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Love & Peace Ch. 05

 — Kate brings the story to an end. by janiexx04/23/064.69HOT

Love & The Internet

 — Annie and Conner meet. by ACFallon02/08/114.44

Love & The Internet Ch. 02

 — Conner and Annie's second date. by ACFallon02/16/114.34

Love & The Internet Ch. 03

 — The end of the story. by ACFallon03/23/114.25

Love Affair on a Rainy Day

 — Romance in the rain. by Whimsical Whisper05/19/034.30

Love Again

 — His sweet Destiny. by timjac201/08/094.38

Love Again

 — A man finds love again. by Kojak0111/22/174.77HOT

Love All Consuming

 — Their parting was agony, their reunion was ecstasy. by Intoxicating_Tales02/17/094.53HOT

Love Almost Lost

 — Emylee hides her feelings from Shawn. by Angelofsweetness06/01/013.85

Love Among the Elk

 — A wildlife biologist, a big city reporter, and lots of elk. by Thucydides04/28/114.87HOT

Love Among the Elk Ch. 02

 — Lindsay's story. by Thucydides09/27/124.87HOT

Love amongst the Stacks

 — Boy-girl story starts at the bookstore. by Michael14203/05/154.62HOT

Love Amongst Tragedy

 — Two friends deal with the sudden death of a friend. by CambriaRose07/30/124.51HOT

Love Amongst Tragedy Ch. 02

 — Things heat up between Donovan and Linden. by CambriaRose08/17/124.41

Love and Back Again

 — An intricate puzzle of life's own power. by Bradley421209/15/143.66

Love and Deceit

 — Keanna meets and falls in love with Kent. by Keannalee01/18/074.26

Love and Loss

 — A romantic story of young love, loss, and romance. by Draga2103/17/084.24

Love and Terror on the 5:58

 — Commuters dream on the edge of the abyss. by NassauHall11/08/024.55HOT

Love and Trust

 — How can love grow when there is no trust? by Halin2411/05/174.77HOT

Love at 3AM

 — She awakes at 3AM, will she be satisfied? by LonelyLynn9212/17/154.21

Love at First Sight

 — Wade & Kara must have each other the first day. by wild_and_unbridled07/22/054.50HOT

Love at First Sight

 — A story of first love. by shawnsgrl2201/11/104.38

Love at First Sight Ch. 02

 — Don't Ever Leave Me: two lovers come together as one. by shawnsgrl2201/29/104.34

Love Before Midnight

 — You have a lovely surprise on New Years Eve. by sweethoneyy02/22/124.30

Love Between Friends

 — Two friends find love at last. by tookie912/07/084.14

Love Burns Pt. 04

 — Don tries to fill the void left by Jess' disappearance. by MaxwellSpanx06/16/174.73HOT

Love Burns Pt. 07

 — The embers of love are stoked, but will they be set ablaze? by MaxwellSpanx03/02/185.00

Love by a Candlelight

 — Evan & Maggie take next step in their relationship. by ThatMaggieGirl06/28/024.28

Love Bytes (A Vampire Love story)

 — Two vampire lovers connect online. by Knightwriter06/27/012.09

Love Child

 — High school outcasts romance each other, find love. by Dar_Jisbo12/08/104.51HOT

Love Comes To Me

 — An indecisive man adapts to the submissive that picked him. by 40DayDream12/28/134.62HOT

Love Comes to the Pool Party

 — A widower unexpectedly loses his heart to another. by rnumbers12306/04/144.28

Love Conquers All

 — Allen's friend has been attacked. by Night-Wolf07/04/034.46

Love Conquers All

 — Moment of crisis brings mismatched lovers together. by jack_straw07/15/044.74HOT

Love Conquers All Pt. 02

 — Superstitions and reality collide by subdued_passion05/29/144.76HOT

Love Discovered

 — Exploring the memories of the beginnings of love. by Katyusha07/03/064.56HOT

Love Fifty

 — Fifteen fifty-word love stories. by oggbashan01/22/064.51HOT

Love for a Lonely Teacher

 — Nathans love of a former English teacher leads to great things. by lustskrypt1807/24/154.23

Love For Sale

 — She pays him for sex, and gets much more. by Lesly Sloan02/19/014.18Editor's Pick

Love for the Azure Rose

 — A hunt through the past will bring him to it. by MSTarot07/27/134.79HOT

Love Found

 — Does she like him - does she not? Will she... by romanticredhead05/31/074.61HOT

Love Found Ch. 02

 — They make gentle, beautiful love together. by romanticredhead06/09/074.63HOT

Love from Johnny

 — After a bad marriage, Carol Ann finds love. by sexyjcanplay01/26/124.40

Love Gone Wrong

 — Love and tragedy. by Agena02/11/064.00

Love Happens

 — Love grows despite the rules and the odds. by Turbidus06/24/154.60HOT

Love Her Madly

 — He wanted to tame her, but he was the one tamed. by Fyria12/02/094.15

Love in a Sunset

 — More magical sex for Carly! She's in love. by Heartsongs04/24/184.77HOT

Love in London Ch. 01

 — An American teen in London. by CyerraMyste10/17/064.37

Love in London Ch. 02

 — Andy meets her Peeping Tom once more. by CyerraMyste10/21/064.60HOT

Love in Pompeii

 — A beautiful romance in the streets of a lost city. by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path10/21/164.55HOT

Love in Spain

 — American meeting his beautiful Ukrainian wife to be in Spain. by cognacman11/12/174.17

Love in the Afternoon

 — An afternoon delight between Jens & Kim. by Jenslady04/28/024.31

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 01

 — Miranda recruits her professor's help with her finances. by nageren03/26/164.74HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 02

 — What will they do when someone gets suspicious? by nageren03/27/164.85HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 03

 — How will Deke handle a seductive student? by nageren03/29/164.83HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 04

 — What Miranda has been hiding under her shirt. by nageren04/01/164.89HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 05

 — Deke and Miranda shower together; Katerina strikes back. by nageren04/02/164.87HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 06

 — New bed, new routine, new problem. by nageren04/04/164.76HOT

Love in the Age of Chemicals Ch. 07

 — A few surprises all around. by nageren04/07/164.90HOTContest Winner

Love in the Air

 — He meets a girl on a plane. by Storm6204/15/124.50HOT

Love in the Cross Hairs

 — Two people in love are misled by friends. by carvohi10/09/114.67HOT

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 02

 — Two lost and lonely souls struggle to get by. by carvohi10/21/114.69HOT

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 03

 — Another chance meeting; another rescue by carvohi11/11/114.66HOT

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 04

 — Peter and Laurie get mixed up with Carroll and Autumn. by carvohi04/15/124.46

Love in the Garden

 — My ideal romance -- Love isn't just for the young. by Storyteller4U04/06/084.76HOT

Love in the New Zed Order

 — After The Event, John and Sara learn how to enjoy sex again. by patti_cakes05/07/093.92

Love In The Orient

 — A shy young man on business in the far east meets a girl. by Asianlove09/02/024.23

Love in the Rain

 — She recalls the last time she saw you. by RainyDaze10/20/003.82

Love In The Rain

 — You share the intensity of a thunderstorm. by littlemouse11/11/034.62HOT

Love in the Shower

 — A fantasy comes true. by nisuchmi08/27/01

Love in the Theaters

 — Withrow lusts for Raven. by Lady_Wonders_How07/15/013.00

Love in the Time of War

 — Lt Stewart returns to Stanhope Manor. by jerseyblue03/15/124.45

Love in the Time of War Ch. 02

 — Charles and Alice talk. by jerseyblue03/19/124.52HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 03

 — Old feelings return. by jerseyblue03/22/124.55HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 04

 — An unexpected twist. by jerseyblue03/26/124.62HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 05

 — A last night at Stanhope. by jerseyblue03/29/124.70HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 06

 — The explosion. by jerseyblue03/30/124.59HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 07

 — Capt. Stewart comes home. by jerseyblue04/01/124.64HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 08

 — Decision making time. by jerseyblue04/03/124.67HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 09

 — Charles decides and the flu come to Stanhope. by jerseyblue04/04/124.78HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 10

 — Charles and Kathleen realize their future. by jerseyblue04/07/124.69HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 11

 — Catherine survives,there is a new heir. by jerseyblue04/08/124.66HOT

Love in the Time of War Ch. 12

 — Charles finally realizes what he has. by jerseyblue04/09/124.59HOT

Love In Time Of Goddamn Arab Spring

 — Love in the time of the Goddamn Arab Spring. by The_Virgin_Priestess11/13/142.55

Love is Blind

 — Sarah is thankful that love is blind. by bradley_stoke09/16/064.39Editor's Pick

Love Is Blind Ch. 1

 — Disfigured boy finds love with sexy blind coed. by AnonSky10/08/004.76HOT

Love Is Blind Ch. 2

 — Continuing adventures of a sexy young blind girl. by AnonSky10/08/004.68HOT

Love Is Blind Ch. 3

 — Brad discovers something special about Allison. by AnonSky10/08/004.68HOT

Love Is Ch. 02

 — Jordan's interests grows for his best friend's sister. by dylan_J12/15/084.42

Love Is Ch. 03

 — Kasey sees more of her brother's mysterious friend. by dylan_J01/13/094.26

Love is Complicated

 — Alice left Arthur to find herself and now she is back. by Sunsetbeach61204/15/142.76

Love is Complicated Ch. 02

 — Arthur attempts to find answers from Alice. by Sunsetbeach61204/03/174.00

Love is Complicated Ch. 03

 — Alice confronts Arthur his intentions since the beginning. by Sunsetbeach61205/17/174.25

Love is Damn Hard

 — Romance gained and lost and gained. by deadeye_7607/09/154.72HOT

Love is in the Air

 — Lonely flight attendant romances traveling businessman. by WMDean10/22/054.64HOT

Love is Stupid and Great Ch. 01

 — Oliver's oldest friend pitches up at his place one night. by 3raser12/16/144.23

Love is Stupid and Great Ch. 02

 — April explains herself and Oliver is shaken to the core. by 3raser12/19/144.11

Love is the Dark

 — Two people of different ages comfort one another. by greatnarf03/08/034.27

Love is the Drug

 — The pitfalls of Internet dating. by gunhilltrain05/14/182.57

Love is the Strangest Thing

 — A Man, a Woman, a Bakery. by HunterShambles03/20/154.50HOT

Love Isn't Blind

 — He meets the large, loving woman of his dreams. by onemoreguy107/29/044.59HOT

Love Lessons Ch. 01

 — Ana falls head-over-heels for her sexy English teacher. by XsakuraX04/13/104.16

Love Lessons Ch. 02

 — Ana falls head-over-heels for her sexy and English teacher. by XsakuraX04/16/104.38

Love Letter Ch. 05

 — Too big, too small, or just right? by db_0108/18/044.62

Love Letter to a Friend

 — A letter to a special person. by Brennas Heart05/25/014.07

Love Letters in the Sand

 — Saying Goodbye... by ZZ_Todd10/11/064.30

Love Like This

 — Romantic evening ends with the right question. by mochaleeshus07/21/053.85

Love Lost And love Found

 — My best friend and my girlfriend want to make love in front. by JackSlade10/18/092.89

Love Lost To Anger

 — Never let your mind over rule your heart. by Miss.Savannah10/28/013.07

Love Me Tender

 — You're so gentle with me. by lady_techie04/21/084.53HOT

Love Me Tender

 — Dreams of a lifetime sometimes are hard to kill... by Tara_Neale12/24/144.22

Love Me Till Morning

 — Older couple recall and revisit the first time they met. by dsoul12/16/094.21

Love Music

 — First intimacy in the love of Robyn and Leith. by leondreamer01/25/104.30

Love Never Dies Pt. 01

 — The spark of an old flame. by JWren08/20/144.50HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 02

 — Fanning the flames. by JWren08/28/144.65HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 03

 — The fire grows. by JWren09/06/144.71HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 04

 — A warming fire. by JWren09/11/144.63HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 05

 — The flames spread. by JWren09/24/144.49

Love Never Dies Pt. 06

 — By the fire's glow. by JWren10/01/144.58HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 07

 — A warm glow. by JWren10/14/144.68HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 08

 — In the flames heat. by JWren10/28/144.65HOT

Love Never Dies Pt. 09

 — Embers. by JWren11/19/144.79HOT

Love of a Good Woman

 — She's the only one I dream about. by aluckyguy01/08/104.25

Love of a Lifetime Ch. 01

 — A journey of love, lust, and life. by Refresh_706/29/114.14

Love of a Lifetime Ch. 02

 — Secrets surface. Can they withstand the test? by Refresh_707/03/114.36

Love of an Artist Pt. 01

 — Two artists have passionate sex after classroom hours. by babygirlshae03/15/174.66HOT

Love of an Artist Pt. 02

 — Adam and Mae run into a bitter ex. by babygirlshae03/22/174.75HOT

Love of Politics Ch. 10

 — Coming to grips with mutual infidelity. by jacquioh208/27/064.30

Love Old West Style

 — Young woman finds love in a old west town. by lizziebeth04/12/064.21

Love on a Family Cruise

 — Two single parents meet on vacation. by DrSqueaky09/01/074.71HOT

Love on a Piano Bench.

 — For a very special lady; a couple of her favorite things. by inuus06/13/114.05

Love on a Rainy Day

 — A young married couple stay home on a rainy day. by JerryDagarr07/08/112.96

Love on the Battlefield

 — The general is called by his blood to find his mate. by stbays12/28/163.93

Love on the First Date

 — Joel finds true love with petite Tracey on their 1st date. by BrettJ03/21/124.35

Love on the Levee

 — They'd known each other forever, but as friends, not lovers by Rumple Foreskin08/11/034.57HOT

Love on the Overnights

 — Two cops meet, become attracted and fall in love. by Humpdee8401/06/154.35

Love on the Overnights Ch. 02

 — Two cops continue their relationship. by Humpdee8401/16/154.47

Love Online

 — Karen plays on the Net & gets her just desserts. by X-Bard01/13/014.35

Love Online

 — Unhappy housewife finds what she needs online. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITER01/21/084.21

Love or Lust

 — Husband learns important lesson. by Ed061310/10/004.29Editor's Pick

Love Potion

 — A young woman visits a psychic to meet a man. by randibyrnes02/05/124.72HOT

Love Really Sucks

 — Her boyfriend just dropped her. by sexstarved8906/24/073.47

Love Renewed

 — Old friend helps woman overcome an assault. by Koco_Kyss06/19/084.40

Love Renewed Ch. 02

 — Old friend helps her over come assault. by Koco_Kyss06/26/084.67HOT

Love Renewed Ch. 03

 — Nyla opens up to Tyler. They become closer. by Koco_Kyss02/05/104.73HOT

Love Spell

 — She uses a potion to help her get the man of her dreams. by LilaBlossom02/06/084.63HOT

Love Takes Time

 — Tabby and David build a foundation of love. by storytyme07/09/144.62HOT

Love Takes Time Ch. 02

 — Tabitha becomes horny at work and seeks boyfriend for help. by storytyme08/26/144.34

Love Therapy

 — The awakening of Holly's love life. by dirty-old-man05/10/054.78HOT

Love Thy Neighbor

 — An encounter in the elevator leads to something more. by LilaBlossom09/24/074.75HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 01

 — Do you ever know your neighbours? by LittleBrain05/10/174.53HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 02

 — Greg discovers more about Luka. by LittleBrain05/14/174.69HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 03

 — Luka's recovery continues. by LittleBrain05/19/174.70HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 04

 — Luka's story unfolds. by LittleBrain05/27/174.73HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 05

 — Danger comes calling. by LittleBrain05/28/174.74HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 06

 — Greg takes Luka to a safe house. by LittleBrain06/04/174.80HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 07

 — Luka discovers more about Greg. by LittleBrain07/07/174.79HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 08

 — Greg meets Zoltan. by LittleBrain08/10/174.79HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 09

 — Greg returns. by LittleBrain08/28/174.80HOT

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 1

 — Wish to make love to neighbor is fulfilled. by manavata06/29/024.00

Love Thy Neighbour Ch. 2

 — They spend the night exploring each other with love. by manavata07/02/024.33

Love to Love You...

 — Tonight I dedicate myself solely to your pleasure... by pedicur8her10/29/064.65HOT

Love Tree

 — Romance through the eyes of Cercis Siliquastrum. by Musenik06/14/023.40

Love Turmoil

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee06/20/134.25

Love Turmoil Ch. 02

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee06/28/134.39

Love Turmoil Ch. 03

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee07/06/134.53HOT

Love Turmoil Ch. 04

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee07/14/134.16

Love Turmoil Ch. 05

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee07/15/134.42

Love Turmoil Ch. 06

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee07/25/134.42

Love Turmoil Ch. 07

 — Will love find its way? by AnushaSee08/02/134.26

Love Under the Pergola

 — A new place to consumate their love. by cleos_double10/14/024.65HOT

Love Unexpected

 — When you least expect it - expect it. by destne08/28/044.43

Love Will Find a Way

 — Two lonely people meet and fall in love. by Bacomicfan07/06/014.66HOT

Love Will Lead You Back

 — Someday I just know that you will find me again. by Spyauth01/25/184.80HOT

Love Wins Against All Odds

 — Family nor religion can separate these lovers... by SexiShaaz02/07/174.25

Love Worth Waiting For

 — CJ reveals his true feelings toward Jenny. by sweetjenn10/11/074.34

Love You Forever

 — Even death could not keep them apart. by Moonlight_3304/05/014.55HOT

Love's A Funny Thing

 — You find it in the strangest places. by IL05/30/034.19

Love's Eventide

 — A young couple faces the end of ever after. by robindavisfiction04/11/144.78HOT

Love's Infatuation

 — Sarah Case discovers what pressing a button can reveal. by shadowfires8905/11/013.25

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