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Romance Stories

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Lisa Jack's Mom

 — It all began when Gene saw her mom pulling on stockings. by Egmont Grigor04/19/084.37

Lisa Strips for Daniel

 — Daniel blackmails Lisa to strip! by Redrob4807/29/114.06

Lisa's Sexy Secret

 — Motorcycle ride leads to swim with a stranger. by spyro112306/30/044.77HOT

Lisa, The Amazon Destroyer

 — The story of two fighters who fall in love. by SubmissiveRomantic01/29/134.74HOT


 — Touching through nature and mutual desire. by Buxom11/03/073.67

Little Bird

 — Soldier fights a different battle. by Cromagnonman01/02/134.57HOT

Little Black Dress

 — An intimate evening encounter by ClintonW01/12/124.38

Little Dove

 — A man tries to abduct the woman of his dreams. by beagle969001/28/104.72HOT

Little Fluffy Love

 — Two friends like each other too much, the night heats up. by riversong9610/15/154.31

Little League Mom

 — Helping her boy earned her love and affection. by countrycal02/19/064.78HOTEditor's Pick

Little Lissa Ch. 01

 — While her father is away, she tries to seduce his friend. by FatBttmGrl03/10/124.40

Little Lissa Ch. 02

 — The seduction of her father's friend continues. by FatBttmGrl03/21/124.62HOT

Little Lissa Ch. 03

 — She seduces her father's friend. by FatBttmGrl04/05/124.73HOT

Little Miss Naughty Presents

 — You get stress relief from her famous director. by MadamePhuzzy09/06/054.56

Little Miss's Fun with Brad

 — A steamy one-time visit from a far away friend. by Marty2Kid01/07/084.44


 — The story of Christmas and our two-year anniversary. by guitargotmilf12/31/123.57

Live to Serve

 — A day Serving Mistress. by SplathouseFiction06/23/163.50

Living a Romance Novel Ch. 01

 — The voyage to the new world. by alan5503/14/124.21

Living as Four Bodies and One Mind

 — Can two old buddies reignite their lives by wife swapping. by mardanabangalore06/02/143.79

Living by Principle Ch. 01

 — A romance for senior citizens. by RealDoc12/31/104.37

Living His Dream

 — A lonely writer meets the girl of his erotic dreams. by BrettJ12/06/094.47

Living My Dream

 — She finally holds her perfect man. by Sherri10/20/003.80

Living Next Door

 — He loves the girl next door, but she's marrying someone else. by Storm6203/05/124.63HOT

Living on Island Time Ch. 01

 — You meet an internet lover in the Islands. by erotic-male06/11/053.33

Living On The Edge

 — A couple and their many sexual exploits. by YourAngelOfChaos04/18/103.77

Living On The Edge Ch. 02

 — Many exploits of two lovers. by YourAngelOfChaos04/26/103.50

Living Room Lust

 — Girl livens up her tired sex life. by Amee10/20/004.07

Living the Dream

 — Dream girl is all he could ever want. by gahadron07/20/104.00

Living Up To Her Name

 — Her mommy named her. by Bill69bill09/18/143.45

Living with Katrina Ch. 01

 — Jake and his personal live-in hurricane. by LaRascasse07/01/124.65HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 02

 — What are angels for? by LaRascasse07/23/124.68HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 03

 — Trips down memory lane and moral epiphanies. by LaRascasse08/10/124.70HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 04

 — When realization hits hard. by LaRascasse08/17/124.69HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 05

 — Of self-discoveries and confessions. by LaRascasse08/30/124.79HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 06

 — The Emma problem. by LaRascasse10/02/124.68HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 07

 — Date night goes awry. by LaRascasse10/25/124.85HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 08

 — Katrina explores religion, Jake explores his heart. by LaRascasse12/28/124.73HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 09

 — Brittany comes to town. by LaRascasse02/18/134.78HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 10

 — How to kiss a girl. by LaRascasse04/01/134.90HOT

Living with Katrina Ch. 11

 — How the girl kisses back. by LaRascasse05/11/134.78HOT

Living with the Carters

 — A sexy family makes a jobless guy feel really at home. by egmontgrigor201008/10/104.50HOT

Liz Pt. 01

 — Lucky Man Meets Star. by SuperVC1005/16/154.48

Liz Pt. 02

 — Perry and Movie Star Elizabeth Beresford. by SuperVC1007/04/154.43

Lizard Canyon

 — He had lost one perfect woman; would he lose another? by countrycal01/17/074.79HOT


 — A walk down memory lane with unexpected results. by demure10110/13/164.85HOT

Log Cabin

 — Skiing failures lead to other successes. by Ninjafish10/17/124.11

Logan Ch. 01

 — She was walking down the beach. by There4You03/23/054.59HOT

Logan Ch. 02

 — She visits Will. by There4You03/24/054.56HOT

Logan Ch. 03

 — She happy to see Will. by There4You03/25/054.64HOT

Logan Ch. 04

 — Love, Logan, and timing. by There4You03/26/054.74HOT

Logan Ch. 05

 — She could stay like that forever. by There4You03/28/054.70HOT

Logan Ch. 06

 — Jack's back. by There4You05/14/054.72HOT

Logan Ch. 07

 — Kyle drops by. by There4You07/12/054.57HOT

Logan Ch. 08

 — The infamous Will. by There4You10/09/054.80HOT

Logan Ch. 09

 — Perhaps a date. by There4You05/01/064.57HOT

Logan's Raine

 — Undercover agent in prison setting. by Reinadeloslobos01/20/114.56HOT

Logan's Raine Ch. 02

 — Undercover agents in a prison. by Reinadeloslobos01/23/114.40

Logan's Raine Ch. 03

 — Undercover Agents in a Prison Setting. by Reinadeloslobos01/15/164.30


 — Lovers share steamy night in a hotel room. by PlayfulRomantic06/25/053.78

Loki's Queen

 — She is of Midgard and she is lovely and she is his. by ToAStranger02/16/174.00

Lola & Sal

 — Sometimes no answer speaks volumes. by sirensong4711/18/034.25

London Interlude

 — Lisa finds love and heartbreak in London by Rockspider02/24/034.00

Lone Wolf

 — Stranger in a new town, too curious for his own good. by LipsLauredo02/06/104.35


 — A guy meets a real woman. by Xesevoli06/17/044.51HOT

Lonely Cashier

 — A lonely cashier finds someone with a fetish for her. by FarmGirl9404/26/144.19

Lonely Lover Lost Ch. 01

 — Hideouts are OK until someone else is looking for one. by dyningar08/09/073.85

Lonely Lover Lost Ch. 02

 — Someone is seducing him - but who? by dyningar08/10/074.40

Lonely Man

 — A simple affair, a simple longing. by jaminitwin02/19/143.12

Lonely Night...

 — Internet lovers do more than talk. by Outie11/12/044.71HOT

Lonely Rhodes

 — Two loners look for relaxation, but find more. by PaulStevens02/24/104.68HOT

Lonely Rhodes Ch. 02

 — Kim and Brett have a fun time in Chicago. by PaulStevens03/12/104.74HOT

Lonely Rhodes Ch. 03

 — Stress and tragedy test the relationship. by PaulStevens04/14/104.69HOT

Lonely Rhodes Ch. 04

 — Outside forces bring Kim and Brett back together. by PaulStevens07/31/104.68HOT

Lonely Stretch of Highway

 — Woman stranded on highway rescued on motorcycle. by bb_peaks11/02/083.65

Long Absence

 — Lovers reunite for a moment. by IrishWolfhound06/06/044.50HOT

Long As There Are Stars

 — A love story set on edge of San Francisco Bay. by NiteRidder06/17/024.50HOT

Long Awaited Love

 — Her lover returns, filled with passion. by jojo030305/18/123.94

Long Day

 — A tired couple at the end of the day. by hbar01/18/074.31

Long Days Night

 — After a long day at work, it's nice to come home. by nyjetsfan31204/05/124.00

Long December

 — Two lovers reunite. by miss_js09/09/074.67HOT

Long Distance Friends

 — Lovers meet for the first time. by PJ52606/06/08

Long Distance Love

 — Girlfriends meet and make love for the first time. by gallifreyfalls07/04/14

Long Distance Love

 — Sam and David get off together, 10 000km apart. by champagnemamii08/28/154.40

Long Distance Lovers

 — Long distance lovers meet for the first time. by LadyMihira05/12/074.22

Long Distance Sex

 — Juhi's pussy is in dire need of Rajesh. by Saswati12/19/064.54HOT

Long Hair, Big Bottom

 — She was everything that a guy would want. by l0v3ly189912/24/113.61

Long Holiday

 — Today is the first day of a new life. by oggbashan09/06/144.69HOT

Long Lost Ch. 01

 — He returns after many years; how can she turn him away? by fiestycat8607/30/074.67HOT

Long Night for a Long Day

 — Two kids can put strain on a marriage, but not for them. by OroroM9608/12/154.38

Long Road to Find a Heart

 — She's out there somewhere and finally Thomas meets her by Egmont040910/08/094.45

Long Road to Ruin Ch. 01

 — A lover haunts her memory. by miss_js05/23/114.37

Long Time Admirer

 — After all these years finally some romance in her life. by Bakeboss05/21/104.39

Long Time Coming

 — Weekend ends single mom's abstinence vow. by Jenna Grey04/15/044.72HOT

Long Time Coming

 — Two friends consummate long-stifled passion. by SomeOneNew02/12/094.68HOT

Long Time Cumming

 — A high school reunion turns hot. by old_n_dirrty11/10/124.49

Long Weekend Ch. 01

 — She demands hot, heavy sex from her boyfriend. by lipstickandligature08/15/123.95

Longhorns Ch. 01

 — Virginia was 19, hot, and possibly nuts. What's not to like? by TheWorldSpins05/26/144.64HOT

Longhorns Ch. 02

 — Virginia gets her man, before he falls for her best friend by TheWorldSpins05/29/144.71HOT

Longhorns Ch. 03

 — A party game leads Meredith to discover her desires. by TheWorldSpins06/17/144.69HOT


 — Can a librarian and a vampire find love on Halloween? by MagicaPractica10/21/104.46


 — A story of longing between two classmates. My second erotica. by jacklangston06/01/123.60

Longing Distance Relationship

 — And ode to a very beautiful woman. by TantricNinja03/02/164.60

Longing for Australia

 — A short tale of love and desire. by supernurse12/06/104.47

Longing for My Marine

 — After years of duty, Marine John comes home to his girl Jen. by Gee_star01/10/114.43


 — A man's longings for his wife. by sam_b59200001/19/054.46

Longtime Lovers

 — Longtime partners get personal. by sexmehard05/23/114.56HOT


 — All events from 1969 are true, as well as I can remember. by wantsomefun195108/27/124.79HOT

Lonnie's Enterrpise

 — Deceit lies phony names plus theft equals heart ache. by thornapple08/31/094.34

Looking for a Frugal Woman

 — A guy is drifting after his wife dumped him. by EgmontGrigor201112/12/114.29

Looking for Love

 — Janet and Frank find each other. by Dinsmore10/16/054.82HOT

Looking Through the Eyes of Love

 — She memorizes her lover. by Nashangel10/20/004.00


 — Lonely fire watcher finds love on a mountaintop. by El Amor Brujo04/10/054.68HOT

Lookout Point

 — He shares his secret spot. by Maria9701/17/083.88


 — Coed crush leads to steamy passionate affair. by fairhelena53208/24/064.42

Lord and Master Ch. 01

 — Master's attraction to his maid in 1861 South Carolina. by swilt03/01/063.96

Lord of the Castle

 — Chambermaid teaches him the meaning of passion. by Electra04205/08/024.30

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 04

 — Together at last? by rosamundi02/28/114.54HOT

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 05

 — Christmastide, annoying advice & seductive dancing. by rosamundi03/11/114.54HOT

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 06

 — Lord Reynard eavesdrops and learns secrets. by rosamundi04/23/114.33

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 07

 — Love is requited at last. by rosamundi05/26/114.62HOT

Lord Reynard's Fancy Ch. 08

 — Love is not enough. by rosamundi05/27/114.34


 — Guy finally meets internet dream girl. by ninefe2dg09/07/094.27

Lori and Jonah: A Seduction

 — A sexy student decides to go after her tempting teacher. by indianfire01/17/104.71HOT

Lori and Jonah: A Seduction Ch. 02

 — A hot student learns more than just biology. by indianfire06/17/104.45

Lori and Jonah: A Seduction Ch. 04

 — Lori fucks Jonah again, but she has a secret. by indianfire08/20/104.65HOT

Lori Ch. 03

 — Lori's playfulness hides deeper emotions. by LoriisaDirtyGirl01/21/134.78HOT

Lori Ch. 04

 — An unpleasant reality as Lori's parents return. by LoriisaDirtyGirl01/22/134.73HOT

Lori's Dilemma

 — Two lonely people meet to find a connection. by Oupa9902/10/174.05

Lori's Distress Call

 — Stranger meets stranger. by Luck7lady07/14/034.13


 — Lover spends the night with his girlfriend. by Tiger 0204/09/024.00

Lost and Found

 — A love long thought lost has been found. by madengineer308/02/094.46

Lost and Found

 — Will Rosie's temper cost her her true love? by rachlou01/29/124.38

Lost and Found Ch. 01

 — Ben finds a lost woman in the woods. by bobalous10/30/154.81HOT

Lost and Found Ch. 02

 — Jeff and Yvonne reach out. by madengineer310/03/094.46

Lost and Found Ch. 03

 — A violent man is identified. by madengineer310/04/094.51HOT

Lost and Found Ch. 04

 — The resolution of the story. by madengineer310/05/094.53HOT

Lost and Redeemed

 — We get by with a little help from our friends. by voluptuary_manque02/24/084.62HOT

Lost at Sea Ch. 01

 — Christina's ordeal on the high seas. by jester2000x205/02/083.89

Lost Baggage

 — Lisa loses her bag of lost memories at airport baggage claim. by 4glory611/27/154.51HOT

Lost Days

 — What happened during my lost days. by Cromagnonman02/20/134.55HOT

Lost In The Moment

 — Phil learns we all need others around us. by GoddessOfSouls06/30/044.12

Lost in the Woods

 — The woods are lovely, dark and deep. And cold. by PennLady03/28/114.70HOTContest Winner

Lost in The Woods

 — Instant Love Match. by Sienna11/14/114.47

Lost In The Woods

 — Two people find each other in the wilderness. by TstormF105/05/164.72HOT

Lost in the Woods

 — Newlywed couple get lost on hike in the woods. by towerhand_goblue05/07/164.00

Lost in Thought

 — Has she found the man she deserves? What he shows her.. by GraeWolffe02/05/104.00

Lost Love

 — Depressed lady runs into her first love. by Heaven01/09/014.34

Lost Love

 — Fear and love, the price we all pay. by Malhi08/23/014.14

Lost Love

 — Sometimes, the right choice is the hardest one. by damppanties01/31/064.55HOT

Lost Paradise Found

 — They find unexpected romance. by normique10/08/054.33

Lost The Love Of My Life

 — Reunited with the love of my life before he died of cancer. by MamaRita06/19/134.04

Lost Then Found

 — I thought I had lost everything but I was wrong. by GatorRick09/30/144.85HOT

Lost Time

 — Man & woman reunite for an evening after 25 years. by jjsharshaw08/28/024.05

Lost Times

 — The museum was full of memories of pain. by MSTarot06/22/154.54HOT

Lost Without You

 — Couple must face the feelings they have been fighting. by Kitten2005708/17/114.32

Lottie and Tom Ch. 01

 — Best friends find each other. by Hugo_S01/27/154.80HOT

Lottie and Tom Ch. 02

 — Lottie and Tom explore their new relationship. by Hugo_S02/19/154.81HOT

Lottie and Tom Ch. 03

 — Lottie and Tom consummate their relationship at last. by Hugo_S04/14/154.81HOT

Lotus Flower

 — Not all fantasies should become reality. by Honey12304/20/054.76HOT


 — The passion builds between the two of you. by Enspunisher07/23/024.27


 — A woman and a man are in love, each seeking to please. by NadiaLove1707/04/124.46

Love & Death Pt. 01

 — Can she find love after losing her first to an accident? by BeverlyLove06/07/034.65HOT

Love & Life

 — Two people realize they really aren't opposites. by NuttyButGood11/15/064.36

Love & Lust

 — Your dinner leads to something more. by misskittyclitty01/22/044.40

Love & Peace Ch. 01

 — A ghost from the past threatens love affair. by janiexx01/17/064.75HOT

Love & Peace Ch. 02

 — Daniel's Story. by janiexx02/12/064.74HOT

Love & Peace Ch. 03

 — Kate continues the story. by janiexx03/18/064.74HOT

Love & Peace Ch. 04

 — Daniel takes up the story once again. by janiexx04/16/064.67HOT

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