life on the Run

 — A bad relationship gets worse. by Cromagnonman03/05/134.69HOT

Life Renewed Ch. 01

 — History and sorrow. by WF0602/15/174.65HOT

Life Renewed Ch. 02

 — Preparations and Sorrow by WF0602/16/174.67HOT

Life Renewed Ch. 03

 — Getting to know you. by WF0602/17/174.67HOT

Life Renewed Ch. 04

 — New Friends by WF0602/18/174.70HOT

Life Renewed Ch. 05

 — New Friends and Family. by WF0602/19/174.76HOT

Life Resumed

 — Three injured souls after 911 heal, love, resume living. by SW_MO_Hermit03/19/124.77HOT

Life Sucks

 — Life sucks, what more is there to say? by Cromagnonman06/10/084.67HOT

Life with Melvin

 — Widow gets over grief with help of young stud. by ImNotBad07/24/09

Life's Eternal Struggle Ch. 02

 — He finds true love and heartache. by smj54ap05/09/064.41

Life's Little Curves Ch. 01

 — Husband returns home after long separation. by SmilinsweetAngel9501/02/144.38

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 01-02

 — Story of star crossed lovers. by deadeye_7603/21/114.82HOT

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 03-04

 — Story of star crossed lovers continues. by deadeye_7603/24/114.71HOTContest Winner

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 05-06

 — Star-crossed lovers cannot get together. by deadeye_7603/26/114.81HOT

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 07-08

 — Star crossed lovers. by deadeye_7603/29/114.78HOT

Life’s Strange Turns Ch. 09-10

 — Star crossed lovers, can they work it out? by deadeye_7604/01/114.79HOT


 — Sarge learns retirement won't be so bad. by sargeone01/07/094.66HOT

Lifetime Lovers

 — Wife looks forward to romantic evening with mate. by soulinlove03/09/064.39


 — A young man is stuck with an older woman. by StoryTeller0706/28/114.38

Light a Shuck

 — Young man heads west to a better life after killing rich man. by SW_MO_Hermit11/23/174.70HOT

Light at the End of the Tunnel

 — A near death experience, and a story of live. by Bill Smith09/08/094.31

Light in the Darkness

 — Forbidden love between Dark Age Abbot and Abbess. by Nigel Debonnaire06/12/07

Light Skin, Long Hair

 — The story of two young black women unfolds. by sunsetmimosa06/26/143.70

Light Skin, Long Hair Ch. 02

 — Deon and Jasmine get closer... or so she thinks. by sunsetmimosa07/09/143.88

Light Skin, Long Hair Ch. 03

 — An old flame throws some spice into the mix. by sunsetmimosa07/20/143.75

Light Skin, Long Hair Ch. 04

 — What finally becomes of the women and Deon. by sunsetmimosa07/28/143.29

Light Up My Life

 — Rock guitarist releases a new song hoping to impress a girl. by Storm6209/06/134.76HOT

Lightning Bugs and Spring Storms

 — Maybe you're not the only voyeur. by MSTarot09/05/124.41

Like a Dream

 — A chance encounter leads to something more. by LustandBliss01/17/153.94

Like a Good Neighbor

 — Young woman older man enjoy summer hook-up. by MeredithEighty803/24/144.11

Like a Moth to a Flame

 — Passion, vulnerability and intensity. by aria_rose03/28/124.58HOT

Like a Pulsing Star

 — Karl and Anna become more than they were. by Bryce3D02/13/064.58HOT

Like Clockwork

 — Old friends - and in the end, it always comes back to this. by moon_witch9003/15/094.65HOT

Like It Used To Be

 — Love can find you again, if you let it. by EmeraldKitten08/18/104.66HOT

Like Lovers Do Ch. 01

 — A virgin Rachel finds true love in her roommate. by daydreamer2609/30/174.32

Like Lovers Do Ch. 02

 — Encounters, truths and decisions. by daydreamer2610/07/174.53HOT

Like Mother Like Daughter

 — Geena introduces her daughter to her most recent lover. by Dinsmore06/20/054.65HOT

Like Satin Over Steel

 — Voluptuous BBW is taken by mysterious man. by ClaudiaStar06/12/054.47

Like Son, Like Father

 — Father rediscovers his youth. by sarahsmith198905/21/144.27

Like the Driven Snow

 — Rachel and Stephen make love in the snow. by PoisonBeauty12/02/034.18

Like... Last July

 — Teenager in love makes a decision that changes his life. by A_Satori11/09/084.20


 — Scarred woman finds love during sister's wedding. by 3158NastyTeacher02/15/094.30


 — Ordinary man and pornstar meet in lift. by demure10102/12/124.48

Lilija of Clan Zyszudko Ch. 01

 — Lilija returns to her Uncle's Castle. by fyreflii08/23/094.44

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 00

 — An unfortunate event brings them closer. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx10/17/084.31

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 01

 — Why? by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx10/20/084.39

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 02

 — Accepted. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx10/23/084.35

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 03

 — Lil's parents create a conflict. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx02/15/094.70HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 04

 — Approval. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx02/16/094.67HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 05

 — Lil & Zac's first time. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx02/17/094.69HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 06

 — Meeting the relatives. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx02/24/094.83HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 07

 — The Funeral. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx02/25/094.87HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 08

 — Permission. by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx03/15/094.78HOT

Lilliahna & Zac Ch. 09

 — Are you serious? by xx_Whatagirlwants_xx06/14/094.76HOT

Lilly's Choice

 — She decides it's time to lose her virginity. by sharona08/14/074.82HOT

Lilly's Love Tryst

 — Suman knows how to kill a girl’s fantasies. by Saswati12/07/064.77HOT


 — He falls in love with a beautiful stripper. by jarod18709/04/054.53HOT

Limit of Authority

 — My employee is an illegal immigrant. What do I do? by oggbashan07/14/144.52HOT

Limousine Lust

 — A limo ride to remember. by Rhon176811/17/034.41

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 01

 — Linda is lured into working for an escort service. by oneofthetwelve01/10/084.44

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 02

 — Linda has a new client one that spanks by oneofthetwelve01/11/084.14

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 03

 — Linda kisses her first girl - and likes it. by oneofthetwelve01/16/084.40

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 04

 — Linda falls for Evan & goes to the reservoir. by oneofthetwelve01/17/084.00

Linda Saga Of Lust And Love Ch. 05

 — Linda and the matchmaker. by oneofthetwelve01/18/083.44

Lingering Mist

 — She seeks safety and finds his mysterious arms instead. by Petstorm05/17/074.33

Lip and Annie Ch. 01

 — Can hold 'em poker bring 2 troubled souls together? by jake6006/17/104.42

Lip and Annie Ch. 02

 — Trust issues. by jake6006/20/104.43

Lip and Annie Ch. 03

 — Robert's story. by jake6006/21/104.49

Lip and Annie Ch. 04

 — Annie's story. by jake6006/22/104.58HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 05

 — Misconceptions and new beginnings. by jake6006/23/104.57HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 06

 — His fingers do the walking... by jake6006/24/104.63HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 07

 — Surprises, concerns and new beginnings. by jake6006/25/104.64HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 08

 — Their story continues. by jake6006/26/104.69HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 09

 — Giving gifts. by jake6006/27/104.70HOT

Lip and Annie Ch. 10

 — What happens in Vegas. by jake6006/28/104.75HOT


 — A watcher watches a sensual face. by Lady_Fiona08/30/093.87


 — He's intrigued by a lipstick message on his mirror. by sdwpthwlkr06/01/014.21


 — A very brief encounter. by kobalt.906/07/054.53HOT

Lisa and Jonah

 — A time in the lives of... by Jena12105/19/094.50HOT

Lisa Gets Hers (Finally)

 — Lonely wife finally gets needed attention. by Slowhand10/20/003.83

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